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IWILAB Corp , the publisher behind many iOS app (카카오수다 KakaoSuda ,카카오아지트 KakaoAgit ,KakaoTalk), brings KakaoTalk with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. KakaoTalk app has been update to version 3.0.3 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Id: NyxKnight..
  • I want to make friends in other country Add me hun1080..
  • this is a wonderful idea for text messaging..
  • - Etc..
  • - Easy to send photos and videos - Group chat.

Overall Satisfactionc59
This is the best messenger app I have ever used.
Kakao talk is the worst messenger app in the world.
Love Kakao so much.
I love kakao talk please fix this.
99 when there is a free messenger between your friends & families.
I honestly think this is better than whatsapp.
Like it better than Google Voice.
Love the new design.
Fun & Engagingc50
fast fun easy way to communicate with friends and family.
29/m bored bored bored.
Fun and awesome.
Super awesome app.
Absolutely useful.
Social Aspectsc73
Great app to keep in touch with my friends and family living abroad.
I'm studying finance in NY and dying to meet friends.
I got to chat with my friends in korea.
Great social app based on my existing contact.
U should delete this app Worst social app ever.
Thanks for making such a great social networking app.
I talk with my family with kakao talk everyday.
Production Valuesc47
Love the new interface.
Slow responses Network errors that never happened before.
Download Fail.
Ads not Intrusivec51
Security & Privacyc17
Updates & Supportc30
This is the Korean version of Skype.

So easy and quick. found in 3 reviews
Please add an option to kick a member in group chat. found in 2 reviews
I'm currently learning how to speak Korean. found in 2 reviews
And I am experiencing a cracking noise with the pororong ringtone. found in 1 reviews
I want to make friends in other country Add me hun1080. found in 2 reviews
Hey my name is Gary I'm new to this. found in 2 reviews
Like it better than Google Voice. found in 2 reviews
Use this app on daily basis. found in 1 reviews
Allow multi devices usage. found in 1 reviews
Excellent instant messenger program. found in 3 reviews
It's a good app to communicate with friends you made overseas. found in 3 reviews
Smartest communication app ever
I speak English and this is good. found in 2 reviews
Can share photos voice recordings - cute emoticons. found in 10 reviews
Fun and awesome. found in 2 reviews
Add me Mike75th
chat with people in different countries without having to buy roaming. found in 3 reviews
Thanks for making such a great social networking app. found in 3 reviews
I'm studying finance in NY and dying to meet friends. found in 10 reviews
I got to chat with my friends in korea. found in 4 reviews
24 year old male in seoul. found in 3 reviews
Please end the TAP TAP CRAP It's horrible. found in 46 reviews
I would love to use Touch ID to unlock my app. found in 7 reviews
but need to fix few bugs & no more lagging pls. found in 19 reviews
Please go back to round shape text bubble. found in 1 reviews
Make a ipad version please. found in 4 reviews
my voice talk through Kakaotalk doesn't work. found in 4 reviews
Please fix problem with Arabic in current version. found in 3 reviews
Very boxy chat boxes and profile pictures just got worse. found in 16 reviews
Now my Verizon iPhone can't download pictures unless I'm on wifi. found in 9 reviews
Please fix the problem with the Arabic language. found in 19 reviews
Does not send verification code right away. found in 27 reviews
I can't send or receive any of new messages. found in 20 reviews
i have to close the app and relaunch to fix it. found in 19 reviews
But where is my free call button. found in 17 reviews
Kakao talk is the worst messenger app in the world. found in 18 reviews
it says "Failure to change settings. found in 14 reviews
Item store error. found in 17 reviews
Never received SMS verification code so I opted for a phone call. found in 27 reviews
Not working the voice call at all. found in 17 reviews
Can't send a simple voice note and can't send video. found in 24 reviews
Please update app to fit longer iPhone 5 screen. found in 16 reviews
If someday you put TAP TAP again I'll change my feedback. found in 46 reviews
deleting chat rooms. found in 14 reviews
but decided to make it with my phone instead. found in 30 reviews
Nice app but i cant set my profile picture. found in 16 reviews
Still no iPhone 5 support. found in 14 reviews
People you don't know somehow always manage to send me invites. found in 49 reviews
i see no reason in using kakao in the future. found in 26 reviews
yet still waiting for email of verification code for a week. found in 27 reviews

