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Behold Studios Jogos Eletronicos LTDA ME , the publisher behind many iOS games (The Story of Choices ,The Gravedigger ,Super Cutes ,Galaxy of Pen & Paper ,Save My Telly ,Knights of Pen & Paper), brings Knights of Pen & Paper with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Knights of Pen & Paper games has been update to version 1.04 with several major changes and improvements. Games release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • A Fantastic And Addictive Time Killer..
  • Best most perfect entertaining game ever..
  • I spent 6 hours playing today instead of doing any chores..
  • and tons of classes and replay ability for ages..
  • Finally a worthwhile rpg with the old school 8 bit charm..

Overall Satisfactionc89
because this is such an amazing game.
One of the best RPGs I've played in a long time.
One of the best iOS games I have played in a really long time.
I would highly recommend this game to anyone looking for a marvelous RPG game.
On the downside there are some bugs that need to be fixed.
Needs to be fixed soon.
I think this is the best iOS game I've ever played.
The new update added more quests and characters.
besides that glitch it's a wonderful game.
Fun & Engagingc91
Awesome game that keeps your playing for days on end.
This is a super fun game.
addicting game that has a funny story line.
The new update added more quests and characters.
Very fun game with plenty of quests to do.
Tons of fun.
gameplay is fun and challenging.
Value for Moneyc54
Never had to spend real $$ for gold.
Replay Valuec75
Has a high replay value with different combinations of characters.
and tons of classes and replay ability for ages.
becomes repetitive.
Excellent and Challenging.
Production Valuesc100
not only because of nostalgic 8- bit graphics and audio.
The 8 bit graphics take me back to NES RPG days.
Ease of Usec86
and even with the simple gameplay and lackluster translation.
Between the simple gameplay concept.
A simple feature to add plz :3.
Game freezes.
They would get their 5 star once they fixed the bugs.

Thanks for fixing the bug. found in 3 reviews
It is still a great game for the price and never. found in 2 reviews
There is a very nice sense of humor injected into every action. found in 6 reviews
Retro RPG with modern game design. found in 5 reviews
It is the best RPG game I have ever played. found in 14 reviews
Very fun game with plenty of quests to do. found in 6 reviews
addicting game that has a funny story line. found in 9 reviews
Great game and time passer. found in 2 reviews
One of the best RPGs I've played in a long time. found in 37 reviews
This game has provided me an my friends with loads of fun. found in 3 reviews
Has a high replay value with different combinations of characters. found in 17 reviews
Innovative and nostalgic with tons of pop culture references. found in 6 reviews
Game freezes. found in 3 reviews
If this had iCloud support I would give it 5 stars. found in 4 reviews
making it impossible to finish the main quest. found in 6 reviews
And I'm getting ticked. found in 2 reviews
Great game but not fully working. found in 1 reviews
Great game but buggy. found in 1 reviews
badly executed. found in 1 reviews
but there's no way to sync save data between iPhone and iPad. found in 2 reviews
OK Game at first - gets boring /repetitive VERY quickly. found in 4 reviews
forcing me to buy gold with real money. found in 3 reviews
I have to close and reopen the app to fix it. found in 7 reviews
Can't progress. found in 3 reviews
The Paladin Class Needs To Be Fixed Please. found in 9 reviews
but something's missing. found in 1 reviews
This game wasn't free I already paid upfront for the game. found in 11 reviews
I still can't progress. found in 3 reviews
It is almost impossible to earn money in-between missions. found in 3 reviews
I don't wish to grind forever to resurrect my fallen comrades. found in 9 reviews
You guys need to fix this ASAP. found in 7 reviews

If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download Knights of Pen & Paper for $2.99 from Apple Store. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 28.0 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 1.04 has been released on 2014-11-22. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation), iPod touch (5th generation) and iPad. Requires iOS 4.3 or later.
More Info: Find more info about Knights of Pen & Paper in Behold Studios Jogos Eletronicos LTDA ME`s Official Website :

Knights of Pen&Paper is an indie turn-based retro style pixel-art RPG. Inspired by the great titles of the 90`s, play this game feels like you are playing a traditional pen and paper RPG. The player gets ...
