Knock – unlock your Mac without typing a thing. Your iPhone is the password.

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Description - Knock – unlock your Mac without typing a thing. Your iPhone is the password.

Knock Software, Inc , the publisher behind many iOS app (Knock – unlock your Mac without typing a thing. Your iPhone is the password. ,Ride Report: Automatic GPS and bike route tracking), brings Knock – unlock your Mac without typing a thing. Your iPhone is the password. with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Knock – unlock your Mac without typing a thing. Your iPhone is the password. app has been update to version 1.0.1 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • I admit I was mildly skeptical when watching the video..
  • during which Mac’s lock screen gets spiffy yet subtle animation..
  • This is a cutting edge app using bluetooth LE..

Overall Satisfactionc44
First the app has to be open all the time.
Fun & Engagingc72
works great and saves time.
saves time.
Useful little tool.
Ease of Usec86
Very easy setup and it works as advertised.
Great UI and use of Bluetooth coupled with brilliantly simple setup.
Very convenient and efficient app.
Dead Simple.
Cool and convenient.
Security & Privacyc50
I have to enter my password again.
0 makes unlocking your mac faster and more secure than ever.
Updates & Supportc77
Iu2019m pretty thrilled with this and the customer service.
Some advice for next version.
Creative app with terrific customer support.

Read the FAQ for limitations and hardware requirements. found in 2 reviews
It’s AWESOME when I get back to my desk and KNOCK KNOCK. found in 2 reviews
you get a notification on your phone. found in 2 reviews
Some advice for next version. found in 1 reviews
This will change my life. found in 1 reviews
The app works just like the video on their website. found in 3 reviews
Little time saver adds up throughout the day. found in 7 reviews
Must-buy for Mac users that have passwords on their computer. found in 3 reviews
Creative app with terrific customer support. found in 1 reviews
I have faith in this app. found in 1 reviews
Very cool and innovative. found in 1 reviews
Installed on my Macbook Pro 15” Late 2013 and works exactly as advertised. found in 5 reviews
Needs to be quicker. found in 1 reviews
but frustrating when it doesn't. found in 1 reviews
Because of the time it takes to connect. found in 3 reviews
waste your time and money. found in 3 reviews
right now I don't think it's worth the money. found in 2 reviews
a little buggy at times tough. found in 1 reviews
Fails to connect often and frequently crashes my computer. found in 1 reviews
which kinda defeats the purpose. found in 2 reviews
even though it only works every 1 in 3 tries. found in 1 reviews
I uninstalled and reinstalled both iOS and Mac app. found in 2 reviews
needs a little more work on robustness. found in 2 reviews
I’m finding Knock to connect much faster and more reliably. found in 2 reviews
This will not wake your computer from screen saver or sleep. found in 7 reviews
But it works only with ONE Mac … :. found in 5 reviews
but most of the time it takes too long to connect. found in 51 reviews
Knock doesn’t connect to my iPhone unless the Knock app is already running. found in 6 reviews
the app doesn't wake up the computer and unlock it. found in 16 reviews
Doesnt connect. found in 5 reviews
Bluetooth does not want to re -connect for some reason. found in 10 reviews
I keep have to unlink and then re-establish the connection. found in 7 reviews
Unable to make it work consistently - trashing the app. found in 21 reviews
Takes WAY to long to connect if it ever connects at all. found in 51 reviews
I have a compatible Mac and iPhone. found in 15 reviews
First the app has to be open all the time. found in 6 reviews

The Knock – unlock your Mac without typing a thing. Your iPhone is the password. is now available for $3.99 for iOS owners. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 1.6 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 1.0.1 has been released on 2014-11-01.
