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Clockwork Pixels
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Description - Kitten Sanctuary

Clockwork Pixels, the publisher behind many iOS games (Pyracubes ,Vampire Ventures Lite ,Mirror Mixup ,Darkside™ ,Vampire Ventures ,Kitten Sanctuary), brings Kitten Sanctuary with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Kitten Sanctuary games has been update to version 1.0 with several major changes and improvements. Games release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • I used to play this game like ALOT in my childhood..

Overall Satisfactionc97
Best match game in the app store.
Recommend this app to any cat lover.
Mum loves it as much as my little brother :.
awesome quality.
Amazing game.
great job developers.
The highest quality game in the app store.
Fun & Engagingc98
^_^ thanks for the awesome game.
awesome quality.
Fun plus kitties.
Fantastic Fun.
The kittens are absolutely adorable and the game is addictive.
Replay Valuec91
150 or more levels could probably do it.
Great variety and hours of entertainment.
Production Valuesc94
Cute graphics and a lot of different options.
Outstanding graphics.
Polished and fun.
Artwork and animation are cute and very well done.

Best match game in the app store. found in 3 reviews
Super cute puzzle game with different levels of difficulty. found in 4 reviews
Regardless of whether you’re a dog or cat person. found in 2 reviews
Great variety and hours of entertainment. found in 1 reviews
to keep things interesting. found in 1 reviews
Rarely does a match three shine like this one does. found in 4 reviews
these credits can be used to purchase the necessary supplies. found in 1 reviews
I used to play this game on my PC. found in 1 reviews
share your progress across devices via icloud. found in 1 reviews
Played the free version and bought immediately. found in 1 reviews
So to sum it all up. found in 1 reviews
s a game that players of all ages will enjoy. found in 1 reviews
players should be able to find something that suits them. found in 1 reviews
recommended by touch arcade 90 appspy 4 5 amp. found in 1 reviews
it's a breath of fresh air. found in 1 reviews
2: please support game center. found in 1 reviews
However there needs to be more levels. found in 3 reviews
I would not waste time writing this. found in 1 reviews
1: please support cloud save
It's an adorable match 3 game but with cute kitties. found in 1 reviews
I can't turn off the music. found in 1 reviews
very refreshing that it doesn't use IAP to rip you off. found in 1 reviews
I can't stop playing. found in 4 reviews
I can't open the game. found in 1 reviews

The Kitten Sanctuary is now available for $0.99 for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 42.3 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 1.0 has been released on 2014-11-20. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.Requires iOS 4.3 or later.
Bottom Line: For more information about Kitten Sanctuary check developer Clockwork Pixels`s website :

