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Halfbrick Studios
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Description - Jetpack Joyride

Halfbrick Studios, the publisher behind many iOS games (Fish Out Of Water! ,Fruit Ninja: Puss in Boots HD Lite ,Age of Zombies™ ,Fruit Ninja HD Lite ,Yes Chef! ,Fruit Ninja HD), brings Jetpack Joyride with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Jetpack Joyride games has been update to version 1.3.5 with several major changes and improvements. Games release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • This Game is Amazing it just Reminds me Of Gravity Guy..
  • JJ is the quintessential runner game on the App Store..
  • I love this game and everyone in my family loves too..
  • Game play reminiscent of a helicopter game I used to play..
  • The missions and random environments make for some great replay value..

Overall Satisfactionc93
This is one of my favorite games because its just awesome.
Pretty annoying as this was one of my favorite games and is now useless.
Amazing game for an iPhone platformer love it.
A fun and addictive game just keep playing and then.
Believe me this game Is one of the best free games in history.
I think it's better than temple run or anything else for that matter.
Jet pack joyride is the best game ever I recommend this game to anyone.
Deleted and will be bashed about to anyone who asks.
Great job halfbrick this is my favorite app on the entire AppStore.
This is the best game in the app store right now awesome gameplay best.
Fun & Engagingc94
Awesome game I love it because its fun.
its an awesome game but it has some issues.
This game is very fun and addicting and kept me occupied for hours.
Super fun and always has new little challenges.
A fun and addictive game just keep playing and then.
Very fun game and I love getting the spin tokens.
I love this game I play it all the time than my other games get it.
Really hard to put down my iPod when playing.
This is a fun little game that is worth the 99 cents.
Great cartoon graphics fun concept not one bad thing about this game.
Thanks halfbrick for making jetpack joyride it's amazing I play it every day.
You can unlock everything just by playing the game.
Family Friendlyc92
This is a very fun game for all kids to play.
This is such a great app for kids to play.
jetpacked with family fun for everyone.
Very addicting family fun.
I love this game and everyone in my family loves too.
Awesome game the whole family loves to play.
I wouldn't recommend this game for very little kids.
Slightly mature for all the little kids who play it.
Value for Moneyc75
The game is enjoyable and reasonably challenging without spending real money.
the ability to purchase optional content using real money.
Replay Valuec93
The missions and random environments make for some great replay value.
Unlike other games I've played this game never gets old.
Hours of fun and enough upgrades to make it worth your while.
Needs app sync across multiple devices and more levels.
Fun and challenging almost as fun as Angry Birds.
Cool to master easy missions a nice stash.
This game is too awesome getting hours of entertainment out of it.
Social Aspectsc92
You should add a multiplayer mode :.
My only suggestion is maybe add multiplayer through Game Center.
I think you guys should add multiplayer in a future update.
Production Valuesc90
It's a lovely game having nice sound effects.
Sound Effects buggy.
Amazing game and totally awesome graphics with cool new gameplay.
Incredibly good simple polished game.
It works REALLY well and it has amazing graphics and art.
It has great visuals and easy pick up and play style.
Ease of Usec93
Simple gameplay - hours of endless fun.
I'm finding it crash quite a bit now during simple gameplay.
Simple and addictive enough to come back to every now and then.
Easy controls allow ANYONE to pick it up and play.
What a cool game keeps you involved and breathless.
The game keeps crashing on me everytime i open it.
Game reset.
Updates & Supportc69
but thanks to the great game PLUS the excellent Customer Service.
Super Awesome Game and GREAT Customer Service.

