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Tabula Rasa , the publisher behind many iOS app (Simple Meeting Cost ,Jot! for iPhone ,Jot! Free ,Jot!), brings Jot! with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Jot! app has been update to version 2.6.1 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.


If you are iPad owner,you now can download Jot! for $4.99 from Apple Store. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. The new Jot! app version 2.6.1 has been updated on 2014-11-28. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 3.2 or later.
More Info: Find more info about Jot! in Tabula Rasa`s Official Website :

Sketch. Share. Innovate. Jot makes quick sketches and diagrams easy. Take notes in meetings and share them via email or save them as photos. Visualize your thoughts and express your ideas. Stop wasting energy on complex ...
This app is a simple whiteboard app that lets you share with others across the Internet iPad to iPad or via projector The copypaste zoom and multiselection features fit the bill without cluttering the app with too much functionality The save feature is a must for sharing afterward I will use this at work and my wife will use it while homeschooling our children However I would like to see an easy read only live toggle for the presenter The kids cant fight the urge to draw                 Simple easy to use
This app is great but I wish I could change the size of the canvas                 Great but
Es una gran aplicación que genera productividad                 Excelente
Great to get your ideas out or just a note type or write You can jot a note on a photo and save send etc Great app Simair1                 Love it
I use Jot frequently both online offline I find Jot as my go to app for a whiteboard As more of my associates acquire iPads it will make it easier to collaborate I also use Jot in conjunction with Apple TV for a larger screen presentation while having additional iPads for user One caution has been to make sure that wifi is reliable Im curious as to how you will continue to evolve with this great app                 Continues to get better
The changes that have been added to this over the last several months are really fantastic The nice part is theyve added a lot of robust features but theyre all very simple to operate The ability to have anyone with a computer be able to see what youre doing was a great addition The changes in this app along with the changes in the iPad and the Apple ecosystem over the last 12 months have really made this a useful tool Thanks and keep going                 iPad and the Apple ecosystem over the last 12 months
This is an awesome app I use it to jot Down notes sketches lots of things Love it                 Jot
Simple app seems to work fine so far                 works fine
This is so easy to use I had forgotten how freeing it is to actually write something vs typing even if it is with just my finger I hadnt done much in the way of brainstorming or free writing because typing and mouseclicks slow get in the way Once I started writing with it the ideas started flowing and I literally had to make myself stop It has definitely helped boost my creativity Thank you                 Easy
Both must own the paid app then live sharing is fun and effective So far we love it                 Works great for distance math tutoring
It works just like a white board except it travels where I go I love it Its genius is in its simplicity                 Simple easy effective perfect
Great app Simple and easy to use                 Just what we were looking for
Great app                 Awesome
There are similar apps with fancier features but sharing wasnt as easy or collaborative with those If youre looking for a virtual version of an office whiteboard that you can share with others anywhere in the world its hard to go wrong with this app The fancy stuff that it doesnt do my office whiteboard doesnt do either What it does do it does quite well and with a simple uncluttered interface too I use it for tutoring algebra and the twoway collaboration is perfect for that                 Exactly What I Need
This is just the perfect app for sketching line designs directly on to photos A great time saver                 Easy and intuitive
Such a great thinking tool And elegantly simple to use Thanks                 Awesome
I like the app However its not ergonomically correct Most people rest their hand on the paper when they write You cannot do this           Am I the only person who rest their hand on the paper when they write
Amazing app Does everything it says it does Super user friendly and saves your work So excited to try this with my classroom                 Jot WOW
Simple and straightforward short learning curve The background grids and photos are gravy The live sharing is very responsive receiving end has virtually no lag time at all I advise Skip the lite version go ahead and get the full Jot                 Easy intuitive quick
Perfect app Great App not too many features just right One suggestionshake to erase Great App to replace scratch paper                 Awesome
This is exactly why I wanted an iPad                 Best app on my ipad
Great product                 Great product
I no longer need to carry a dry erase board with me on home visits I am able to use Jot instead Now I can save print and put in case notes what was reviewed with clients Great App for my work                 Useful
Best whiteboard program                 Jot trules
Stay away Its a piece of crap Used to be a good app Now it crashes every time you try to open     Junk
I strongly recommend this as a teaching and collaboration tool I was not clear about the different versions spoke with the developer and after my questions were answered I downloaded it and started using it immediately Great tool works as advertisedeven better                 Outstanding
Very simply but totally wonderful little app I love the zoom feature Well worth the price for the full version Happy doodles                 Awesome
