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Banjo Media , brings JRemote with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. JRemote app has been update to version 2.05 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
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Overall Satisfactionc90
i love my music at home and at work.
Best music player.
Thank you for this great app.
and I'd still love to see photo support.
Great job and well worth the $10.
Thanks for an awesome app.
Update: several of the new bugs are fixed.

3G and LTE. found in 1 reviews
Not to mention remote control of videos and movies. found in 4 reviews
Sure to impress your friends. found in 1 reviews
Best music player. found in 1 reviews
I'm sure this will get fixed and then I'll update this review. found in 1 reviews
works perfect with jriver media center with a push of a button. found in 2 reviews
The logical companion to JRMC. found in 2 reviews
08 is very fast and responsive. found in 1 reviews
media player on the market. found in 1 reviews
any metadata attached to a specific file can be viewed and edited. found in 1 reviews
Developer is great and routinely updates this app. found in 1 reviews
The final part of the puzzle that. found in 1 reviews
Very clean UI and incredible fast. found in 1 reviews
All apps should be this good. found in 1 reviews
This app does what it sets out to do. found in 1 reviews
The new scrubber screen to select playback position is SUPER annoying. found in 1 reviews
Would be better with folder view. found in 1 reviews
Last few versions have been buggy. found in 1 reviews
Look all over the iPad for the install. found in 1 reviews
Slick but not audiophile grade. found in 1 reviews
The song stops and current play list resets. found in 1 reviews
-We don't need the zone constantly displayed on the bottom. found in 1 reviews
Can't play an album as it was originally laid down. found in 1 reviews
I would love to be able to select a track. found in 1 reviews
just needed a little polish. found in 1 reviews
Where's the cover flow view - Let us change the font size. found in 1 reviews
Please put the dark theme back. found in 1 reviews
it but had to revert to the previous version. found in 1 reviews
but some serious bugs. found in 1 reviews
Big Step Backwards. found in 2 reviews
but not a huge deal and doesn't seem to affect playback. found in 1 reviews
Hopefully the developer will address these issues in the near future. found in 1 reviews
- Let us change the font size. found in 1 reviews
But this app is extremely unstable and lacks many basic features. found in 1 reviews
Alphabetical list selection freezes app. found in 1 reviews
Buffering problem. found in 1 reviews
iPad app broken. found in 1 reviews
The song quits playing when it hits that spot. found in 1 reviews
New build can't stay connected between songs at all. found in 1 reviews

The JRemote is now available for $9.99 for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 9.1 MB to download. The new JRemote app version 2.05 has been updated on 2014-11-05. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.1 or later
More Info: Find more info about JRemote in Banjo Media`s Official Website : http://www.jremote.net/

JRemote is the first full featured native iOS remote for JRiver Media Center. Inspired by Apples iTunes Remote application, JRemote was designed to give you the same experience on your windows machine running JRiver Media ...
