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Dischan, the publisher behind many iOS games (Dysfunctional Systems: Learning to Manage Chaos ,Juniper`s Knot), brings Juniper`s Knot with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Juniper`s Knot games has been update to version 1.2 with several major changes and improvements. Games release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • This has a great story line and incredible music..
  • The fiend has lost track of time..
  • Anyways I love this and I need more from you guys..
  • Great visual novel with an outstanding storyline..
  • My only complaint is 'Where is the voice acting..

Overall Satisfactionc99
This was an amazing story that everyone should read.
I loved the story and the music and actually cried for Fiend.
Amazing artwork and story this actually made me cry.
I REALLY loved reading /playing "Juniper's Knot".
I love this book you should make more.
Amazing story and wonderful art.
I recommend reading it in one go.
Fun & Engagingc92
Awesome story art and musicI loved every second of it.
It's a great story none the less and I read it over and over again.
I loved everything about Juniper's Knot.
Production Valuesc98
Sound effects were well done and very engaging.
The music and sound make you feel inside the story.
It was immersive and everything was absolutely stunning.
The visuals and music definitely set the mood and tone.
Truly stunning for such a short story.
The graphics are wonderful and the storyline is very catching.

Really good and intriguing story. found in 4 reviews
This story is just plainly amazing and heart warming. found in 17 reviews
I could almost see a series of light novels of this. found in 4 reviews
this story brought me through so many emotions. found in 3 reviews
OMG I LOVED IT MAKE ANOTHER. found in 3 reviews
Very emotional 100% worth downloading and playing. found in 9 reviews
Sound effects were well done and very engaging. found in 16 reviews
I'm absolutely in love with the storyline and beautiful art work. found in 30 reviews
But the story is great and cute and love the drawings. found in 3 reviews
and the music sets you into the world of fantasy. found in 4 reviews
Simply breathtaking from visuals to music to the story. found in 3 reviews
I downloaded this on a whim. found in 2 reviews
The visuals and music definitely set the mood and tone. found in 5 reviews
With background music and some basic animations. found in 4 reviews
it brought tears to my eyes and the music was superb. found in 5 reviews
The story and illustrations are beautiful. found in 3 reviews
Always use this right before I go to sleep and helps. found in 2 reviews
It's breath taking and heart yanking. found in 5 reviews
I really wanna see them continue their lives together. found in 3 reviews
I wish they would make a sequel because of the other one. found in 71 reviews
Needs way more depth and art. found in 2 reviews
A quite beautiful piece. found in 2 reviews
I've played dating sims before but I think this is better. found in 2 reviews
I wish there will be a part 2 to this. found in 20 reviews
but decent otherwise. found in 1 reviews
Spanish please :@. found in 1 reviews
but it has little character development and moves achingly slow. found in 4 reviews
also needed more variation. found in 2 reviews
Needs an update fast. found in 1 reviews

If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download Juniper`s Knot for free from Apple Store. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at a hefty 174 MB, so make sure you have plenty of free space on your iOS device. The new Juniper`s Knot app version 1.2 has been updated on 2014-11-17. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Requires iOS 6.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.
More Info: Find more info about Juniper`s Knot in Dischan`s Official Website :

