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A Thinking Ape, Inc. , the publisher behind many iOS games (Gangs at War ,SMASH Monsters - World Domination ,Kingdoms at War ,Party in My Dorm ,Meego Village ,Future Combat - Patriots at War), brings Kingdoms at War with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Kingdoms at War games has been update to version 1.35 with several major changes and improvements. Games release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • You can even chat with people during down-time with your game..
  • I recommend to anyone looking for a fun strategic game..
  • Kingdoms at War is by far the most addicting game I've ever played..
  • definitely more a long term game..
  • One of the best multiplayer strategy games ever made..

Overall Satisfactionc93
It's an amazing game that's very addictive I love it.
They ruined an amazing game.
One of the best games I've played and keeps getting better.
This is probably one of the best strategy games I have ever played.
I recommend this game to anyone who loves multiplayer chats and grinding games.
I highly do not recommend this game.
The best game I've ever played so far on my phone.
This is THE best mmorpg for the iPhone/iPod touch.
Wonderful game that is both addicting and a great social site.
This game is hands down the BEST game in the App Store.
Fun & Engagingc91
Awesome game it's the best app you can have.
A fun game to play with other people and easy to understand.
If you don't care about getting good then it's a fun game.
It is very addictive and just keeps getting better.
Very fun game especially chatting and clans.
Super fun with friends and is extremely addicting.
Best game ever play it all the time keep the updates coming.
Tons of fun Developers that care and listen to it's audience.
Best game ever totally addictive.
I play it everyday for at least a year and very addicting.
I play it every day and have met some neat people.
I have played everyday for over a year now.
Family Friendlyc86
Fun team game for kids and adults.
Not a good game for kids as is advertised.
My whole family plays this and really enjoys it.
The whole family plays and it can be fun.
Value for Moneyc41
You can progress without spending your own money.
You can be successful without spending a dime.
Replay Valuec92
Its revolutionary platform ensures KaW literally never gets old.
I recommend to anyone looking for a fun strategic game.
This game is much more challenging than the others ive played.
and I mean VERY repetitive.
it provides endless hours of entertainment and the community overall is excellent.
Addictive and challenging.
Social Aspectsc89
Great social game to meet new people from all over.
Meet tons of new people and become good kaw buddies.
this app is a waste of time for new people.
Both the game mechanics and the social aspect are fantastic.
Gets old quick unless u like the social aspect.
One of the best multiplayer strategy games ever made.
From fun amongst other players to friends and meeting new people.
Great game to play with friends and have fun with teamwork.
the online multiplayer aspect is really good it x2019.
Production Valuesc49
There are some bugs with the chat interface.
Chat interface very fun.
Ease of Usec95
because it's such a simple game what could really go wrong.
Fun and simple game totally worth your time.
Security & Privacyc64
Updates & Supportc14

It's the best RPG for ios it's great fun. found in 33 reviews
Great game to play with friends and have fun with teamwork. found in 15 reviews
Great way to meet people and make new friends very addictive. found in 78 reviews
This is THE best mmorpg for the iPhone/iPod touch. found in 45 reviews
Possibly most addicting game in app store great time killer. found in 43 reviews
Awesome game it's the best app you can have. found in 829 reviews
Great game
I thought angry birds was entertaining till KAW came around. found in 10 reviews
Thumbs up Thinking Ape for creating such an entertaining game. found in 20 reviews
Great way to pass the time - be careful though - it is highly addictive. found in 104 reviews
Best medival game eva played it is the best. found in 24 reviews
It's an amazing game that's very addictive I love it. found in 225 reviews
The game great for passing time and you meet some great players. found in 11 reviews
Lots of fun an meet people from all over the world it is a great game. found in 95 reviews
Kingdomat war Is the best mmo game every created. found in 20 reviews
I Recommend to everyone. found in 128 reviews
Battles and becoming stronger keeps me coming back for more. found in 24 reviews
Super fun with friends and is extremely addicting. found in 58 reviews
Very fun game especially chatting and clans. found in 80 reviews
Great way to make friends and fight in war along side other players. found in 68 reviews
You meet new friends Very addictive
now i cant play but kaw is a great game. found in 4 reviews
Overall a bad game and a stupid play model. found in 26 reviews
but it started going downhill after plunderwars were taken out. found in 11 reviews
The devs don't help out their customers. found in 14 reviews
Basic cover up - shady at best- greedy Devs. found in 5 reviews
This game requires : strategy. found in 6 reviews
However too many server issues and crashes. found in 4 reviews
But still getsy vote as one oft favorite ways to waste time. found in 34 reviews
horrible war match ups. found in 6 reviews
It s great because you don't have to spend money to play. found in 143 reviews
If you like pushing a button over and over. found in 7 reviews
Too hard to grow unless you spend. found in 9 reviews
Good but needs to drop more items like crystals. found in 8 reviews
Too altered to be fun anymore. found in 13 reviews
There's no way to earn crystals after you finish the quest. found in 9 reviews
WARNING once you start you can't stop I've played for hours on end. found in 6 reviews
and Mithras is nice but smaller players can't afford it. found in 7 reviews
I don't even wanna push the attack button anymore. found in 5 reviews
Mithril wars have ruined the game. found in 20 reviews
so new players don't waste time in this game. found in 64 reviews
The 21 year olds that developed this game are thieves. found in 11 reviews
if you attack someone once they farm you. found in 11 reviews
So unless you are willing to spend tens of thousands of dollars. found in 10 reviews
Then the developers became money lovers and ruined the game. found in 20 reviews
It's no longer player vs player but player vs environment. found in 18 reviews
and make you want to spend money on pointless things. found in 143 reviews
I thought I was helping there kawmunity but the devs don't care. found in 14 reviews
Can't get competitive without dropping real money in this game. found in 82 reviews
A very addicting game that is going downhill. found in 11 reviews
they don't care if they lose player base in the process. found in 21 reviews
Always says there is no Internet connection when there is. found in 14 reviews
Developers have destroyed it and continue changing the game mechanics. found in 18 reviews
Worst game I ever play I hate online. found in 18 reviews
Customer service is poor and potentially offensive. found in 18 reviews
There are heated debates and useless arguments between players. found in 13 reviews
They screw you after you pay thousands of dollars don't download. found in 29 reviews

