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Phase Five Systems , brings Jump Desktop (Remote Desktop) with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Jump Desktop (Remote Desktop) app has been update to version with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Much greater functionality than other remote access apps..
  • which may be due to limited real estate..
  • Great implementation of multi touch interface..
  • Makes my iPad essential road warrior gear..
  • Won't play video fast enough through my remote PC..

Overall Satisfactionc96
The Best Remote Desktop App and The Best Customer Service.
Update: This is still the best RDP app out there.
By far the best remote desktop software app I ever used.
This will be the best 15 bucks you will ever spend.
It is better than LogMeIn because 1 2.
Excellent iOS RDP program - the best I've used.
Does everything better than gotomypc.
Fun & Engagingc98
I use it for work all the time and it does everything I need it to.
JUMP is Awesome.
Awesome RDP client for iPad.
Makes the iPad a useful tool for people who travel for work.
I use it almost every day and its great.
Love that I can access everything from my phone.
Jump does pretty much everything better.
Helps me stay connected wherever I go.
It has become an essential tool for me.
It really helps me be more productive during meetings.
Amazingly helpful when I'm away from my work computer or laptop.
Production Valuesc100
Great implementation of multi touch interface.
Amazing use of the touch interface.
Ease of Usec90
Very easy to setup and never have a had a problem crashing.
The Jump desktop is simple to configure and connects every time.
No option to configure default.
This was so simple to set up and get running.
Nice intuitive design.
Was super easy to set up and works great.
Security & Privacyc95
Great for connecting to my desktop when I'm stick in a meeting.
Just set up an RDP daemon with my gmail account.
Jump allows me to securely manage client's Mac and PC platforms.
Extremely easy setup using a gmail account.
change passwords.
Updates & Supportc100
Extremely easy to use and customer service answers very quickly.
After working with customer service I got everything working.
Keyboard support is outstanding and the app works great.
Bluetooth keyboard support is outstanding.
Brilliant app worth every penny and support is amazing.
Windows 8 support is amazing.

Excellent remote desktop application with well designed features. found in 22 reviews
Excellent iOS RDP program - the best I've used. found in 6 reviews
The Best Remote Desktop App and The Best Customer Service. found in 342 reviews
It is better than LogMeIn because
I'm a systems engineer and this app saved me many times. found in 5 reviews
This is the best RDP and VNC app ever. found in 176 reviews
2. found in 6 reviews
I use it for work all the time and it does everything I need it to. found in 11 reviews
one of the best keyboard layouts and functions I have seen. found in 19 reviews
Windows comes preinstalled with the Remote Desktop Protocol. found in 9 reviews
Update: This is still the best RDP app out there. found in 211 reviews
Simply the best RDC or VNC client out there. found in 12 reviews
Makes the iPad a useful tool for people who travel for work. found in 15 reviews
very nicely with the Apple Wireless Keyboard too. found in 11 reviews
Fixing my dads problems remotely has been a huge time saver. found in 9 reviews
Then it became intermittent in its ability to connect to my PC. found in 4 reviews
needs Apple keyboard options. found in 5 reviews
This app works satisfactory for remote login to a Windows 7 computer. found in 6 reviews
Not compatible with Windows 7 Home version. found in 17 reviews
faster connection and never a problem connecting. found in 3 reviews
Needs Mac client. found in 3 reviews
No more lugging my laptop to visit clients. found in 8 reviews
If you figure out a way to simulate drag and drop wih mouse. found in 4 reviews
needs update for lion. found in 3 reviews
Windows 7 Home Edition problem. found in 4 reviews
It let's me access my Mac remotely. found in 4 reviews
Great RDP App but there are a few misses. found in 1 reviews
Took off one star since it does not stream audio though. found in 6 reviews
Ok but really slow on cellular data. found in 3 reviews
And we're still waiting for Google login. found in 3 reviews
Works great but need high encryption please. found in 2 reviews
Nice luxury - my hard-docked keyboard has no ESC key. found in 2 reviews
Difficult to input commands with iPad virtual keyboard. found in 5 reviews
There is no CMD key. found in 4 reviews
The Refresh Rate is horrible. found in 4 reviews
Microsoft why no help with Windows Home Premium. found in 17 reviews
no sound especially on Windows 7 home edition. found in 4 reviews
NEW IOS UPDATE BROKE IT. found in 2 reviews
this is no Jaadu RDP. found in 4 reviews
Great idea but never worked right for me. found in 1 reviews

If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download Jump Desktop (Remote Desktop) for $9.99 from Apple Store. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version has been released on 2014-11-06. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later.
