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JetBlue Airways , the publisher behind many iOS app (jetBlue ,JB BlueLine), brings jetBlue with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. jetBlue app has been update to version 1.3 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • does it save it to Passbook on my iPhone..
  • I'm a frequent traveler and this app is my boarding pass..
  • It is very convenient and the postcard feature is really fun..
  • the qr code boarding pass is great..
  • It's like a mobile travel companion..

Overall Satisfactionc30
A great app is now fantastic with passbook support.
I love this app and I love jetBlue even more.
Works better than the website when trying to retrieve your boarding pass.
Fun & Engagingc24
Good and fun.
Lots of useful and fun features.
Lots of useful and fun features.
Very simple yet you can get everything done in app.
Easy to use and incredibly helpful during travel.
Beautiful and Useful.
Production Valuesc24
Ease of Usec90
It makes traveling so easy with alerts for checking in.
It's a very intuitive app and does most everything one would expect.
Fantastic app - easy navigation.
Super convenient.
we're having technical difficulties " every time I try to check in.
Security & Privacyc23
Updates & Supportc15

Packed full of features and does what it's supposed to do. found in 2 reviews
Good way to stay connected to Jetblue. found in 2 reviews
Like the TV guide for your flight. found in 3 reviews
The best thing to book a trip in anyplace without a computer. found in 2 reviews
Good and fun. found in 2 reviews
Fantastic app - easy navigation. found in 2 reviews
First experience great. found in 2 reviews
User friendly and great for mobile boarding pass. found in 16 reviews
gluten free - impressive. found in 2 reviews
Other airlines - why this kolaveri di. found in 1 reviews
App better tha full site online. found in 1 reviews
Need an IPad Verison. found in 1 reviews
Better functionality and reliability. found in 1 reviews
One of the best "visual" apps for the airline industry. found in 2 reviews
Most pleasing app I've ever used. found in 1 reviews
Beautiful and Useful. found in 1 reviews
Quality application. found in 1 reviews
Wasn't able to login or track my flight information. found in 76 reviews
I deleted the app and reinstalled it and now it works fine again. found in 6 reviews
Usable interface but crashes. found in 2 reviews
They need to update and fix this problem. found in 12 reviews
My biggest issue with the app is the seat selection process. found in 12 reviews
There is always an error when trying to purchase tickets through the app. found in 11 reviews
I tried to sign up through the app perhaps a dozen times. found in 26 reviews
Please add support for passbook in the next update. found in 8 reviews
but check-in no longer works with iOS 7 update. found in 13 reviews
Don't bother trying to buy tickets using a Chase Visa. found in 3 reviews
but it would be nice if there was passbook integration. found in 12 reviews
It's ridiculous that you can't check in using the app. found in 5 reviews
Cannot login on iPad
This app does not work well. found in 2 reviews
it needs to have frequent flyer information. found in 7 reviews
I couldn't log into the app myself. found in 9 reviews
Wasted my time trying to purchase tickets with this app. found in 10 reviews
I cannot check in for flights on this app. found in 24 reviews
Was unable to check in on any flight. found in 3 reviews
Because it needs to install Adobe flash. found in 1 reviews
Trying to change credit card information is constantly clearing the screen. found in 23 reviews
Can't login to check flight status or your trip. found in 71 reviews
Its been days and I still am unable to login. found in 76 reviews
Then Customer service did absolutely nothing about it. found in 15 reviews
Jet blue needs to hire more programmers and fewer graphic artists. found in 62 reviews
There's no mobile boarding pass or Passbook support. found in 202 reviews
The app will not allow me to search for flights. found in 24 reviews
error message asks me to try again in a few minutes. found in 15 reviews
No iPhone 5 support and no Passbook support are major drawbacks. found in 41 reviews
but a lack of Passbook integration is a huge misstep. found in 12 reviews
and I wouldn't even think about attempting to book a flight through it. found in 55 reviews
This app doesn't work at all with iOS 7. found in 13 reviews
Ways to go Seat selection is so severely broken it's useless. found in 12 reviews
I tried to sign up bit it just keeps telling me it failed. found in 26 reviews
Takes forever to update and then doesn't prompt to check in for flight. found in 12 reviews

If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download jetBlue for free from Apple Store. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 5.1 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 1.3 has been released on 2014-11-22. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.Requires iOS 4.0 or later.
More Info: Find more info about jetBlue in JetBlue Airways`s Official Website :