You cant purchase the haunted fall dlc i guess a glitch is saving me money though                 Great game but I like cheese 123
This app is similar to Dungeons and Dragons and if you enjoy that you ll enjoy this Great game                     A great and fun role playing game ayritv
Was fine but has shifted towards a shameless cash grab What used to cost in game coins now cost gems         Bad Cville-jay
I think this game is a 4 Star game but since it currently stands at a 3 8 rating I am going to give it a 5 star rating to bump it up                     Honesty I think this game is a 4 Star Hayden fish
It s quite an enjoyable game however there is a really weird and annoying bug The monsters and status effects slowly travel across the screen until they are completely out of view All you see are their shadows It doesn t break the game but it makes it really hard to keep track of status effects Please fix Paradox             Great game weird bug Samostorm
Objects just drift offscreen and my Mage s Stream spell doesn t even show up on screen         Super buggy AjaxEroticA
Beat the game loved everything about it There are some minor visual bugs like others have mentioned but it didn t take away much from the gameplay                     Great game trianta2
As many people have mentioned this game is riddled with bugs The enemy sprites and status effect animations will move off screen to the right I clicked out of the game thinking it would save automatically It saved my characters levels and my quest completion but did not save the items I had bought or the level of my blacksmith Like what This is an old game how could it be so broken         Bugs bugs bugs UnifiedOmega
Big graphical bug that has monsters and weapons slowly drifting off the screen Apparently it s been going on for two years Really         Should have read reviews first Dave90803
After have played through in the past I came back to try the DLC On the IPhone 5S the monsters float and move to the right until there off screen Then to attack them you have to click the shadow where they were And for some reason the standard attack icons move down and to the right dislocating from there squares             Just came back and Palekid2066
Nice     Game deleted all my progress Holygame
Free to play     F2p cevtrb
What was the best game out there just became the worst bought pen and paper 1 and two two has just been removed from the App Store completely I woke to some vague message capitalist intrigue to be sure from paradox in regards to some kind of compensation don t buy this game when someone hits the mark unfortunately corruption is trailing fast behind nothing last forever folks     What s up pen and paper Ddddddfff
Aside from the annoying glitch where your enemies drift off screen slowly this game s characters are awful Like just pointless sexism over and over again Ugh A dungeons and dragons game where they make jokes about how women are dumb and their only character trait is caring about their looks Real classy you guys This could be a cool game if the developers wanted to make it relatable to all players and women are play phone games the most you know instead of white guys who have nice guy complex and cry while swiping through tinder     Seriously Alone no more!
Would give this a five for various reasons people have already pointed out and while I can still enjoy the game these glitches people were talking about why are they still here Lol I assume these minor issues would ve been fixed by now at least seriously while minor it diminishes the play experience at times can you guys do something about the issues that people have been trying to get your attention on for what seems like eons please We spent money this game deserves a five seriously guys fix it k thanks bye                 Beautiful buts guys c mon Onikaza
I ve read a lot about the bug where monsters slide off of the right side of the screen during battles Since the game has been out for so long I assumed they had fixed it by now That isn t the case I contacted Paradox Interactive and they blamed the problem on iOS 10 They said development of this game stopped before iOS 10 was released Therefore this bug won t be fixed     Known Bug Not Fixed monster sliding Burritonator
First off I love this game I put easily over 100 hours into it on multiple devices a couple of years ago I decided to re download it after I beat the second game However I want to know what happened This game hasn t had an update since 2015 and there are still many graphical bugs Almost anything that moves floats off screen including but not limited to Enemies Primary weapons in combat pets like the mana steal robot beds when resting and sprites in the blacksmiths menu It has been over 2 years I m disappointed that Paradox can t take the time to fix these simple bugs If this were fixed it would easily deserve more than 5 stars If you can get past the bugs it s still a great game             What Happened Danzi93
Its a nice little game but the gameplay is repetitive and basically turns into a very very long grind at level 30 It has also taken to annoying the heck out of me at startup with trying to force logging in to Apple s GameCenter I don t use GameCenter and I don t WANT to use GameCenter                 Decent little game for brief play T. Burnsie