More Info: Find more info about Knock – unlock your Mac without typing a thing. Your iPhone is the password. in Knock Software, Inc`s Official Website :

Faster and safer than typing a password, for iOS and Mac. You keep your iPhone with you all the time. Now you can use it as a password. You never have to open the app just ...
does not work with Mac OS High Sierra which has been out for about 4 months     not compatible with new devices Christø
It works intermittently I have to wait about 5 minutes before it ll connect with my MacBook and by that time I could ve typed in the password 10 times     Works sometimes Lefty 24
Works great with little to no issues but it needs an update for the new iPhone X and High Sierra                     Love it Henry Qiu
MacBook Pro is from mid 2014 iPhone 6 and Apple Watch It worked for until for a year until I went to High Sierra and iOS 11 and now it just doesn t I reset all devices then uninstalled and reinstalled and now I can pair the phone and MacBook but it doesn t lock or unlock I emailed tech support on their site a couple days ago no reply yet         Bummer for now Andy Z
I have had Knock for a while On the third OS update High Sierra things have been better and worse I won t go into detail other than the last real app update is 2 years old High Sierra has been around long enough for some updates What I will say is that trying Near Lock app it only took me two days and I uninstalled Knock with no regrets NL is 3 99 for full Version         Try Near Lock before this one titaniumskull
And it shows It doesn t run well on newer versions of MacOS or iOS It takes a long time for the app the recognize that your trying to unlock your computer I often have enough time to type my password in multiple times before Knock sends me a notification then it sends two for no reason Knock was great when it first came out but the lack of updates have made it pointless to use     Hasn t been update in 2 years Daguerratype
I ve used this app for a few years now but since it hasn t been updated it is now out of date and can t be used             Out of date Appstarr15
and it s not working with High Sierra     No recent updates m@cron
lousy responsive     not useful iQuasar
Idk why I thought I d use this Its a cool concept but the actual process to use it is hilariously impractical To make it even worse it has to always use your iPhone s Bluetooth draining battery which torpedoes this already mediocre app Worthless         Worthless and Impractical rbrancheau
If you are having trouble with the initial setup Bluetooth not connecting you may need to delete the Bluetooth plist file in the system folder Instructions on the website                     Works great Gordoloco
It was awesome for a year or two but it doesn t work anymore Says connected brings up prompt but never actually completely connects to let me knock     I used to love this app suckrpnch
I loved this app It would unlock my Mac with a couple of taps Got an Apple Watch and was looking forward to using it My MacBook Air was just one gen behind the AC wireless so I am not do it automatically from my watch Tried to add knock to my watch and it stopped working Cleared it out and started fresh and it will not see my phone I ve emailed support 3 times over the last couple of months and I get no answer Wish they would just help me     No tech support yaroldb
I wish I could get a refund for this app it doesn t communicate well with my Mac It works sometimes as expected but 50 of the time I can knock all day and it registers only one knock It s a great concept but I ve since discovered there are other solutions that work better so obviously it s not a device issue Perhaps in a later version the developer will catch up with the competition         Good idea but doesn t work well Hezetation
I cannot unlock my Mac without opening the app first having it open on my iPhone 7 and tapping on the screen Also it does not connect with my Apple Watch     Not working the way it should Floyd P!nk
Works fine if mac is not restarted If you restart then you need to set it up again     It works just don t restart your mac Ldef
I am sure that this app works on some Macs but not mine running Sierra on a 27 iMac 3 2GHz Late 2012 In fact when prompted for admin password say while installing software the app pops up thinking this means I can just fill it in with my phone by knocking so I give it a try and it locks my computer and won t work on that lock screen Save your money     It works enough to be irritating T-Spot
I have a 2012 MBP and I purchased this app a few years ago At first it worked great but with the release of MacOS Yosemite El Cap and Sierra it has gotten progressively more glitchy The developers have not released an update for over a year and a half and they have not been responsive It had potential but then they got lazy     Do not buy Dav Silver
Looks like they haven t upsets the iOS app since 2015 Now it works about half the time I have to restart the Mac app once a day             Use to work good sk810