Take JetBlue everywhere you go Download our app and get instant access to your itineraries, flight status information, our in-flight entertainment, snacks and more Book travel - Search for and book flights to your favorite ...
App is horrible Please fix Very buggy and exasperating     Mosaic
Title says it all Great job testing this release guys     Cant open without crashing
The app has everything I need to book and check in for a flight                 Excellent App
Im Mosaic and this app works great for me I really just need mobile check in and flight status updates Works perfect for as a frequent traveler No one is perfect by JetBlue does a great job with this app                 Perfect for my frequent flying
As someone who flies several days a week I had grown accustomed to how useful and nearly flawless an experience using this app was Since the recent updates its been terrible Flights are often missing and the functionality of the options menu is just pathetic I am very disappointed that in an age where apps often offer a more complete yet streamlined version of their accompanying website that this one has become significantly worse Best of luck to future users you have no idea how good we used to have it        Used to be the gold standard
The app does not show reward points flights     App breaks with each review
Solid app New versions thankfully refine and have been solid so far as well              Great
I love everything about JetBlue but the app is often glitchy and requires frequent restarts to be able to check in           Love JetBlue app is glitchy
Terrible app Wont let you log in to your jet blue account to bring up your scheduled trips Thought maybe Id forgotten my pw but went to their website logged in without any problems The app is useless if you cant use it to manage your trips boarding passes     Wont let you log in
As klugey as the United Airlines app is the jetBlue app is even worse It could not find my reservation I had to input all my details even though I was signed in Then it would not let me purchase an upgraded seat and told me I had to speak to a gate agent when I get to the airport Of course all the upgraded seats may be gone by then Uniteds app has your reservations in it lets you purchase upgrades right through the app Insanely bad app Boo jetBlue     Miles Behind The Competition
I like the app but Ive never been able to check in for a flight I have to either wait until I go to the airport or go through JetBlues website              Good app with some issues
This app has saved my life so many times I always forget to print out my ticketscheck in and this is great super easy to use                 Great airline great app
App serves its purpose when it works I am a frequent flyer and it is nice being able to review all my scheduled flights from my phone Now if the developers could address the check in issue I would give them 5 stars           5050 chance of app allowing me to check in
JetBlue is a great airline but its unbelievable that I cant book a flight using the app due to how buggy it is     Terrible app
The JetBlue flying experience is good but here is where the app needs help 1 stop asking me to rate your app in the middle of my check in process 2 stop asking me for my redress number on checkinyou already know it because Im checking in as a signed in true blue member 3 on the drop downs for credit card payment section put USA firstwhy make me scroll down through 100 countries to get through this screen 4 repopulate my billing address with the same address you have for the credit card infoto much extra work for a mobile app that is supposed to go fast Thanks           App needs work
Why would you disable cut and paste for confirmation codes for checking I have this random string of characters in my email and need to get it into the JetBlue app Cut and Paste would work perfectly if a sadistic developer wouldnt have deliberately disabled it Now I have to remember it scribble it on the back of my hand or on the haze of my windshield and type it back into the JeyBlue app              Ok but
Im just kind of mad that it doesnt seem like you can change your seat on the app           Seat change
While I generally like this airline they did two things recently which highly irritated me first change their fees to add new classes to disguise their new charge to check a bag no longer free second problem was the new app making it difficult to maneuver with constant pull down menus and lacking intuitive steps They no longer show a seating chart available seats replacing it with a scrolling list It takes three times as long They no longer have data for my wife making it more difficult to book flights for both I am now beginning to look for other airlines as my first choice     Revised App is Difficult to Use
So far so good but having hard time getting rest of mt boarding pass on 2nd and 3rd connecting flights           JB App
flight goes fast with the options of entertainment                 love it
Absolutely useless Cant change seats in the app then cant change seats on the mobile version of the site Needs serious work to be functional for the frequent Jet Blue traveler     Key Function Missing
Its horrible wont let me book With dollars or points It was fine til they tried to update it in July     JetBlue app
How am I supposed to book tickets on my phone when every time I go to it tell me the mobile version in unavailable try again later When I try again later its the same story I dont have a computer so to lose my business or not        Mobile version unavailable For over a month
I fly Jet Blue almost every week If you are using the app for just boarding passes its sufficient However if you want to book tickets and pay Glitchy is an understatement The app is frustrating and make you want to fly another carrier The payment portion is particularly weak and crashes Additionally its almost impossible to update delete ccs Lastly you can see all the xxxx in the credit card numbers that are saved but not the last four digits when using the iPhone app     Needs a complete overhaul
