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Sensotec nv, the publisher behind many iOS app (knfbReader ,LEZERgame ,Legimus ,KNFB Reader Enterprise ,Alinea ,Inläsningstjänst), brings knfbReader with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. knfbReader app has been update to version 1.1 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.

Overall Satisfactionc89
Absolutely a phenomenal OCR app.
Best show in town.
supremely freakin amazing.
I have tested this on multiple documents with amazing accuracy.
I would recommend this app to any student who is in school.
This is one of the best reading apps out there.

Very voice over accessible. found in 1 reviews
synchronized text highlighting with high quality speech and braille output. found in 1 reviews
additional features including language translation text editing and more coming soon. found in 1 reviews
I've seen it scanned books. found in 1 reviews
It's so useful. found in 1 reviews
I have been taking pictures of every thing that contains text. found in 1 reviews
off of my laptop computer screen. found in 2 reviews
I had to budget a little bit. found in 1 reviews
automatic text detection to enable hands free operation. found in 1 reviews
it recognizes text extremely accurately and quickly. found in 1 reviews
Awesome text reading app. found in 1 reviews
ability to import ocr and read image based pdf and jpg files. found in 1 reviews
Having used two previous incarnations of the KNFB Reader. found in 1 reviews
KNFB Reader Is Great. found in 1 reviews
I will echo what others have said: This application is fantastic. found in 1 reviews
it will meet or exceed your expectations. found in 1 reviews
ipod touch 5th generation. found in 1 reviews
I have used several OCR apps in the past. found in 2 reviews
OCR often fails to provide voice output. found in 1 reviews
The app also lacks bookmarking. found in 1 reviews
needs a little more work. found in 1 reviews
the field of view report does not give consistent information. found in 1 reviews
Scanning a document over 35-40 pgs consistently causes the app to crash. found in 1 reviews
let alone $100 at the regular price. found in 1 reviews
Once the crashing and bookmarking have been worked out. found in 1 reviews
sometimes the field report fails to give voice feedback. found in 1 reviews
and the read aloud translation made no sense. found in 1 reviews
but the text on the screen. found in 1 reviews

The knfbReader is now available for $99.99 for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is available in multiple languages: English, Bokmål, Norwegian, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish. It weighs in at only 42.6 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 1.1 has been released on 2014-09-18. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Requires iOS 7.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.
More Info: Find more info about knfbReader in Sensotec nv`s Official Website :

The highly anticipated KNFB Reader converts printed text into high quality speech to provide accurate, fast, and efficient access to both single and multiple page documents with the tap of a button on the iPhone. ...
This app is well worth the price It is phenomenal and works terrifically                 Absolutely a phenomenal OCR app
What an incredible app it works so great you can read this is a changer for blind people but actually nothing is changed for blind people its outrageously overpriced so thats meant to be purchased by folk rehab and other government agencies so that blind people have to get permission or they either need to be independently wealthy before they purchase it this price is unconscionable but hey theyre making money are they                 Todd Wills
This app is amazing Its so useful I love it very much worth getting                 So useful
Over the years I have used character recognition apps on various platforms This by far is the best Its fast and accurate The field of view report is a well worth addition to ensure that one gets the fullpage view of the camera I have tried everything from brochures to mail two bottles two boxes and all kinds of things It has been amazing to have this access to the printed word                 The best OCR app for iOS
Mr Gashel the rest of the crew really have the biggest bragging rights for functional development with the release of this app This is the best app ever for the mobile blind user It is my favorite and to be most used app in my daily activity Thanks for making independence easier KNFB                 Best Blind App Ever
I bought this app in part because Google Drive was advertised as a backup option but to my frustration and 9900 lighter wallet turns out that wasnt the case Highly disappointing Only offering Dropbox feels so 2012 It is very limiting and available storage is very small when comparing to Google Drive and even OneDriveOneDrive for Business or iCloudThere are a couple of buttons where it would seem that a better and more streamlined user experience could be had by converting them to picker items with Voiceover Mainly in the speech and document language buttons on the scanned document page Currently you have to double tap through to get the the next screen where you interact that the picker options anyway Just feels like an unnecessary stepId be happy to revise my rating with a future update if some of these issues are improved upon and other cloud storage options are provided than just Dropbox              Could use a couple of streamlining improvements Google Drive isnt available
