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Description - Kindle, the publisher behind many iOS app (Amazon Mobile ,Windowshop ,Price Check by Amazon ,Kindle), brings Kindle with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Kindle app has been update to version 3.1.1 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • It is great on the trains or while waiting in line somewhere..
  • Love the flexibility and variety of available reading material..
  • I believe that Kindles in general are good ebook readers..
  • The best application program for book lovers..
  • I also love the adjustable brightness and night mode..

Overall Satisfactionc57
I love being able to read any of my purchased books anywhere.
I can't delete the app to re -download it or anything.
Adding text to speech could be extremely helpful for people with disabilities.
that Kindle doesnu2019t offer any text to speech capabilities.
I like it better than iBooks it's so much better.
which is rather sad because Kindle used to be better than iBooks.
The best application program for book lovers.
you can't shrink them making searching for book laborious.
Thank you Kindle for such an awesome reading experience.
Thanks Amazon for that little gem.
and now I have the best of both worlds.
Kindle readers best invention since the printing press.
Fun & Engagingc71
I very much appreciate the Kindle ap and Amazon Prime.
I use the kindle ap to download library books.
I read all the time and it works great with my iPhone.
It's easy to use and allows me to read all the time.
It has enabled me to read books all the time.
my friend and I exchange books all the time.
Family Friendlyc31
Production Valuesc43
Now that it's updated to include page turn animation.
Update 4/4/15: finally re added page turn animations.
Page turning gets very slow either with tap or page turn animation.
Ease of Usec43
Super convenient.
Security & Privacyc43
Love having access to my kindle account across various platforms.
The sync between my Kindle account and my iPod works flawlessly.
Tied to your amazon account and you have 1-click purchase.
Tied to you amazon account and you have 1-click purchase.
Updates & Supportc36
got great customer service trying to coordinate 2 iPads.
Customer service is there for a reason.
This makes reading new kindle version much easier on your eyes.
I use both the phone version and the fire kindle version.

Kindle is the undisputed champion for readers. found in 20 reviews
Kindle readers best invention since the printing press. found in 11 reviews
Wish it had store access and grouping/filing feature like iBooks. found in 33 reviews
Please restore the store button- apple or kindle. found in 16 reviews
The only complaint I have is that you can't buy books directly from the app. found in 94 reviews
I can't believe they removed the kindle store button. found in 1263 reviews
Please make sample to buy book directly from the app. found in 39 reviews
There are no page numbers only location numbers. found in 324 reviews
I'd like to be able to open a book at its previous settings. found in 39 reviews
can't buy books from the app - I don't know if that's from Apple's restrictions. found in 117 reviews
I love not having to store all the printed books anymore. found in 69 reviews
Not at all convenient with no access to the kindle store from the app. found in 44 reviews
The newest update doesn't open books correctly. found in 30 reviews
Great app - but need a way to organize books into groups/folders/tags. found in 293 reviews
No access to the store to purchase books = useless kindle app. found in 142 reviews
Needs text to speech really really bad its kinda pointless with out it. found in 99 reviews
Missing a search function which would allow finding text in book. found in 52 reviews
This app is useless to me now without the ability to buy books. found in 62 reviews
Still text to speech is missing even after update. found in 99 reviews
I wish you could download books from within this app. found in 47 reviews
My " sync to furthest location" doesn't sync with my other Apple devices. found in 26 reviews
Can't buy books on my iPhone with the kindle app. found in 154 reviews
The inability to purchase new books makes this somewhat pointless. found in 160 reviews
I can't delete the app to re -download it or anything. found in 386 reviews
This app is pretty much useless without a way to buy books. found in 1151 reviews
you cannot sync bookmarks and last page read between devices. found in 118 reviews
The new version does not allow to purchase books. found in 437 reviews
Can't download books anymore without the store button. found in 249 reviews
Hate that you removed the Kindle Store button put it back. found in 1263 reviews
What happened to the store button
Still no chapter indicator or page numbers for many books. found in 324 reviews
it wouldn't let me download my most recent Kindle book purchase. found in 140 reviews
But it makes the "animation" of page turning non-existant. found in 155 reviews
I'm not able to download new books through the app anymore. found in 156 reviews
No access to the kindle store makes app pretty much worthless. found in 296 reviews
Unable to access the store To buy new books. found in 344 reviews
I thought I was going crazy. found in 142 reviews
Crappy that it wouldn't let me search for books. found in 193 reviews
The most recent update really made it difficult to read at night. found in 148 reviews
please set up a way to organize books into collections and chronological order. found in 293 reviews
What happened to the store button I thought I was going crazy. found in 142 reviews

If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download Kindle for free from Apple Store. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 3.1.1 has been released on 2014-11-21. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later.
