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KORG INC. , the publisher behind many iOS app (iAudioGate - High Resolution Music Player ,KORG Module ,KORG KONNECT Upgrade Tool ,KORG iKaossilator ,AudioPocket for volca sample ,KORG Module Standard for iPhone), brings KORG Gadget with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. KORG Gadget app has been update to version 1.0.1 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • I love the ableton live export feature..
  • and a few tracks of audio recording..
  • and of course London with a great selection of drum sounds..
  • The music making workflow on this app is so intuitive..
  • People who complain about the price of music apps are crazy..

Overall Satisfactionc71
I would happily create my tracks at a lower sound quality.
Best music production app on iPad period.
Thanks Korg for surprising us with a killer professional app.
synthtopia the 10 best new mobile music apps of 2014 x201d.
Best DAW /Softsynth Sequencer on iPad.
The sound quality is really quite impressive.
Fun & Engagingc85
a ton of fun to create with and sounds excellent.
Awesome drum kits.
Thank you Korg for an awesome product and powerful tool.
Everything in one place.
Everything else is cool.
Useful Update.
Production Valuesc57
Each module contains some basic audio effects parameters.
Updates & Supportc51
Make a hardware version.

These are some great sounding synths. found in 6 reviews
It's easy to use for someone like me. found in 2 reviews
Everything else is cool. found in 1 reviews
The beginning of something special. found in 1 reviews
Thanks Korg for surprising us with a killer professional app. found in 5 reviews
Awesome music writing app. found in 1 reviews
It's easy to generate new music and new songs. found in 2 reviews
You've out done yourselves. found in 1 reviews
My main source of inspiration. found in 1 reviews
Their are plenty of videos and it's fun. found in 2 reviews
This is a must have for any producer on the go. found in 2 reviews
Excellent apps are Music studio alchemy. found in 3 reviews
sound and interface of the korg gadget app. found in 3 reviews
I know it is CPU intensive. found in 2 reviews
My only criticism is to make more time signatures available. found in 2 reviews
This is a super value especially compared to desktop prices. found in 2 reviews
A reference app for the platform. found in 1 reviews
Each module contains some basic audio effects parameters. found in 2 reviews
I still need to read the manual. found in 2 reviews
most comprehensive music production tool ever created for the iPad. found in 13 reviews
KORG needs to address latency issues. found in 5 reviews
Please offer us a landscape mode option for docking. found in 2 reviews
mIdi clock sync please. found in 2 reviews
Auto rotate please. found in 1 reviews
Really needs auto rotate urgently. found in 1 reviews
Good sounds but lack of control. found in 1 reviews
you can't really play this thing. found in 2 reviews
it is inconsistent with Korg's own product line. found in 2 reviews
Great app but not for older devices. found in 1 reviews
Needs better keyboard. found in 1 reviews
Landscape Support PLEASE. found in 2 reviews
still no audio tracks. found in 2 reviews
1 awesome app with 1 BIG problem. found in 1 reviews
I have no interest in using this as a sequencer. found in 2 reviews
New Gadget Saving Issues. found in 1 reviews
If you don't already understand audio synthesis or sound design. found in 1 reviews
Cant purchase iaps. found in 1 reviews
Incredible synths but needs some features. found in 1 reviews
Great but needs updates. found in 2 reviews
That's why the 5th star is missing. found in 2 reviews
More so than I do the predictably greedy developers and publishers. found in 2 reviews
Dont buy it no midi cc. found in 3 reviews

The KORG Gadget is now available for $28.99 for iPad owners. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at a hefty 293 MB, so make sure you have plenty of free space on your iOS device. The new KORG Gadget app version 1.0.1 has been updated on 2014-01-23. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Requires iOS 7.0 or later. Compatible with iPad.
Bottom Line: For more information about KORG Gadget check developer KORG INC.`s website : http://www.korg.com/products/software/korg_gadget_for_ipad/

