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Infinite Dreams Inc. , the publisher behind many iOS games (Can Knockdown ,Plasma Globe ,Can Knockdown 3 ,Shoot The Birds ,Jelly Defense ,Talking Jelly Clock), brings Jelly Defense with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Jelly Defense games has been update to version 1.13 with several major changes and improvements. Games release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • I've played it over and over on every difficulty level..
  • Great castle defense..
  • Now his wife is complaining that he is always playing this game..
  • background music that feels like Patapon..
  • Great family game..

Overall Satisfactionc89
By far the best tower defense game I've played from the app store.
Worst TD game I've played.
This game is definitely one of the best tower defense fence games out there.
Jelly Defense is one of my favorite games of all time now.
Hey it s realy amazing game :.
Thanks for a wonderful game.
Would look great on the new iPad's " Retina Display ".
I definitely recommend this game for all types of gamers.
Fun & Engagingc91
Awesome game very creative and addicting.
Very addictive and surprisingly strategic.
This is one of the most addictive games I've ever played.
The sound effects and music are also super fun.
This is a fun and challenging tower defense game.
This is an awesome tower defense and strategy game.
Tons of fun on iPhone and iPad.
Family Friendlyc100
Great family game.
My whole family loves this one great buy.
Great game for adults and kids.
my kids dig this game.
Replay Valuec91
- More Levels : Make a second planet maybeu2026 Please add these things.
This is a fun and challenging tower defense game.
Huge and innovative tower defense game with tons of replay value.
The cutest characters with some very challenging game play.
Way too hard on even the first couple levels.
For me it never gets old.
Production Valuesc86
The cutest characters with some very challenging game play.
Fix the game play please.
Just put in an options menu guys with sound effects.
The graphics and music are sooooo cute:.
cute little aliens and the beautiful graphics.
great visuals & music.
Ease of Usec74
The gameplay is very easy to pick up and learn.
Where is the easy mode shown in the update description.
cannot find where to set up easy mode.
It starts out easy.
Starts off easy then gets hard to make em all perfect.
Wasn't easy.
The game combines simple controls with elements of strategy and surprise.

Fun and assisting game even my 5 year old loves it. found in 2 reviews
Great for adults and kids alike. found in 1 reviews
Charming graphics and challenging levels make this an iOS TD gem. found in 5 reviews
this game is better than angry birds. found in 4 reviews
Huge and innovative tower defense game with tons of replay value. found in 12 reviews
Way better than bloons tower defense. found in 4 reviews
music and gameplay is great. found in 3 reviews
It has great strategy and complexity for a tower defense. found in 15 reviews
Awesome game very creative and addicting. found in 51 reviews
Play it alllll the time a great time waster :. found in 5 reviews
Best game of 2011. found in 2 reviews
Great game for adults and kids. found in 2 reviews
Something refreshing in the tower defense genre. found in 6 reviews
The cutest characters with some very challenging game play. found in 10 reviews
It's a nice tower defense game with an amazing art style. found in 8 reviews
The sound effects and music are also super fun. found in 15 reviews
It's Jelly time. found in 2 reviews
I've found this game very fun and addicting. found in 8 reviews
I love the colors. found in 3 reviews
best played on the iPad. found in 3 reviews
fun game but constant crashes are ridiculous. found in 1 reviews
Would be 5 stars but crashes CONSTANTLY. found in 1 reviews
Inconsistent game. found in 1 reviews
Annoying little game. found in 1 reviews
Lacks one thing. found in 1 reviews
Slight balance issues but still a fun tower defense game. found in 4 reviews
Great until Whipped Cream Soft Core. found in 1 reviews
It is quite fun but I'm not sure if it's worth three bucks. found in 2 reviews
but needs some rough edges sanded off. found in 1 reviews
it looks terrible on a retina display. found in 8 reviews
but this most recent update deleted all my progress and data. found in 1 reviews
Please update the low res icon. found in 1 reviews
if I have to pause the game and my screen goes black. found in 2 reviews
gets boring pretty quick. found in 1 reviews
Really fun game if you wanna kill some time. found in 1 reviews
Feels like it's lacking something but overall fun game. found in 2 reviews
Bad reviews come from stupid ppl. found in 1 reviews
Doesn't work on iPod touch iOS 5. found in 2 reviews
With no difficulty settings this one get deleted very quickly. found in 3 reviews
Maybe they will patch it and fix the terrible gameplay. found in 3 reviews
I can't get past the first level without crashing. found in 6 reviews
the actual core gameplay is terrible. found in 2 reviews
Poor difficulty curve. found in 3 reviews
why isnt this for the 2nd gen ipod anymore. found in 2 reviews
cannot find where to set up easy mode. found in 6 reviews
Fake reviews much. found in 2 reviews
It mostly boils down to issues regarding balance and level design. found in 4 reviews
No iphone 5 support. found in 2 reviews
I know the update adresses some of the balance issues. found in 4 reviews
Can't build tower when pause the game. found in 2 reviews
The fourth level or so is impossible. found in 2 reviews