Kind of a shame It s a great idea and it works but no new features have been added If you have MacOS Sierra and an Apple Watch you can use the watch to unlock the Mac automatically and it s free It s much more reliable and you don t need to knock on your phone or tap your watch                 No More Updates jcommisso07
MacOS and IOS10 broke it It no longer works I loved this app too     Garbage No longer works Rrchrd
I was encouraged by a review in CultforMac However I have had no joy out of this The Knock app for the iMac does not seem to download as a DMG Double clicking on it brings variable results Sometimes nothing happens whereas other times directions emerge that suggest all will be fine but so far is not An appeal to the developer has yet to meet with a helpful response     Review alchemy Davereid88
Used to work great but after an update on my Mac it doesn t work at all anymore     Doesn t work noxxious99
I saw someone had the same hardware I had A mac Mini 2012 i7 an iPhone 6s and an Apple Watch all running the latest software It works flawlessly I tried it from 15 feet away and it worked no problem Both my iPhone and my Apple Watch can unlock it My only wish is that they offered a Complication for the watch                     Works Perfectly EDU 101
1 IF you can get this installed and working 2 if the computer senses either phone or watch about 50 50 it can tell by itself to my needing to fire up the app 3 IF the knocking works it doesn t I havw to do it twice every time I set it up Aka take the 5 and buy a virtual peice of bec that will be more valuable         Works WHEN IT WANTS and then still only kinda Stark101
I ve been using this app to avoid typing in my long password and it s been great to me After sending an email about some macOS Sierra glitches the developer had an update in a few days fixing all the glitches It s true that 5 of the time there will be some sort of disconnectivity between the app and computer forcing you to type your password Also if you leave your computer for a few days it will take the bluetooth maybe 10 seconds to find your mac versus like 2 seconds if you had used your computer recently These are not really avoidable for the developer so they do not annoy me at all If you really want some 100 smooth implementation of this feature buy the 300 Apple Watch If not enjoy this highly functional app for 5                     Works Great Developer Updates Mark Lalor
great app oddly the knock is not working on my iphone 7 plus right now but i can still unlock though my apple watch                 Great App Gatortech94
The connectivity is very unreliable doesn t work most of the time     Unreliable Connectivity Miqdadremtula
The app does not work in the background and I have to pull it out of my pocket open the app and then KNOCK TWICE in order for it to work Certainly not as advertised Last update was more than 1 year ago Customer support doesn t reply to emails I want a refund     Didn t work Customer support non existent Sukant RBC India
Does what it says                     Works JGalen
Haven t had any problems Works great Coworkers are envious Heads up this won t wake a sleeping computer Only fills the password Still in the long run saves time hassle Highly recommend                     Awesome The Shanderzone
Some other reviews don t understand just how the app works but I ve used it with minimal issues for almost two years I d recommend it to anyone                     Great App scornfulsunnyd
Too buggy         Not worth it ALMIX
Don t waste your time and your money It has not worked for me Indeed I have been working with them for months the last set of which took 96 minutes And I have not been able to get it to work consistently Indeed Knock has indicated that their platform is built on finicky technology This is what their support wrote Knock uses Bluetooth LE to communicate between your iPhone and your Mac Bluetooth LE can be quite finicky in certain environments Look at their app store rating and pause         Don t Waste Your Time pkusmdc
Does not work at all even though I use new version of both iPhone and MacBook Pro Refund me     This is the app that make me think of refund Neo Yossi
It only is recognized after you wake the computer and get to the login screen so you need to wiggle mouse or keyboard anyways then wait for phone and computer to connect then knock loudly on your phone while your office mates enjoy the fact that you downloaded it before they wasted their money     Slows me down every time OneGoodGreenGuy
I tried this product 2 or 3 years ago It was a cool idea but it did not work anyting like I needed it to or like it says it did Plus I did not want to be knocking on my iPhone screen Fast forward a few years later I heard about this app again on a Applebyte I throught well if it is still around it they must have fixed the issues that they had with it when I tried it years ago NOPE It still does not do what they show it can do in the video on the webpage and when my computter has been asleep for a while it will show a cool color ring around my picture at login but it won t do anything I open the app on the phone and nothing I restart the app and that s right nothing It just does not work I heard that Apple was working on a similar function for the next MacOS Just wait Even the idea of Apple possibly working on a similar function is better than this app which already exist I wasted a lot of time with Knoc on more than one occasion and now I have to say please do not even waste your time with this Great idea but horible execution     Just wait for Apple to add this function drdiggsyang