This game is now officially my new addiction /favorite game. found in 14 reviews
This game is so awesome best time waster ever. found in 112 reviews
I love it it brings back the old school game games. found in 32 reviews
-5 Ideas :please add ah overboard Keep up the good work HalfBrick Studios :. found in 32 reviews
Simple gameplay - hours of endless fun. found in 91 reviews
Truly one of the best casual arcade games on the AppStore. found in 39 reviews
this is the easily best endless runner I've played on iOS. found in 35 reviews
It is one of the funniest and addicting games I have ever played. found in 9 reviews
explosion filled side scroller that's something out of an action movie. found in 27 reviews
Jetpack Joyride has amazing effects and great entertainment. found in 2201 reviews
Believe me this game Is one of the best free games in history. found in 226 reviews
Hours of fun and enough upgrades to make it worth your while. found in 57 reviews
Awesome fast paced action packed side scrolling game. found in 75 reviews
Awesome game I love it because its fun. found in 1464 reviews
Super fun and always has new little challenges. found in 370 reviews
This is the most awesomest game I have ever downloaded. found in 19 reviews
Another interesting little time killer from Halfbrick. found in 107 reviews
This is the best game Eva it's sooo cool. found in 27 reviews
casual game that should come standard on every iOs device. found in 14 reviews
Ok game except the graphics are not that good. found in 10 reviews
Love game but needs a lot more levels. found in 51 reviews
Plz fix and this happened twice. found in 8 reviews
Now every time I try to play it the same frozen screen pops up. found in 9 reviews
The new update causes way too many crashes. found in 8 reviews
Soon after the music and sounds all together stopped playing. found in 18 reviews
The game glitched and deleted everything I did. found in 8 reviews
not a bad game but average. found in 21 reviews
Great game but after getting the new update it keeps crashing. found in 9 reviews
it exits out of the game and doesn't give me it. found in 8 reviews
1 update crashes on iPhone 4. found in 7 reviews
Good but deleted my progress when I had every jetpack. found in 8 reviews
PLEASE make an update so you can resume your daily S. found in 12 reviews
Please make a restore purchases button for the counterfeit machine. found in 27 reviews
but i cant even play anymore because whenever i open the game. found in 18 reviews
Ok but gets a little boring after a while. found in 18 reviews
Please add more levels to make it more challenging and fun. found in 8 reviews
until it randomly deleted all of my accomplishments and progress. found in 7 reviews
People who fix this game fix it please. found in 8 reviews
Plz plz plz plz plz plz fix this. found in 4 reviews
Worst game EVER it deserves 0 stars. found in 16 reviews
Halfbrick please fix jetpack joyride for iPod 4th gen. found in 26 reviews
Having issues with the game on the new iPhone. found in 19 reviews
I hate the stupid 750 head start thing. found in 43 reviews
Still no fix for big head Barry. found in 17 reviews
Makes you log into game center or feint. found in 93 reviews
Then the game reset me to nothing. found in 16 reviews
Since the recent update the game keeps crashing at the slot machine. found in 29 reviews
but it gets repetitive seeing the same thing over and over. found in 13 reviews
I've purchased a lot of coins and don't want to lose them. found in 33 reviews
I can't cash in my level 15 Barry Token. found in 85 reviews
and my counterfeit machine and items cannot be restored. found in 65 reviews
but prices are too expensive for accessories and no retina display. found in 14 reviews
it crashes and returns me to my home screen. found in 37 reviews
Accidentally clicked open feint. found in 15 reviews
I can hardly play anymore. found in 15 reviews

If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download Jetpack Joyride for free from Apple Store. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 18.2 MB to download. The new Jetpack Joyride app version 1.3.5 has been updated on 2014-11-24. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.1.3 or later
Bottom Line: For more information about Jetpack Joyride check developer Halfbrick Studios`s website :