If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download KakaoTalk for free from Apple Store. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. The new KakaoTalk app version 3.0.3 has been updated on 2014-11-28. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.1.3 or later
Bottom Line: For more information about KakaoTalk check developer IWILAB Corp`s website : http://www.kakao.com/talk

KakaoTalk is a phone number based messenger service that allows iPhone and android users anywhere in the world to chat one-to-one or in a group for free. Message arrivals are instantly notified with Push Alert and ...
I have a lot of korean friends so I use this app constantly However I just got the Apple Watch and would like to use it for replying to the texts This however does not seem to work properly The reply button seems to be stuck no matter how much i tap on it if this is fixed it would be greatly appreciated           Great App but Watch App doesnt work
I love that they have video calling now took them long enough But I hate that it doesnt let u change number easily I have a new phone and I transfer all my info with iTunes but it didnt let me log out so I had to delete the app and now its not letting me install it again and also I wanted to recover my old contacts that I had with my old phone number but couldnt because they were sending the code to that number and I had a new number Now I cant keep in contact with my friends back in Korea           Ugh
It wont let me open the app It keeps saying to restart app Help           Having trouble
not work on my phone     아주 엉망인 app waste app
This version is supposed to have a search by phone number function which it does not Still can only add friends by id QR code or shake Once you delete a friend by hide manage friends manage delete that friend cannot be readded unless you use the three add options I listed above Even if you have the friends phone number in your phones contacts it will still not add when you click on refresh option Kakaotalk support through the apps contact us form is a joke They give you a boilerplate answer and you cannot further explain your issues because you cannot reply to any of their emails Had to delete this version and sync with iTunes to get the old version back without all the bugs        No search by phone function and sync with phone contacts does not work
Its a great app I love the themes you can get with it too Its awesome                 Good
Upgrade this crap     Upgrade
Love using this app to connect with my friends all over the world It works great                 Awesome app
Fine way to communicate overseas but the incessant notifications from the app requesting that I use it more often were too much Not worth it uninstalled        Obnoxious
I have an iPod and it asks me for phone number and it should just let you log in with an email        Should be for iPods too
Why am I not able to send emoticons as gifts Ive been having this issue for a long time and for some reason a couple of weeks ago the gifting feature became available for me so I sent a bunch to my family and now I want to send some to my friends but the feature is missing again What happened Was it a fluke or something Doesnt Kakaotalk want to make more money off emoticons     Why cant I send emoticons as gifts
I used to love kakao talk The fact that I can talk and chat with my family in Korea and friends However since I dumped all my photos on to my computer any new photos I have I cant send via kakao This is extremely problematic due to family and friends wanting to share the moments I called kakao now answer I emailed kakao about the issue no response for over 2 weeks No one is taking care of the users and they only care about what they want 01 star for you guys Please contact me for a fix     Photo cant be sent
For Kakao Account I dont know WHY you guys made it so we have to put in our old phone number because before I had an iPad and used an app for getting a phone number I logged out accidentally I cant find my old phone number So I cant sign up for the new iLoveCoffee event thing etc PLEASE FIX IT or Im not even going to use this anymore I really beg you Thanks     Hate the new feature
이게 뭡니까     짜증 What the It could NOT working after this update
Cant tell what message I sent and what I receive Mine should be yellow and the one I get from person should be white Fix it        Fix the message
Why is it that i cant use the open chatting system     What in the world
ROK government peeps message Dont use kakao app     No privacy
i cant access to my photo library while talking Even photos are in the library I cant help to send it through I use Ipad     cant acess to my photo
Annoying marketing push notifications Also stop telling me I logged in on my PC     Annoying marketing pushes
Doesnt work after latest update     Crashes