To celebrate our first ever app, Kitten Sanctuary is available at its lowest possible price. Please grab it before we start experimenting with our pricingFree trapped kittens and keep them safe in your kitten sanctuaries. ...
This game has a surprising amount of depth to it Its cute and simple on the surface but Ive already put quite a few hours into it and I keep coming back for more Great graphics fun premise and great controls mixed with NO in app purchases make this a definite mustbuy                 Worth Every Cent
This was a great game It was fun playing with my kittens and completing level after level Clockwork Pixels is a great company Thank you for the applicationJust one thing Add more levels This is just a piece of cake and I beat the game in three days I would say 150 or more levels could probably do it              Great
Fun puzzles and cute little kitties Nothing not to love Mum loves it as much as my little brother                 Love this game
They got really creative with making up the cute kitten personalities Lots of stuff to do with makes this a match3 with depth tonnes of character                 Cute and Fun
Bejeweled meets kitties What more could you want                 Best game ever
Im not much of a cat person but I do enjoy playing this game If youre into 3ofkind matching games like Bejeweled youll definitely enjoy this game Levels are creative and fun music is enjoyable and everything is cutely and nicely animated Also as you save kitties you get to keep a kitty sanctuary where you can buy things and play with the kitties you saved Its pretty cute                 Catnip
Love the mix of match 3 with virtual pets The toys are fun to use with the kittens More toys pleaseAbsolutely NO hidden costs after 199 for the whole game THANK YOU                 Sweet
Cute I played the match 3 game and my daughter would tend to the kittens                 Momma
I love itIn the future it would be cool to see more levels ands kittens                 Absolutely A Great Game
I played the lite version and had to get the full game I love all the cats and playing with them with all toys                 Paw some game
Lots of fun hours of intertainment Just a note make sure U read everything that pops up while U R playing                 Kitten Sanctuary
I love this game so much that many times I go and play with themthey are like my cats cute and adorable                 Lovelove love
Polished and playable by all ages Refreshingly free of IAPs A great game that is well worth the price                 Fun game good for kids too
Game is easy to learn and fun The graphics are cute but I wish they we a little bigger              Adorable
So cute and a great moodbooster the kittens jump and tumble around while you play the match 3 boards then between levels you can play with the kittens youve rescued                 Fun and adorable
I love this game I love how all the kittens have detailed descriptions of their sophisticated selves D Theyre so funny and adorable Best matching game EVER                 Love Love Love
This is such a cute and very well designed game Cute graphics and a lot of different options I adore it Best game Ive found so far Its adorable and fun at the same time                 Worth the money
This is such a well designed app I start playing this and cannot put it down After I have saved all the kittens Im going to rescue the puppies great job developers                 Love it
Cute                 Love it
I always play games while listening to podcasts However this app doesnt allow me to do that Even with game sounds muted it will still turn off my podcasts Infuriating     App always takes over sound
Addictive                 Great Game
Just the right combo of cuteness and playability for me The games remained fun throughout Authentic purring kitten action too                 Cute charming fun
I played the PC version of this game before and it was great but the iPad version is just amazing Not sure if its just cause its touch capable now but I love it The kittens are so cute and the puzzle is easy enough but not mind numbingly so Ill have to buy the puppy version too So if this game looks interesting go for it its even cheap for the value                 Amazing game
I cannot stop playing this game So much fun and the kitties are so cute LOVE IT                 Kittyvention
So cuteI cant stop playing My only complaint is that its too short                 Must Save Kittens
Great game fun to play                 Kitten sanctuary
Ive wanted this game ever since Ive laid my eyes on it Now that I have it I play it almost every day I love collecting kittens with cooky personalities and adorable accessories So to sum it all upI LOVE THIS GAME                 I love it I love it I LOVE IT
Very refreshing game                 Very refreshing game
Worth every penny Definitely advise you to check it out                 Very fun game awesome quality
I was surprised how much I enjoyed it                 No hidden costs great game
I love everything about this app I love kittens I have two 3 year old tabby cat twins Its so much fun me and my little brother play it everyday I cant stop Right now Im on the mountain dont change the app its perfect                 Best app EVER
Enjoy it Quite addict One problem it greatly heats up my iPad 3                 Great game
I love this game I put it on zen mode to have a stress free game to play after work The interactive kittens are my favorite part in this game                 Kitten overload
I am very picky but I love this game if u are a cat lover like me u r going to love this game sometimes not even occasionally it might freez for like 5 seconds                 awesome
A very intriguing game Very deep What appears to be a regular match3 puzzle game is actually an adventure of kittenrescuing coinearning and alien blasting I especially love that this is a puzzlepet sim Its very creative Even if youre not into the match3 puzzles you should definitely give this a try But if youre a little skeptic about this try the free lite ver first And at only 99 cents with NO annoying in app purchases this is a great deal Now stop reading this and buy this app It is so fun I cant stop playingHowever there needs to be more levels Hoping to see that in a future update Add more lvls and five starsAlso I take off another star for the fact that I cannot move furniture and objects in my sanctuary That is a basic feature almost every pet sim hasOverall highly reccomended game If your more of a dog person there is also Puppy Sanctuary I have bothChiao 4 NowTomatoMelonsThe AppStores 1 Reviewer           Beautifully craftedbut too short
Kittens Puzzles Diversion Yep gotta love it                 Cuteness overload
Super cute puzzle game with different levels of difficulty If you like bejeweled and cats then you are going to love this I only wish it was supported by game center                 Save the kitties
I used to play this game like ALOT in my childhood and me and my older brother LOVED this game When I got my iPod I was overjoyed to see that they had this game so I bought it thanks for the awesome game and for those who are viewing right now THIS GAME IS WORTH IT Buy it                 Good Game
Ive had this game on every computer iPhone etc and I love it love it love it I think its so cute when I finally end the game and the kitten jumps out of this box and does cartwheels and flipflops Its so funny that I have to keep playing The alien is kind of weird but I learned how to get ahead of it I dont use the hard level and I dont use the flashing background because it gets on my nerves I usually play in the relaxed level because I can make a higher score I really like that one superpower when it explodes in all different directions Any way you look at it this game is one of my favorites of all timeJust for the record I am not some kid playing this game or young adult playing this game I am a person in her 60s So there yall lol                 Super cute
This is definitely one of the best matching games Ive ever played It does right everything that the overrated Candy Crush Saga does wrong No intrusive ads no requiring friend notifications to continue no expensive power ups yet all of great features including various goals fun free power ups smooth gameplay and more This is better in every way I can think of Get it                 Best Matching Game
I love this game Adorable Great variety and hours of entertainment And it never crashes                 Must have game
Kittens are womderful Saving kittens is awesome                 Kittens
Amazing match puzzle game                 11
Its an adorable match 3 game but with cute kittiesI love it when they paw at the fish toyits very cute how you can play with the kitties they have moods descriptions I do not like how the text tiles look tiny on my iphone 4s it gave me a headache They should make things look bigger for smaller screens its an eye sore when the text tiles are tiny The game seems to be made for the ipad not as good for the iphone because of the too tiny text tiles for small screens           Adorable
KS is a fun match 3 game with enough features diagonal matching power ups time limits goals to keep things interesting and a campaign that will keep you coming back to save just one more kitten Blessedly free from IAPs too Keeping kitten happiness levels can be a little bothersome but their purrs make it a satisfying endeavour                 Great port of a great game
I love the gameplay And I get to play with kitties too                 Fun plus kitties
Everyone needs to get this game                 Awesome game
Great                 Fun
I love your game but I have to admit that instead of pampering I put my kittens through the hunger games This is all the more fun with my cat on my lap swatting at them too The dog one is good also now where is one for the hamster lovers                 Great

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