Easy to get flights Quick to check in Love this app                 Great App
Constantly glitching impossible to check in says oops there was an error all the time and I cant change my seat assignment Really all around low quality app     Bad useless app
Cant complete a flight reservation on the app Always have to book through my laptop Then when I check in online the day before it ALWAYS ask me for my passport info Which I have to go and get and then hope I dont forget to pack it for my trip United doesnt do that If that info is already in my profile why do I have to input it EVERY SINGLE TIME Not worth flying Ket Blue just because of this app     Terrible App
First airline app Ive used so I cant compare but its great and easy to use                 Love it
Jet Blue staff is friendly efficient and very professional My only objections are the exorbitant change fees                 Accommodating
However consistent and persistent problems with both the app and web site puts JetBlue far behind industry standards in this area This is incredibly disappointing from a company that prides itself on service but fails here on a most basic level Their customers should not need to waste time attempting to complete simple tasks like checking in generating boarding passes etc via their app or web site These are issuefree endeavors we take for granted on every other airline     Good when it works
Cant seem to use this to access my old points connect my itinerary to Passbook buy a ticket check in or view a birding pass What is the point of the app if I cant get it to connect and do the most basic things     Useless
Worked fine for me signing in to see trip and later checkin in              JetBlue
Hi I really love ur app on my iPhone 6plus but I cant work it with my iwatch I was able to install the app on my watch but I cant get it working Called the apple support already but they were not able to help me Is ur app not working with the iwatch              Iwatch app
Whats the point of having this app if I can rarely check in to my flight This app needs work I end up having to print my pass anyway     Horrible and useless app
while checking in You can select seats on the website during the checkin process but not on the app Spent 30 min on hold trying to upgrade my seats Easier to skip the app and checkin on the website Also cant choose a saved credit card and there is no visual seat map     Does not give you the option to change or upgrade seats
I love JetBlue but their app doesnt always work so well I wish it would hold my TSA precheck info but it never does Often takes a long time to load or update as well           Spotty
This app is hit and miss and randomly wont allow you to check in or get a mobile boarding pass If you cant do this reliably whats the point of even having the app     Fail
good app stable wish there was a way to buy even more space in the app              Good And simple
Ever time I try to submit a review on this it says the username is already taken Ok Fine but dont just delete my review which I took the time write The is terrible and Im going to make this short as Im a afraid my review will be gone The app itself is quite buggy and I can check in or get me boarding pass one leg of a round trip Not sure why but very frustrating as I do the travel weekly Needs a major rehaul of the app     Really Bad App
The app regularly had difficulty accessing reservations for checkin or boarding pass retrieval It is way to flaky to attempt to book tickets through the app On the Apple Watch it does not show TSA precheck in PassbookWallet making the watch app useless dont even try and get your wrist under the JetBlue scanner but that is an other issue        Why so bad
Whenever you display a boarding pass from the app it automatically moves screen brightness to 100 and I have to go back in settings to fix it App is rudimentary at best and clearly they dont want our feedback because theres no easy way to provide it using the app        Hijacks Screen Brightmess
best app                 A
Saturday app worked fine Allowed checkin and boarding pass Today Cannot do either Checked in via safari but still cannot display boarding pass on app Error reads there was an issue processing your request Please check your connection and try again Cannot use such an unreliable app that spits out false message when it cannot perform a function Deleting app and now have to get boarding pass at airport no access to a printer        Inconsistent no boarding pass today
This app has made flying w jet blue even better              Very helpful
Why does such a good airline with a great travel experience have such a terrible app Cant book a flight Cant buy a ticket Cant select a seat Even during the checkin process you cant buy an extra space seat Even when that all thats left So frustrating The American Airlines American Alaska Airlines and SW Airlines all let you do these things Why JetBlue Why        Why
The app is phenomenal as a portfolio of JetBlue travel and rewards it keeps track of upcoming and past travels and allows you to view your rewards all in one app The critical flaw justifying the one star review The app fails to successfully complete airfare purchases This is quite frustrating especially given the convenience of the app Hopefully JetBlue will expeditiously resolve the issue as online booking generates point of sale revenue and improves the overall customer experience     True Blues with Flight Booking
Great app and love their service                 Love JetBlue
Works great                 Quick easy
Tried several times to book a ticket No go     Its 2015 Fix booking issue

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