Does not work if the phone is asleep or locked Application has to be open and running Do not buy if you want this for phone only I do not have a watch     Application has to be open on the phone Carl name already taken
I m not a newbie I ve used macs since 1980 This app just doesn t work My MacBook Air gets locked on the password screen of the app and it s over I can knock on my phone with a hydraulic hammer and my Mac still needs the password For my Mac Pro 2013 same deal Something is wrong I wasted 5 then again trial and error I ll wait for Apple solution with the fingerprint     Did not work for me darthtrauma
Tried reconnecting the Bluetooth on my Mac multiple times and it constantly disconnects        Disconnects frequently
It is a nice concept and nice to have when it works but it loses sync with my MacBook Pro a lot To get it to resync I end up having to put my phone in tether mode and then turn tether back off This would get 5 stars if it did not keep losing its connection           Works intermittently
I have a password that is long enough to be useful and find Knock a great time saver Recently Ive experienced very slow detection of the Knock app when waking the computer I contacted Knock tech support and am delighted that they reviewed several files from my computer that helped them to track the problem and gave advice that really helps                 Excellent Tech Support
Works one day very well and have to reinstall it to get it to work     One day app
It hardly ever works Im having connectivity issues with my Apple Watch There are several troubleshooting tips for the problem Im having that even includes terminal commands I dont have time to jump through a bunch of hoops just to get an app to work Its much easier for me to type in my password Not worth 5 IMO     I do not recommend this app
When I first got it just kinda thought as a cool gimmick But after a day or two it just feels so natural Truly awesome Hope for some future improvements including 1 IOS 9 support and Metal Support 2 Ability to set location services to While Using App                 Awesome
Wont pair with my phone Totally useless     20 does not work at all
After a few weeks of fantastic use the app stopped working and nothing I do seems to fix it Ive reset the Bluetooth connection Reinstalled Relaunched after boot ups It simply never works anymore After reading through the comments it seems this is a very common problem        Stops working after a few weeks
I really wanted to like this product as it seemed like a great idea The problem is if your Mac has been asleep for a while you can knock on the app until your hand fell off and it wont do anything Also I found them to be VERY misleading in how they showed how this worked They showed a guy on their website just knocking on his phone WHILE IT WAS IN HIS POCKET mind you and the computer magically turns on What they DONT tell you is that while that sure looked great you would have to take your phone out open it get the app open then put it back in your pocket with the screen still on THEN you can do that trick Not quite as simple as just walk up to your computer tap your phone and your computer unlocks They SURE presented it that way Pretty blatantly misleading if you ask me     Such a Shame
Works great                 Works for me
Probably the worst purchase Ive ever made on the App Store Seems like a great idea but in practice it takes so long for the app to be ready to unlock my MacBook that I can manually type my password 5 times maybe even 10 Just for fun Ive clocked how long its taken and its been averaging almost a minute Really thought this would be a great Apple Watch app but the sluggishness just makes it useless     Just Doesnt Work
This worked great I could knock my phone while in my pocket screen off no app open boom just worked But now No connection is happening Something is broke guys           Something is broken
Worked at first when it synced computer and phone together Hasnt worked since Was hoping this recent update would fix it but at this time I wish I wouldnt have wasted the money in this app     Doesnt work
Very inconsistent and unreliable Maybe 5 of the time t connects and works as it should The other 95 I waste my time futzing with it and then end up logging in anyway with my password and loathing myself for being gullible enough to buy it Dont repeat my mistake     Horrible waste of 5 Should have trusted the reviews
I love this app it works perfectly on my phone and apple watch                 Not sure why there are negative reviews
I was super excited for this app after I had heard such good things on other websites but it seriously only works like 1 out of 100 times If you want a good app for a quick unlock get MacID     DO NOT BUY THIS APP The only thing this helps unlock is your frustration