If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download Jelly Defense for $0.99 from Apple Store. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 95.5 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 1.13 has been released on 2014-11-23. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation), and iPad. Requires iOS 4.2 or later.
Bottom Line: For more information about Jelly Defense check developer Infinite Dreams Inc.`s website :

SPECIAL LAUNCH PRICE 0.99 ONLY BUY NOW BEFORE THE PRICE GOES UP Finally something worth defending Join the Jelly forces now and lead them to glory in this uneven and fierce fight against the invaders Use ...
Though this game drew me in at first its in desperate need of an update New levels new towers Something           Needs an update
This is a great fun game for all ages I just wish it has an option to control sound Sometimes i wish i can have the sound off completely              Great Fun Game Lacks one thing
Im playing on an iPhone 6 The Game Center achievements loop endlessly That interferes with gameplay as well as being just annoying The intro text for the Mellow is blank so I have no idea if theres something important there           Really like but buggy
I was waiting for this game to be optimized for big iPhone They finally did it Im obsessed with this game I LOVE IT Soundtracks are awesome THE BEST SOUNDTRACKS EVER                 I love you Infinite Games
This is an awesome tower defense and strategy game Dont believe the reviews that say the towers and jellies are all the same Those people didnt make it far enough in the levels or work through the tower upgrades to see the variations and how they affect your strategy to win a level The soundtrack is engaging and pleasant The graphics are fun It took me a few months of off and on effort to finish all levels I wish there were more levels but this game was well worth the 299 to me                 My favorite iPad gamemore levels please
There are way better tower defense games out there This one is weak        There are way better games
Спасибо наконец то дождались обновление под большие экраны                 Awesome
Love love love this game but wish there were new levels or even jelly defense two                 More pls
Needs new jellies and stages We want more                 Best game ever
Love this game but text from Jelly giving hints is missing Also it says Ive got 9 gems to go but I cant find another level after Frosting Intensity which I won Would love to see a Jelly Defense 2                 Fun game
This is definitely a 5 star tower defense game the graphics are good the soundtrack is fun the jellies funnier and is good for all ages assuming you can work a tablet or phone WARNING If you are the kind of person who likes to just burn through a game and on to the next one this is not for you it takes time and patience to beat this game                 HALLELUJAH
I love this game so much its not even sensible The graphics music and gameplay are all topnotch I hope for more boards to play                 My favorite iPad game ever
Best game ever super cool                 Jelly defense
Thanks for iCloud support                 Awesome
This game is fun challenging and addicting                 Great game
This is one of the coolest tower defense game I have ever played Its a shame they stop making new levels for the game Wish they could make a new world of levels                 Best tower defense game ever
I got this for free on a starbucks card Im totally addicted I love this game Since I started playing Ive convinced a handful of other people to buy it by letting them play the first level on my phone                 Love it
Cant stop playing Love the characters the sound effects and the structure of this game I cant stop playing with it Go Jellies                 Super addicting More stages please
this is a great gamebut theres one problemTHIS GAME IS HARD AS HECKit is fun and has nice music but the game is hard to me and i am a professional tower defense playerbut otherwise this is a great game                 To hard for me
Buggy POS     Unplayable
This is the best tower defense game on iPhone I dont know why they havent made a second Jelly Defense game but Im BEGGING them to                 Top Tower Defense game on iPhone
Amusing characters different powers to defeat them accompanied by great music and hysterical sounds make for ultimate fun Great strategy game with a sense of humor Quality game excellent for all ages best on ipad but playable on smaller screens ok too when addicted as we are a need a fix hope they build more planets if i am ever able to solve all the levels on this one                 Really love this game