Seamlessly integrates with the program Same intuitive interface and organization Powerful and easy to use                     Seamless Posquant
it took me years to get around to ripping my CDs i ran itunes on a mac mini for several years never liked it much it was headless and finicky i also like my bits left alone and any encoding i want i had an extra RPi 3b laying around from another project do i figured i would give it a try quick install very happy i had a little hiccup when i tried to run headless quickly found the answer on the forum virtual monitor and vnc put the mini to better use in a middle school the ui on the desktop and phone took a bit of configuring i hate delays and cross fades running it with Schiit Bifrost Multibit DAC very enjoyable thanks                 Finally made the move from iTunes dante550
I only wish there was a help guide for it That said it s very intuitive Though don t be shy about trying different IOS gestures presses etc packs a lot in a small package Works well both with my Mac and with a IDPi                 Does pretty much all you want akessel56
Time for offline listening capabilities The Jriver server will stream media That s fine when you have wifi Otherwise you incur data charges There is plenty of storage available on my iPhone I d like there to be a way to download music from Jriver to use with JRemote offline Also it would be nice if this app would provide remote access to the DSP settings to select output format volume adjustments and effects It was a GREAT app for Jriver audio but there are serious bugs evident on my iPhone 6s Bug 1 when the screen auto rotates the player malfunctions by shrinking the cover image and merging the playlist into the same screen The player no longer functions correctly A restart of the app corrects this until autorotation occurs again Bug 2 when two or more albums have the same name they appear as one merged together in the Recent folder Sometimes a newly added album will not appear Instead another album with the same title by a different artist will appear I ve waited months for these bugs to be fixed by the developers but they remain They were not fixed in the most recent update I ve upgraded to the iPhone 7 plus and the same bugs are present Other than than that the app works well but it is unstable with the autorotate bug I will change my review to 5 stars if the bugs are fixed     Features Bugs RoadWarrior22101
I have waited for years for this program With the JRemote app I can use my phone to access all my movies and music stored on my PC using an 8 TB external hard drive On my PC the media is organized through JRiver Media Center A prior post indicated that there are problems with the organization of the media This is just plain wrong On the PC JRiver allows media to be organized by a wide variety of metadata such as artist album or genre These same categories can then be perused remotely through JRemote Occasionally the software needs a reboot if the connection is lost but I use it all the time when I m in my car or working in the backyard or in bed at night It works faster when connected to wifi although this isn t necessary if one has a decent cellular signal One other point is that the music can then be streamed via Bluetooth to a 100 Bose speaker and the sound is fantastic                     JRemote outstanding access to media library I don't have a nickname lol
It works well                     Does the job well Dreamerizational
Streams everything I have Sound with an Audioquest Dragonfly is excellent I really like that match The UI is ok Could use better filters Does nice job with album art and telling you your music format Jriver use its own genre scheme I have not figured out how to change to my embedded meta data The UI is broken with an iPhone 6s Plus When shifting from landscape to portrait the UI gets confused I don t believe the app is optimized for the Plus screen size The app works under iOS 11 beta 4 I have tried every format that have music wise and Jriver can stream my flac library to my phone Currently Jriver even with its flaws is the best Update 8 14 17 The app now works under IOS 11 The public beta 4 of iOS 11 fixed what the problem was So my bad for putting it on JRiver                 Streams great but would like to see some UI updates bobsilver1
Not impressed with what we have out there This app does the job well                 Great compared with others pangarebonitao
I have been using this for years now and am still shocked and dismayed that you cannot sort media at all Viewing 100s or 1000s of items in ascending alpha only is not even programming from the 1970s Filters There are none you can apply either to what would be the almost useful Recently Imported category Adding a simple sort function to every list of media titles would make this a 5 5 At the very least how about a Sort by date descending order for videos Then at a bare minimum you could view more recent movies Wading through 1000s of picture uploads from iPhone cameras when mixed in with feature movies just is not useful at all             Streams ok but usability ugh Fighter500
It works seamlessly A perfect companion to the program Better than the competitors remote app                     Great Nsarcastic
No consistent connection     Connection issues UPS Choice
Please fix the landscape viewing mode in the app I use this to control the Jriver on my PC or Mac but I also use it to stream music from those devices to my iOS devices playing the audio out my Aurender FLOW This is a complete music system     Fix landscape mode please Blackbery-12