You`re going for a ride - from the creators of FRUIT NINJA Selected as the official iPhone Game of the WeekSuit up with a selection of the coolest jetpacks ever made and take to the ...
It was ok     Nope
I have encountered a problemThe game wont let me change my gadgets its stuck on odd couple which is making it hard for me to complete a mission because it says not to collect coins but the dog goes and collects coins              Bug
Great game I like it                 Duty
Fixed all the bugs Nice guys Now bring back the diamonds                 Back to five stars
When I tap on Missions its all blank     FIX THIS
This game good              Good
There is no gliches or anything with this game It has events new updates all the time and endless fun The best part ITS ALL FREE Stop hesitating and just get the app                 AMAZING
Yasssss                 Only one word
Now dont get me wrong it is good game but it can be a pay to win game or normal game and u get just as far but if u dont feel like collection 6000 coins for one item isnt good game for u              Good game
I love this game a lot But for some reason the Big Spender achievement wont register I dont know if its a problem with my phone or if its a bug in the game Ive spent so many coins but the achievements list says Ive spent 050000 coins I want to get all of the achievements but I wont be able to with this problem If you know how to resolve this that would be great              Im Having a Problem with the Big Spender Achievement
14 September 2015 QueegQueegWhen I first got this game 4 yrs agoyou werent Forced to buy or signup for anythingNOWthat has changedYou have to register and Agree to their Stifling Demands and Watch And Play All of their other games and videos in order to keep All Of The Accessories you Earned By Playing This Game For 4 YearsThey Make You Register to play this game Or Else You Will Lose Everything You Worked Hard For To Earn In 4 Years The Game Jetpack Joyride is still funbut the changes They Force on you are not           Jet Pack Joyride
It crashes within 5 seconds on being on the loading screen with the Half brick logo           54321 were going to on acrash
They took out a lot of the cool jet packs and outfits and it used to have the coolest stuff but its still kinda fun I just dont get why they took out the cool jetpacks and outfits           I miss the old stuff
I love the new and improved features in new version is better than the old one                 Best game known to man
When i was about to take that mr cuddles The game stops suddenly Do something about that in next upgrade     Game hangs in middle
I only put the 1 star rating to get your attention but make a skin that looks like goku you already have mrcuddles who looks exactly like shenron and you have a scouter     MAKE THIS
I love this game i play it all the time its amazing when i have no wifi i can play this game and its free i love the jets the clothes and the dog its all amazing they schould make more games like this i have to say it again i love it                 Love it
Unfortunately I have to give this a bad reviewIve had this game through 2 phone updates and every single time it erases my profile and I have to restart with nothingBecause of this I have erased the app and I will not play it again because if I have an update then I know I will choose the update over this gameSorry but even restore purchases doesnt even workHorrible     iPhone updates erase profile
I was playing and it would get really glitchy but still a fun game           Glitchy
App crashes before the main menu shows up Please fix              App Crashing
Good                 Good
Its a really fun game I would recommend getting it not many in app purchases But we can only hold 2 gadgets I wish we could hold more              Fun game
I lost all my gadget upgrades and levels al it remembers is my record distance this     SCREW THIS
Me encanta este juego lo disfruto u chismoso y me encanta Es muy divertido                 Asombroso
When I died I clicked on the Heart surrounded with a video then half way through the add it just crashed and I had to redo my 2 achievements that I had already completed I also lost all of my coins I had gained with the x2 Coins that I got from the slot machine After that i played it once more and it did the exact same thing           Whhyyyy
Whenever I open the game it will load for a bit and then just crash I have tried deletingreinstalling it turning my iPad on and off but nothing works This has been happening for a while and I thought the update would fix it I was wrong I have an iPad mini I tried using the app support page but nothing happened Basically unplayable for me        Keeps crashing
I love jet pack joy ride but recently I cant get on to the app because it glitches But besides that jet pack joy ride is the best and so addicting              Love this game
One of the best free games out there                 Great game
I love this game its Bin 4 years since I played this and it brings up all the fun memories with my cousins                 Great game xoxo
The new version crashes 50 of the time Need to fix this     Crashes
Aekcrocnockeicjecjeicheoxjeoxjwoxwodjecjwoxjwj Rockefeller owncoecneocneocneoxneoxwpxneocneixneoxnwoxnwixenxienceoxneixnricneoxneoxwnconeocnwoxneoxjeoxjeoxneoxnwoxjwoxnwxonexiencro necneocneo brickwork ronceockeocneocneocneoxnwoxnwoxnwoxjwo neocjoe              Logging
This game is so fun                 Fun game
Its so stupid it deleted all my progress I revise to never get this app EVER     STUPID
Its so fun you need to play this game peace btw My gamer tag is coo coo nine                 Awesome game
Lots of fun and lots of leveling up to keep the game interesting Great time waster                 Awesome
Ever since I started this game I have loved it it had fun gameplay great mechanics and cool gadgets The only issues that Ive ever had with this game are the glitches For example right before writing this review I got 10000 coins in one run thanks to SAM However in my profile it still reads that the most coins I got in one run is my second best at around 9000 I dont know if the money was put in my account or not but it probably wasnt if the game cannot process it on the profile bests It also get on my nerves with the lagspike that happens every time I do a mission which can be annoying if Im at 3000 meters when the pace is ridiculously fastAlso another issue I have is that my moms Facebook account is permanently linked with my Jetpack Joyride account I remembered that I have a Google account so I wanted to unlink her profile so I can only have it linked with my google account But there is no way to do that I managed to convince her to change her Facebook profile picture so that it can be of my gaming profile pic and she is okay with doing that but it doesnt even show up So now Im stuck being known by my moms name and a picture of flowers instead of my username with my google account And whats even worse is that when I sign out to try to connect it to my google account it takes all the game progress with it This game is very fun except for those few glitches that ruin the experience Please fix theses issues and I will give you those final stars           Awsome game A few glitches though
Love it a lot                 Best app on the planet
Plz add multiplayer to this game that be great and a story                 MULTIPLAYER
Love the game butIf it even lets me get past the wall its laggy Then when I do complete a laggy game and go to start a new one it will crash When I try to start a second round the game will freeze up and crash and I have to open the app all over again each time If I try to connect it to the Internet then it becomes worse when offline I turn my iPod on and off and that helps enough to let me open it but thats all Looking forward to the next available update              Crashing
3 thumbs up Game is fantastic literally has been the only game I kept on my phone for over a year let alone longer than a month                 amazing game
This game is great I have been playing it for a long time                 Greatness
I dont normally write reviews but I just wanted you guys to know that youre work is amazing and no matter what anybody says you guys deserve everybodys support Keep up the amazing work guys Have a great day 3                 Love you guys
This game is so awesome and i love playing it                 AWESOME
Best game Ive ever played so fun and addicting great game                 Cool game
Best game totally buy it                 Great
Worth getting Youll spend countless hours on this game                 So much fun
This is a Great Game u should buy it                 Great Game
Fix how you can not spin all your turns        Not all your spins
Gadgets are still stuck ever since an update a few months back havent been able to switch gadgets Love the game but this removed a lot of the playability Was excited this update would fix been a bit now and they said next update would fix the issue on the boards but still broken     Didnt bother to fix major bug

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