The text to speech aspect of this app is excellent better than any I have seen so far I never thought Id actually find a text to speech app that actually converts text to speech There is only one little problem when you going to settings it doesnt work very well with voiceover              Very good app but
This is the app I have been waiting for for the past five years And it has not disappointed I have used the previous K NFB reader mobile device and this app for iPhone is much easier to use It is intuitive It takes pictures and reads the print from round spice bottles small round medicine files on the back of plastic pouches in glass picture frames off of my laptop computer screen I have many scanner apps on my iPhone and none of them are accurate But this one is accurate at least 98 of the time Love it Love it Love it                 Best app ever
The app is totally amazing and I love it But I cannot find the feature where it reads bills like one dollar and five dollar bills How does that feature work                 Question about the app
This is one of the best reading apps out there Ive seen it work well for many of my blindvisually impaired friends However its a bit tricky to use if you have truble with your hands shaking or moving I hope that in future updates this could be worked onIve personally had a hard time getting all four edges of the document to line up with the camra Using the field view report thing is also a bit tricky like someone else pointed outI do like the fact that it allows those with reading disibilities to gain independence as far as being able to read documents and other printed itemsI also hope in future updates we could be able to use the ALEX voice to read our documents For those who have ALEX on their devices Im not a huge fan of Samantha personally              Pretty amazing but
I love this app i can read my mail and school handouts                 Ossom app
Very fast The first thing that impressed me was how quickly as well as accurately this app converts documents and starts reading them to me This is an amazing game changer and worth every pennyI was put off by the price at first but what this does is really incredible I highly recommend it and I am very impressed                 Outstanding
I have performed several scans that included different types of materials and conditions I will tell you that no other app I have used even comes close to producing the results of the knfbReader app I have used Prizmo which is the only other app that comes close Yes the knfbReader app was designed with the visually impaired or blind person in mind and that despite what some will say is its strength I do not believe this app costs 9999 just to overcharge a certain segment of the population the blind tax but instead is a highquality app that delivers on the features and performance promised I could say quite a lot but it really comes down to one thing and that is for you to decide if you want to work hard or work smart Yes you can pay less for apps that will do the job but these other apps require a lot more fiddling to find the best position for extracting enough legible text to figure out what you got People have used stands of all types to get the job done With the knfbReader app you do not really need any stands etc If you have one it will certainly help and especially when doing batches of image captures using the automatic mode Otherwise you can simply hold your device about eight to 10 inches above the material and nearly instantaneously get your results I have absolutely no regrets paying 9999 for an app that meets a need and I can remove all other apps BTW when I figure the cost of apps and a couple of stands I have purchased in trying to find a good solution I probably spent more than the cost of the knfbReader app                 Yes it lives up to the hype
I have tried tons of OCR apps in the past and they have all flopped Total fail Will this app is so much different It tells you what it sees and doesnt see and the tilt feature is really cool also It is spot on with its OCR Id say about 99 correct Dont let the price tag scare you I promise youll find lots of ways to use this app It actually just about to save my life when I was able to read a medicine label I would not have followed proper direction since the pharmacist never told me Just do it you will not regret it                 So awesome
I bought it used it and love it Talk about a product that is simply amazing Its everything it was promised to be                 Great product
I love this app Very voice over accessible Good job four 49 thats not bad keep up the good work                 Love it
Beyond impressed with this app I am dyslexic and use it to read my long college level school reading assignments Because I can hear the words and follow along with my eyes I am able to retain and comprehend much much more Thank you to the developers                 Just WOW
This app screams amazing incredible awesome and most certainly independence                 KNFB Reader
wow This single app is a life changer for blind people it recognizes text extremely accurately and quickly its far faster than using my flatbed scanner with kurzweil and as fast or faster than open book with the pearl doc camera I have taken twenty or so pictures since downloading even of my computer screen and have been continuously amazed with the results if u are debating getting it dont Its the real thing Its what we have been waiting for nfb and good old ray have done it again                 supremely freakin amazing