Bottom Line: For more information about Kindle check developer`s website :

The Kindle app is optimized for the iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch, providing users the ability to read Kindle books using a beautiful, easy-to-use interface. You can discover and read over 630,000 books in the ...
I love my kindle app and like the improvements I have one very important improvement that would be nice to have is the ability to see if I already read the book that is in my library I have over 300 books in my library and cant remember all the titles that I have read It would be nice if the rating I gave it was under the title That will keep me from downloading it onto my device and then realizing I already read it Hope this makes sense                 love but have a suggestion
Some of my pages are missing from the books that Ive borrowed The story gets really good and then I notice that it jumps pages so now I have no idea what happened           Pages
Update September 12 2015 this app still stinks for highlighting but what Ive noticed recently is that it uses a whopping 80 of my battery life This is quadruple the usage of games that are constantly running in the background and double to triple the usage of streaming apps like Netflix and FXNow This is ridiculous especially considering that an update in the Spring was supposed to resolve this Its getting to the point where I cant use the iPad for my textbooks anymore see below I can only use Kindle services on my desktop Dropping this app from 2 stars to 1I am trying to complete a MEd degree with a majority of my textbooks on my iPad I enjoyebooks because they are easy to search and crossreferenceAmazons Kindle marketplace is the only place I could find some of my books so Im glad they have this app for iPad I also appreciate their rent a book option to save moneyThat being said their highlighting tool needs some work Sometimes it forces me to highlight additional words that I dont need to include in a passage which means the notes I create from these highlights are a little incoherent Highlighting also screws up the text like if I highlight this is shown in figure 11 the note it creates might look like t his is s hown in figure 1 1This app feels rough around the edges I would prefer if all my textbooks were available in iBooks Between iBooks Kindle and Google Play this app comes in at a distant 2 nice but not great     Not meant for textbooks
How do I exit ebooks I cant get back to the app out of this book Very annoying        Just got And am so annoyed
Overall I love the app I give it 3 stars because the app doesnt let you change the page when you want to It freezes for about 3 minutes           App freezes
Dont know if its me or the app but I experience a fair amount of failure when I swipe to the next page It only started a few updates ago so I dont know if something changed in how gestures are recognized           Page swipe on iPhone is hinky
I used to love the kindle app but its getting very frustrating to use since the past few updates It takes almost 5 minutes for the app to fully load and then sometimes an additional few minutes for the book Im reading to open and allow me to turn to the next page I read the majority of my books on my phone but its becoming very difficult to get a few pages in during a break at work Please fix this           So slow to load now
Kindle is one of my very favorite apps for iPad                 Love it
I am a college student dyslexic and get frequent migraines So I always order as any books as I can over Amazon However it would be nice to be able to categorize books however we like not just author title or recentWhen I was trying to find the books I couldnt buy them OR see the price I had to go into Amazon I know youre the daughter of Amazon but please keep them separateIf I could organize it into specific groups it would be VERY helpful and if the prices would be shown I would change my review     Categories and prices
Ive download the app and cant login with my amazon account Ive got an iphone 5s ios 841 Ive already tried to reinstall the app but it didnt work     Cant login
Inability to shop for and purchase books from app is very inconvenient will use iBooks instead        Less than stellar
I had no problems w the app until yall decided that something needed updated Now I cant refresh my library or my daughters library Its not downloading any books I get This is very upsetting annoying Fix the issue     Crappy Update
It is my go to app whenever I want something good to read I think of it and I can instantly download it and begin reading What could be better                 Love this app
Why cant I purchase ebooks It only gives me the option to add to wish list        Problem
It seems like Amazon doesnt want people to use the Kindle app since they reduced its functionality Im assuming that since I can no longer buy books on the app they do not want people to purchase books I dont want to borrow books I want to purchase them and keep them But I have no problem with getting them on Google or the IOS Books app instead     Amazon phasing out Kindle