단톡방 시끄러워서 알람 꺼놓는경우가 많잖아요 대화에 껴야할때를 놓치는경우를 방지해 페북처럼 를 이용해 홍길동하면 카톡참여하라는 알림을 보내 카톡에 좀 더 빨리 참여할수있게 하는 기능을 넣어주셨으면 좋겠어요              카톡에 사람 소환기능 넣어주세요
For about two days it says cannot optimize current version restart app No matter what I do it wont solve the problem     Error message cant start app
Please fix the issue cannot download very slow photos and videos received in chat when connected to cellular On wifi it is OK                 Very good app
Followed steps correctly still sid not see backup file in iCloud Everything since has went downhill UTTER DISAPPOINTMENT This is like what the third time     Restore from Chat Backup is a lie
개발자 분들 빨리                 오픈채팅
Kakao talk is very useful It is more comfort than any other apps such as Line Whatsapp I recommend this App And emoticons in Kakao are very cute                 Excellent
When you block someone you still see them If you create a group chat you cant kick people out nor delete the chat when youre the creator of it Stickers are boring and you have to buy the nice ones     Dont like it Needs a lot of fixing
Really AWFUL application     weired
Best app                 Perfect App
I cant access my account because I have a new phone number Theres no way that I can receive the 4digit code because of this     New Phone Number
Easy to use and cute 3                 My favorite app for messaging
I can no longer gift emoticons to my friends Please fix as soon as possible Thank you        Gift option disappeared
It wont let me open the app it keeps saying to restart the app Help     Having trouble
업뎃 이후에 잠금화면에서 밀어서 답장하던 기능이 없어졌어요        업데이트 후에 잠금화면 답장이 없네요
When you type something doesnt have enter button to start from new line It has only send button so you have type all in one line Its inconvenient otherwise its ok        ak47
This falls way behind compared to LINE Only good for people living in Korea Cant apply a theme Buggy        Use LINE
Best Messenger App Ever                 Best
Please allow me to change my email instead of having the same one used for life I got hacked with that email and I dont want to use that email for anything ever again Please allow the option to update the email like LINE has available And please allow KPop themes back into the USA store I use a Lee JongSuk theme from years ago and it doesnt update right with my iPhone 6 plus But most importantly I need the email fixed before anything Please check the reviews I tried tweeting you about it but you ignore                 Email
Its amazing app that connects all family who lives all over the world Even my mom who is 76 loves this app because its easy to call she can see the pictures that I sent so easily Love it And thank you                 Great
This is the only app that doesnt load new messages when I open it Notifications come in and I see part of the message but when I open Kakao it takes a good 30seconds for it to load the new messages PC client also keeps timing out and wont send or recieve messages Cannot communicate with people if Im not getting their messages when your app keeps timing out Get your crap together already LINE Messenger even Skype dont have this problem Update it seems refresh has gotten a bit better but what is with the spam notifications and chats     still doesnt load messages
can barely send a video takes like ten minutes and still isnt very stable after sending        update
없애라 ㅡㅡ     Plus Friends
Noocie                 Noocie
Solo trabaja con iOS 7 o más Muy mal     No good
I dont use this app so i dont have any issue with this application but the only matter that bothers me is every korean uses this application This is sick They dont text sms anymore because of this And so you have to reach them then you have to install this This is huge pain And also you have to verify your phone number to activate your account What a sick of golden buttlicker           Lol bad rating score
I have been using Kakao Messenger for years and it has always been a pleasure to use Highly recommended                 Amazing App
No more ads for the Item Store on the more page please Its ugly and an eye sore especially to those who have made previous purchases in the item store Just remove them for people who have already made item purchases I will keep posting this until the ads are removed     Ads are still not removed
Iphone 4 iOS 712 Cant open the app     Please fix the bug
works alright but I have a problem right now I tried to send a photo but a pop up message came up and it says couldnt open file and now the photo wont go away from the bottom of the chat Its eternally sending and my chats and other pictures I send automatically go above it because they send just fine Also the pop up message couldnt open file comes up every time I open the chat very annoying hope theres a way to fix it        couldnt open file
And YES to read button I was looking forward to that                 ITS WORKING FINE in Korea

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