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Mobestream Media , brings Key Ring Reward Cards with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Key Ring Reward Cards app has been update to version 5.6 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Great app for travelers taking advantage of airline..
  • Great app -- makes collecting & sharing grocery list easy..
  • Nice cross platform app to keep all these rewards cards..
  • Best app out there to help save time and keyring clutter..
  • Great organizational tool..
Overall Satisfactionclick me91
Absolutely love not having to carry all those rewards cards around.
Very easy to use and better than carrying all those cards on your keychain.
but still better than carrying all of the cards.
Just wish more store scanners would read IPhone display.
Great App - I love not having all those tags on my keys.
Better than passbook app because you can put any card into app.
I love the new interface and all the new options.
Fun & Engagingclick me78
Just wish more store scanners would read IPhone display.
So many more stores then I would have ever thought.
Key ring is awesome.
Plus the money I save with the instant coupons are awesome.
Also the grocery store coupons are awesome.
Usefulnessclick me92
I have everything in one place and it is so convenient and useful.
What a great way to keep everything in one place.
Saves time and space - adding velocity coupons is a plus.
Hugely useful even without bar code.
This app is indispensable without any of these.
Great helpful app.
Production Valuesclick me100
I love the new interface and all the new options.
Love the new interface.
Ease of Useclick me79
Very easy to add cards and access from multiple devices.
I really wanted this to work but after trying to add cards.
This App is incredibly easy to setup and to utilize.
Very easy to set up and very easy to share with my family.
UNUSABLE - Cards Don't Scan and Retailer List Consistently Fails To Load.
It's super convenient and saves me money.
Thank you for this excellent and easy to use app.
Now I must log in to use app.
Simple app to collect your key cards.
Very easy to upload current key fobs to app.
Reliabilityclick me45
The scanner doesn't read it.
Ads not Intrusiveclick me82
Security & Privacyclick me61
Easy to use and helps organize all my cards/ account numbers.
It also finds your account number.
Updates & Supportclick me81
What makes the app stand out is the customer service.
It's great to know customer service still exists.


Never carry plastic or paper loyalty, membership, and library cards again!
✓ Save time. Store all of your cards your phone.
✓ Save money. Never miss out on a discount at the point of sale again.

● Features ●


✓ Barcode scanner (scans EAN, UPCA, CODE39, CODE128). Add your barcoded loyalty cards by scanning the barcode. PLEASE note: barcode scanner will only be shown for 3Gs devices and above.
✓ Works on iPod Touch, 2G, 3G, and 3Gs iPhones
✓ Card backup
✓ Restore your cards on any device that has Key Ring installed
✓ Supports adding any barcoded or non-barcoded card
● NEW Features ●
✓ Grocery coupons for 33 chains!
✓ Enroll in new loyalty programs
✓ Store locator
✓ Notes
✓ Community tips and deals
✓ Store contact info

Key Ring Reward CardsKey Ring Reward Cards
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● Testimonials ●


"I just used it at my neighborhood CVS pharmacy and it worked like a charm! Highly recommend this app!
― mera722


"Love this app! So functional and easy to use. Thank you for giving me my keyring back!"
― Brandprotec
Key Ring Reward Cards


"Folks, dump your wallet out and realize how much space you can save by uploading your cards into this app. I removed 10 cards from my fat wallet."
― dbdayman


"I use this app almost every day now. I no longer need to carry a wallet full of cards everywhere. This app is a must have for any
iPhonecellular phone made by Apple
― Shanasaurus Rex


"It's one of the only few apps that can make you money!"
― UptownPlayboy


● Coverage ●


â–º As seen on Fox 4 news, Southwest Airlines Spirit Magazine,, CNNtechblog,,
wirelessWireless is a term used to describe telecommunications in which electromagnetic waves
carrier billboards and in-store advertising, NY Times,,, PepsiCo10


● Tips ●


â–º Barcode scanner is only available for 3Gs devices and above due to limitations with older cameras. Don't worry, barcodes will still be created for 2G and 3G devices, just simply type the number. Our scanner needs to support several barcode formats which is why we cannot use other barcode scanners currently available on 2G and 3G devices.
â–º Registering automatically backs up all your cards
â–º If retailer barcode scanner does not support scanning the barcode from the screen have the retail associate key in your card number. Beats carrying cards!


Please reach out if you have any questions. We greatly appreciate feedback!


