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codefromtokyo, brings Japanese with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Japanese app has been update to version with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • This is the perfect app for Japanese learners at all levels..
  • This is my favorite Japanese language dictionary for English speakers..
  • Best language learning utility I've used..

Overall Satisfactionc90
Easily the best Japanese dictionary for iOS that I have tried.
This is best app for learning kanji I have ever seen.
The Best Japanese Language App on the Market.
and I would recommend this to anyone interested in Japanese language.
Best language learning utility I've used.
The iPad update is here \o/.
Built in flash cards are amazing btw.
Amazing resource and beautiful interface.
Fun & Engagingc54
An awesome dictionary that fits in your pants.
Like everything made in Japan.
This has been tremendously helpful in my early studies with Japanese.
and the wealth of useful information in each definition is fantastic.
incredibly useful app.
This is helpful in remembering stroke order.
Has been an indispensable app for years now.
I used it almost everyday and it helped so much.
Repeat Valuec100
so maybe now I will finally pass JLPT level 3.
I passed the JLPT level 1 test years ago.
Production Valuesc79
stroke order animations.
OTHER:- The interface is simple and comprehensive.
The main interface is simple and inviting.
Ease of Usec79
OTHER:- The interface is simple and comprehensive.
The main interface is simple and inviting.
Updates & Supportc86
I have been waiting quite some time for the iPad version.
Great customer service too.

The Best Japanese Language App on the Market. found in 10 reviews
Easily the best Japanese dictionary for iOS that I have tried. found in 132 reviews
This is a fantastic app for on-the-go Japanese learning. found in 11 reviews
I bought this program as a portable dictionary and study tool. found in 20 reviews
Dictionary/ word search function not working on iPad. found in 1 reviews
app crashes since update. found in 1 reviews
needs iCloud support for lists and history. found in 4 reviews
You pronounce "ha" if it used as it is part of the word. found in 1 reviews
I never would have thought this would be such a big deal. found in 3 reviews
Search needs work. found in 1 reviews
Hate the new flashcards. found in 2 reviews
Needs more editing and proofreading. found in 1 reviews
PLEASE UPDATE FOR IPAD ASAP. found in 3 reviews
No Dropbox sync. found in 2 reviews
but lists don’t work with iOS 8. found in 2 reviews
Good but glitchy /crashes. found in 1 reviews
it crashes every time I try to study from a list. found in 3 reviews
but this update needs an update. found in 1 reviews
and the same problem exists. found in 2 reviews
but it no longer brings up search results or anything. found in 4 reviews
App crashes before it opens :/ this really needs to be fixed. found in 2 reviews
Please fix the apps update for iPad IOS 7. found in 3 reviews
I would not recommend unless you can read and write Japanese already. found in 2 reviews
I don't mean to one star this otherwise fantastic app. found in 3 reviews

If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download Japanese for free from Apple Store. The application is available in multiple languages: English, Japanese. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. The new Japanese app version has been updated on 2014-11-22. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iPhone OS 3.1.2 or later.
More Info: Find more info about Japanese in codefromtokyo`s Official Website : http://www.codefromtokyo.com/japanese

iPad VERSION WILL BE A FREE UPDATE COMING SOONIf you are looking for a Japanese-English/English-Japanese dictionary and don't like to carry a heavy paper-based dictionary around, then this application is a must-have for ...