Im getting frustrated with this app I dont what is wrong but the app keeps deleting my ebooks and audiobooks     It keeps deleting my books
I love kindle              Excellent
I use kindle all the time but with the IOS update and current version it only saves my place in the book one fourth of the time It will jump me forward several chapters leaving me to page back scanning for familiar sentences Its a real pain        Love kindle but it wont save my place
I love the app and use it daily I rely on the bookmark feature because I listen to the audiobooks as I go to sleep and need a bookmark if I drift off before the timer ends For the past two weeks the bookmarks Ive set havent worked They show a page number but a location number of zero and they dont jump back to the marked spot                 Recent glitch bookmarks
After never having problems with my iPhone app I can now not get past the Amazon main page I think I was downloading books when it froze It will not let me cancel or continue downloading I cant pull anything up I just downloaded a bunch of books so I really dont want to have to delete the app and start again This blows     This blows
My books are always with me I never bored                 Love the app
I like this app when I dont have my kindle Its easy to use and the fonts are clear Its great to know I always have access to my kindle books                 Great option when kindle not available
The Kindle app has a lot going for it The book selection is doubtlessly the most complete of any I have browsed and the lowest prices as well So as your basic ebook store there is a nice foundation However two complaints one major one minor are evidence of a lower standard in this new age of digital goods It should be made clear to all consumers that when you purchase a Kindle book you are not simply buying a digital version of a book It is more apt to say you are purchasing the license to read a Kindle book The distinction is importantIf I visit a brick and mortar book store and I purchase a copy of a book that is my copy to do with as I please with certain reasonable caveats See the book store cannot without great difficulty snatch a product out from under me for any reason at all with no obligation to reimburse me for my purchase It is important to understand that consumers fully understand what products or services they are truly paying for Kindle can lead the charge and provide a product that is magnitudes better Allow me to purchase a DRMfree copy of a book at a price you seem acceptable Dont diminish your customers experiences in order to mitigate piracyOh and using footnotes on an iPhone is atrocious The links work just fine on my kindle ereader and if I hold down on a footnote it highlights what I intended to but trying actually click the footnotes takes several tries at a font size my octogenarian grandfather can see from 20 yards away        Complications
Tried audible back to kindle for my reading research and enjoyment                 Love Kindle
Kindle is definitely the best ebook reader I tried but I wonder why I cant I translate the words to Arabic language There are a lot of languages but why the Arabic non of them I hope you will add Arabic in the next version Please           Best book reader
While not a replacement for my Kindle its great to use when I have a few minutes but dont have my Kindle with me It knows exactly where I left off with whatever book I am currently reading When I get back to my kindle it updates to the last page read from the appThis App should encourage everyone when they have some time to kill to read a book instead of wasting time on social media                 I love this App
Can kindle stop automatically underlining text because someone liked it And can highlighting require confirmation Otherwise a great app              None
Kindle is so easy to use And I can access it from any of my devices The free books from Amazon are another perk ILove it                 Simply Awesome
As a grad student I have so much to read and the physical books can be heavy to lug around I just purchased my send textbook and reading on the kindle app makes my life easier If I come across an unfamiliar word I cane highlight the word and kindle will provide a definition If the graphic is small I can zoom in and kindle will automatically access the graphic to full scale which can be closed quickly with a touch on the X Highlighting and placing a note in the text is a breezeThis is minor but I wish I could see the page number while reading                 So helpful for grad student
Im an avid reader and Im happy that I can use all my devices to read However I hate the fact that you cant buy books to read directly in the Kindle app on the iPhone and iPad Its a pain to have to go to another app to buy a new book Why isnt all in one place           Would love to buy books straight from app