The iPad app installed without a hitch After app initialized I was able to see all content on my windows server All AppleTVs were listed in the play screen output icon Need only to choose a file and where to sent it Movies in all file formats now play on any AppleTV Music even easier to Apple Airport Highly recommended                     Works Flawlessly Dlb945
Update introduces streaming errors app really really slow to buffer and stops while it waits to catch up Old review Tremendous app Have been using it from day 1 Just needs an easy way to sync a playlist to your phone for offline listening ability to download songs to iPhone listen when I m on a plane and rate then sync ratings etc back up when on the ground would be awesome     Streaming errors broken update Toomanybarts
I been using this remote since I bought Jriver and is great companion for MC No issues so far all                     Great companion for Jriver Junisurf
I had previously given this a 5 star review but since the update I have been getting frequent streaming errors that had never occurred before so I m assuming the update caused a new bug Wish I hadn t updated Please fix My original review I have been using JRiver as a music server on my PC for about a year and really like it it can do movies too but I just use it for music The IOS remote app had not been updated in a while leading to rumors that JRiver would no longer support it so this update is especially welcome There wasn t actually much wrong with the previous version but I m happy to report that the new one is streaming beautifully as I type Go JRiver                     Excellent app timely update byrdmanic
Great app But the latest version along with the latest iOS does not connect to server over cellular network I have an iPhone6 latest version of the app and iOS 10 as of today Dec 29 on T mobile network Also vertical to horizontal view switching is buggy Otherwise superb functionality Please fix these two issues                 Issue over cellular network Yenibahar65
This is a great program companion to j river music player The most recent version 3 23 seems to have a minor bug where in iOS 10 0 2 the display puts one image on top of the other after the iPhone locks and is then unlocked Have to close out and restart to fix problem                     Excellent program Jack6255
All I ever receive running jremote through my iPad is audio streaming error after playing one song Jriver s interact forum has never produced a response to my inquiry for help     Streaming errors Gundy 62
Just when some of the bugs from the previous version had been worked out they came out with a new version This one takes me about 20 minutes to sync with the J river software It s just ridiculous Again they ve made this totally worthless My previous review This app used to be pretty bad as detailed in my original review below But with the new version 3 21 out it has gotten a lot worse First I noticed that it was changing around all the album covers with my music files so the wrong cover was associated with the wrong file Then I found that the search function doesn t work at all Indeed it causes the app to crash Finally it stopped being able to connect with my computer at all Totally worthless My original review Note I only use this app for audio so my comments may or may not apply to other media To me having a remote when I use JRiver is essential and this one works quite well Nevertheless there are a lot of bugs in the software For example there s a volume control Doesn t work When listing albums alphabetically there is a setting to ask the program to ignore the words A and The at the beginning of album titles Doesn t work The search function is great and very handy When it brings up a number of results however and you choose the one you want it will add all the other search results to your playlist Very annoying When looking at a list of albums there is an alphabet along the side of the page The idea is that you can skip directly to the letter you want This would be very handy if it worked but for most of the letters of the alphabet it doesn t work for some it does Go figure I hope they can get the bugs out of this program If they do it would really be terrific There s another feature I would really love for them to add as well I would love to be able to select a track have it play and then continue with the rest of the tracks in that album Unfortunately there s no way to do this with this remote I hope they add this         Lots of bugs Update Veganeyes
This version always crashes and goes away completely before even finishing one song when played locally on the 4th gen iPad iOS is version 10 1 1 Older version of App worked fine before upgrade     This version does not work with 4th gen iPad Fred.fromtx
This app allows you to control Media Center 21 and is pretty useful functional I would only add one request it would be very useful to have a shortcut to the remote control GUI from inside the audio artist album screen and the same for other screens for that mater I tend to use both depending on circumstances and it a bit of a pain to toggle through the multiple screens to get back and forth I will give you that last star for this one thing                 Pretty good app Kevin.daly85
Streams my library in my car controls audio zones in my home can edit metadata from anywhere transcode or play lossless audio anywhere these are some of my favorite features As a few of the newer reviews state support has ceased but the app is of such good quality that the few issues that have developed are only small annoyances to me                     Most used most loved app on my phone Jerschu