This is the best Japanese app out Im an American living in Japan and have found this tremendously helpful not only because of the quick dictionary functions but also the ability to look up kanji by component SKIP code or drawing on screen to get the english translation Being able to look up a kanji character saved me from a parking ticket The dictionary also has more functional word clusters such as water based paint and full tank which have helped me when I was at the hardware store or gas station and at a loss for what to sayEach dictionary entry has not only the kanji kana and translation but also conjugations for verbs multiple sentences to get a feel for how the word is used which is extremely helpful a strokebystroke picture of how to write the kanji a breakdown of large kanji characters into the smaller kanji components which is helpful for memorization and understanding and popular compounds using the kanji characterWhat makes the program genius for the language learner is the integration of a flashcard program It allows multiple lists to be created It uses the Leitner method of study which makes you correctly identify the card 5 times before it is marked as learned The answer card not only gives the English Kanji and Kana but also has a onetouch link to the dictionary card if you wanted to remember how it is used in a sentence as well as the ability to skip or delete the card from the set and the ability to move the card to other sets if you want to divide and conquer large lists The flashcards also can be customized for Japanese to English vice versa and random to includeexclude the kanji and removing the kana after so many times of getting the card right As well as other features The program will randomly review learned cards to help with retentionAs if all that wasnt enough it also has the hiragana and katakana lists which are tremendously helpful for review but not able to be made into flashcards the ability to make notes and labels for dictionary entries the breaking up of the entire dictionary into lexical categories interjections expressions presuffixes nouns articles verb types etc and classifications agriculture automobile medicine politics etc It also aids in language learning by dividing an entire dictionary into the words learned by Japanese school children by grade and also the words for each level of the Japanese Language Proficiency TestI would highly recommend this app to anyone and feel that it has paid for itself 100 times over                 Best Japanese app out
I purchased this app several months ago and have been quite pleased with it until recentlyAfter I upgraded to iOS 8 several of the key functions stopped working I wrote an email to the developer asking for assistance yet received no reply        Dont buy if you have iOS 8
This is handsdown the best Japanese dictionary I have seen I love the apps extras too My only complaints are that 1 the flash cards option does not do a good job of eliminating cards you get correct like the flash cards app does and 2 the app does not remember where you were in the app when you multitask etc Also no one ever responded to my customer service inquiry Still it easily merits five stars for all the things it does right                 Subarashii
This app is all I could ever ask for in a kanji app I am a Japanese major at a university and I use this every single day This app is a MUST HAVE for any serious learner of the Japanese language This app will be even more help when I move to Japan next year Thank you for such an amazing app Worth every penny                 The best
This is one of the main reasons I always come back to iOS keep doing what youre doing guys youre awesome at it                 Truly The Best
Buy it it has animated kanji stroke order word compounds etc etcBUTI give this 4 stars because whenever I close the app it resets and I lose the page that I was on              Awesome
As title best app for Japanese learners of all levels                 Best App for learning Japanese
Best Japanese app out there its so worth the money I would have paid triple for it                 So I accidentally bough but its amazing
This is an extremely powerful Japanese app with a great dictionary and soso handwriting recognition not as good as MicrosoftsI used to use it to study vocab every day but an update long ago removed the flashcard flipping over animations and the fun I never would have thought this to be such a big deal but it is Ive never used it as much sinceOne obvious enhancement needed is the ability to turn your dictionary search history into a flash card study set in addition to the normal study mode and the JPLT study mode It would be super helpful if I could study for example every word I looked up in the past weekmonthyear           Please bring back flashcard animations
If you are serious about learning japanese then this app has everything u need And MUCH MUCH MOREUPDATE YUP STILL NO BETTER ONE OUT THERE                 THERE IS NO BETTER APP OUT THERE
I have been searching for a good Japanese dictionary app for about 2 months and wasted like 30 bucks on some half developed 便便This app is the farthest along Dont waste your money on some other derpy stuffThe flashcard system is really close to perfect it just needs an easier system for adding new cards and audio upon revealFurthermore the progression reference system is smarter than Plecos 而且我愛那條魚                 ありがとう 謝謝你們thanks
Needless to say how useful and great this app is Im now learning Japanese and i use it everytime But i couldnt update to the latest version because i dont upgrade my ipod touch 5th gen to iOS 8 due to its unstable on ipod touch 5th gen so i hope itll somehow support iOS for some more time              not an iOS 8 user here