Can they come out with a fix that stops the sprites from leaving the screen The original version of the game was great and the references were well played out but now they re reaching and by that I mean it s amazing someone like whoever owns the ninja turtles or Nintendo hasn t sued them into oblivion They could do much better than this     They broke it RevRobo
This was a great game when I played it a couple of years ago Now there are some issues Most notably monsters slide out of view during combat This makes the experience unsatisfying It s sad they no longer appear to be supporting this game         Good game but bugs Can spell
I love this game but have gotten tires of playing for hours and hours only to load up later and the save games are missing and a new game is the only option Would not recommend     Game deletes save data 2017 IsiLawson
I love this game The story and characters are all amazing Sadly the game randomly deleted all my progress Lvl 14 Chr s purchased a master and lots of table things             Great Game Sad Glitches Super Fun Sounding
Starts out interesting then turns into the blandest dullest grind you ve EVER experienced         Blandest grind ever dead jawa
As a experienced player of P P i can say this is a very good game for those who want a D D styled adventure However when i converted from using a iphone 4S to the 6S i noticed an issue that causes the enemy and weapon sprites to move away from the screen It would be better to play if the bug was patched                 A great game but it needs some fixes (why no update)
Please update this game there s way too many glitches Enemies and DOTs moving off screen enemies going invisible it s not an enemy ability they re glitching and disappearing with only their health bar showing The player attack icon on the fighting menu moves off screen Just so many glitches If you re going to keep your game on the App Store and more importantly if you re going to CHARGE MONEY for a game and have in app purchases in that game you HAVE TO issue updates to fix things like this Both of the Knights of Pen Paper games are full of glitches and bugs the second game crashes CONSTANTLY and the lack of updates is disappointing because they re both incredibly fun games Please devs fix your games     A lot of glitches Tansey214
Long time fan of this game such a unique concept that I think is very well done especially for a mobile game however after coming back to it after awhile there s a bug that causes enemy sprites to slowly shift off screen as well as your melee attack icon while far from game breaking it is very annoying as I have already mis targeted enemies multiple times because of it definitely 5 stars if fixed         Great game but bugs joker26573
The game itself is wonderful although I don t recommend you purchase in its current state There is a bug that forces enemy s off screen overtime It doesn t cause it to be unplayable but has caused it to be unlovable Sad story for such a great game     One big bug Pongored81
Have a bug where the sprites move off screen Also I can t use potions and items They say I m not high enough level Wth     Buggy ASAPchab
Fun game Will change to 4 stars after iOS 10 compatibility is fixed     Broken Don t buy yet until fixed jhuynh405
See the myriad of other reviews     Wandering Bug Slipstreamed
But the sprites move off the screen         Would make it 5 Glenvillesuperstar
This is a fantastic game It s time addicting and time consuming but totally worth it                     Well balanced game Archoas
I love the game and I ve spent countless hours on it but I just redownloaded it and there are some pretty gross glitches like the status effects slide off the screen same with the enemy models PLEASE CAN YOU FIX 3                 Fantastic game but glitches siobhan71
I can t get into the game because when I go to fight the bats they move off the screen     The bats OtotheSO
I m a long time fan of this game and have enjoyed off and on for well over a year Normally I have no problems with giving a game like this 4 5 stars but several glitches exist in the iOS version that range from annoying to completely unfair If the sprites aren t moving off of the screen enemies and status effects included then the definite lack of grindstones is the most annoying which prevents you from upgrading the blacksmith early in the game without spending all of your hard earned gold Even late game you ll grind gold and drops just for those stones in order to not waste time or money on failed upgrades This is a great game and under normal circumstances I d recommend it but without a fix of some sort I can t give it more than it deserves     A wonderfully fun game utterly broken Sir glidus
I got this game and bout the expansion but hen it crashed the game Now anytime i try to click on the buy gold button or on the expansion pack button the game crashes It really pisses me off that I cant have what I payed for              Cant use expansion
When I first bought the game I thought it was a rip off and I got disappointed but I gave it a try and realized its a little bit like Pokemon and now I love it                 Reminds me of Pokemon
Buy it Love it                 Amazing game