This used to be a great app perhaps the best music app on iOS Unfortunately the vendor is no longer supporting it It hasn t been updated since shortly after iOS 9 shipped There are a number of problems with iOS 10 which the vendor has decided not to address See the JRiver Interact Forum topic Remotes for more info Unless and until the vendor sees fit to actively support this app you should avoid it if you are running iOS 10 0 or later It s a shame really this app was great in its time         No longer supported by vendor Dmitch77777
This app crashes immediately on IOS 10 0 2     Crashes on IOS 10 0 2 Squirrely_in_Chicago
Love the app The best DLNA UPnP controller on the market The problem is support If problems were addressed and the app continuously improved it would be worth way more than the 10 they re charging If something goes wrong expect to be ignored on the JRiver web site there are no other avenues for help Finally seems like there are problems with iOS 10 I m having problems others aren t Crickets from JRiver         If it was only supported amsco15
It says timed out and it would not connect to my laptop     Cannot connect Pjyi
It was easily configured and it works seamlessly putting control of JRMC right on my iPhone and iPad Well designed and well written Great idea                     Excellent App ms012873
I am using JRemote to stream my NAS stored FLAC files to my iPhone 6 Plus Works flawlessly inside my network and over cellular Cost is a little high but it does work                     Love it Balcy
One of the amazing features of JRiver are custom views Unfortunately JRemote cannot see my custom Views created in MC21 running in my qnap TS251 My MAC has no issues reading the custom views I created on the qnap MC             Custom views Kotechile
This app is great Some problems not finding the key code but once it ran it looks good                 Remote App for Media Center RBPierson
This app provides a clean intuitive interface to media center It makes it easy to access the power and flexibility of MC with a simple interface Great stuff                     Great interface pp161
This app is a must have for jriver media center users Tons of options Streams lossless format to my iPhone iPad Very responsive and easy to set up                     Amazing app IceOgre1
This app does everything It syncs music photos video is fully customizable has the best interface of anything I ve tried Requires J River Media Center also hands down the best home media software on the market If you use J River just pony up the money for this If you don t use J River download the free J River Media Jukebox and once you re hooked upgrade to Media Center                     Just wow Prometheus777
New fix works flawlessly on iOS9                     Fantastic app Dougtor
Am playing FLAC files via Internet from my server Fantastic Interface is great and album artist info is very good Very configurable very much like the JRiver interface Best quality media player out there and you have to have this app on iPad or iPhone allows AirPlay too and local control of DLNA devices in my case my Marantz AV In all Im in Audio heaven Thanks for all the hard work on making such a great app                 Love it so far
Ive come to rely on JRemote at work Being able to access my huge FLAC audio library with my iPhone 6 is so convenient That being said JRemote doesnt run on iOS 9 public beta The app starts briefly flashes its logo screen then promptly crashes Every time Be aware Hopefully JRiver will correct this very soon              GREAT App But Crashes on iOS 9 Public Beta
The app does not play songs in sequence from IPad It stops after each song and tries to play next in sequence I went with another app which works fine Sounds ok but annoying        Useless for now
I spent a lot of money on Sonos boxes in order to set up a whole house audio system I also use JRiver software I bought the Jremote app in order to use it with the JRiver software but the Jremote app also works with the Sonos boxes The Sonos app is still useful for many things such as playing various music services like Songza and Pandora When it comes to using Sonos with my nas library the Jremote app is much better than the Sonos app One example is that the Jremote app can pull up all of the artwork and liner notes onto the iPad screen                 Better than the Sonos app
Definitely an expensive app but is worth every cent It makes the MediaCenter interface obsolete Great stuff                 Worth every cent
Note I only use this app for audio so my comments may or may not apply to other media To me having a remote when I use JRiver is essential and this one works quite well Nevertheless there are a lot of bugs in the software For example theres a volume control Doesnt work When listing albums alphabetically there is a setting to ask the program to ignore the words A and The at the beginning of album titles Doesnt work The search function is great and very handy When it brings up a number of results however and you choose the one you want it will add all the other search results to your playlist Very annoying When looking at a list of albums there is an alphabet along the side of the page The idea is that you can skip directly to the letter you want This would be very handy if it worked but for most of the letters of the alphabet it doesnt workfor some it does Go figure I hope they can get the bugs out of this program If they do it would really be terrific Theres another feature I would really love for them to add as well I would love to be able to select a track have it play and then continue with the rest of the tracks in that album Unfortunately theres no way to do this with this remote I hope they add this           Lots of bugs
