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Callpod Inc., the publisher behind many iOS app (Keeper® Password Manager & Secure Digital Vault ,Keeper® Password & Data Vault ,Keeper® Password & Data Vault for iPad), brings Keeper® Password & Data Vault with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Keeper® Password & Data Vault app has been update to version 5.0.2 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Pretty hard to manage nowadays with multiple accounts demanding multiple passwords..
  • I needed an app like this just to keep track of everything..
  • Finally I have a convenient way to organize and manage passwords..
  • Perfect app to stay organized at keep important information protected..
  • This app is simply the best password keeper app on the app store..

Overall Satisfactionc90
Keeper is the best password app out there hands down.
This app is simply the best password keeper app on the app store.
Thanks keeper for remembering all that important stuff for me.
I couldn't live without this app and have recommended it to many friends.
It asks me to write a review to many times.
Strongly suggest this to all my friends ad coworkers often.
Fun & Engagingc94
Password Keeper is awesome.
Awesome password keeper.
it keeps asking me for my password over and over.
Need app all the time and works all the time.
Keeps everything in one place and accessible from all my computers.
I keep everything of importance to remember stored here.
Saves time and heartache by keeping your passwords handy.
I use it almost every day for information that I have stored.
Love this app helps me keep my sanity in a password overload world.
This is an indispensable app.
Not sure how I lived without it.
An essential tool for Internet users.
Social Aspectsc94
social media sites and so much more.
Keeping all my social media.
From passwords to debit cards to social security numbers.
even social security and drivers license numbers.
Production Valuesc61
The web interface access is a bonus too.
With the addition of the web interface.
Ease of Usec75
Easy to organize and store all kinds of info and passwords.
Very easy to set up passwords and easy to retrieve pw.
It took multiple tries to set a password.
Just not always easy to update when versions change.
But when I switched phones and tried to update my subscription.
it's easy to retrieve in the event of unanticipated circumstances.
they told me I needed to re -enter my activation code.
Great simple secure.
Having web app too makes it easy to keep passwords updated.
I was looking for a simple app to only store passwords.
It's so convenient to have so many passwords right at your fingertips.
This app has saved me from having to reset many many passwords.
There is no way to reset it making the app useless.
After 5 supposedly " failed attempts ".
This has saved me many times from having to reset passwords.
Security & Privacyc95
Too many passwords to remember with everyone having their own requirements for password.
they told me I needed to re -enter my activation code.
Keeper is the best password app out there hands down.
I feel VERY secure knowing they are safe and protected.
But not feeling very secure at this point.
Excellent safe and secure place to keep important documents.
It will just not open after entering the login information.
All of our account information and passwords secure in one place.
Updates & Supportc68
The syncing feature made me decide to upgrade to the paid version.
Keeper won't let you sync other devices unless you upgrade to the paid version.
Great app & tech support is awesome & super responsive.
I contacted customer service and they helped me out.