The Key Ring Reward Cards is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. The new Key Ring Reward Cards app version 5.6 has been updated on 2014-11-26. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iPhone OS 3.1.2 or later.
More Info: Find more info about Key Ring Reward Cards in Mobestream Media`s Official Website :


my wallet is about 10 pounds lighter thanks to this app. found in 11 reviews
Wonderful app with a great way to organize your shopping list. found in 33 reviews
Better than passbook app because you can put any card into app. found in 15 reviews
Thank you for creating such a time & space saver. found in 58 reviews
Used it at CVS both at the counter and the coupon scanner. found in 10 reviews
So great to have all my reward/ discount cards in one place. found in 109 reviews
saves time and frees up space in my purse. found in 19 reviews
Keyring App rocks on both my Droid & iPhone. found in 161 reviews
Great app to put all those cards in one spot. found in 169 reviews
Great way to stay organized instead of carrying all your cards with you. found in 11 reviews
Some stores' card readers can't read the bar code. found in 29 reviews
I like this app but with iOS 6 out. found in 11 reviews
The flat top scanner doesn't work because it is too scattered. found in 11 reviews
Sometimes the scanning doesn't work but stores can input the barcode number. found in 7 reviews
Doesn't seem to work for everything. found in 3 reviews
Drawback most grocery store scanners can't pick up bar code off iPhone. found in 55 reviews
over 80% of stores scanners fail to read the barcode. found in 55 reviews
Easy to load - easy to use. found in 64 reviews
No retailers I have tried can read the bar codes. found in 64 reviews
The store scanners can't scan the barcode from the phone. found in 30 reviews
Removed one star for the annoying ads. found in 3 reviews
Needs passbook integration to be perfect. found in 3 reviews
Wish it was easier to scan at the register. found in 7 reviews
Store scanners can't pick up the barcode from the phone screen. found in 22 reviews
This app is great but some things don't Scan correctly. found in 30 reviews
but many stores are using old scanners and can't read the code. found in 6 reviews
but many stores can't scan phone at the register. found in 69 reviews
Regular ones are ok but not the mirror screen protectors. found in 55 reviews
neither could scan the bar code. found in 25 reviews
I'm wondering if an anti glare screen protector would help. found in 54 reviews
Worked great for awhile now can't add any new cards. found in 28 reviews
but I cannot get the stores read the barcode off my phone. found in 55 reviews
Three places tested and no one could read the bar code. found in 29 reviews
UNUSABLE - Cards Don't Scan and Retailer List Consistently Fails To Load. found in 30 reviews
You can't use them for self check out machines. found in 46 reviews
Scanners can't read the barcodes so this app is completely useless. found in 64 reviews
Great idea but most retailers still use laser scanners. found in 25 reviews
Stores can't scan -not very functional. found in 69 reviews
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Icon 175x175 1
This app has been great but it clearly doesnt support Apple Passbook                Passbook
Good                Star
Lightens my load                Very useful
Keeps all my cards on one place                Very useful app
Easy to use far better than any other I have ever found                Great app
Usability improved slightly to reducing ads Im still missing bar codes I used to have Only way to recover them appears to be editing each card individually       Slightly better update
I like the convenience of the app but DEVELOPERS PLEASE ADD AN APPLE WATCH FEATURE             Good app
I used Key Ring Reward Cards for years but just deleted it in favor of an alternate app that has a Watch app Apart from that its fine             Really needs a Watch app
I just recently updated this app and tried to use it at a store today Unfortunately this app is now reliant on cellular service to use unlike before when I can just pull up my rewards card with a couple of taps NOW it wants to upload all store specials or weekly ads first But without service the app is stuck cycling to search for service I know my cell service VZW shares some of the responsibility but the older version worked flawlessly Please go back to the old way and give us the option to upload ads if we want to PLEASE    It WAS a great App
The description indicates support for Passbook but it isnt there Please fix this Otherwise it would be 5 stars          No Passbook Support
Like I said good app             Good app
Great app Always works                Forget the plastic card collection
Hand down best app for your grocery list Love that anyone in my family can easily add items to our list I also like that I can load all my gift cards into the app Makes my life a little simpler                New features ROCK
This app has saved my load of key fobs that were weighing down my key ring in my ignition which is so bad for it Plus I get so many savings deals from stores I shop at Thank you                Couldnt live without it now
Unable to updatenow unable to reinstall What am going to do    Frustrated
Nice                Use it all the time
Just found out about this Key Ring APP today I have been carrying 30 of the little tabs on my key ring How bulky is that This looks awesome Just entered all my cards in That was easy Ready to use                Where has this been
Been a long time user butadvertisements At least give me the option of 099 to buy an ad free version Im about to delete this          Been a long time user but
I Used this App all the time it was great New update Now it crashes every time I try to use it Please fix    WHAT HAPPEN
Good app                Great
Lost my NOTES field during an upgrade I contacted the help desk and they were terrific Fast fix and the notes now show up on the front screen No more clicking around to get notes Thanks for the help and great app                TooManyPwords
I have used this app some 2009 I think It was fantastic I have multiple cards for a few stores for various reasons The old app kept them separated with a footnote but now they are bundled and I have to go through multiple steps Its very annoying Please bring back the old way or at least add a feature to unbundle them    New Update Stinks
All I wanted was a way to store my memberrewards cards on the phone rather than store them in my wallet Though the app does that it falls a little short 1 it expects a barcode and where there isnt one the number does not appear in the correct format 2 the app displays commercials which you cant suppress 3 taking a photo of the card is difficult and takes practice Other than that for a free app its not bad          Some what disappointing
Great app Use it often                Mike L
This App is useless    Not Working
