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ORCA MD , the publisher behind many iOS app (KneeDecide MD ,FootDecide MD ,HandDecide MD ,SpineDecide ,KneeDecide ,HeartDecide), brings KneeDecide with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. KneeDecide app has been update to version 1.3 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.


Welcome to KneeDecide™!


KneeDecide is a new physician-based medical app designed to provide easy access to information, discussion, and current scientifically recommended treatment for common knee conditions. VIEW knee motion in 360 degrees. EXPLORE anatomy layer by layer from outer muscle to bone. MATCH your condition to other common conditions detailed in 15 different MRIs. LEARN about treatment processes through varied media content. LOCATE specialists near you in easy to understand listings.

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The purpose of KneeDecide™ is to educate the non-medically trained patient about their knee problems. It aims to enhance understanding of common conditions of the knee area while answering in an informed, practical guide which conditions may require surgical treatment. After you have been referred for an MRI and are exiting the imaging center with image in hand, you are met with a barrage of treatment options that can be overwhelming. For patients suffering from knee pain, an effective and timely treatment is crucial to regaining and maintaining a high quality of life, but how can you make sense of so much information?


KneeDecide presents a valuable guide for patients as they seek to understand and find the most effective treatment for their knee problems. The user will scroll through an easy to understand explanation of knee anatomy and common conditions accompanied by educational illustrations and clearly translated MRI samples.


The treatments covered are:


Minor Mechanical Disorders
Iliotibial Band Syndrome (ITBS)
Meniscal Tears
Patellar Tendonitis (Jumper’s Knee)
Advanced Osteoarthritis
Lateral Patellar Compression
Patellar Dislocations
ACL (Anterior Cruciate Ligament) Tear
PCL (Posterior Cruciate Ligament) Tear
MCL (Medial Collateral Ligament) Injuries
Patellofemoral Chondrosis
Tibiofemoral Chondrosis
Acute Isolated Chondral Lesion
Knee Fractures
Osgood-Schlatter’s Disease


Orca MD`s series of medical apps focuses on both temporary treatment solutions and conditions which may be serious enough for possible surgical remedy. All contributors are speciality-trained MDs with several decades experience and advanced degrees from:


University of Washington
University of Southern California.


Orca MD understands that as health insurance co-pay costs rise and the number of qualified doctors decreases, the need to find a clear path to the correct treatment in a more efficient manner is increasingly important. KneeDecide does just that.


In addition, look for SpineDecide™ and ShoulderDecide™, currently available, and the future releases of HandDecide™ and FootDecide™.


If you are iPad owner,you now can download KneeDecide for $4.99 from Apple Store. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. The new KneeDecide app version 1.3 has been updated on 2014-11-22. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 3.2 or later
Bottom Line: For more information about KneeDecide check developer ORCA MD`s website :