I've become very dependent on this app and it works very well. found in 8 reviews
Strongly suggest this to all my friends ad coworkers often. found in 26 reviews
Keeps me sane when it comes to passwords. found in 21 reviews
Fav features: Auto sync across all iOS devices and computers. found in 11 reviews
Super app for securely keeping my passwords handy on the iPhone. found in 26 reviews
I have found this to be an incredibly useful and user friendly App. found in 8 reviews
This application saves me time and simplified my password management. found in 16 reviews
Great app my it's my second Brain. found in 9 reviews
All my passwords in one location kept private by a secret pass code. found in 171 reviews
One place to keep all my confidential information and passwords. found in 32 reviews
I love that I can keep all of my passwords in one secure place. found in 116 reviews
Best PW keeper app out there. found in 17 reviews
Keeping track of a multitude of passwords is a necessary evil. found in 11 reviews
Great way to save all passwords in one spot and securely. found in 171 reviews
So nice to have a set of shortcuts for paying bills. found in 14 reviews
Keeps all my passwords and important information at my fingers. found in 89 reviews
Allows for different folders for things related to one subject. found in 13 reviews
Backs up smooth to your desktop from any device. found in 62 reviews
Easy way to keep your vital info synced between several devices. found in 22 reviews
who has multiple passwords for multiple sites & who periodically changes them. found in 12 reviews
Activate Subscription Code screen across your devices. found in 12 reviews
I only wish I didn't have to pay an annual subscription fee. found in 8 reviews
A great place to keep all of your passwords/ login information. found in 33 reviews
Now every time I open Keeper. found in 11 reviews
Unhappy about changes requiring account for every device. found in 39 reviews
Don't like having to pay for sync on network to my personal devices. found in 6 reviews
it counts against your failed attempts. found in 11 reviews
The broken Touch ID support is a huge disappointment. found in 50 reviews
I think the backup subscription should be for life though. found in 11 reviews
Touch ID doesn't work but everything else works pretty good. found in 8 reviews
Annoying popups always asking me to buy the full protection. found in 7 reviews
Only negative is that you have to buy a subscription for each device. found in 9 reviews
30-day expiration and then annual subscription fee is for premium. found in 21 reviews
" pop up every time you sign in. found in 11 reviews
I've been getting constant reminders about upgrading to the $10 version. found in 8 reviews
Am tired of sales pitch each time you open the app. found in 6 reviews
I wanted this feature and I paid for their year subscription. found in 32 reviews
I get an email telling me that my subscription has expired. found in 8 reviews
Too bad it's paid subscription is so expensive. found in 22 reviews
they told me I needed to re -enter my activation code. found in 54 reviews
Latest version 8 will not open after entering master password. found in 100 reviews
If you don't renew your subscription for backup services. found in 54 reviews
Keeper is somewhat misleading with regards to their annual fee charges. found in 72 reviews
There is no way to reset it making the app useless. found in 83 reviews
this app requires a SEPARATE PURCHASE for EACH device. found in 141 reviews
App is OK but they charge a subscription for every device. found in 39 reviews
but hate the yearly fee they force on the users. found in 44 reviews
99 and then it will not sync until you pay for each device. found in 140 reviews
Must opt-out to avoid doubling of annual subscription. found in 40 reviews
WiFi sync is nonexistent no matter what they tell you. found in 44 reviews

The Keeper® Password & Data Vault is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is available in multiple languages: English, Chinese, French, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 5.0.2 has been released on 2014-11-22. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later.
More Info: Find more info about Keeper® Password & Data Vault in Callpod Inc.`s Official Website :

Keeper by Callpod is the safest and most secure password management app available, with over 3 million users worldwide.Tired of the increasing number of unique passwords you must remember? NEVER fall victim to forgetting or ...
I used Keeper for almost 2 years just for everything to get delete one day because I didnt buy their backup plan Almost 2 years of account names passwords and useful information gone     Deleted ALL my passwords
I dont use the cloud backup and with the last update I couldnt open the app Support told me to reset the app and I told them it would erase all my data that was not backed up He told me that I would be fine and I followed his instructions and now I have lost everything since 2013 I hate when support provides inaccurate information I should have known better     Last update unusable for free user
These people are crooks I paid for the backup for 1 year When the time came for renewal I choose not to The app locked me out and didnt allow access to my passwords until I renewed I renewed copied my passwords deleted them and deleted the app What a ripoff     RIPOFF
used for years gives me peace of mind                 must have app
Great app Been using for 1 years now Like it a lot              Keeper app
I have been using Keeper since it originally came out many years ago I use the PC companion app to sink to my phone and it has always been my number one app for keeping data secure Keeper is very easy to use and there support team is very good to work with when you need help I have watched Keeper get better with each up date from the beginning I give Keeper five stars                 I Love this app
