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Adveractive Inc. , the publisher behind many iOS games (Just 2 Fun ,Just 2 Words ,Just Jumble ,Word Winder HD ,Word Roundup Stampede - Word Search ,Word Winder), brings Just 2 Words with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Just 2 Words games has been update to version 1.00 with several major changes and improvements. Games release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Super fun times and great tutorials..
  • enjoying the brain exercise..
  • Challenging word game with a visual aspect..
  • I love starting each day with a mental challenge..
  • The whole family loves playing this game..

Overall Satisfactionc96
Challenging word game with a visual aspect.
Another outstanding game from our favorite game maker.
but completely entertaining and just challenging enough without being too easy.
Thanks David Hoyt.
Recommend this game for everyone.
Great game thanks for update I'm addicted.
love the pictures & figuring out the words.
The whole family loves playing this game.
Fun & Engagingc91
Thank you for such a fun and challenging game.
It is a lot of fun and very addictive.
etcetera to figure what "two words" are the solution.
This is an awesome game I play it everyday.
Each level gets more thought provoking.
Fun little game to help give your brain a stretch.
This game is a fun way to spend some down time.
This game constantly tries to get you to spend money.
Super fun times and great tutorials.
Family Friendlyc92
Great exercise for the brain for the whole family.
Also great for young kids on building spelling and vocabulary.
The whole family loves playing this game.
Fun for adults and kids - especially working on the puzzles together.
Replay Valuec91
Thank you for such a fun and challenging game.
the pictures are creative and are great brain teasers.
My only complaint is that there aren't more levels.
but completely entertaining and just challenging enough without being too easy.
I'm glad the new levels have arrived.
Ease of Usec85
It keeps your mind sharp trying to solve the sayings.
Simple fun when you have time to kill.
Not to hard not to easy.
Nice mix of easy /obvious puzzles and moe complex/challenging puzzles.
It starts easy and gradually increases in difficulty and complexity.
Sounds easy and yet is fun and challenging.

Great job to the developer. found in 1 reviews
Has become one of my favorite word game apps. found in 4 reviews
depending on how much time you have. found in 1 reviews
Nice mix of easy /obvious puzzles and moe complex/challenging puzzles. found in 3 reviews
Great fun to play with my son. found in 2 reviews
for the last several weeks. found in 2 reviews
This game is additive. found in 2 reviews
This game keeps me on my toes. found in 3 reviews
Helps to put your mind to exercise a bit. found in 6 reviews
Wonderful workout for your brain. found in 3 reviews
Thanks David Hoyt. found in 5 reviews
Each of us takes a turn at checking for an update. found in 2 reviews
Great time passer. found in 3 reviews
This game is great for making you think outside the box. found in 12 reviews
What a unique and entertaining game. found in 3 reviews
My husband also enjoys playing this game. found in 1 reviews
Just downloaded and have played for about 30 minutes. found in 2 reviews
Simply a blast to play and relaxing. found in 2 reviews
The word play is superb. found in 4 reviews
Fun and Frustrating. found in 1 reviews
It's just enough to be challenging but not impossible to solve. found in 2 reviews
but cost to many coins for clues. found in 3 reviews
Probably would be good for elementary school kids though. found in 1 reviews
Fun but Aggravating. found in 1 reviews
if a bit repetitive. found in 1 reviews
There is no way to skip a level. found in 3 reviews
Can't skip ahead. found in 1 reviews
Looks too easy until you hit a stone wall. found in 2 reviews
Good game if you don't mind ads. found in 1 reviews
but some are outside vocabulary of younger players. found in 2 reviews
NEW New peeve: still prompting for review. found in 1 reviews
I would give five stars if there were more puzzles and regular updates. found in 1 reviews
That's a deal breaker for me. found in 1 reviews
Maybe to difficulty levels would be a good idea. found in 2 reviews
I just wish that game creator would stop popping up on the screen. found in 1 reviews
but way too easy. found in 3 reviews
some of these answers don't make much sense. found in 1 reviews
Highly recommend if you like to stimulate your brain. found in 1 reviews
slightly boring after a few plays. found in 1 reviews
Was a 5 star game before the issues. found in 2 reviews

If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download Just 2 Words for free from Apple Store. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 46.8 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 1.00 has been released on 2014-11-21. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 5.1 or later. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.
More Info: Find more info about Just 2 Words in Adveractive Inc.`s Official Website : http://www.just-2-words.com