I have used several OCR applications on different platforms Some of them worked well but on iOS I have generally had very poor results with them until KNFB Reader came along I stuck a regular office memo under the phone and gave this app a try and it read the memo almost perfectly on my first attempt My camera technique isnt all that good either So I must say that these guys hit one out of the park with this one                 Best OCR App Out There
If youve been waiting for the greatest OCR software ever created for the blind wait no more Best application ever I have been taking pictures of every thing that contains text and it has been reading it back to me with high accuracy Absolutely worth my 10000                 Finally
I am able to read many texts with this app                 Excellent
Fast accurate good feedback about what the camera can see great braille support Faster multipage scanning than the competition The elegance of the interface and quality of results may justify the price tag if you have to deal with a lot of printIll give it five stars when I can pan the camera and it will alert me to text in my environment in realtime              Best show in town
Love this app Good work guys                 Awesome
I was very excited to try this new app but am very disappointed There are a number of problems for a person with low vision1the icons are not intuitive and there is no simple legend in the complete manual to show what function each icon performs2the printed version on the phone is almost but not quite large enough for me to read My vision is approximately 20100 and the large font on my iPhone allows me to read emails and texts easily Ironically this app doesnt even allow for the same large fonts available in these basic iPhone functions3The first images I took resulted in a text translation that was imply jibberish I took a picture of a book page but the text on the screen and the read aloud translation made no senseAn app like this is sorely needed for people who simply have low vision but arent completely blind I sincerely hope that there will be improvements for those of us who can almost function but not quite without adaptive technology     Huge disappointment
when this application was released I decided to wait and see what others thoughtsince it is more expensive than most apps I wanted to make sure it would work well it was money well spent even with the first picture my results were amazing so far I have used it to read mail a pizza box and a CD caseif you are wondering whether the application really works well I can honestly say it does Its well worth it it will meet or exceed your expectations                 works great
The app lies it costs 9999 dollars to buy the TRIAL VERSION Once you buy it in the App Store you have to pay another 9999 cents for the Unlimited Version If this is a Bug then it may be fixed but until then DONT BUY THIS     DO NOT BUY THIS
Welcome to the clan if you read or if you suffer from visual impairment total blindness or perhaps dyslexia this program will allow you to read your own mail brochures receipts and restaurant menus without any assistance this program will give you a sense of independence and freedom For the very first time ever those who have visual impairments such as total blindness or perhaps dyslexia can read their own mail brochures and go to the restaurant and read their own menus without any assistance whatsoever Welcome to Kane FB reader it will give you since youve been dependence and freedom                 Best application ever for the blind
I have used several OCR apps in the past by far this is the best that I have ever seen The accuracy and speed are amazing Tasks as complex as sorting mail to reading a book for pleasure are all conducted with ease                 Fast andaccurate
This is a great app for singlepage scanning With a couple fixes it could be great for multipage scanning too more about that belowBought at 50 50 off the regular 100 price its OCR has proven very accurate and quick amazing me at how it can accommodate automatically for slightly curved pages and such I appreciate how you can add pages to existing files at any time They recently updated the app squashing most of the bugs I had encountered earlier Great job KNFBWhile it is over 90 there it is too rough for a 50 app let alone 100 at the regular price Scanning a document over 3540 pgs consistently causes the app to crash Ive resorted to scanning longer documents into multiple 35page files in knfbReader a rather untidy but functional workaround The app also lacks bookmarking an essential feature for multipage documents especially for the visually impaired I have resorted to exporting the text as a txt file and importing it into the Voice Dream app which has superior texttovoice and ereader capabilities than knfbReader eg use a slider to move forward and back through the text higher quality voices automatic bookmarking saves where you left off syncs with Pocket displays the amount of time it would take to listen to a selection next to the name etcNote Ive noticed that the device you use to scan can make a significant difference in scan speed Changing from an iPod touch 5th gen to an iPhone 6 doubled my scan