Knights of pen and paper is extremely addictive and fun The learning curve is very brief the controls are simple and the graphics are fun However I decided to buy an inapp purchase for a few additional coins but then the game crashed mid purchase I lost the coins I bought and the money still went through theres no option to reclaim purchases The game starts fine and sometimes works well but occasionally it crashes and whenever I try to push the buy coins button it immediately crashes again This blows considering I invested nearly 10 hours and a handful of cash into the game Ive attempted to contact the developers but Ive yet to hear back from them I also looked online and sure enough this problem has happened to lots of other players after making an in app purchase Other than that this game is awesome I just strongly discourage everyone from trying to buy an inapp purchase until they release an update that fixes the issue Developers please be more responsive to your supporters        Incredible gameplay but crashes A LOT
Simple enough for new players complex enough for DD veterans this game embodies the core values of any good iPhone game and exceeds my normal expectations And best of all its free Get this game for your own good                 This game is addicting
I first want to say props to the devs for making such a good game Back a few years i picked up the game right when it came out and with all the updates since ive probably played this game for more than a couple days worth of time It is great for long road trips and is probably best suited for around 1012 years This game to me is worth well over 20 dollars as it has lasted me longer than any recent cod or battlefield that i payed 60 dollars for                 Best most perfect entertaining game ever
At first was a little worried about buying the game but so glad I did it Is amazing and very addictive all so dont play before bed you will not get any sleep                 Great game
This game is outstanding Funny n fun Original but retro idea                 Great game
No iPhone 6 plus support Still have black bars on the side when holding it sideways                 Really
I should have left this review like a year ago but never got around to it They just added a new patch with new free content though and Im playing through the entire game again Its a fantastic original RPG of the caliber youd expect from a dedicated handheld system or good indie PC game Yes there are IAPs but you might never know they exist through a normal play through and they are absolutely unnecessary                 Musthave RPG
Also the save system doesnt work well When the program quits itself from running in the background it doesnt save progress Just lost a few hours worth of playing Erased this game and wont miss it     Repetitive and boring
There is a huge level gap between the final quest and the one before it I would like there to be more quests to help level up the characters more new areas would be cool too                 A very fun RPG but
The game is FUN but one problem is that if the enchanter level was removed as I heard how come related achievements are still on the Game Center              Its definitely worth the money but one problem
I love this game so many funny references u would laugh at if u get them and is amazing love it                 Awesome
The developer has already added a lot for free The 2 dollar cost for the expansion might make you feel like your being cheated but it took time and resources to make Im fine with paying for it because it supports the developer for their great game and lets them do more in the future                 Charging for the expansion
EDIT After this they added a Halloween update Bought it right away Love how easy and fun it can be Thanks for the hard work This is a brilliant little game that can entertain for hours on end Ive had it on my devices for years now However I would love to see the Steam versions extra location added to the iOS version With it being Autumn it would be the perfect time to add the Farm Village Map with the pumpkins corn and scarecrows Please consider letting us have that or even buy it as an IAP Thank you for your hard work                 GREAT game Please add Farm Village Map
This game is great in a lot of different ways I personally like how well it simulates a real dnd gameI like the chatter between the DM and the players I also like how meta it is                 5 stars
Great                 Great
I have iPhone 6 plus it crashes Please fix thank you     Crash
Are they going to add the other characters in the PC 1 edition like the magicka guy              Missing characters
I hit 1 on the level leaderboard today and this is by far the most replay able rpg out there Im on difficulty thats how much Ive played this great game Would recommend to everyone can keep you occupied forever Lets play all night long                 Best game out there
I like this game so much its easy to use and fun to play but when I try to buy Inapp purchases the game just crashes please fix           Love the game but hate the crashes
Loved this game its a great game I played it for hours days even but it needs a refresh purchases button I bought gold and deleted the game and cant get the gold back when I went and redownloaded the game to play it again hope to see an update so fixing that otherwise fantastic game                 Great game one flaw