This game secretly teaches the art of resource management the flexibility required to anticipate current and future loads on the system balanced against what assets are affordable in the short and long terms It teaches the principles of defense in depth and concentration of fire including interlocking fields of fire I admire this games research and development Tree that secretly teaches the value of innovation and the trade offs associated with the costs of RD The graphics sold me on this game without them I probably would not have started playing it Overall this is fun and captivating and it possesses value as a tool for teaching optimization                 Management Skillz
lot of glitches piggybank doesnt give money sometimestowers dont shoot sometimes        good game but glitchy
Um I downloaded this and beat it over a year ago and have been waiting for an update with new levels or even a whole new version Can you please make more levels Thanks              New levels please
love this game                 Awesomely rad game
Very clever well written game with a catchy soundtrack I keep coming back for more                 Great game
This game is fantastic Love the music graphics funny little secret touchesand sounds Add to that figuring out how to beat each level its lots of fun Looking forward to more adventures              Addictingly fun
Love this game I cant update the game old device but still loads of fun Still enjoy the game Ive owned this game for almost a year i think its an adorable funny strategy game Still trying to finish the game five stars Love it Totally worth it keep up the awesome work                 Awesome game
Great game All around solid entertainment                 Stellar
I love this game Great animations and challenging Please make more levels Maybe another planet                 Please make more
Compared to other tower defenses this one is boring The towers only vary by color red or blue The same goes for the enemies They very slightly but are basically all just red or blue jellies Tower upgrades just make them bigger and more powerful but looksattacks the same Not worth 299     Below par
Not many towers to choose from for a given enemy Gameplay is slow You dont know the path of the attackers so there is a lot of unnecessary guesswork also because towers have such limited range     Worst TD game Ive played
Frustrating at times because it can be challenging but that is also why it is so great Ive played a lot of tower defense games and this is my favorite I wouldnt play it on my phone big screen is better More levels please                 Best ipad game ever
If I didnt like this game so much I would still have a life But I play it in every waking moment and sometimes in my sleep Beware the inexhaustible jar of jellies round                 Horribly addictive timesuck
I was looking for a tower defense game as well designed as Plants vs Zombies and this one delivers Its more challenging than P vs Z but in a good way Highly recommend                 Surprisingly complex
I love this game Its worth adding to my awesome games collection on my iPad Please please please add more levels                 Awesome
This game is so fun And I like the graphics to But theres not much levels so please make more levels bye yall guys did an awesome job                 Awesome
Did you guys even play this game before release Worst control ever for a tower defense game To a point its unplayable     Fantastic theme ruined by control
I saw this defense game and was impressed But I was sad to realize that the screen size was only for the 35 in iPhone 44S screen Its been over 2 years since the last update which this game needs Need to be optimized for iPhone 55s5c screen and more levels Great graphics and awesome gameplay though Thank you              Great but needs update
Such a fun game Hopefully the game can be upgraded for the new iPhones                 Fun game
The mellow glades has a glitch i was at deer grove now I have tried and tried to beat it I beat the boss 6 times on the same level plz fix this Ps The dialog is also missingI will rate this game 5 stars if they are fixed have a nice day           I found a glitch on my game a while ago 5 months
Ive been playing this game for about 2 years and it has the best replay value Waiting for more levels Why this isnt top of the charts is beyond me                 Best Tower Defense Game on iTunes
So much fun I cant even stand it                 The best
hours of entertainment                 Love this game
Overall a fun game Would love to see an expansion pack or a version 2 I would be more than happy to support the dev by buying either                 Great tower defense game
This game is awesome and it comforts me I dunno why but get this game                 Awesome
I get this app in Starbucks pick of the day and is awesome Love to play it to pass the time Recommend it                 Love it
Simplistic and repetitive Only one way to beat each Map so once is more then boring Cant improve towers between levels Plain old boring     Not worth money
This game is really fun but after a bit you get really bored of it              Fun

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