It was awesomebefore the update Now every time I exit out of the app what I entered into the search bar erases when I try to open the app back up again this didnt happen before the update Please fix it     What happened
First things first this is STILL my 1 choice as far as dictionaries goBUTIm with others out there that have the memory problemif I switch away from the app for a few seconds it reverts back to discovery mode which is FREAKING ANNOYING when trying to study Ive been using the imiwa app for studying lately but still prefer this one overallPlease fix thisAlso Ive had this app for about 5 years now and only other complaint is that app updates happen rather infrequently so as in the above problem it takes forever to see fixes which may be driving people away from the appthis app isnt free and I know the devs might not be making enough off this alone to survive but slowly driving away legacy users like me isnt going to help you get new users eitherAnyway devs please bug fixOld reviewFreaking amazing I also downloaded Imiwa but I use this app 99 of the timeWorth every pennyyen     Japanese
Often gets no results by looking up an English word even if you type it exactly as it appears in the dictionarys database For example if you look up Board of Education it gets no Japanese results even if you type it exactly as it appears in the dictionarys database Only if you look up 教育委員会 will it translate it to English        Bad for ENG JPN
Search results need to be ordered by their commonality or usefulness Often as a beginner the common word is way down the list with some esoteric words at the top Maybe a simple sort results in order of JLPT level If its a JLPT word its likely to be quite commonFlashcards use some quasi alphabetical order not spaced repetition Interval recall or spaced repetition is essential to modern day memorization See Genius app on sourceforge for an awesome algo maybe its license can allow you to integrate itAlso wish there was iCloud sync for lists Manually tracking which list is up to date and manually emailing it to myself doesnt work very well Will be essential too if there might ever be a Mac version of this dictionary Someday           Spaced repetition iCloud sync ordered search results
Japanese is a fantastic application                 Fantastic
I live in Japan so I use this multiple times each day The many ways of looking up words are an absolute must as is its ability to recognize conjugated verbs Highly recommended                 Best Japanese Dictionary
Thanks for updating for new iPhone 6 screen size                 Beautiful
This is by far the best app for studying Japanese that I have found                 Best Japanese study app
Subject says it all One of the best study tools you can have for 日本語                 Best dictionary app even better on iPhone 6
This app is excellency It is exceptional by all means I am so happy with this purchase already and I only bought it about 20 minutes ago Unbelievable user friendly an endless amount of information handwriting recognition and anything you could think of that you will need to take the JLPTBut it dont even hesitate                 完璧
Would be nice if this could have a drop box sync ability instead of having to manually email yourself the backups           No Dropbox sync
EDIT now working on iOS 8 and iPhone 6 Thanks a lotThis is undoubtably one of the BEST language apps I have ever bought and Im so glad I did Personal vocab lists kanji dictionary by radical school grade strokes classification and vocabulary search make this soooooo usefulIm now using this app to learn new vocab and kanji whenever Im on the bus or train and the fact that it uses spaced repetition means that youre guaranteed to learn new vocabularySeriously people if youre thinking of buying it DO                 Essential for Japanese learners
As a dictionary fantastic Truly greatBut the flashcard system really is inferior compared to most other apps and this takes away from it as a powerful study tool How about an update with a more precise algorithmRepeated mails to the developer have gone unanswered Facebook page no longer has updates Have to wonder if it is still being developedI see others have voiced complaints recently Hope the developer is still out there        update 2105 downgrade
Cant stress how awesome this app isUse it much more than my 350 Canon WordTank v860Keep up the great work guys                 Brilliant App A Must Have for Any Japanese Student
Ive had this for a while and love it I actually finished translating a whole lot of Japanese text over the last two weeks and this didtionary was immensely helpful when I had to look things up The only problem with the current version is that like that other user the app doesnt seem to remember its state on my iPad Air after I updated to iOs 81 It put a bit of a crimp in my kanji memorization but Its not insurmountable However I do hope that the developers get that issue sorted out in the next update That being said for the value Ive gotten over the years that Ive had this dictionary I cant recommend it enough                 Best Japanese Dictionary Ive Used
This is a good app however every time I tab to see a text or something my old search is gone and Im back to the main screen so I have to search again or go to the history I wish it would stay were I last searched foralso if you add speak to the example sentences that would be awesome thanks           Awesome app but needs
iOS 8 has been available for a long time now This memory bug has crippled the efficiency of this app Please fix this This is the best dictionary app suffering from an easytofix bug     Memory bug since iOS 8