This game is worth the money I have spent the last 3 days playing this during my free time Today is Christmas and I am still playing this game despite having an Xbox a PC and a wifekids In app purchases are completely unnecessary Only complaint is the late game needs more variety in monsters                 20 hours or so of fun
This has got to be one of the best games on the App Store This game is better on an iPad but is still great on an iPhone There is lots of funny jokes if you can understand them and chat is funny Well worth the 5 price tag and Ive heard that there is TONS of playtime in this and a newgame with more items and everything My party is only level 1213 but I am enjoying myself so far TipROUGE IS THE BEST CLASS                 Great RPG of an RPG
The only word I can use to describe this game is FUN                 Jhf
Love game more DLC wanted Like new classes and maybe new story mode More characters as well overall one of my favorite games Please add more classes like duel wielding              Best game ever
This game has a fairly interesting mix of the tongue in cheekness of DnD and the turn based fighting of Final Fantasy Lovely graphics catchy tunes addictive somewhat tiresome gameplay and game makes this well worth the five dollars Cant wait for the new content Ps make sure you dont get your entire team killed then that means youll have to either A pay out of pocket for gold B grind on another file or C flat out restart                 Rpg Tabletop Dungeons
I love this game It is like the classic and complicated DD that I want to play without the complication I like the light theme and humor and how you can choose the difficulty of your battles instead of being given impossible battles when you get a little too cocky All in all great game I tip my hat to the makers                 Great and Classic
This my favorite game I have by far It seems like the content never ends and I have played for at least 20 hours with lvl 40s What is better yet I replay it still and dont feel bored DONT Listen to all the people saying they need to buy gold Unless you are really bad and your team doesnt synergise then you wont need gold You get over 100 gold in most medium fights PS if you feel like you cant afford the blacksmith just buy the rings that decrease the cost I upgraded to the best gear with only 40 gold It feels like cheating though                 Worth 5 dollars you wont need IAP
When I first fired up the game I didnt really get it but after a few minutes I figured it out and quickly became addicted Ifyou like the classic FRPGs like DD but dont want anything supercomplicated this is perfect The chatter between the DM and the players is fun and funny the monsters are creative and its just all around fun Weaknesses the crafting system kinda stinks Its very expensive to get better weapons at the Blacksmith because it takes a lot of grindstone which you find in caves or buyto level him up A low level blacksmith has a much lower chance of successfully crafting anything so you waste a lot of gold on him hoping hell get a good die roll and make the item you want You REALLY want to craft items as later monsters will not be easily beaten by just your combat skills and special powers Also 2 for the addon Haunted Fall pack seems a bit high Yes it comes with a new class and content but this is mobile and werewell were spoiled by stuff being cheap For 2 thats two other games I could try                 Great fun worth the money if you like RPGs that are quick and simple
Its a good game                 Best RPG ever
Love this game Best RPG on my phone                 Awesome
Thank you this is one of the best games Ive ever played I love it and its a five star rating thank you very much Im glad whoever made this                 Pen and paper
This is the first time Ive ever reviewed anything on the App Store after playing this game I just had to give it 5 stars This game is hands down the most fun game I have played on my iPhone definitely worth the money youll get every pennys worth and more If youre a fan of RPGs of any kind you will love this game                 First review ever
Most definitely needs a 2nd edition do it DO IT NOW                 Needneed
This is definitely the best game in appstore This rpg is entertaining fun has lots of metahumour I just dont get tired of it Ive finished it multiple times now even the newgame I would rate it 10 stars last month but unfortunately with the last update they are offering a DLC for 2 while I have already paid 6 for this game in the first place which I consider a lot for mobile apps standards The game was already not cheap but now they want to charge you for new content As a fellow reviewer has said with 2 I could buy 2 games in appstore I dont regret having bought the game for 6 I have received lots of free updates up until now with lots of contents and expansions on the main mission which always makes me come back and play more But I really feel cheated to be offered a paid update because I know that from now on there may be more DLCs and I may have to spend even more to keep playing new content in this game Thats the reason why I wont pay for this DLC and will most likely stop playing knights of pen paper altogether because I have no hopes to receive more free new content anymore which Ive paid for when i bought this game Its time to move on              Addicting and amazing game now disappointing