I love this app but in the description it says it is passbook compatible Nowhere in the app do I see a way to add my keyrings to my passbook if this is fixed I will give it 5 stars             Great app No passbook
Ive been using this app for years I love having it so I dont have to search for cards on my key ring or wallet I dont like all of the advertisingoffers in newer versions             Good for a long time
Great app                Key ring
I just redownloaded this app on my new phone IPhone 6 Plus and every time I try to add a card it crashes Please fix Other than that great app             Great app but needs update
I have been using this for a couple years now and never had a problem It works great and has easy to scan barcodes                Love it
Definitely a worthwhile app especially after all my key rings loyalty cards were uploaded to the program Everything even transferred over when I changed phones                Space saving app
Again with the disfunctional updates A new update and my card is not available It corrected itself when I got home on wifi but it wouldnt work when I needed it This is typical of their updates    New update and the card I needed disappeared
I got this for my cards but like the coupons too                Got it for my cards
Loads cards easy and shows the same             So far so good
But with the most recent update it crashes immediately    Used to work
Easily organizes all of the pesky cards and key fobs into one convenient appExcellent                Convenient
Its way too cluttered with offers and adds from places in which I have no interest with no way to delete them and organize the ones Ill use       Dysfunctional
Love Key Rings new interface Forget bar code scanning and loyalty rewards This app is indispensable without any of these In fact I never use bar code scanning at stores except for testing I do not have that many loyalty cards anyhow Instead I find myself manually entering my library card my private club card even my medical insurance card into this app Whatever I cant memorise I trust it to Key Ring thats reward enoughThis said recent addition of store flyers and shopping list are enticing me to use the app in store more albeit not for reward cards The latest addition gift cards is another sweet addition Although some stores have great difficulty with them The latest revamp of organization is efficient I like it even more ID phone number Web site Arent these what you want from a paper or plastic card that you dont want to carry I even enter my cars license plate so I can fill those annoying hotel forms that ask for it The only wish I have is for this app to have more features for these nonbar code nonretailer use cases                Hugely useful even without bar code
I am very and very good to use keyring app             Pretty good keyring app
Easy to use Much better than carrying around all the cards             Worx well
I have a lot of discount cards so when I found key ring I couldnt wait to try it out I love it so easy and convenient to use I have told a lot of my friends about it             Love it
Like it                Nice app
Ive been using this for about 6 months And I love how easy it is to use 55                Great app
Ive been using this app since 2010 Loved it I use it for more than just rewards cards etc I have my license ss card bank cards checks for routing numbers and so on Use it every day Dont ask me why but I logged out on my iPhone Logged back in and everything was gone Everything is still on my other devices and the web but it wont sync The way I use it this is a big deal Im not going through this again Will be finding another app for the same purpose       Loved it until
The app is great but for the past few days every time I open it it crashes Was working great but now it is worthless    Used to be very good
Only gave one star because I couldnt give zeroIve used this app for years and absolutely loved ituntil the last updatewhich deleted a whole bunch of my card info including data I entered manually and transferred notes from one card to another Totally wiped out 75 of the stuff I had stored    Update Wiped Me Out
and is picking up speed Ive used this app for years now but with the latest update and changes its clunky awkward difficult to navigate thick with ads and not worth my effort anymore The update deleted many of our saved loyalty cards that I had to input manually requires more swipes to get to the specific loyalty card crashes on my phone freezes locks up on my husbands phone plus the ads are more front center harder to close in order to get to the loyalty card scan section this all matters when you are standing in line at a busy store are fumbling like mad to to get to the section in which the cashier can scan the app For reference I usually have the app already pulled up ready before I even get in line to check outbut with this update the clunky interface assuming it doesnt crash again I can no longer rely on this app just forgo using the loyalty cardthat is until I found an alternative app to Key Ring Really hate what Key Ring has done to a once seamless easy to use app    Wow Key Ring has really gone downhill fast
Well ok I do know what I would do without it I would have to carry a key ring laden with loyalty cards And I would have to remember the shopping list when I left the house And if I do remember the shopping list I would have to have a semihard surface and a pen handy to mark the items offI use this app frequently and not just for the light and alwaysavailable storage of loyalty and gift cards I like having the sales flyers at my fingertips and the option to tap an item and add it to one of the shopping lists that I have created I have a list for each store that I shop at How cumbersome you say Not at all Its great to be able to pop open a specific list at that specific storeOh and the items in the shopping lists are categorized My only suggestion is to add the option to change the category of an item If the app doesnt recognize an item it puts it in the misc category You can drag it into another category but only if the category is already listed Even so I stick by my 5star rating                I dont know what Id do without it
I love that I can have all my cards with me while I shop and now it shows me whats on sale at the store too This app is a must have                LOVE this app
I love it Had no trouble with the update love that it saves all my store cards in the cloud have no trouble if I dont have internet service in the store Not have to carry my cards around is great the only hiccup was one of the stores could not scan it they did not have the technology but they just typed the number in A truly useful app                Great


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Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iPhone OS 3.1.2 or later.
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iOS / 5.6
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iOS Key Ring Reward Cards 5.6 Mobile

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