If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download Kingdoms at War for free from Apple Store. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. The new Kingdoms at War app version 1.35 has been updated on 2014-11-20. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later.
Bottom Line: For more information about Kingdoms at War check developer A Thinking Ape, Inc.`s website :

Take the throne of your newly formed kingdom, gather your allies close and send your armies off to conquer the world. Explore new lands and build the largest, most powerful kingdom ONLINE Massively Multiplayer Role-Playing Game ...
Its awesome                 Mr
Big money game They only way to move up its to spend major cash     Terrible customer support
Ive been at it for more that 5 years Back then it was great and addictive then ATA got greedy and changed things to a more cash driven game and taken away the fun Im quitting today           Was the best
I like it                 This game is great
The game is a 5 star game and was definitely better back in the day because now devs are more money thirsty than ever before making events only fun if you spend money or have 23hours of free time daily Kinda over it devs Need events to collect 1 single piece cmon           Well
Still awesome but much better back in the day Throw in some events that nonpayers can win and it will regain its status              KaW
Will band any acct over any suspicion Not worth spending your time on this game that doesnt care About paying customer Clash of clans is a way better game With graphics     Dont spend money
I love this game and always will The events are fun and the players are great Maybe for the event rewards increase Aqua and Inferno drops and allow those who dont make top 100 get a seal or horn too Thank you for reading if you do                 Fantastic
This is a great game You dont need to buy things in order to grow but that certainly helps This game is better than Game of War or Clash of Clans You should try it out but remember to play for a while dont quit on day one                 Great Game
If you dont use boys it takes forever and gets boring fast        Everyone uses bots
This game has disgusting and disturbing figures There are sexual and inappropriate names and clans I would not let your child have this You have been lied to I hope kaw reads this too Jrizo100 is the username     OMG
Ive taken a long time off and I came back A lot has changed and this game is still awesome                 Titan God
Fun game                 Moneyman
Super fun and addicting till you realize devs and mods are on certain clans and alliances and no matter what proof you send into the game they wont stop cheaters using bots if they are in those certain clans There are players who have been in forums on the botting sights that talk openly about botting in Kaw and the devs do nothing Its a joke that they only ban players not in the preferred clans We have supplied proof after proof even had ss and links to admissions but the leaderboard is filled with cheaters and when the players are hitting 247 with no breaks for a week straight you would think the devs would do something right Nope Dont download this app if you expect a fair chance     Kaw allows botting
Easy and Fun to playGet it now                 Fun and Exciting
Usually I dont give a But this game is pretty fun                 Great game
This game is great                 KIngdoms at war
Devs have instituted the rules of s5 and they do not match up as attainable goals to the players Just as ATA puts pitiful time and effort into their game so will I with this review Fix S5     Fix Season 5
I have played this game for 4 years and made lots of great friends Highly recommended UPDATE 2015 still playing Started in 2010                 Addicting game A
Great game interact with live player and war strategies to earn top ranks in the Kaw universeVery addicting And almost 5 years later still a great game                 Great online adventure
I have played this game 5yrs now Only reason I stay is because of friends I made The game used to be fun but now it is all about making money If you want to be competitive in the game you HAVE to spend money Lots of good suggestions have been brought up to the developers yet they ignore them All they want is your money So stay away and dont play this game It will be dead in a couple years anyways     DONT PLAY THIS GAME
This is a follow up review to my first I have come back to kaw to test the community and other players I am having a much more enjoyable time since the new update was released I highly recommend this game Please disregard everything I recently stated              Long time player2
Best game ever having fun                 Gamer
Ive been playing KaW for nearly 5 years now Ive seen things I liked and things I really didnt But overall it remains among my favorite games                 Still going strong
Game is fun                 Fun
Just a great game                 Great game
Every game has flaws but this one is worth it anyways Its pretty addicting and its fun to talk to people              Its great
The developers have basically stopped caring at all at least for the players who arent cash cows     This was a nice game
I dont like how in like ebs the more units you have like 30k spies the more you lose every time and when you have like 1k spies you still inflict the same amount of damage to the eb but lose a lot less units And guys make some estate buildings for building cash           Not cool stuff happening
