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KORG INC. , the publisher behind many iOS app (Bluetooth MIDI Connect ,KORG SyncKontrol for monotribe ,KORG iMS-20 ,Bluetooth MIDI Connect ,KORG iELECTRIBE Gorillaz Edition ,Step Master), brings KORG iDS-10 with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. KORG iDS-10 app has been update to version 2.1.1 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.


The KORG iDS-10 is now available for $9.99 for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is supporting different languages: English, Japanese. It weighs in at only 88.2 MB to download. The new KORG iDS-10 app version 2.1.1 has been updated on 2016-07-15. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Requires iOS 8.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
More Info: Find more info about KORG iDS-10 in KORG INC.`s Official Website : http://www.korg.com/products/software/korg_ids_10_for_iphone/

The latest title in the KORG DS-10 series, now available for the iOS The KORG DS-10 series was an enormous hit for the Nintendo DS. Now, seven years later, it has undergone a further evolution while ...
I have thoroughly enjoyed the KORG DS 3DS applications and have been thirsty for more high quality music experiences on gaming hardware When I heard they were bringing the software to iOS I chalked it up to porting software to another device to recoup losses on the eShop On a whim I decided to purchase the app as an extra hammer in my toolbox only to be blown away by the refinement of an already useful piece of software on top of the expanded functionality that utilizes the iDevice bag of tricks I was wrong to pass it off as a cash grab transposition and have not been so delighted to be on the losing end of an assumption It is indeed worthy of its place in my repertoire                     I was wrong alternaive
Requires in app purchases for basic functions advertised in the description You only find this out after you purchase the app         Disappointed AppShark
Great app with a couple downfalls Dropbox link has ceased to function and emailing seems broken Not a big deal if you are importing on the same device Great version of an awesome platform for creating with more power and good upgrades                 Great app but support is lacking soultrondds
This is a great app for not only developing your skills at shaping sounds in a virtual analog and semi modular environment It also let s you quickly patch together loops 303 style On top of that the vocoder function is great Of course the sequencer has some limitations as a tool for a full composition and the live tools aren t nearly as flexible as those of Gadget but it is very fun to be able to create rhythms and develop some fundamental modular synthesis skills while riding the bus This app is not perfect but I m giving it 5 star because it is easily worth 20                     Great synth and on your iPhone KoreanTacos
I haven t been able to attain the same great tones I was finding with the ds 10 many of which I recorded despite the nintendos volume But patterning and arranging is pretty easy and fun                 More fun functions but less tweaky tone noahwise
I like this a lot Please buy                     Good little noisemaker MikeylikesU
Updated December 2 2016 I recently bought the Plus mode for iDS 10 during the Korg sale season While it s nice to have three more synth tracks the integration is very poor and makes the purchase a questionable value Instead of a Plus button being stuck on the various screens the added tracks synths should be integrated into the main views with the rest of the synth tracks For example the main screen should scroll vertically to view all tracks The same should be done elsewhere This frustration reminds me again that there s still no transport control for IAA functionality in ANY Korg app to date and that iDS 10 has no MIDI or individual track export These deficiencies become more relevant when you have more tracks to work with when you make more complex songs and you find you want to export to a regular DAW you re left without a reasonable methodology other than muting all tracks and exporting one at a time as a wave file As a result I have removed another star from my review Original Review I m enjoying this synth on an iPhone 6s and iPad Pro The UI is pretty on the iPhone but the controls are fiddly on even that medium sized screen On the iPad however it s much more usable In fact I wish Korg Gadget used the same gestures and UI conventions for pattern copy paste because the UI for those functions is WAY better in THIS app It would massively improve iMS 20 to use iDS 10 s sequencer UI as well             Happily overlooked deficiencies until I bought Plus Mode dysamoria
This app has a step sequencer and a keyboard for recording notes IGNORE THEM The real meat and potatoes is in the Kaoss pad from which you can record your note sequences and record parameter automation of everything in the synths Press record and play and jam out New notes replace old notes so you don t have to stop playing until you like what you hear Switch seamlessly back and forth between notes and synth parameters You can literally do almost everything from the Kaoss pad save for copying sequences panning and master effects Absolutely brilliant Includes a voice synth that can produce words from text and also record external sounds Awesome IAP gets you two additional synth tracks and an additional voice synth Do not overlook this                     Very powerful and very fun Leom187
Not only I am able to have it on iOS now it is way better than the DS 10 and the DSN 12 combined For example you no longer have to import patches from other songs to obtain them and you can sequence every parameter of the synthesizer Also the drum sounds are no longer samples but synthesized drum sounds you can actually edit and have their own patches Don t forget to buy Plus Mode so you can have an additional vocoder and two more synth voices                     I m so glad this is for iOS now Korg Fan