speed in part due to faster focusing When possible scanning two facing pages of a book at a time doubled my scanning speed again Tip Use as bright a light as possible to speed up focus time and therefore scan times under lower light conditions focusing can take considerably longerA couple other requests include Cloud syncing between devices without requiring manually exporting from one device and importing into the app on another device More polished user interfaceI am sighted and use this app to increase the number of articles and books I can go through by listening instead of reading I tend to listen to more audiobooks then read paper books and my hope is to make more paper articles and books readily accessible in audio form This app is a great example of how improving accessibility for some can improve it for allIn short knfbReader is a diamond in the rough At this price I expect better quality Once the crashing and bookmarking have been worked out it could be magnificent Then I would give it 5 stars The developers are actively working on it so with continued effort they may yet refine knfbReader into a solid app worthy of the price              Excellent OCR needs a little more work
I love this app I have been waiting for this since this was a standalone portable scanner this is finally with in my reach now as far as affordability Its the best 99 Ive ever spent sure I had to budget a little bit But that is quite alright considering that I can take it on the go and read things that I never could before At least not until I got home to put it under my scanner this is going to make college handouts so much easier now im telling every blind person I know that has an eye device about the app                 K NFB reader
This app blows the competition away Also considering what you get this app seems incredibly underpriced to me I look forward to seeing what the updates will bring                 Worth every penny
this app is absolutely phenomenal This is the first OCR app Ive ever been able to get to work on my iPhone It gives phenomenal results there also accurate and it works quickly Amazing job personally I would recommend this app to any student who is in school                 unbelievable
Having used two previous incarnations of the KNFB Reader original and cell phone I am delighted that KNFB has been able to bring their quality to the iPhone so quickly This new version is extremely fast and the field of view report and conversion feel immediate As a mobile app another huge leap forward for independence for the blind and those who have any number of issues reading Surely deserving of some major awards Wow how great                 SO GREAT WE HAVE THIS
I have tested this on multiple documents with amazing accuracyWorks great on 5C running 712 However not good on iPod 5 gen on iOS 8 I think its the fault of iOS 8 not the app                 Absolutely Amazing
This is by far the best OCR app When I can get it to work the results are excellentUnfortunately getting it to work is a bit of a challenge First the field of view report does not give consistent information Ive run the report multiple times in the same position and get different results each time Additionally sometimes the field report fails to give voice feedback and you have to dismiss the app and relaunchWhen performing OCR you often only get portions of the text this even occurs when the field report indicates that alignment is perfect Just as in the field report OCR often fails to provide voice outputThese flaws are a shame since the app works well when it does work           Good but could be better
This is an outstanding app A 10000 price tag will make anyone think twice but let me assure you ITS WORTH IT Comes with easy instructions that you can have the app read for you if you wish You can also find a couple YouTube videos that explain the app really well Frankly it needs little if any instruction I figured it out after about 5 minutes of playing with it and Im as dumb as a box of rocks This app is awesome just the way it is but I do hope theyll continue to update it to make it even better Ive had the displeasure of writing a couple bad reviews for garbage apps that cost much less than this one but Ill be the first person to say this app is outstanding                 Outstanding App
The KNFB Reader opens a world that has been closedThe app is on your phone and it goes everywhere with youWhere as a CCTV stays on a deskA trail period would be nice To try it out and see if it works for your needs due to the priceGet the price down Please                 KNFB Reader Is Great
I will echo what others have said This application is fantastic Ive seen it scanned books informational sheets and letters Overall I like it                 Excellent application
This is the must have app for reading text Truly outstanding performance                 Awesome text reading app
I have bought a number of scanning apps through the years but this is the best regarding OCR accuracy For the visually impaired user this app is a must have                 Best 10000 I ever spent
Since the last update it has been constantly crashing I can do a field of you report and then when I go to take the picture it exits out of the app every single timeThe only way I can get it to work is just by taking a picture without the field of view report which obviously doesnt work very well     Crash

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