More Info: Find more info about Jump Desktop (Remote Desktop) in Phase Five Systems`s Official Website : http://www.jumpdesktop.com

Leave your laptop behind. Enjoy the freedom to work from anywhere. New in 3.0: Supports all editions of Windows Jump Desktop supports RDP and VNC in one seamless, easy to use experience. IMPORTANT NOTICE: Audio streaming is ...
I have a older ipad I dont want to upgrade past the 6 OS and Jump works awesome with it I was using Pocket Cloud until Dell discontinued it and now Im glad they did because otherwise I would not have switched and Jump is MUCH better Easy breezy to set up and use Great features great mouse I love this app                 Great App
I have several computers that I monitor on a daily basis So when Im not home I can always monitor them on the go Works great with windows and Mac                 Just what I needed
It does what is says it will and appears to be very reliable Far more reliable and easier to use than Logmein and no ripoff annual subscription Very good support One recommendation If you use the Google 2step verification have your App passwords ready BEFORE you install Note also that the JumpDesk icon must be dark not light grey on your menu bar after the free OSX App install If not run the install package again                 Excellent Easy to use Good price
Works perfect with my server at my office                 Better
Great app for playing online poker on my IPad                
I really love the ability to keep my notes on clients uptodate Jump allows me to do that as Im working with them Now I can get my Weekends back Libby                 Jump
After using a number of remote desktop apps on my iPhone that I generally considered usable but uncompelling I gave Jump Desktop a try And let me tell you its not even close Jump does pretty much everything better For starters keyboard and mouse support work much better than in the alternatives You can do all the weird special and modifier keys needed to control Windows combine them with mouse clicks the works The virtual mouse is precise and intuitive with touchandhold rightclick doubletapandhold dragging twofinger swipe scroll wheel emulation and probably other things I havent discovered yet Bluetooth keyboard support is outstanding Jump supports all the modifier keys nearly as well as an actual Windows machine Multitasking support is great If you need to reference something in eg Safari iBooks or Mail go right ahead your connection will still be open and waiting when you go back to Jump If you take too long and iOS suspends or closes Jump it will automatically reconnect your session as soon as you open it again Just make sure the server youre connecting to isnt configured to automatically log out disconnected sessions Proper support for the iOS clipboard is included You can copy and paste between your local apps and the remote session just as you might with a desktop RDP client Huge huge plus Its also possible to print a document on the remote system and have it sent to any AirPrintsupported printer available to your iPhoneiPad The ONLY missing feature I can think of that Id love to see is the ability to switch between multiple simultaneous connections As it stands you have to disconnect and then connect to a different machine If youre feeling adventurous you can always RDP to one machine then use an RDP client on that machine to open a couple more sessions Not ideal but still usable Bottom line if youre in the market for a remote desktop app for your iPhone or iPad then Jump Desktop is worth every penny                 Still the best after all these years
New iOS update broke it Please fix     NEW IOS UPDATE BROKE IT
Great app Allows us to work on our RDP desktop seamlessly Absolutely no issues so far Buy with confidence Who needs a Surface I can do everything on my IPad with this app                 Great app
Really seems to be the best RDP client that Ive used so far and Ive used about 20 different apps trying to find the one I would settle upon Im still on the fence if Jump is the final do all end all be all RDP app for me I also really like RoyalTS having used their desktop product for several years which is has great support and has far better prices I really like Jump but its still missing key features especially considering the premium price which is a little too premium if you ask me Jump needs to include an option to include passwords when exporting a config file Needs to include the password when duplicating connections As I said Im still on the fence on what RDP app Ill ultimately use for good I think RoyalTS has better features but I dont like that it uses other RDP clients to connect while Jump has the best RDP client but not as many features Only time will tell which one ends up being the best              Good app but needs more