The updated version of JOT has thrown me off line twice today I am losing paid sessions I am not happy              Live sharing
I use it                 I like it
It lets me sketch out ideas on the fly Simple and effective very compact as programs go I wish it had some rudimentary handwriting recognition Thats the only possible improvement                 Love it
The writing portion of this app really needs help At first I was enchanted with the line smoothing feature However when I started adding photos to annotate for my class writing became decidedly less smooth Further the inability to modifymove photos and attachments and the poor control differentiation between writing and zoomingpanning ultimately forced me to abandon the app Without attachments great whiteboard app With attachments not even close Penultimate is the clear winner        Not so smooth
I love this product Its a simple and fun way to get an idea down quickly If I have an idea this is the first place I go to get it recorded                 Go To App
The reason I purchased this was so that I could share live what Im drawing on my iPad Ive tried the sharing feature with both Chrome and Firefox with no success     Doesnt do what it says it will
Physics Silent Scrimmage Under development Three teams in class Red Blue Green IPad mirrored to big screen Through Apple TV A given set of problems to solve from Camera roll No talking during contestjust communication by drawing Team Blue presents Wait period2min Teams Red and Green get to correct comment Scoring by teacher Note Could lag time minor annoyance be due to network security system or early generation IPad Those would be a good items to address plus a bigger eraser path selection ie Adobe Ideas Layering would be nice to But drawing through a web based system real time is still remarkably goodjust need to shift down one gear Am thinking if this works will connect with other classes in other schoolspossibly              Jot Physicstrying this weekthe plan
I just started using the app and it provides basic functionality It crashed during my first session I like the export as PDF function and ability to move chunks of text That being said I cant figure out how to rotate text move just a line not within a textbox and the textbox feature is clunky I use it to visualize ideas           Basic
Great product but how come you cant see the background image on live sharing Home remodelings design markups and so much more hinges on noting an image Is this something you plan to add in the future        No image on share session
It helps me a lot in math Thanks for the inspiration app                 Good product
This app is great Best whiteboard app out there To developer Tabula Rasa the eraser function is slow Please fix it in other apps the faster you erase the bigger the eraser width Please let us change the eraser width and then 5 stars would be obvious              i Always use this app
I use Jot As means of communication due to the fact that I am unable to talk due to cancer of the throatit is perfectthank you for making it available                 High rating
Exactly what I was looking for Needed a simple whiteboard app that let me share what I was drawing on the web                 Perfect
Upgraded to be able to keep multiple jots and of course lose the ads Its like a sticky note on steroids Love this app                 An app that does what you expect it to do
Fast sharing and white board sync very fast comparing with other product Like to see adding password protected shared white board              Good Product
provide an option to enable or disable smoothing When I write freehand notes and try to write characters like e it comes out illegible because the program tries to smooth the lines out              Great app but please
I tried all the other guys and this app made the most sense to me easily download as pictures email or PDF Easily screen share with other viewers                 Very Useful
I use this for teaching DAILY A whiteboard with a memory Not afraid to erase anymore Plus you can move parts of your drawing around delete change color And perfect for tutoring online You send drawings print them for notes endless teaching possibilities                 Perfect
Im trying out all sorts of whiteboard apps Right now this comes in second for me And the reason is the lag between what Im writing on the iPad and how long it takes for it to display on the TV monitor the iPad is connected to When I teach I want as little lag as possible While its not a fatal problem it must be an app issue as another app Im testing has virtually no lag at all This app is one of the slowest out of about 5 apps Im testing What I do like about Jot is that all the tools I need are right there on the toolbar Very little need to drill down for different options If they get the lag figured out Id be more inclined to use this as my whiteboard for teaching           Dont care for the HDMI lag
I have been using this app with a friend and it is exactly what I need to quickly share my ideas Great app cant wait to see what tabula rasa comes up with next                 Simple and elegant
Jot is an excellent app for what it does well designed and nice price option free or cheap Some apps are meant for more serious design but Jot is for people who need to draw diagrams and for that its at the top of my list My favorite feature is the ability to use any photo from your camera or camera roll as a background and then use Jot to add text on top Jot I only have one feature request Include white as a color choice for text Thanks                 Very solid app
Perfect for school so easy to use awesome                 So easy to use
Overall I am happy with the functionality speed interface and layout of this app but I feel that a just one more thing would really make this app stellarplease add a lineshape drawing function to make diagrams and schematics easier to do Also if you could manage a measuring tool that would be amazing              Best whiteboard sharing app Ive found but PLEASE ADD LINES AND SHAPES

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