Every answer is just 2 words and every puzzle is just plain fun This is David L. Hoyt`s sensational new game. Just 2 Words is utterly simple to play and fun for all ages. It is ...
Great puzzle game by a great puzzle creator but losing 1 star for the annoying unskippable 30 second ads              Great but the ads
Very clever and fun                 Review
LOVE IT Great way to start my day Although for some reason you cant keep the number of days straight                 Big Fan
Just fantastic Sometimes the answer comes easily BUT then comes some and you have to THINK And at 81 I like to keep thinking So thanks for helping me think                 Just two words
I really like this game It keeps you guessing and if you get stuck David will help you with his clever clues Im addicted                 Just 2 words
This is a fun and challenging game It wakes up my brain in the morning                 GREAT
Fun game but way too many videos Make it a pay site           Videos
Very fun game Makes you think                 Having fun
I enjoy this game The combo of unscrambling and picture clues is great fun                 Enjoyable
This is a little addictive I am just doing one more puzzle just one more puzzle just one more I showed it to a friend and he took over                 Just 2 Words
uninstalled I bought coins to try to solve some puzzles it was so hard Some puzzles have clues that are so esoteric and almost sneaky youd never figure them out without help Not happy Cant recommend        Tricky Some puzzles are impossible
We enjoy this app tremendously and recommend for nearly anyone Helps build logical thinking and expands the mind However after the last update we have been frustrated that the bonus points reset to zero every every day even though we have played three to four days in a row Sometimes it goes back to zero each day sometimes youll get to five or six days then the next day it starts at zero again Urgghh              Fun with a defect
If you love words youll love this game So many pros Points coins rack up fast lettered are displayed alphabetically but can be scrambled as much as you like 3 different levels of clues the pictorial hints are great there are several ways to obtain more pointscoins and a very fun game Please bring us more games like this and THANKS                 I LOVE THIS GAME
Good way to kill some time on the train              Great time filler
Love love love love love it                 Martini
Great game Stumps you enough to make you think but not enough to frustrate you              Anonymous
Cant put this game down The easy ones give you insight on how to approach the harder ones Love that you can buy a useful hint when you absolutely are stumpedand can afford it Great game                 Absorbing and Addictive
Verrrrrry cleaver fantastic game                 Wally
Love the game                 Two words
Wonder so far                 MertPert
Finished all the levels and have been waiting impatiently for more Need more Thanks for the great games Is there going to more anytime soon Im just saying Need more This is a great game different than all the rest Cant get enough You really can put a great word game together You are most excellent at what you do Thanks again Jim                 Need more Im going through just 2 words withdrawals
I like this game it is a little bit like Just Jumble                 Fun and Easy
I always enjoyed Jumble Word and this game is an added dimension to Jumble Sometimes the puzzles are really easy but dont be fooled by the simplicity of finding just 2 words It can be really challenging                 Excellent word game
Enjoy this game Makes you look at things differently Wish there were more ways to earn coins Other games give coins for watching videos This one forces the viewing and gives no reward              Great fun
Its fun No complaints                 Love this game
Good game Not as easy as Just Jumble              good game
Great game                 Addictive
I always can figure them out But if I have I tunes cash I always use it              Favorite
I like this game because its different from the Jumble games and it makes you think                 Just 2 Words
I absolutely love this game My friendcoworker and I really enjoy this game Its a little addictive She played over 100 challenges on the first day My daughter and grandson also like to play Thank you for such a fun and challenging game Im on my second set and was pleased to find more puzzles have been added                 Fun fun game
Good time passer Keeps the brain in operation                 Fun time
Mostly easy but some next to impossible without hint Overall enjoyable                 Fun
Fun for all ages                 Just 2 words
This is one of my favorite games Im a word nerd so this is a twist on the typical scrabbleish games Wouldve given it 5 stars but the ads annoy me              Love the App
Like it              Fun
MACK I just started playing and love it Some games like it make the pictures so unclear or strange you can never figure them out without buying hints This is lots of fun and keeps you thinking                 Just 2 Words
Really like this one              Fun Fun Fun
This game is so addictive that I cant stop playing it                 Just 2 words
Fun and clever Lame ads though                 Fun
Its a challenge and gets the mind working Im happy with it The ads however are a nuisance              Score
Just started playing and really liked it              New 2 game
Good game but not sure if it gets progressively harderI hope so              Word fun
This game is so much fun and really makes you think                 Totally addictive
This is my favorite game ever I just finished 1192 and must wait for an update as this is the last puzzle I just want to keep on going Please hurry more Thanks                 Just two words
Love love this game keeps me entertained for hours                 2 words
Having fun with this gamesome are easy and some I have to think about                 Game is a lot of fun
Nice way to tease your brain a little                 Fun
A lot of fun                 Two words
This is so cleverly addictive you will have to force yourself to conserve puzzles My only complaint Too long between updates with even more puzzles                 Just 2 Words Is Just 2 Fun
Nah I jest Two Words is hardly twee at all Although sometimes it could be more aptly be called 2000 letters and other times youll find yourself smacking your own forehead a la Spicolli when you finally go for the gusto and buy the answer from the author TW is a superfun game and most times the answers are wonderfully evidentThe advertising is really not hard to bear with at all But sometimes our host and programmer goes a little overboard or maybe he just gets a little obtuse with his two words but it sure is fun and its a game I have recommended to many When I have more money and less time I probably will actually pay for the unadvertised game but for now it meets all my needs                 Just Twee Words

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