Have automatic configuration enabled and use it to manage my PCs ultimate and home premium and Mac from anywhere Dont need to worry about firewalls or remembering ip addresses Everything is controlled using my email address Cool app                 Cool app
The automated setup process makes this app the most user friendly of all that I have tried I prefer it over Splashtop and Microsofts impossibly to use reliably RDC                 The easiest way to connect to to your computer remotely
This thing does wonders for me The organization I work for Only allows me to use VPN to connect to a network So this app lets me take control from my phone from anywhere The controls are intuitive and easy to grasp Writing a review now after actually using it for years                 Favorite Remote Access App
Easy to use Makes life so much easier                 Best out there
Excellent app well worth the price Plays nicely with OSX Works well on WiFI and cellular Nice option for cellular to reduce needed bandwidth by using grayscale I use it frequently to manage my machines remotely Works well with tunneling                 Works great with OSX
Perfect                 Great
Works flawlessly and is truly multi platform Congrats on the great work                 Best remote Client App by far
Pretty good app works wel overall but really needs a couple of features such as 1Paswword support The ability to quick connect to computers without having to create and save a whole new entry iCloud sync for saved entries The ability to have more than one session open at once If it had these Id give it 6 stars              Pretty darn good small misses
App sometimes crashes on occasion running windows 7 forcing me to get up see whats going on myself Other than that I love being able to work on my comp whenever I want as long as my comp is on              Best RDP software Ive used
I got the new iPhone update 83 and now my app crashes every time not letting me in        Crash
Im an English teacher in China from the US so I still use the apps from America This app unless I overlooked it in your writeup didnt mention it needs Google access to run And of course over here in China they block Google Using VPNs only work sometimes Thus I blew 15 on an app I can barely use When it does work maybe one time in a week it does work well so in my generosity Ill give you three stars But in an update I sure hope you can make some other means of login other than Google iCloud would work wonderfully especially since this is Apple           Hard to use in China
I have been using logmein for years and finally ditched it because of its crazy price and lack of function key support for bluetooth keyboards Jump just plain works right out of the box Setup takes minutes bluetooth keyboard use has no limits response time is great A must have                 A must have
I spent 14 on this and it says that the Google password or address in incorrect but it is not     Email
I use it daily to log into my office computer or home computer                 great app
Jump Desktop has become the primary way I choose to do work with Windowsbased applications I can take my iPad with me to visit clients and be able to seamlessly switch between network diagnostics and accessing their virtual machines Topnotch                 Remote desktops never felt this good
Im lazy And i dont want to roll out of bed to turn of my computer With this app i can use my iPad next me to turn of my computer thats five feet away And use it for other needs too like work and such but mainly to turn off my computer A well spent 15 dollars                 Just installed 5 minutes ago
Screen refresh is so slow that its an unuseable app Im on a wifi network removing from 3rd gen iPad to an iMac Im running the latest software on both the iPad 621 and the iMac Yosemite     Performance Between Gen III iPad and 2014 iMac Horrible
Its the best                 Great
I used jump for 4 years until about a year ago it worked great Now it starts fine but within a few clicks the refresh rate slows to nearly a minute So to get anything done I have to disconnect and reconnect every time I click on anything I guess for the 20 bucks I paid years ago I got my money worth Now to find an app that works        Used to work great
I use it for my windows and Mac machines                 Great app
Finally a remote app that works flawlessly with OS X both desktop and server editions I have tried several apps to access my Macs and could not consistently connect to both server and desktop versions without having to monkey around with the settings Jump just works Performance is quite good too I havent yet tried it on a Windows system I use Microsofts RDP app for those but Im hoping the performance and ease of use are just as good                 Simply Awesome