This app is the reason you test your code before you deploy it to usersKeeper helped me to keep my digital life somewhat secure because it allows me to use unique passwords for every login I have The app looks good and has all the functionality one would expect in a credential storage appIssue outline I had over 100 unique passwords in keeper Today 982015 the firm pushed out an update to my iPhone that wiped out my entire password database Immediately upon realizing what happened I reach out to the firm asking for assistance In the firms reply was an apology for the inconvenience and instructions on how to reinstall the app and loginLong story short this firm needs to do some serious process evaluation I would recommend quality assurance checks and code reviews for all This app is very popular because it is free It is free unless you subscribe to a cloud backup service they offer for a nominal fee If I was a subscriber it would not matter if they released a broken application onto the market because I would be able to restore my databaseIf you are a Mac user stick to your KeyChain If you dont have a Mac use Chrome and encrypt your logins I swore by this app until today never again hasta la vista chaoThat is all thank you     OMG
Changed password on desktop and it wouldnt work on mobile and wiped info Complete garbage     Terrible
The app itself is reasonably good There are several comparative ones The support is miserably slow and to get a resolution to any issue impossible I was charged twice for the same app for two different amounts Very disappointing in getting a resolution Looking for other apps     Buyer beware
I love this app I never have to remember tons of password anymore                 Sales assistant
Recommend              Great password app
The password to my passwords is my most important password Great app Perfect Thanks                 Essential
Best and only way to never forget your passwords securely Love Keeper                 Awesome app
Love the security of the app but unsure why I felt forced to purchase           Secure but forced to purchase
Safe Secure and easy to use Keeps my passwords safe and secure without the hassle of remembering them Remember one primary password and everything else is secure                 Great App
Update back to five stars after the latest patchI have been using Keeper for over a year and I find it extremely useful and easy to usePlease fix the Touch ID feature so that it doesnt keep asking for the password and please let us see the password as we type it                 Love this app but please fix the Touch ID
Similar to other reviews after 3 successful years with no problems they decided to wipe my data because I only use the free version Put up ads or other annoying things but dont wipe my data because I didnt pay No warnings and customer service basically said shoulda paid Total BS     SCAM
As a small business owner its important to keep my passwords hard to be hacked Having used this app for over two years I plan to continue using it for years to come The one time I had a problem with the app it was resolved very quicklyWhen I share passwords with my office team or even with my family they have found it very easy to learn but IF they needed training I feel the video training is very quick to watch and has gotten my folks up and running quickly                 Well worth the money especially enterprise
App works fine but their upselling messages are annoying making the user click a button that says stay unprotected           Annoying
Siento mi información bien respaldada              Buena
I understand the freemium model that they have but they cant just outright delete all my information when I update just because I dont have it backed up with their service Yeesh     Deletes things not backed up
This is by far my most important app Id be pulling my hair out without it                 Must have
Wish you could share some records with folks who dont want to use keeper or print selected records              Love it
Very user friendly quick                 Great App
Absolutely the worse possible customer service you have a problem youre screwed no way to talk by phone I have lost keeper on my IPad have tried since April 2015 to get straighten out with no success plus being charged twice for the same service     Customer service
One day I opened the app and it said I needed to pay 30 to renew my account I cannot longer access any of my passwords that Ive been using for the past year or so Complete rip off     Garbage 30 to unlock your passwords
Read the reviews This app was free at first then it was 10 per year for storing your passwords in their cloud I was ok with that I got it for my wife and Keeper has been sending emails that its time to renew When I went to renew they now want 3999 Im not going to pay and Ill keep her pass words on my devise She doesnt have many Ill probably keep this app for myself because I have so many passwords Its not the money its their underhanded methods Find something else     Bunch of crooks
Its very good in saving passwords so my passwords are safe I like how one can generate passwords I like the way it fills passwords in mobile sites through safariNow things I do not like that should be changed1 Generating passwords should be on a sliding scale So one can decide how many letters numbers and other to useExample I have a web site that require only uses 6 and no special keysSo therefore I have to keep my same one2to have it fill the mobile apps on the phone and not just on safariEx opening up my app on my phone requires user name and password I cannot use keeper              Pretty good
A recent update would not allow me access to my vault I immediately emailed support and got a prompt response After a few back and forth communications Keeper had an update available the very next day and Im good to go I love this app Thank you Keeperyoure a keeper              Thank you
