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Pilot Fish Media , the publisher behind many iOS app (Kid Genius: 13 in 1 ,Archery - Bow & Arrow ,Kid Apps: 13 in 1 for iPad ,Kid Genius: 13 in 1 for iPad ,Math Whiz ,Kid Apps: 13 in 1), brings Kid Apps: 13 in 1 with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Kid Apps: 13 in 1 app has been update to version 2.0.4 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.


Get 13 great educational apps for FREE with Kid Apps: 13 in 1. This application was designed with the help of parents just like you.


Are you looking for the perfect application to teach your young children fundamental reading, writing and math skills? Well, look no further, because Kid Genius: 13 in 1 brings the classroom to the palm of your hand. We have designed the perfect app for both parents and kids.

Kid Apps: 13 in 1Kid Apps: 13 in 1
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Kid Genius: 13 in 1 contains 13 different applications ranging from math games, over 600 flash cards, interactive tracing drills and more! You will find the following full featured kid apps inside:


1) Kid Genius: ABCs, Counting and Words


• Full alphabet with pictures and sound
• Number and letter tracing
• Beautifully illustrated Flash cards of common words
• Learn to count with pictures and sound
Kid Apps: 13 in 1


2) Flash Math


• Interactive math flash cards
• Choose from addition & Subtraction
• View the correct answers with a press of a button
• Easy to use, with a no hassle interface


3) Sight Words


• Based on the Fry's list of common Site Words
• Helps kids master high frequency words
• 6 different levels of words with example phrases
• Over 550 words


4) Math Whiz


• Pick from 5 categories, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division or mixed.
• Questions are dynamic and always changing
• Trophy and Scoreboard to keep track of your success
• Create up to 5 profiles, for other people. Each profile stores high scores, settings and trophy info separately!
• Different difficulty settings depending on how tough you want to be drilled.
• Easy to press buttons and a very simple app to use.
• Great for all ages, even adults!


5) Math Match


• Match simple math equations to their answers
• The concept is similar to memory match games, but involves math
• Helps challenge memory as well as basic math skills
• Fast response and easy to pick up and play
• Great for all ages


6) Music Instruments


• Pictures and words teach kids the different musical instruments
• 25 different instruments to teach
• Only 1 button to press and finger swiping navigates you through the different instruments


7) Around the House


• 5 different categories of words and pictures
• The following rooms are covered, bedroom, bathroom, living room, kitchen, and the garage
• Large letters and clear pictures really stand out


8) The Outdoors


• Words of animals, plants and items found outside the house
• 6 different categories to learn from
• Great interface and simplicity to allow ease of use for both parents and kids
• A large collection of words at your fingertips
• The following areas are covered, the beach, the forest, the garden, the mountain, the park, and the sky


9) My Pets


• Cute adorable pets to learn and spell
• Same ease of use and simple navigation, for a great experience.


10) At School


• Collection of words and pictures of items and characters you may find around the school
• 25 beautifully illustrated and clean images
• Flick through each flash card with a simple gesture.


11) The Zoo


- Many interesting and unique animal names to learn
- Realistic looking photos to help children identify the animal
- Over 70 total species of mammals, reptiles, birds and fish
- Fully licensed pictures, with a very clean and eye pleasing presentation.


12) At The Farm


• Explore animals and items around the farm
• Licensed pictures and illustrations
• A variety of different animals and farm related items to learn
• Easy to navigate flash card format


13) Food Words


• Large list of vegetables, fruit, meat and dairy products
• Colorful pictures and fast navigation
• 3 categories of fun and learning


Development Partner:
Swastik IT. Co. Pvt. Ltd


The Kid Apps: 13 in 1 is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. The new Kid Apps: 13 in 1 app version 2.0.4 has been updated on 2014-11-24. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later.
Bottom Line: For more information about Kid Apps: 13 in 1 check developer Pilot Fish Media`s website :