Flexible game were u can war pvp or as clans Only drawback is the gold needed to grow builds              Great game
Been playing this for 5 years and it still isnt old Im addicted to KaWcain xD ZAFT Destiny                 ChIbBYIAddedThisToAnnoyYoulol
Its a good game But has alot of bugs and is slow when attacking in eb sometimes ATA is kinda making this game go downhill but i still play Its a good game and there should be more of a tutorial some new players cant figure it out like show how to join clans in this game on the tutorial idk           Good but
Very good game                 Sweet
It cost to much money to play this game     Devs are killing the game
Addicting game for a while but sometimes you get bored of it But still thinks its a good game              Ok game
Please dont be mislead by negative comments here Recently there was a change to game mechanics that have some in a panic This is truly an old school game that perpetuates family and friends My sons play wife plays and kids play It takes a while to grasp the game concept but most here are loyal to s fault I have been playing for over 5 years and have no plans to stop anytime soon Great game and highly addictive                 Great game
Five out five great game Very addictive                 Go KAW
Kaw has improved over the last couple years with the changes made for new players The events are a nice alternative t o wars but the lacking in responses to problems continues ATA has a very poor tech support record as far as I am concern I stopped playing for a year list a couple passwords wrote to ATA and a month later still no response Items have disappeared from inventory asked for assistance no response The message we are getting is spend your money okay the game but dont bother us with issues Sadly           Support needs improvement
This game is the most addictive game Ive got when you get it join Hawthorne Uprise I would recommend this to anyone who likes to have fun                 Awesome
Been playing for 4years nowKeeps you playing                 Kaw
I have played this game for 4 years and only still play because I like sticking it to the cheaters Players blatantly cheat and openly speak about it The developers only enforce the rules on certain players They actually play the game and most of the LB players joined their alliance to avoid being punished They had wide sweeping bans across the game but no one in the largest alliance was touched They have all the cheaters there     Corrupt developers
This game is amazing Although it can get boring at times I wish the devs would add events where you DONT need to collect four pieces to make one of the items for the event                 I love it
I once had a life Full of friendships love and vigor I have happily given that all up for the sweet nectar known as KAW                 KAW
Yeah 5 years of playing I get yet another new iPhone and now Ive linked too many devices says the devs who allow people to have 20 Alts in 1 clan Emailing gets you looped around with no results How hard is it for a company who owns every aspect of the game to allow them to link an additional device They claimed I was good to go But I was not I sent them screen shots of the steps they said to take But got the same result So countless dollars and 5 years of playing this game And they kick me to the curb like Im nobody Sorry I didnt buy 50 HTE seals Such a shame too cuz Ive loved this game and now its over as far as I can see Best cigarette break game But now youre getting a 1 star because of your crap service to help loyal players     Seriously
سر كاري ولي بد نيست                 Good
I enjoy the game a lot but Ive been having the problem for a while that it crashes occasionally when I hit an EB or send a message but now I cant even get in because it crashes score the game loads Fix please           Crashes
What you need to know starting out It takes a lot of time to get your kingdom anything close to respectable Money will help you get there faster Actually if you have anything else to do other than play the game you will hit a wall and spending will become necessary Bots are rampant There are many players that use bots which are against the terms of use ATA is either inept at detecting them or turns a blind eye You may see other people saying bots are not allowed This is true in theory In practice it is not I can assure you Other methods of cheating exist as well Aside from that it can be an engaging social game Just be advised that corruption of the game does exist and that patience is required     New version same issues
Highly addictive Keeps your attention without making you think too much Its a great way to kill time and relax              Good game
I have played for a while and I must say I loved this game Past tense LovED Thats because of THAT update The one that gives newbies all the starting lands for FREE WHAT I WORKED MONTHS FOR THEY ARE GETTING FOR FREE At lease give us old players SOME sort of gift Or are you too lazy to do that too     Was good
Played the game for 5 years and now the game doesnt even open so I cant play anymore        Needs fixing

Kingdoms at War Games Ipod TouchKingdoms at War Games Ipod TouchKingdoms at War Games Ipod TouchKingdoms at War Games Ipod Touch

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