Works nicely but why charge separately for an iPhone and iPad              Convenient but expensive
It was an awesome app until they started to charge Which is no big deal but I lost my previous phone which had the app and now I have no way of retrieving my passwords without paying They should at least let you open app for like 24 hrs just to retrieve them Finding a new app          
No problems here it does what i was looking for Simple and secure I use it everydaySimply the best                 Great app
Worked great until they wanted money Then they took away all my passwords without warning saying I have to use the web app when I have been using the mobile app for 2 years now Thanks for nothin     Works good BUT take data away if you dont pay
First let me state that I have used this app for well over three years No problems until recently I log in and suddenly all of my passwords are gone No valid reason NOT something that goes over easy when you need a key password while at work     Serves its purpose
If there were six stars Id give Keeper the six This app is the most helpful app ever I dont know how I even survived without it With so many accounts profiles and social media apps passwords get mixed up but thanks to Keeper Ive kept them nicely organized and safe away from hackers Thanks Keeper I dont know what Id do without you                 Get this app Its the best
Used it for many years would hate to use anything else Always the best app                 Keeper is Great
Did exactly what I needed it to for 2 years Then literally out of nowhere tells me your account has expired And Im now forced to either pay 10 to access my account again and see my passwords or have zero access Talk about shady Needless to say Im going to have to hand write all my passwords then export them to another app that wont trick me into shelling out ten bucks     Deceptive
I depend on it and its never let me down Renewal and group options are a bit confusing Thats the only downside Very useful app because I forget some passwords Must keep it updated The random password feature is great but I dont use it much Too complicated to be practical for sites used a lot           Has worked well for four years
This product is a life and time saver Fantastic app with the best support Ive ever encountered                 Excellent Everything
This developer does some sketchy sht I have been using this app for over a year now every time you open it you are prompted to upgrade and use their cloud to backup I dont think they have a clue that most people dont want to store their passwords and IDs anywhere they dont have direct control of Anyway I along with everyone else who has been using this app in the degraded mode without notice lost all our data Or so it seemed I downloaded the update trial version and it pulled a backup from their servers of my data from a year ago I never gave permission for them to backup my data and Ive only had this phone 3 months so it wasnt from a hidden file here half my stuff is missing that I added in the last year We careful believing all the 5 star ratings that are obviously from them     Caution
Not bad for what I need it to do store PWs Seems like an annoying friend at times always asking you to upgrade share with others etc Once I log in just leave me alone              Decent
Great app and user friendly And oh Its free                 Awesome
Ive used this ap FREE for years Then I paid 999 to be able to backup NOW Im getting a notice that I have to pay 2999 a year or my account will be disabled NO THANKS I love this ap BUT I will not pay 2999 a year to use it after using it free for years I will be looking for another password ap to use that Im sure will be just as good     Tracy
This is a great app It has lots of options that I find useful Well worth the cost for the full version                 All that I Wanted
This app is very reliable and I love the customer service very very helpful even though I had not upgraded they did helped me fix the problem with the latest update and therefore I decided to renew and give them my businessHaving said that theres lots of room for improvementSimplifying this app would be a good startWell Im giving this app 1year to see what they can do           Confusing
I have had this app since I got my iPhone years ago It does keep your passwords sometimesHere is what they do They hold your data hostage and tell you to pay more of course they say it is a onetime purchase with no more costs Then they come back around and say unless you want to loose everything you need to buy their new version I did and promptly lost half of my passwords I have hundreds of passwords so I have just stuck with them Now they are coming around for a fourth time saying it is a yearly subscription I need to pay At 30year it is too pricey and too sleazy They now say my data will only be good until January so I must upgrade I am done being held hostage Shame on me for not moving my data sooner Shame on them for their sleazy lying business practices Watch out they hook you and then start squeezing you Plus their software is only marginally built     DO NOT BUY THIS APP
I love this app Its worth the money to buy it in case of a phone injury I am IT so keeping my bios password user accounts root account and alarms gets hard to memorize when they consist of random characters I use this for my personal use as well                 Upgrade to annual keeper plan
Ive used this app with no problems for many years I too lost all my passwords after I was told to reset the app Thanks for doing the absolute OPPOSITE of the apps intended use     Very very very DISAPPOINTED
Protected by my finger print easy to organize iPhone I can edit it from my laptop which is handy as well                 Great app
This app saves me the hassle and stress of knowing passwords and log ins Love it              Great handy app

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