Ive tried a bunch of different remote apps and this is by far the most intuitive stable and best looking one Developer is great and routinely updates this app                 Hands down best remote app for JRiver
The app is getting better because now finally you can stream the music to your iPhone but also to any of my Sonos devices Keep up the good work Awesome app                 Wow even works with Sonos
Love it Plays everything I throw at it                 Just works
I had AudioGalaxy and it was the perfect app to listen to my library streaming on the internet They were bought out and so I changed to jRiver and have struggled to have an iPhone app work seamlessly After years of waiting this app finally has played and entire album with out crashing I have listened to 4 hours over 2 days and it has not crashed It has moved from the Internet in the house to ATT connection seamlessly I have left the car and paused the song then come back an hour later and it played the rest of the song and continued down the playlist Stunned Whatever you finally did to work out the bugs Thank you              It is about time
I dont usually write reviews but felt compelled to about this piece of software If you own JRiver this is the remote control App to get It looks great works beautifully has way more functionality than the other Apps and is a total pleasure to use This really allows you to take advantage of many JRiver features while sitting on the couch away from the computer                 Wow fantastic
If you use J Rivers Media Center which you should if you enjoy listening to your music with quality then this app gives you a user experience your friends will envy My house relies almost entirely on this app for control of music all over the house from the central server Dont be put of by the price Worth every penny This is one of only a handful of apps I load on every iDevice and is in daily use                 User experience changing
I cannot get this app to open on iOS 9 Crashes every time I try to open Is there an update soon to fix this     Crashes on iOS 9
Overall this isa great app but the search needs some work It seems tracks are ignored and others are returned more than once in the search I say seems because the only way to know which actual track is returned by the search is to play it because the search only returns track names and it is sadly lacking album artist and time info Also it would be great to be able to add songs to playlists other than the one currently playing Ps Just figured out setting search results to flat view displayes track details                 Almost perfect
It just works I have used J River on my PC for a long time I was looking for a way to synchronize my songs with my iPhone This app is absolutely awesome It works without any set up hassle and does everything that I needed to do Highly recommended                 Stellar app
Word of warning if youve upgraded this wont work so beware before spending the money No idea if this app is still even in development     Great but doesnt work on iOS 9
Nice app but does not work at all after IOS9 update Please fix     Requires bug fix for IOS9
But Media Center 20 will not launch successfully with the current version Must admit Im still on iOS 7 but dont think its that Best app I own Seriously considering moving back to MC 19 because of this app but holding out in hope a new version is on the way thats compatible                 Great app for Media Center
Cant even enter the network access key Every time I try to enter it in the appropriate box the box just grays out     Wont Work on iPad
Just paid 10 for this app because I use the software constantly However I have yet to see the app because it shuts down the instant I open it     Wont start
The problem with jriver unlike plex is thats you need to have the computer running if you want to access music from a NAS Seriously     Great app with a fatal drawback
This app opens up most of the usability functionality of JRiver Media Center to an iPad or iPhone The app allows you to control most of the functions of the server software from anywhere on your network The app works well One niggling thing about the new version which I am sure will get corrected soon is that the currently Playing song in a long list can scroll off the screen The old version scrolled the list                 If you use JRiver Media Center you have to get this
Still waiting for some basic bug fixes Search does not return complete results Albums of the same name but different artists and genres are combined into a single album Program will often disconnect from the server It is still the best J River app I have found on the iPad but it could be MUCH better              Good not perfect
The app wont open after iOS 9 upgrade Please fix     Broken in iOS 9
This is the best App to connect your iOS device to jRiver Its getting better all the time thanks to the tireless work by Banjo media I use this app to send files from my NAS to my bluray player via PC running jRiver Amazing experience well done guys                 The Premier jRiver IOS app
This app is by far the best jriver remote app you could ask for Audio video streaming to iPad and general functionality is great Keep rocking                 Now its fixed
If you have an iPhone or an iPad and use JRiver Media Center get this app now Your experience will be so great you will wonder how you ever operated Media Center without it Streaming over the Internet from your music server is so very easy Overall it is so easy to use I am confident that you will be pleased I know I am                 JRemote