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Worth every penny Sounds amazing and you can easily import your track into Ableton and take it to the next level Easy to use super fun slightly addicting And its by Korg so you know your NOT gonna go wrong                 AMAZING
One of the gadgets I bought wont download The app closes while updating        Cant download gadget
Great synths The quality of this instruments its nothing short of amazing I have many other music apps but ever since I got this one I havent even open none of them at all                 Love it
Money well spent Also what someone else said please gadgetize the iMS20                 Wonderful
Do NOT update yet Just get a crash back to the home screen even after deleting and reinstalling Apple really needs an iCloud revert to previous version for updates like these Now I cant continue working tonight     5 star app May 24 update blown
Love it Would love to see it expanded with more gadgets A bit more depth as far as sounds would make it complete for me The exporting to Ableton feature is fantastic The sounds are pretty impressive The sequencer is great Coming from using a PC and hardware setup I couldnt complain if it was half as good for the price People who complain about the price of music apps are crazy                 Excellent
You get a nice variety of software synths and a little daw to sequence everything in Considering the price of buying equivalent hardware and the fact this is on an iPad its hard to give it anything but 5 stars Little gripes would be the fact that things like the m1 get dumbed down a bit when used as a gadget the Bluetooth sync stuff keeps turning off and perhaps a few other minor things that mirror the 4 star reviews youll read from others Also would be nice if all not just some korg stuff could record Im gadget                 Awesome synths DAW and more
This latest update has completely caused Gadget to crash upon opening the app Right now totally useless Please fix immediately     Crashing
An annoying bug was introduced with the latest version When adding a new gadget in the track sequencer a temporary extra measure is added and displayed in the sequencer generating enormous confusion and considerable delay Hope it gets fixed        Bug still present
I dont think that there is a better DAW app with better synthesizers The recording is about a C B but with the audiovisual you can combine the synthesizers and record on a different DAW              Amazing synths
This h1t works and it bangs And rarely crashes but saves your work and opens up again really fast so who cares for fn 40 To the people complaining about the price You obviously havent ever bought software cause i assure you this would be 399499 kong you are appreciated and respected by myself and my offspring who is learning yourvprograms too astheir first yo oils in the musical world Thank you                 WHHHOOOOOHOOOOO
New update promptly crashes after launching Hopefully this issue will be corrected this week Maybe offer free pacs for your disappointed users     KORG HAS MADE A HUGE OOOOOPPS
This is still the best sequencer on the iPad And the most intuitive interface on iOS Periodmy only request is the ms 20 to be gadgetized for a future instrument updatePeace Christo                 Gadget still the best
I love the app when it works but it doesnt work anymore since the update on May 25 Do not update Korg please fix     Instant crash with new update
Just purchased this app based on good reviews Running on an iPad Air 2 and it crashed twice in the first hour causing me to lose everything I had created Useless as a creative tool if your ideas get lost due to glitches     Crashes crashes and crashes
Worth the money                 Go to DAW
Still one of the best apps ever but it seems you may have broken something in the fix The onscreen keyboard used to allow an extension of a few extra notes on each side of the keyboard when sliding off the visible keys This was especially useful when composing lead parts onthego Huge disappointment to lose the capability I still love this app but its always sad to see a frequently used feature vanish after an update           Update Please
Top qualityflexible and listen to their customers                 Better
Since downloading the new update Gadget now crashes on startup Ive tried rebooting my iPad nuking the history deleting reinstalling the app entirely no help whatsoever This is on an iPad 2 IOS 711 I love this app and I even ponied up an IAP for the Abu Dhabi gadget But at this point who cares how the new Darwin gadget sounds I just want the app to work again     Beware New Update Borked Gadget
After having this app close to a year now I can definitely say that it is a great way to create full songs The additional gadget brought by Module and iM1 are great additions I would like to see iMS20 iPoly6 iElectribe and iKaosillator get gadgetized to bring those great sounds to the platform and make it an even more complete audio environment Lately I have been compelled to use it more often than the other apps I currently own and I have quite a few of them For those that have not used the gadgets beyond the presets you need to go for it and experience making your own sounds youll be glad you did                 Korgs Gadget is a Homerun
Been a long time Gadget user Generally been satisfied with this My only complaint has been that its disappointing some effects cant be used in all gadgets such as Id love to have arp in more Gadgets However the May 2015 update has now prevented me from using Gadget at all I now open it and it immediately crashes so now I can no longer use this app Too bad as I was getting ready to open my wallet for iM1 Hopefully this gets fixed soon AMENDED May 27 Korg promptly repaired the crash Nice                 Ouch
love it Lets touch whole mixer to play live instead of just part cause we miss Focus on live w touch screen U got this have this Thank u                 The reason I have an iPad
I just love this app Its my go to for music production on the iPad Would love some plugin features but its still great I just export the tracks to my daw great quality sounds from korg                 Powerful app
Amazing value and sound quality Innovative instruments and workflow Worth your time and money                 Fun and capable
iM1 IAP cards now show up again but we need to be able to save Darwin presets to open in iM1 load user created patches from iM1 into Darwin Kindly remedy that           Missing M1 Cards Fixed But
I would give this app a 5 star rating if it had audiobus support Other than that I love this app and would recommend it to friends              Could use audiobus support
Chaing Mai is a lovely thing              Lovey Dovey
This is a great DAW for making full tracks Export to Ableton is great too if you want to add to your work                 Amazing
Fantastic fun Addictive and wonderful Korg put out a great piece of musical software Vast and friendly I spend most of my creative time emersed in the world of GadgetsWith Midi Guitar from Jam Origins my guitar has become a tool of the space age Korg Gadgets was made for Midi Guitar Totally cool together                 Fantastic