Juniper`s Knot is a short kinetic visual novel created by Dischan. The story begins with the meeting of a young boy and a demon in a silent town.A kinetic novel is a story told through ...
It was such a beautiful story 1010 IGN Lel                 Wow
I love this The artwork is beautiful and the story is just so wonderful And the music is just breathtaking I never wanted any of it to end This is one of the not many stories I can read and never get tired of I always read this when Im feeling lose and every since I downloaded this its changed my way of viewing into a better one Hopefully there will be a sequel or epilogue because Id really like to know what will happen next                 Beautiful
The best app Ive downloaded                 Just Perfect
This start was deep and touching and I love its so so so so soooo much I would totally recommend this app a hundred times However I do wish I could have found out what got her imprisoned And I would have liked to know the names of the charactersbut aside of that it was perfect the inner conflict the heart breaking moments its all so perfect I hope that there will be more stories like this its a almost perfect example I say almost because names are important                 I love its SO MUCH
I just loved it I wish there was more or an actual book or something                 Amazing
Simply wonderful If anybody knows any other stories that are this good please tell me                 Wonderful
Stick with it Although it may seem slow to start the story gets quite interesting and the slower start actually adds to the characters back stories I thoroughly enjoyed my time reading it                 Intriguing story
Please make moreI absolutely loved the story                 First app to make me cry
This was one of the best stories Ive read in a long time                 Wow OvO
While a tad bit on the short side for my preference and with some questionable Grammer usage in a few spots Junipers Knot is a great story well toldI would love to see an epilogue or sequel at some point              Great
gr8 m8 r8 88                 5 stars whoa
Now while it should not really be labeled as a game I found this to be a rather beautiful little story Some of the writing seems a little off as though it were a mistranslation or a mistype but it does not really take too much away from the overall creation I found the visuals to be well drawn although I do wish there was a little more variety The seller in this for me was the music I kind of want the soundtrack if there is oneWhile there is some predictability to the plot I found myself liking the characters and becoming invested in them more than I can say for most big production anime produced in recent yearsIt only takes about an hour to go though and I did not find it a waste of time              A quite beautiful piece
This was such a great story Even though it wasnt very long I grew to like the characters and even got attached to their story Im sure the obvious wish is that it could be longer and give even more background on what she did and how the future unfolds The illustration was topnotch as well I look forward to seeing more visual storytelling from you                 Superb
Love this game They really need to make a sequel              Awesome Game
Amazing would reccomend                 Nice horns
An excellent short story The art and music add to the overall experience and the story telling is very well done I love every minute of it and recommend it to any even remotely interested                 Absolutely amazing
My goodness let me just say this is the best book Ive ever read the art is so well done and please please please make I sequel this book is soooo good                 Wonderful please make a sequel
I was so devastated to hear that Dischan Media had shut down not even two days after it happened Im hoping to buy Dysfunctional Systems before its taken off of the App Store but Junipers Knot is definitely my favorite story and Dischan Media will always be in my heart                 RIP Dischan
I have never read one of these before but I am happy to say I really enjoyed it                 Good
There were so many positive reviews that I thoughtWowIll try itAwful story and so not addicting UGH Dont buy this one Not worth the money I feel cheatedI paid a dollar     NEEDS WORK
Gah so many emotions Its more emotional than all of my roles that Ive done I love the plot and how it ends gah                 BETTER THAN MY RPS
Absolutely loved this story it had so much tension and emotion I sunk into the story And dont get me started on the art work incredible along with the fan art and the addition to the beautiful sounds used along with this story I love it and you will love it to Wish they would make another story                 How could you say no
More story plssss TT                 Recommended
I LOVE this kinetic novel It is so creative and heart touching that I actually cried Once you read this over and over after a certain amount of times you getyou knowbut this is just sooooooo good It also clearly shows each characters emotions too which is really good                 AWESTRUCK
I cant believe that this is free because it is just SOOOO GOODI hate typing reviews but this story well deserves it and a lot more Dont stop doing this type of work because its just too good                 Just amazing
Download and experience this story whenever you have the time Im serious Its worth it and isnt extremely long Only improvements would be slight technical changes to the app itself in my opinion though its very well designed already                 Curious if its good
Wonderful visual novel the writing near the middle is perhaps the most elegant and emotive Looking forward to a sequel or additional works by this team                 Gorgeous
Amazing simply amazing But to my opinion they should make a sequel Whos with me                 Amazing
I dont feel like Junipers Knot takes advantage of the Visual Novel as an art form There arent branching story paths or even the minor choices that make the element of interactivity necessary The engaging story powerful writing stirring music and evocative artwork make Junipers Knot well worth your time but you may as well save the memory space on your device and watch it on Youtube              Great story and art but
I really enjoyed reading this But I cant help wondering what happened to the boy afterdoes he find his family What happens Please do more with him And the demon too Please I really loved Junipers Knot                 Loved It
I loved the story it was so sweet and beautiful Please please pleeeease make more                 Perfection
This is what games need to make you feel for the characters shame on triple A title games that cant ever reach this level of depth and narrative beauty While its one of the best app games ever in my opinion its only weakness was is length I literally read it all in a hour If we could have had more and maybe branching dialogues to have the characters say to one another then this would be 55 But as it is Junipers Knot is a very enthusiastic 45              Needs more
I was absolutely astonished by this story so much it encouraged me to make my first review on it The storyline was great and always kept you at the edge of your seat wondering what would happen next I truly adored reading every single part of this and I hope to read more from you The characters and graphics were well designed and gorgeous This app is definetly worth checking out Continue the great work D                 Beautiful and Well Written Story 3
I would first off like to thank the people who have made this app It is truly a wonderful and magnificent story that will instantly have the reader hooked I love the characters and the story line and I personally thin that they are well done The art work is pleasing to the eye and the music helps ALOT with the atmosphere and setting of the story I thought personally that the music could have been more intimate in some places and maybe more scenes showing the characters interacting with each other more and more scenes showing the area around the characters Besides that the story and art and characters was heart felt and really appreciated PLEASE READ AND GET THIS APP WELL worth your time                 Absolutely Well Done
I dont remember how I came across this but Im so glad that I did This is absolutely beautiful I simply could not praise it enough Seldom will a story fill me with such raw pure emotion and seldom will a story be so touchy from start to finish The only shame is that I cant praise it more                 So so so beautiful
Best iOS VN Ive ever experienced Art is wonderful story is even better Over all astounding                 Tenoutaten
I wish they would make it into a comic book I loved the plot I wish there was more like when the boy gets older or something like that                 amazing
Wow that wasnt worth the space on my iPad     My first rate ever
Junipers Knot was beautiful in every single aspect This deserves every amount of praise it has Although a few people say it wasnt captivating and didnt answer many questions I still think thats the good part It kept you wondering and made you pause and think at what couldve happened That is one of the most beautiful things in this visual novel                 Most Amazing Visual Novel Ever
Dont waste your time or money on this The story is horribly written as well as extremely boring the music is terrible it sounds like someone made it on a simple soundboard The only thing semiimpressive about this is the art     WASTE OF TIME MONEY
This was an amazing story to read It was an entertaining plot to keep up with the art was beautiful and the music and sound effects added a whole new depth to the story The emotional level of this story is amazing overall I love it I dont just like it I LOVE this story                 Absolutely Wonderful
Theres got to be some fake reviews here Very slow plodding story Minimal interaction     Such a slow and boring start
This app is so wonderful The storyline is beautiful and left me literally in tears I fully recommend this app                 Favorite app
I love this Such a good story aye                 So Good
Everything was so amazing really good it was so worth it                 Amazing Really loved it
Few words describe the feeling I got the first time I read this story But after reading it again it is not only better than it was before but it has quickly become my favorite story It manages to be dark sad heartfelt poetic and I became attached to the characters despite not knowing their names If you have not yet read this VN do yourself a favor and read it                 Wonderful
Just Beautiful A must playread for ant and all1010 Would buy EVERY copy                 Beautiful
I love this story so much I really hope you make more This is so awesome and I love the drawings                 I love this
Love it Definitely recommend                 Wow

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