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Not only does this app provide a plethora of information but it also provides an online directory to find local physicians of various types to help with the knee                  Provide a Lot of Information
Guy below seems a little upset but love these apps recommended for students in me school or doctors                Haha
This app has nice design and content I hate looking on the web at pages that are covered with advertisements blocking the content Even though I had to pay for this app it was worth it                Great Design
These apps are like encyclopedias but better designed Good basic facts                Like an Encyclopedia
I dislocated my knee recently when I was helping someone move and the detailed picture of the knee in this app really helped me figure out what had happened and what to do about it I really appreciate not having to spend hours looking for recommendations about my knee problem on the web and just finding the info in one place                Really Helpful
I downloaded this app for free today Im glad I didnt have to pay for it If its back to regular price dont waste your money    Glad it Was Free
This is a really good app                Good app
I bought the spine one then the shoulder one then saw this one I couldnt stop myself from buying it Its worse than pokémon gotta catch em all I bought it cause I like the shoulder and spine apps so much even though I dont have any knee troubles Its very fun for the medical enthusiast                Another Awesome App
The motions and graphics of this app are amazing and really help me follow the movements of the knee Recommended for all                Recommended for All
Super informative and very interesting Thanks you for making this and especially for providing it for free I cant wait for more                Very interesting
I own the spine apps for my mom so Ingot these ones just to see the set I like that Orca keeps coming out with more Pretty cool                Cool Set of Apps
This app is fabulous The ability to show patients their current condition a surgery or simply explain the human body with pictures and video is very helpful                Wicked
This app is great                Wow
This app is even more awesome now that it has video out This app just keeps getting better Watching surgery videos on my TV is pretty cool even if it grosses out the MrsThis app is great for figuring out how the knee works Whether you have injuries to diagnose or are just interested in learning about the anatomy and conditions this app is it The 3d model is amazing It allows you to see how the knee works from a 360 degree horizontal view I recommend this app to anyone with an iPadGet this app                Just as good as iPhone version but built for iPad
505 UpdateGiven that this is such a rare condition the doctors and other healthcare providers she talked to had difficulty explaining what it was what it could do to her knee what she could do about it or why she needed surgeryNow this application doesnt have a video that specifically talks about that particular condition its rare after all but it does have an incredible 3D model that her last surgeon the one who eventually performed the surgery used with labels and different layers and whatnot to finally explain to her in a visual way she could understand exactly what her condition was and why she needed the surgeryShe was at peace with her decision and confident in the surgeon and after the surgery and good PT shes doing wellIts amazing what a little education can do to improve someones health decisions                My cousin has synovial chondromatosis
Well organized with good examples and pathology explanations Much better than the eye app             Superior to other Orca apps
Be cautious before updating these apps If you have been using the free version or were one of he first adopters who purchased the original versions like myself you will no longer be able to use these apps after your two week trial version has expired unless you purchase a subscription plan This information was not added to the update information    Subscription now required
Ive used these for a long time for free They keep getting better and they have added tons of stuff the subscription doesnt bug me because I know they will keep adding                Still getting better
I recently suffered a pretty terrible knee injury and had to get my ACL and meniscus repaired With surgeries I have had in the past I have often left my doctors office feeling discouraged or confused not really understanding what exactly my condition was and how I could get better My orthopedic surgeon recently upgraded his office and is now using the Orca app and wow is it in incredible I felt like I really understood my condition and surgery and the rehab videos were fantastic It truly changed the recovery process Every doctor needs this patients love it                I had a terrible knee injury this app saved the day
Ive only recently been introduce to OrcaMDs Decide series of APPS and am very impressed The concept and the execution is great I use the Decide APPS to teach patients and to teach medical students as well Very well done                Orthopedic Surgeon
Amazing                Love it
Liked some of these apps more than others but now I have to pay a subscription to use them on top of the initial purchase price Sorry not happening Ill just delete them and free up a lot of space You will never see another dollar from me    Now Requires Presciption
Piece of junk Hard to use    Knee decide
Being able to send the education content to patients is a huge improvement Very easy to use too nice update                Great update
Its really helpful to have surgery videos in the app                Surgery Videos Helpful
I enjoyed all the Decide apps and learned a lot about the human anatomy without having to create a username and password Now since Orca Health owns the apps theyve changed to apps for medical professionals and not for the average person just wanting to learn That was the reason I downloaded the apps in the first place Time to delete them all    Was educational now not so much Doctors only
The Video Out feature is the best thing that came out for this app With this feature I can easily teach my students about the new on a large screen The 3d models are beautiful and the Find Your Condition section is very informative A must by for any Medical Student Professor or Doctor                Every App Needs Video Out
I was using this app for educational purposes for my pts Now they want 40 a mo which is outrageous Will have to go back to my paper handouts    Was free now 40 a mo
I was trying to show an MRI to a group of friends and figured out I could plug this app into a larger screen Really cool                Great Big Screen Feature
This is a great software if you are a healthcare provider Has really helped in my practice Subscription doesnt bother me its a good product that I would expect to pay for             Great Software
Fantastic resource for learning more about the knee and common problems with it                Great content and visuals in a free app
I noticed that there is a new email link at the top of the screen Since I was trying to help my friend figure out his knee problem it made it really easy to send him links                Cool Email Link
Cool                Great
Im really impressed by the 3D motion of the knee You can also see it with different layers like how the muscles and ligaments interact Great for understanding your knee if you twist it or anything                Impressive
Images are clear Makes it easy to understand                Great
Welcome to all our new users and thank you for your interest in KneeDecide and Orca Health Whether you are a patient healthcare professional or teacher we hope you find the app a powerful teaching and learning tool that helps you or those you instruct find best practice solutions to your or their health problemsWe aspire to producing the best patient education tool possible and to that end invite feedback both positive and lessthanpositive which we will use to improve our existing apps and guide development of future apps and featuresPlease email me and I will be happy to pass on your critique to our development team and help resolve any current problems you may be having with the appThank youMatt BerryFounder CEO of Orca Healthberry AT orcahealth DOT com                Founder CEO Note
My Mom has suffered from knee pain for years She has had several MRIs cortisone injections and just recently had her knee scoped We spent hours looking at this app so we could fully understand everything that was going on under the hood with her kneesI love all of the content                Very Useful
Several of their other apps look and work great This one is a turkey Please update all the apps to work the same    Bad design and difficult to use
memory intensive will not load on iPad    waste of time
I am a runner and lately my knee is bothering me It really helps to understand how the knee joint works and what can affect it                Great Anatomy Deconstruction
This app is so helpful I got to learn more about my injury and the procedure used to repair my ACL tear and lateral meniscus tear I got the surgery just on June 11th This app runs smoothly and is very helpful                Perfect
Unless you are a practicing physician this app is useless It requires you to provide email etc before the app can be unlocked Do not waste your time Apps like this are everything thats bad about the App Store Cmon guys dont waste our valuable with this crap    Total Scam
I purchased this program Paid money I guess not enough They automatically updated the program and screwed everyone who paid for this in the past Im not a doctor Just used the program to help understand my daughters injury These people do not respect their customers Stay away from Orca Health Rip off scam artists They take your money then run    Beware They dont respect their customers Rip off Scam
Really like the ability to send emails and manipulate 3d images                Awesome
This app is amazing Thank you                Incredible
I am a fitness coach and I was thinking about using these apps to help my clients with their nagging issues We could have used a quick look to see if a visit to a doctor physical therapist or massage therapist would be useful Or if they should get a second opinion when their pain is not addressed properly These clients are not in enough pain to want to see a doctor but sometimes they really should and I wanted to have a way to visually persuade them However the price is too steep Plus I already bought most of these apps long ago so I am doubly disappointed that the update broke them for me without warning    Now only for professionals 40moDont update these apps
This app totally saved my butt in a presentation I used it on a big screen for my class and it worked really well to show the anatomy I was talking about                Love the Big Screen Plugin
I have been wanting an app to understand my MCL tear This is really helpful and its free                Helpful
This app is such a blast to use  There is some great information listed in this app  You can find your diagnosis view videos images and find a specialist nearby to take a look at your condition                App is a Blast
The shoulder version is a nice app Multiple conditions you can annotate etc this knee app is very basic Not useful    Why worse than shoulder version


Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 3.2 or later
Last Updated:
OS / Version:
iOS / 1.3

iOS KneeDecide 1.3 Mobile

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