The ability to undo 5 second limitation in Bilbao Its a great app but I find those two things keep me from using it              Missing two huge features
This is awesome All this from my ipad Rating 4 stars will change it to 5 after better midi functionality and sync are implemented              Wow Synthmania
Purchased gadget module Love the apps But they no longer work due to really bad skipping during playback There are videos on YouTube documenting the issue Korg please fix asap so I can play recommend gadget module to friends     Doesnt work
The sounds have gotten a little old Everything kinda sounds the same in a way The characteristics of all the synths have the same harmonic coloration and tone I wish the Bilbao sampler was more flexible with more tweekablity and also whats the use of the FX unit if you cant change the samples And lord have mercy we need a eq on each track Or a hplpbp filter And lastly and arrangement viewer to give me better visualization of the whole track It wouldnt even have to be editable Just for reference              Cool but
Making music on ipad begins and ends with korg gadget Top quality sounds Awesome drum kits Expect nothing less from korg Easy to use Awesome app The more I use it the more I feel I dont need anything else                 Awesome
This app has such good sound design But it crashes constantly Its a huge bummer to get all into the fat trancey tones and then have it go back to ipad home screen which is a photo of my exgirlfriend who broke up with me because I bought a forty dollar vst for my ipad Best Rob Neale     This Disappointing app
This app had not worked properly for iPad Air 2 for the past 2 versions Knobs can not be adjusted without values flying all over the place The common graphics cpu hog bug is still there in this version Everyone else has fixed this in their apps months ago Unfortunately looks like abandonware at this point     Still no iPad Air 2 fix
I use Gadget more than any of the other music apps I have on my iPad Its got a great variety of sounds and a workflow that makes it easy to scratch out ideas quickly Just recently got the Bilbao IAP being able to use my own drum samples and oneshots makes Gadget that much better I also like that KORG seem to be committed to this product Its nice to see a steady stream of updates                 Great onestop shop
Great update all the M1 cards show up what I would love to see at some point is an undo button that stays put and doesnt disappear when I stop recording mode just a stationary undo and redo button and a note repeat button especially when recording drum parts                 Great job
I did not expect Korg to do a mobile DAW but they did and they did it very well indeed Some things the bother me about this app include things Korg could easily fix the lack of a saveproject command on instrument screens the failure of the app automatically to sync the keyscale of the piano roll and the app keyboard so that opening projects using results in the piano roll displaying actually inkey notes as being out of scale because the piano roll and sometimes the keyboard itself fails to change to the scale of the current project the workaround is to ignore the erroneous roll and to reset the scale but this is bad lapse and the sometimes sparse or absent labelling of parameter controls most obviously for effects Some things that bother me are not specific to Korg so fixing them not may be easy Foremost among these is the way numerical settings can change from session to session without explanation In cases in which precision matters this can be an awful issue It seems to be no bug but rather a byproduct of surveillancebackdoor features for the misguided and prurient orand criminal people who insist on undermining the foundations of computing Probably best not to go on I have many years of horrifying research into the surveillance thing so it could get ugly but having some system or firmware function changing my settings when I have gone to the trouble of entering them is really irritating Korg and other app developers have little control over this Though they do a good job of at least letting users swipe most controls to increment their values So at least in this app resetting parameters is relatively easy Anyway numerological pooh aside bravo to Korg for doing what they do do With its array of instruments and its extensive automation facilities Gadget is a mustbuy for mobile music people Let us hope Korg keep building out and refining this outstanding app                 A reference app for the platform
with the latest update all the extra cards that I bought in iM1 and could previously see and access in gadget as well have dissapeared tried reinstalling both apps restoring purchases but nothing seems to work the only cards visible in gadget darwin are the basic set none of the extra ones please fix        missing iM1 cards
Tiene demasiada latencia y el midi sync no funciona bien es un pena deberían arreglar eso yaes mucho pedir vamos korg        Midi sync problem
I have never found it easier and more intuitive to write a song on the go Everything is right where you imagine and it sounds fantastic                 Best Mini Studio Kills Retronyms
I love this app more than anything But after the update even less iM1 cards are showing up for me on Darwin I only see nine of them where before the update I had access to all of them Songs that I made using Darwin now have blank synths for cards that disappeared                 iM1 Cards missing
Just get it and buy all the inapp purchases you wont regret it The loss of the extra notes on the keyboard when sliding is unfortunate that was a cool feature that I and I imagine many others will miss So bring it back The only other item that is missing from this app is an audio player that can play full length tracks alongside the scenes              Get it
Its a mini Ableton Sometimes quirky but some of that is the iPad Air 2 I love the program And having the iM1 in the mix is AWESOME                 Go Gadget
Gadget sounds great outofthebox and is very userfriendly Korg makes and maintains great apps Wishlist IAPs okay keyboard sampler audio tracks type in values instead of depending on frustratingly inaccurate knobs and dials double tap resets to default value more undo functionality Awesome app Hope it continues to flourish                 One of the Best
No crashes Works better than before                 Update works fine on IPad Air 2
I cant say enough to tell you that this app is probably the only one you need to start an adventure in music construction I cant say you wont need apps like Cubasis or Auria to introduce other apps into your mix But if you like working with midi like I do to tweak things this is the app for you                 Highly useful and easy to create with
If you like a daw kinda cubase logic you can get messed up with its own interface However I think it has many great sound synths Just think about what kinda daws you like              It cool but dont get used to
everything you need and almost nothing you dont to make the bass go boom the snare go pop cram the holes with juicy nuggets Great app for a newish pad Buy it Yr welcome                 Best bang for the buck

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