So I was a bit uneasy when buying this app because of the misguiding comments but after much research YouTubeGoogleetc I finally had the nerve to buy the app And I am not disappointed This app really works as advertised and it works while I use other apps on my phone which I thought it was pretty neat The setup with almost instant and works when my iPhone is locked Yes it really does however you have to Wake up the computer first WAIT for the circle to fill up THEN knock Trust me there really isnt any lag or wait time Maybe just a second or two But very useful app I recommend it to those who have very long passwords                 Works Perfectly
I purchased and installed Knock as soon as it became available Its really cool to see it work Its installed on my MacBook Air and my iPhone 5s On the MBA when I wake it from sleep or when I open it when its closed I have to enter my password For me the security of the required password is not an option but frequently entering a long password is a real pain Knock is what makes it work I knock on my iPhone twice when I want to wake the MBA and its open for business It looks amazing and it is The app uses lowenergy Bluetooth to communicate between the MBA and the iPhone Apple has made frequent changes to networking on both devices and Knock Software has had to stay on their toes There are frequent automatic updates but Knock has broken several times mostly I think by changes by Apple but also a few friendly fire episodes Ive come to rely on Knock so Im frustrated and annoyed when it fails Fortunately support is top notch Knock responds to my emails within a day and theyve always come through with solutions I strongly recommend Knock FYI Im running Knock with the MacOS 10104 and the iOS 84 public betas PS My Apple watch is on order and Knock will work with it                 Almost magical
This app works well a very small percentage of the time Most of the time its slow Sometimes it doesnt work at all Occasionally it works as expected Im currently exploring how to get my money back I definitely wouldnt recommend it     Works Occasionally
A great concept but the app works about 10 of the time When it does work it takes me longer to wait for the app than entering my password anyways     Rarely works
Please add open mac function when mac playing screensaver Also please add more function when knock              Amazing but
When i purchased the app i was using iphone 5 and it worked as perfect as advertisement However it was the old time because after a long time using samsung phone i changed to use iphone which is iphone 6 plus again And it doesnt work any more It works only when i open the app but it doesnt when i let the app run on under even the screen is on or off As a result I think it doesnt automatic connect the iphone and macbook anymore and if so i dont think this is a creative app because its not convenient as what we wanted when we purchased I hope the developers of this app could fix those errors in the next version Otherwise no one would purchase this app anymore in the future        Doesnt work with my iPhone 6 Plus
It worked once on my Apple Watch and about five times on my iPhone 6 Plus and never again no matter what I tried from restarting everything to reloading everything Now Im trying to get my money back     The Knock app
App worked great fun engaging useful unique after a bit you wonder how you got along without it but then a technical problem connecting Their customer service support was absolutely great they were not going to give up on this until it was fixed and fix my problem they did We learned something and I believe they are going to add this info to their help section in case someone else experiences the same issue 5 stars for the product and 6 stars for service                 Great App and Phenomenal Service
Doesnt work consistently MacID works better and costs less     Not worth 5
I would like to use this but the app still has the problem where the setup gets stuck when saving the password This problem seems to be persistent across versions Additionally when the app is running on my Mac the Mac repeatedly connects to every BLE device in the room including other peoples iPhones     Gets stuck at saving password
It worked once then never again Tech support was not able to help     Worked once
The connection is not stable at all        Unfortunately the app isnt working well at all
I love the concept and its relatively nonintrusive to have running for now but its basically useless It works twenty minutes after I need it or never Ill keep it running for a bit but after a few months of this it needs an update or Im just going to give up        Needs An Update Badly
Seems like the creators had a good idea but didnt execute with high fidelity This app barely works on my 6 plus and newest MacBook Pro     Poor quality app
I am extremely disappointed in this app it is certainly not worth the 499 I paid I followed the instructions and set up went okay but the percentage of times it actually works is around 10 I spent way more time trying to get my iPhone or watch to app my mac than it would take to just type in the password Very disappointing Great concept poorly executed I will be asking for a refund     Hit or miss if it works