This game is pretty hard to put down Its so charming and funny The gameplay is so simple yet engrossing grinding can be a big part of the game depending on your play style but at the same time I never got bored Plenty of content for the price money well spent                 Cant stop playing
I find it hard to play two handed landscape oriented games on the train but most portrait games are puzzles I am tired of puzzles This is a real fun rpg that you can play with one hand Sometimes it can get a little grindy but hey its an rpg Thats how we do Definitely with downloading                 Great app for public transit commuters
Great game with plenty of replay value Last quest is unbalanced though and theres a significant level gap between your party and the last dungeon Dont let this dissuade you though this is a super fun game and very funny                 Great
Knight is a tank which receive damage for other fragile characters It is unique for its heavy lifesteal and crit rate physical res However it is not worth putting in a team Compare with paladin Paladin can increase its threat up to 100 with one attack And the attack hurts alot holy damage Knight No damaging skills Knight does not have anything useful for a team nor it has high threat to protect buddies All it can do is survive on its own I did not try him up to lvl 40 but his lifesteal cant even get him go His damage is way too weak for heavy damage he receive More threat or more damage i will say              Knight needs buff
For starters its definitely not worth the 5 Its the gameplay style of final fantasy games so if your into that youll enjoy But the IAP shouldnt be there I mean its 5 The coins take a while to get bc you can just pay to get themlil greedy honestly So overall youre not going to enjoy it as much youd think Not too complex not too many layers of combat just a regular rpgand most certainly does not take me back to classic rpg games           Hmmm
Amazing game But the saving system is glitchy and inconsistent Its very frustrating not knowing what youll get when you reload the game              Great great game But flawed saving system
I have been addicted to this game for days its all I ever needed role playing RPG fun pixel graphics characters with classes power ups stores a cool story quests this game is all around awesome                 Best game ever
If you like dd or RPGs you will love this You can upgrade armor and weapons in the blacksmith buy potions and items and level up your characters to get skill points for your skills You can have at maximum 5 people at your table and theres quite a bit to choose from So I recommend this game to any RPGs fans Its worth the money                 AWESOME
Things I like about Knights of Pen and Paper 1 easy to learn 2 tactical planning pays off similar to tabletop RPGs 3 you can have exactly the kinds of fights you want Easy Possibility of total party wipe Whatever you want 4 humor much of which is in the form of quotes 5 unlocking character classes comes as a surprise reward I like pleasant surprises 6 just get the game already Thanks designers                 Works for me
I could play this game for hours And I do The only thing the devs forgot was iCloud save support              Everything gameplaywise but somethings missing
After seeing the kick starter and good reviews I decided to break my own rule never buy paid games that support micro transactions and tried this game out It turned out to be quite fun but soon enough the game was wanting me to give them even more money without even giving me content in return I was decently far in the game level 20ish and lost all of my characters now I have to pay the same price I paid for the game just so I dont have to start over Its ridiculous I paid to play this game This is unacceptable yet stupid consumers continue to throw away there money to games like this Please do not buy this game It only tells developers that its ok to continue to do this It was my mistake buying it in the first place please dont make the same     Please dont support this game
Sweet game but Im having issues When I try to buy gold it says inapp purchases are not allowed I cant buy it in the App Store either Also there is nobody to contact at least I havent been abel to find them Anybody having this problem I guess I will just have to do it the old fashion way an grind it out                 Help Why wont you take my money
I havent played much yet but so far it has been AMAZING I really love DD so this is my favorite app                 Awesome

Knights of Pen & Paper Games Gameplay ExperienceKnights of Pen & Paper Games Gameplay ExperienceKnights of Pen & Paper Games Gameplay ExperienceKnights of Pen & Paper Games Gameplay ExperienceKnights of Pen & Paper Games Gameplay ExperienceKnights of Pen & Paper Games Gameplay ExperienceKnights of Pen & Paper Games Gameplay ExperienceKnights of Pen & Paper Games Gameplay ExperienceKnights of Pen & Paper Games Gameplay ExperienceKnights of Pen & Paper Games Gameplay ExperienceKnights of Pen & Paper Games Gameplay ExperienceKnights of Pen & Paper Games Gameplay Experience

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