Then get this app I have been sticking with iOS simply because I cant be without this dictionary The dictionary functions marvelously the notes and study tools are simple and it has a built in SRS What else could you want                 If youre serious about Japanese study
This is one of the best apps that I have ever bought It is worth the price Every person studying Japanese should have this app                 Excellent
Imagine a fully referenced Google for Japanese words characters concepts romaji etcIts fast correct complete aesthetically pleasing perfectThis is better and faster and more patient than having a highly educated Japanese spouse                 Must Have
I really like this app and use the SRS to study flash cards often I would appreciate if I was sent a time to study or new words due notification instead of having to go into the app and checking all the time                 Notifications
One can lookup J using Roman letters if you cant read Japanese Expensive but excellent and the Devs never ask for more money but they do update on occasion Highly recommended                 Excellent
This is an incredible app Use it everydayHave the memory problem see history belowStill having an issue using iP5iOS 8 with Japanese not remembering its state Search a wordstart some study switch to another app for 30 seconds back to Japanese and its at the main search screen It used to remember the screen it was in searched word kanji study etcUPDATE Developer has contacted me Trying to sort out if its my iPhone5 or something elseUPDATE 2 Got a new iPhone6 iOS 81 and the same problem exists Even with a fresh reboot Japanese cant remember what you entered or have been studying even switching to one other app and backUPDATE 3 No word from the dev now on iOS 82 and the problem continues     but
Update New version has fixed startup crash I was having with my iTouch 3G and I can say now that the app is great Probably the best of the dictionaries Ive used Lots of features good performance slick interface This is a robust program thats worth the money even as an alternative source or second opinion to other dictionaries like Imiwa that use JMDICT                 Excellent app
If youre looking to study Japanese or live in Japan you found the correct purchaseHighly recommended appIt only loses one star because it has a pop up nag reminder if cellular data is not enabled And pretty much that is the point of this app to have a dictionary that you can use offline Im sure its a mistake as there is no reason this app needs to be using cellular data please fix this seriously I think its going to hurt your followingTo recapThe best Japanese dictionary for foreignersHas paid for itself over and again I never leave the house without it              This justifies the price of an iPod touch
Ive never been this happy with a dictionary before Has the largest library of words and improves with every update Definitions are the most accurate of any dictionary I have found I love the flash card function                 Better than any other dictionary written or electric
Super useful app                 Love it
This app is the most helpful app for helping you learn Japanese I use it in conjunction with my Japanese classes and can add items while in class to study later on My favorite feature is the lists function where I can add words to a list to study as flash cards later The system knows when youve learned words and helps you learn better and more effectivelyMy only wish was that I could sync with my ipad There is a backup option where I can do this manually but iCloud or DropBox sync would be more preferable Keep up the great work                 MUST Have App for Learning Japanese
You know how when you look up a word you dont really grasp the context of how youd use it in your daily lives assuming u r living in Japan well this app has tons of examples to show how its usedI also love the history and lists except I wish theyre synced on iCloud so I can have them on all my devices              最高
This dictionary has quickly become one of my indispensable tools in Japanese learning and studying The app is easy to use and has so much data between definitions examples and stroke orderVery few cons for this I wish it would keep my place if I switch apps but if you are looking for an excellent modern Japanese dictionary app then you will not be disappointed with this one              One of the Best
This is my go to app for studying Japanese Its a fantastic dictionary with the best interface around I really like the spaced repetition flash cards built in too It has a lot of options and lets you add notes and works seamlessly with the dictionary However its been a while since Ive seen an update to the app which is a concern                 Excellent
Works great after the new update              Crashes with iOS 8
In the latest update when you type anything into the search box then switch apps to something else back eg to count strokes of the next character in a word youre looking up it clears your search     Devastating bug
Does not work keeps crashing So disappointing     So sad
Using ipod 5th genCrashes everytime you switch to another app or put the ipod to sleep Has not been fixed in a VERY long time     Crashes
The app works perfectly and never crashes I just wish I it didnt close in the background that would make it perfect                 Great App One Problem
iOS 8 problems fixed Thank you thank you thank you I cant think of a better way for me to better my Japanese                 Perfect again
Overall great app It would be nice to have lists sorted so new items were at top rather than bottom Also it would be nice to be able to preview items before adding them to a list              Could use a few UI tweaks

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