Very fast and efficient I use it to control my slides virtually when Im away from my classroom My students are seriously creeped out                 Awesome
This app is Great It saves me a lot of time as I can access my computer office and home to finish my work Even though there are some drawbacks if you are comparing it with sitting in front of your computer but the good far exceeds the weaknesses I Love the time this app saves me Charles                 Jump app
Jump was quick to fix the 83 bug Works beautifully again Love this app when traveling or otherwise unable to log in from a pc This was a jobsaver when I was on crutches and could of even use a laptop Thank you                 83 Fixed
Verry helpfull                 Great App
This Jump Desktop system inexplicably does not work for me and it is very annoying I have invested 3 hours in getting it to work with no luck The support is lacking Apparently you have to sign in using gmail credentials This seems silly but ok But it still wont work reliably I get it to connect 1 out of every 10 attempts and even then it drops after about a minute Since the automatic connect method failed me I tried several times to connect via the manual method No luck either The last time Jump Desktop published instructions for manual connections between an iOS device and a Mac appears to be July 22 2010 google it so obviously that was hugely helpful DO NOT get involved with this product Money wasted     Nope
This is awesome it took a little bit of time to learn how to use it but it rocks I remote to my work pc all the time and this app has never failed me                 Awesome
Ive been using another app for years that would continuously lag until I finally gave up and found JUMP This is app is a life saver                 This app rocks
App has been a great resource on several occasions for me Highly recommended Provides the resources for me to do everything I need for remote support and telecommuting                 Great RDP App for All Users
The app works like promised and delivers a good user experience for the most part However the response time is very slow on my iPad I use an iPad air and Macbook Pro Retina           Works but slow
I tested several different RDT apps and this one is by far the best remote desktop software app I ever used Well worth the money                 Simply Awesome
This app finally lets me be productive on my iPad I use it to connect to my server at work The features are so much better than the alternative Remote Desktop apps that I have tried                 Great productivity tool
Flawless operation                 Awesome
I use this app on iPhone and iPad to remote into win 7810 and server 20082012 with no issues Also frequently use the jumpvncgmail option from pc version for jumping into family home pcs to fix issues Cheaper and easier solution than g2m with non tech savy family members once vnc service is installed                 Works very well
I have never reviewed any product on the App Store before but I feel compelled to for this product This is an expensive purchase but so worth it for RDP access it is much better than the free Microsoft RDP app During a RDP session you have full access to all the modifier keys on your Bluetooth keyboard That is simply not available on Microsoft RDP Also the touch UI is very well thought out Highly recommended                 Simply Amazing
I use this app to connect to my home Mac server and my work windows xp PC and it works lovely on both platforms Recommended                 Works like a charm
Tried others and always had issues This one works with everything Its easy to use and quick to load My only regret is not buying it sooner Dont waste your money and time on other apps                 Great app Does what it says
Best app I ever purchased does everything you would want plus more Great App                 Fantastic App
I really dont want to give s negative review but the app is crashing on iOS 83 The app still rocksjust need to fix this bug     Crashing
I dont whats wrong but it is really slow on cellular data Any help on how to fix it I have it on the lowest settings possible        Ok but really slow on cellular data

Jump Desktop (Remote Desktop) Business Jump DesktopJump Desktop (Remote Desktop) Business Jump DesktopJump Desktop (Remote Desktop) Business Jump DesktopJump Desktop (Remote Desktop) Business Jump DesktopJump Desktop (Remote Desktop) Business Jump DesktopJump Desktop (Remote Desktop) Business Jump DesktopJump Desktop (Remote Desktop) Business Jump DesktopJump Desktop (Remote Desktop) Business Jump DesktopJump Desktop (Remote Desktop) Business Jump Desktop

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