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Nike, Inc , the publisher behind many iOS app (Nike Soccer ,DeMar DeRozan Sticker Pack ,AJ2012 ,Nike+ Move ,Nike内马尔VR ,Nike Football), brings Jordan Keyboard with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Jordan Keyboard app has been update to version 1.0.2 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.


The Jordan Keyboard is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is supporting English language. It is a whopper, weighing in at 35424256, so make sure you have plenty of free space on your iOS device. The new Jordan Keyboard app version 1.0.2 has been updated on 2016-11-18.
Bottom Line: For more information about Jordan Keyboard check developer Nike, Inc`s website :

Inspired by the brand and Michael Jordan himself, the Air Jordan Keyboard brings all things Jordan to your fingertips. Send your friends iconic emojis that are updated regularly and as new sneakers are released.
Needs full access to phone that tracks and saves all you do     Privacy please rocker676
I use my phone to shop online so therefore ive used my cards multipul times on here I do not feel the need to share that information with any developer for any reason So as much as i would love to use this jordan app issa no from me     Card info made available to developers and any other info in your phone Mr. Smo
Read the warning before you agree Talks about you credit card information and your private massages could be sent out     Don t do it Just 1 fix
Crashes my phone             Calvin j jayairjordan
Niiiiice                     Jjj Dylan hsuan
Nice                     Dope ajr23
Awesome app                     Amazing willow980
good program                     nice prog GPranks
This wassup                     Fire NatelMiller
Super excited then realized spell check function stops working with this app loaded Copy and paste is annoying as well App deleted     Frustrating jthor202
It s very good I hope for update soon                     It s amazing Sam_a_boy13
Seems like a great idea until you re asked to allow the app to access collect and transmit all the data you type including bank information credit cards location photos etc Thanks but no thanks         Cool concept but Arkitek004
Awsome                     Awsome Ant1pablo16
This is a great app for people who love Mj basketball and shoes if u have an apple product updated to iOS 10 u don t just have to copy and paste u can go to the A on the right and put it on there however u like u can shrink it and twist it so it fits however you like it So overall this is an amazing app and the creators of this app are very imaginative and super creative So to NIKE well done                     Awesomeness Shoes are amazing
Looks like a cool idea but why would I ever allow a third party Nike in this case access to everything I type Is there a way to get this without compromising my privacy             Privacy Concerns GDJM7
First off these emojis are too too big When you choose an emoji it says copied So that means you have to copy and paste the emoji you want Then once you do that the emoji is stretched out when it s pasted meaning the image distorts It works fine when using it as a messaging sticker but other than that this keyboard is     THESE ARE TOO BIG CharismaX0
This is awesome in my humble opinion                     This is awesome for real Send me a pair plz
App crashes                     App Crashes The Phantom of Thee Opera
The app won t even open and keeps crashing This app is whack     Won t open The_Ultimate_Lifeform
Love this pack my favorite yet                     BEST STICKERS EVER appstin
Awesome emojis                     Love it bfmath
This is awesome Nike needs to do more of this                     Sweet app Indus2390
The best emiji keyboard                     So cool Yak81
Love this keyboard Fun content to share with friends It s awesome                     Favorite app Champagnepapppi
My favorite iMessage app Been waiting for something like this forever goat Great work from Nike here                     A must for Sneakerheads DJFBGM
Such a vibrant way to keep up with the masses while giving the brand a tangle expression Amazing                     Amazing digitalseduction
If you re going to do lame social stuff at least assert ownership of the Crying Jordan meme     Dumb David S. Pumpkins
I want to text my friends these emojis but it won t show up on my screen         This needs work Kflock (Add Me On Steam)
When I downloaded this I was so excited but there was nothing to be excited for I couldn t even get on the app it s a good idea but needs some work     Very laggy Ian Letzer
Can t open the app     Can t open Thx for free coins klkk
For free thank you Nike                     Awesome jsno70
restarted the phone redownloaded the app followed instructions twice wont work Giving a 3 for the idea and excitement i had around the app but minus 2 stars for not working             Wont Work Njblookin4njg
I was happy to download it but once I downloaded it the app would crash after 2 seconds     App doesn t even open @insta_buckets
Great emoji app though could have a few changes                     Great Jack Michal Desmarais
the app doesnt open for me     app Andrei.jao
All it does is crash Wont even open     Crash Jmags31
Every time I open the app it crashes I have downloaded it five times and still doesn t work     Not Very Good CJG-review
So much fun                     I love this keyboard George56486
I just installed it and was disappointed it didn t work cool emojis but you can t send them     Glitches Gamer.BV
Th app is done downloading but will not open and if it does it keeps crashing     Won t open Oxsmo
One amazing app you guys made                     Great app Love it JacksonLinPhotography
Great idea but it has some lag issues When I try to use the emojis they don t load and I m stuck with a white screen                 Lag issues momma2pj
I am a huge air jordan fan so when i saw this was a thing i downloaded it immeadiatly when i enabled the keyboard and went to test it out the entire keyboard was gone it was just a white bloack where my keyboard usually was please fix this app     Do not download K3113n1218
I was really excited about his app but when I turned it on in the keyboard option and gave it full access I went to go type and my keyboard went Blank and wouldn t let me type Please Help         Keyboard goes black Ayden Orsi
Good emoji                     Lit Inc.44
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