It was all learning I dont want learning so if your looking for games all in one dont get it    Bad for some people
Only because it keeps on crashing on us       Not good
Theres a good amount of games for kids but theres something wrong and it keeps crashing the iPod touch Very frustrating       Good Concept
I hate it Dont get it    Dumbest thing ever
This is the absolute best educational app for free that I have found for my little one He loves practicing saying and tracing his letters and numbers as well as all of the fun flashcards that teach him new words I especially love that you get the full games There is not the disappointment of reaching the end of the free version a few letters in The ads occasionally get in the way and if they are not appropriate ones that is really not ok I havent had that happen because I just ignore them but hopefully they have read others feedback My son isnt allowed to use my ipod by himself so he hasnt messed with the ads                I love this app
This could be a great app however the ads are located right near buttons needed to interact with the games My child would hit the ads and interrupt his experience Too bad too this looked like a great app    Stupid ads
Ok so far       Ok so far
Ok so this app looks pretty chock full of good stuff BUT as soon as I opened it to use with a child across the top Sexy Singles or Weapons 1 Dating App REALLY How is this AT ALL APPROPRIATE FOR A KIDS APP Stop making money on ads being on your app or make an app for adults and throw your ads in that app NOT A KID APP    REALLY THIS APP IS A PRIME EXAMPLE OF MAKING MONEY ON THE ADS
When I let my lil bro play on my phone he loves it sooooooo much                Good learning
And FREE                Awesome
Banners at the bottom of the cards are inappropriate and entices our kids to press on it Terrible    Dont download it
My Grandkids love it                Excellent learning tool
Thx                Great app
Keeps crashing and wanting a Facebook login    Terrible
It shuts down my iPod touch I hate it I want my old app app back                Do not bye
This is a really nice free program I will probably upgrade to pro I love all the flash cards And that it talks I did not find any incorrectly labeled cards And yes it does crash but hopefully they fix it The ads are not too annoying             Nice program
This app is a great way to help toddlers learn to count learn their alphabet so much more I highly recommend this app             Great App
Best app Ever I love the crashes Must have    Best app
Thanks for developing this kinda of appHope my children will like it          lookes great
I wouldnt pay for this Thank goodness it was free       not good
It does not crash It is good 4 little kidz but its ok i am 9 have a 4year old bro             
Nice app for kids                Awesome app
Very cool awesome and entertaining                Cool
Cumple muy bien su función didáctica muy recomendada para niños que están aprendiendo a hablar deberían corregir ciertos errores porque a veces se cae el programa                Muy buena App
Would be 4 or 5 stars if the math whiz game worked for more than about 3 minutes when it was first downloaded Now each time we try math whiz it immediately crashes the app Contacted support and nothing If they respond and fix the issue I will gladly increase the number of stars if the other games are important enough to you then get it But if it is the math whiz you are hoping for it most likely wont work for longer than 5 minutes total    Kids apps all in 1
We really like the app and use it often It would get 5 stars if the ads were at least child appropriate             Pretty good
My kids love this Ages 2 4 Perfect for older kids too                Phenomenal
This should be a pay app some of the games are fun but I cant leave this app with my little one because it shows ads that may not be appropriate for them to see Otherwise it would have been a great app    Advertising supported appbeware for little kids
My 3 year old sister plays in that game the most even though she used my moms iphone So if you want your child to learn buy this app                Good for my sis
He likes the flashcards best especially since they say the words I like that the word is also written underneath so he can eventually put it all together                My 3yo loves this
Crashes constantly and keeps on wanting me to log into FaceBook Good thing it is free       Crashes
I would give this a zero if I could When did a skunk become a racoon And when did an acorn become a pine cone If you want your kid to be laughed at then you need this app    Stinks
ummm yea a toddler app with unpredictable ad support nuff said    Its free but is it worth it
Would be 5 stars if it wasnt crashing most of the time My son was only able to get through the whole ABC game 3 out of 12 times The other 9 times it would close and go back to my home screen Ipod touch 2g    Please fix
Its great but the math wiz cant open it             Wow
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This is a great app it makes learning fun and my kids love looking through the pictures and learning their letters numbers and words The big issue is that if they place more than one finger on the screen the app glitches and boots them out it is very frustrating for them and upsets my 2 year old who just adores flipping through the cards          My kids love it but
Literally I had this iphone x almost 2 years now This was an app i got among the first ones And its the only one i never deleted and my kids come back whenever they feel mathy Great app love it has levels to choose users many options Totally kidsfriendly Way to go developers                Best app ever
You cant even get through the alphabet and the apps crashes    Crashes a lot
This is the stupidest app I have ever seen    Stupid
Okay To start things off I would like to say to all the reviewers give these guys a break It is a FREE educational game There are going to be ads popping up If you dont want your kid to click on the ads sit down with them and show them what you DONT want them to touch I know its not as easy as just tossing them the iPodiPhone and letting them having a go at it but you can manageAs for the game it does crash at times but that could also be due to the amount of apps open There are a few images mislabeled but that is the reason they have the report a problem button on the games page So yes it is buggy but they will fix it The game was meant for kids up to second grade so calm down people             Decent but needs bugs fixed
Dont waste your time downloading this app Too many random buttons for 2yos to find Not 13 games Just flash cards in different categories Dumb    Horrible
After playing 3 of these games he started to use my iPhone to bash in his skull Luckily he survived a mild concussion Dont buy unless you want a bloody phone    My son
Very good app Helps my daughter get ready for school but crashes to much Fix the Bug          Crashes to much
Kid Apps 13 in 1 is an educational application for your child Not only do you get a single educational app but you get a total of 13 in this single application This means you can cover everything from the ABC to math and common objects For all the objects and ABC sections there are images of the object and then a voice over and a word or letter displayed This allows your child to hear the word and see what it looks like but also associate it with an objectOne thing I have noticed and you will as well is the amount of ads in this free version Even though its free I personally would rather have less apps within then ads After all this is a childrens application Also I find exiting an app and going to the home page is not easy not only is the home button really small but you have to skip a pop up window each time For a childrens application the user interface should be extremely easy to use But with a helping hand your child will have access to many useful and practical educational lessons which can expand their vocabulary and get them pronouncing new words properly          HotMacApps Review
I really love this app for my daughter BUT the math whiz feature only worked once and there are too many inappropriate ads at the bottom of the screen If the math whiz link alone worked Id be a happy mom          Appgood Adsbad
My 2yr old likes this app but wish the letters alphabet that use the corresponding letter used easier words ie jump or jar instead of jackal car or cat instead of camel          Not bad
You simply must Change the font you use for letter tracing The way it displays the letter a is not the way kids learn to write There are many other things that need changing from an elementary educator viewpoint Great ideas bit implementation from an educators viewpoint is just not there Please fix I have many iPad and iPod touch devices to use in the classroom but dont feel this app is ready for prime time       Changes needed from educator viewpoint
I highly reccomend not sure if i spelt that right that u get this appso worth being FREE This app is seriously worth least 199 everyone get this app                Great app
My 18 month old loves this app She is talking so clearly and people comment on how smart she is Common words are flashcards with picture word and voice says the word DD repeats the words after voice says them Well worth it Sometimes it closes itself but it is such a great app that it doesnt bother us The free app has ads but if supervising young children it isnt a problem if so pay 099 All around educational app which is also fun                Great app


Pilot Fish Media
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later.
Last Updated:
OS / Version:
iOS / 2.0.4
iPhone iPad

iOS Kid Apps: 13 in 1 2.0.4 Mobile

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