Nice update but some serious bugs I keep losing thumbnails and have to shut down and restart Also still no fix for editing the Year field nor Recent albums where you have more than one album with the same name but different artists Id happily pay for these bug fixes              Big Step Backwards
Songs are buffering up to about 230 then stopping The song quits playing when it hits that spot     Buffering problem
This is the app to have for remote control of JRMC from iOS The developer uses the host himself so his efforts are reflected in how often updates roll out win win this app down in my tray to stay 5 stars                 The logical companion to JRMC
The best                 Best music player Love it
you should And if you are this app will change the way you access your media Theres nothing close to this sophisticated or as fast out there on any other platform I love being able to access my library remotely or control my media center for my wife or kids remotely I can also access my friends libraries remotely if I want which is pretty cool Love this app                 If youre not running JRMC
This app lets me remotely control volume skip to next and add to what is in playing now on my pc But only in the iphone version will Playing now screen toggle between the song and the list that is playing now and let me edit the order of playing now along with saving playing now to a playlist Please add this same full list screen with menu to the ipad version instead of the small tab without functions Without this the app is of no use to me on the ipad I love the iphone version Thank you                 Great for iphone a suggestion for ipad
Please update program     iOS9 crash Please update program
i love my music at home and at work from my house in 1411kbpsThis app IS my lifeworks perfect with jriver media center with a push of a button m                 Best app i have
Not what I needed though no chromecast support like gizmo and it was pricey so Im out 10           Works well enough
Ive loved this app from the instant I installed it and amazingly it keeps getting better with each new version There is no better way to interface with your jriver library Buy this app and breathe a sigh of relief It is pretty much perfection                 Keeps getting better and better
Last few versions have been buggy This one resets my view due to server restart every single time I select a song There was no server restart This is ridiculous Makes it unusable        Buggy
I installed a 4TB NAS last week and the moment I enabled DLNA Media Center was able to see everything stored on that drive Using this JRemote app has become an absolute joy because its so easy to use and navigate through my library This was so worth the app purchase and the developers are always making tweaks and improvements If youre already using Media Center already you dont have to think twice about picking up this companion app One minor quibble I have is that when browsing the library or when playing a file it doesnt show the accurate values for Flac bitrates in my case it consistently shows as zero Im sure this will get fixed and then Ill update this review                 Does everything
This app is great Its such an upgrade over the web interface that JRiver provides for Windows machines Ive got a loaded HTPC and its in a remote closet This app makes using my entire collection seamless Dont worry about the 10 cost its worth every penny Just think of JRiver Media Center as costing 60 bucks instead of 50 bucks and youll be thrilled with this JRemote app Highly recommend                 Perfect control
Crashed on iOS 9 Please fix        Crashed on iOS 9
Have used for over 2 years and loved it New build cant stay connected between songs at all Minimal details loading in playing now mode Very buggybut when it works its awesome     What happened
Take it from a systems engineer parttime audiophile This app is incredibly versatile delivers EXCELLENTLY performance and provides nobrainer features absent in popular competitors I LOVE THE PLAYLIST HYPERSCROLL feature I am all about playlists and youve finally made THIS APP into basically an iPod interface with fast and responsive touch support Not to mention I can tweak so many settings I havent even tried them all yet JRemote makes it easy to maximum quality and its matching JRiver media software is PERFECT and t on any version of iTunes Love it                 Simply the Best
Makes using Media Center a pleasure                 Versatile capable tool
Great work Just want to say it would be nice to have a feature to cache songs locally so they can be played when offline Playlist synchronization with local cache would be even better Thank you              Better with cache support
I havent experienced such a great remote streaming app for jriver it would help this is one of three but one hasnt been updated in forever and the other is OK Awesome job The only thing I can really think as far as more features would be a way to offline or cache songs from a connected server                 Love the app
An amazing app totally worth every penny and then some                 Outstanding
Browsing folders would be nice someday Incredible app asis                 Perfect
Just a waste of time if you use ios 9 Plain and simplethe app doesnt work Stay away And their support is the worst i have ever tried to use     Jriver remote doesnt work with ios 9
Great excellent app but not working with ios9 hope an update will fix this issue                 Great But

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