I love this app I always read on it when I dont have my paperwhite with me Its extremely user friendly and I love the fact that its always in sync with my paperwhite                 Excellent App
Love to read to my children This makes it so easy to get great living books                
Use it all the time but would love it if I could organize my books by creating files Loved once I could download books straight from my phone but it only worked oncenow I hit download and it does nothingvery frustrating I have the kindle unlimited but will probably get rid of it because I cant download new books anyway           Mixed feelings
This app is TERRIBLE for reference for two major reasons1 No scrolling view Turning tiny page by page to search for a word in my bilingual dictionary is not worth it Its the 21st century Amazon2 No truncated searches You must spell the entire word correctly to find an entry Even Bible apps accomplish this well why cant the company that makes their own hardware add a boolean search How hard could it be        NOT for reference would be an easy fix
I just downloaded the newest update and found a big problem All of my books now show as new I want to know which ones Ive read or are in the middle of I have several that are short story compilations and only read a story at a time Now I have to page through them all to get to where I was Never would have updated if I knew this would happen           Not Happy
I know Kindle Unlimited is a new service and Im grateful for the addition of the Amazon Browser to find and download titles from within the app but since were limited to a few titles at a time itd be nice to have access to a Kindle Unlimited wish list from within the App to make this service anywhere close to Scribds App I hate having to make a side list in another app when i find a book i want to read whenever Im done with the 10 Ive checked out OR maybe create an option of a waiting list the book is put into until one of the 10 used spots is freed up           Kindle Unlimited
This is a wonderful app but the organization of the books is cringeworthy Id love if there was a separation between the books Im currently reading books Ive already read and books I want to read              Wouldve given it 5 stars but
I would give this a much better rating if they hadnt taken away the ability to change fonts I like to change fonts periodically and that option no longer exists The font is also lighter than I would like and changing the background doesnt help           Lack of alternative fonts
I like the books they have                 So cool
Good app but I think the ability to see previous purchasesrentals would be a great help Also my app is bugged and wont allow me to download books in app           Needs Some Help
This should be the most popular thing in the world if you think about it                 Library on the go
Ive had my Kindle Fire HD almost three years now its my third Kindle and my favorite thus far The picture quality is excellent compared to my previous Kindles I still have my original Kindle and use it in another room I gave Kindle 2 to my daughter and she loves it I dont often watch a TV show or movie on my Kindle but Im always impressed how excellent the sound quality is when I do                 Kindle Fire HD
The app on my phone refuses to sync This gets so frustrating because I am a reviewer and am always receiving arcs of books My iPhone is the main place I read I love my phone but miss the kindle app I had on my Note Please fix     So frustrating
I wish that all books on my iPad kindle app in the main page would move to a collections folder and not just copy to collections I have more than 500 books and have to spend 12hrnat least just to find what I want then I get distracted and dont find it This would be really appreciated and would make many people very happy Thanks for a feat app for my iPad              Collections
My pages keep freezing I keep having to close the app and renter to turn a page Ive tried updating system rebooting device no go Very disappointing Looks like Ill have to try something else           Freezing
Kindly has been over passing the borders of literature in the world Im recommending to keep grown up to educate and received knowledge in the best and easy way                 The best in the world
There should be a way to change how quickly your screen dimsauto locks when using this app Often times I find it starts to go dark and I have to tough my screen to wake it up Ive checked the settings and dont see a way to do that              Only one issue
I HATE that I cant switch the view and you have to highlight the phrases WORST CHANGE EVER     Current version is awful
I love my kindle app I enjoy having my books instantly I wish more books were available in the kindle software                 Love My Kindle

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