I was also skeptical after some of the negative reviews but it works great                 Awesome
The developer had been very responsive but after several weeks of fiddling with various settings unlinking and linking restarting etc I am unable to make this work reliably beyond the first time it connects Within a short time it stops working and I have to restart it unlink link etc Its just not worth it I just grabbed MacID and am hopeful it will be more reliable None of the reviewer complaints Ive seen much too late here     I wanted this to work but it doesnt
MacBook Pro is from late 2014 iPhone 6 and Apple Watch It worked for a few days and then started disconnecting whenever the MBP was locked Sort of defeats the purpose doesnt it I reset all devices then uninstalled and reinstalled and then went thru repairing and using iCloud and Keychain settings which had been altered It tested fine Then I locked it and went to the watch and iPhone disconnected Not ready for prime time     Bummer for now
Bluetooth connection is terrible breaks every time     awful app
I would not recommend this app to anyone it only works whe set up first time After that it seems that never works     Grat idea
This is a great app for people who only ever use a single computer However if you have or use more than one this app will leave you wanting        Great for one computer
Works great with my apple watch and iPhone 5s                 Knock
The concept of Knock is great When I first got it it worked maybe 60 of the time but its been on downward slope ever since Now it doesnt work it all It has never ever worked from my Apple Watch I dont know whether the software has gotten buggy iOS has gotten more restrictive or Bluetooth is just too flaky to be reliable Whatever the cause Knock never activates at all now So Im still entering my password manually and have basically given up on Knock        Used to work but now never
499 for this First you have to wake your MacBook iMac up then it will take around 10 seconds to connect through Bluetooth and only then you can knock twice It takes me less that a second to enter password You will feel like an idiot looking at your phone waiting for connection By the way I have iPhone 6 and MacBook 15 retina latest and the greatest I want my money back     Are you kidding me
I paid for Knock when it first came out It used to work great Over the last year Ive found it to be far less reliable Ive tried it with multiple iPhones and multiple Macs so I know its not a device issue Im sad the all has gotten worse and not better     Not worth it anymore
Too slow to be useful        Really slow detection of iPhone app
Does not work if screen sleepstakes a moment to connect once screen is out of sleepvery often it is quicker to type password        Great ideapoor execution
This app used to be awesome but it just doesnt work anymore I have to break the link uninstall from both devices and reinstall for it to work for a day If I turn off my laptop or if it goes to sleep for an extended period it wont work     Worked once
Everyone Please read the instructions Knock works without it your phone being unlocked and the app running You need to wake your Mac before you can use knock It is in their instructions Works just like advertised Just knock twice on your phone or Apple Watch and it unlocks the mac                 Really Works Well
This could be one of the most useful apps I have on my phone Almost magic                 Holy Amazing App Batman
OS X 10104 running on MPB retina mid 2012 and connectivity has been great I find the watch glance extremely useful and often unlock my Mac as I walk towards it Connects faster and more often than others in my experience                 20 is great
Overall this app takes more time with fruitless efforts to get it to work than it saves when it is functioning as expected Opening the app does nothing no help menu no anything        Great when it works About 30 of the time
but cool when it does Usually on the macs unlock screen the green thing goes around and around as it tries to connect when my phone is right there iPhone 6 brand new MBP        Doesnt work most of the time
But stopped working Then worked after an update and shortly stopped after that Really disappointed     Was great

Knock – unlock your Mac without typing a thing. Your iPhone is the password. UtilitiesKnock – unlock your Mac without typing a thing. Your iPhone is the password. UtilitiesKnock – unlock your Mac without typing a thing. Your iPhone is the password. UtilitiesKnock – unlock your Mac without typing a thing. Your iPhone is the password. UtilitiesKnock – unlock your Mac without typing a thing. Your iPhone is the password. UtilitiesKnock – unlock your Mac without typing a thing. Your iPhone is the password. UtilitiesKnock – unlock your Mac without typing a thing. Your iPhone is the password. UtilitiesKnock – unlock your Mac without typing a thing. Your iPhone is the password. Utilities

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