Update still needs the ability to undo redo Still need to be able to program held notes instead of just staccato Still a great synth app THANK YOU KORG AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH FINALLY Update audiobus iaa 5 stars Revised review Ok having messed with this thing some more I am ready to review it in a better mindset In comparison to the DS 10 and DS 10 both of which I have owned it is a clear upgrade over the DS 10 and a partial upgrade over the DS 10 It has 32 patterns which is double the patterns over the previous versions The vocoder is a completely new feature and an incredibly important and enjoyable one It doesn t have the Dual DS 10 option that the DS 10 had As for the drum synth it is limited in that you cannot assign individual effects to each sound within the initial synth bus However you can put effects on the back end in the mixing bus With the option to add effects to the two synth parts in their respective modes you can at least assign one effect to the drums via the mixer It is not the same at all really it s just a workaround A very important feature is the ability to set individual pattern lengths in the Set section of the app You can also program the BPM ratio That is to say set the BPM ratio at 2 and that particular pattern now runs double the BPM This is how they got that spectacular synth arp break in the included demo song The Good Times Bottom line this app while lacking a couple of features that were really nice to have in the original DS 10s is an upgrade over both of those previous apps when you take into account the overall function and ability of this new version And it s 9 99 Try getting the Nintendo DS versions for that IT S SO SYNTHY I WANNA DIE                     YYYYYYEEEEEEEAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH Solomon of Kleptolia
About 1 8 the power or Gadget but this is far more approachable and fun The sound is pretty decent you get two MS 10 s a vocoder and a pretty limited drum machine with an extremely simplified sequencer Fx per part and master fx I find myself using this on my commute to work and on lunch breaks and stuff while using Gadget with my controller when I have more time to flesh something more intricate out But this is fantastic and brings nostalgia of the old DS version It d be great to see it in Gadget someday                     Great port Nogreatcrime
Get this now So many things you can do with this Synths vocoder automation and much more Very stable you won t regret it                     Awesome apollo1377
Great music app It has a lot in common with KORG DS10plus on the Nintendo DS DSi I do wish the percussions in iDS10 could do notation similar to DS10plus specifically the tom and generically labeled percussion but that s minor The single bothersome thing to me is when editing in song mode if you set channel muting up but then need to reorganize the pattern scenes it erases the channel mute setups for any scene you edit I also don t like how the legato settings do this same behaviors Aside from not being able to set scene muting for scenes that haven t been assigned a pattern in song mode there is nothing else I would want the software to change that I can think of iDS10 is awesomely powerful and is the sole reason I got an iPad                     Great Ethertrip
I have the tendency to get far too many apps and I hesitated with this not because of the cost same price as lunch out but thought it would just be another thing I felt bad if it weren t used often I ve been absolutely hooked since it was opened for the first time It s playful yet POWERFUL Like all the Korg stuff it sounds stellar Korg has been absolutely on point these pat several years so I have to take a couple minutes to applaud their staff and their ability to both innovative and draw from their archives to consistently impress in every way                     What did you expect a e r o c
This app is definitely fun and the synth and vocoder engines are very powerful The capabilities of sound design are great too My major complaint are definitely the drums They don t have their own independent fx processor and they don t have kaoss pad support If the did you would be able to make much more complex and glitchy drums They just seem a bit too basic My other complaint is the IDS 10 doesn t support WIST if we could sync two IDS 10 s it would definitely be much more fun for live on the fly jams If Korg can make these things possible I will give the app 5 stars                 Needs kaoss pad and independent fx processor for drum set and WIST Heyokachick
Finally The IOS version of the Nintendo DS 10 Plus synthesizer has arrived This is a great sounding synth app that emulates the general workflow tone capbilities and vintage vibe of the classic Korg MS series of analog synths In general iDS 10 with Plus Mode an In App purchase is based on but expands beyond what Nintendo DS 10 Plus can do Overall I am very pleased with this app and after using it steadily since it s release I give it 5 stars iDS 10 without Plus Mode comes with 2 synths a vocoder and a 6 peice drum kit Plus Mode provides 2 more synths and another vocoder For comparison Nintendo DS 10 Plus has 2 decks each containing 2synths and 4 drum parts for a total of 4 synths and 8 drum parts In the iDS 10 app each synth has 2 oscillators an amplifierr a voltage controlled filter an envelope generator an fx section and a low frequency oscillator with patch bay for modulating synth parameters The app comes with preset tones and drum kits to get you started The vocoder can use text or recorded sounds to generate tones The synths vocoders and drum kits are used to compose up to 32 Patterns of up to 64 steps each that can be sequenced into Songs or played live I ve encountered a bug and several missing features which hopefully the developer will address in future updates The bug is an occasional glitch when playing a squence of patterns in the Song panel where the sequencer repeats a pattern instead of moving to the next one in the sequence Features missing from iDS 10 that were in DS 10 Plus that I ve requested include 1 display of the Session and Tones that are currently loaded 2 addition of 2 to 4 DS 10 type drum synth modules Currently iDS 10 has Drum Kits containing kick snare tom 2 high hats and a percussion instrument Although these tones can be adjusted within certain limits the drum synth modules in DS 10 Plus are much more flexible and can be used to generate a wide range of tonal and nontonal sounds To summarize this is an excellent synth app and I would recommend it to both fans of Nintendo DS 10 Plus and to anyone who likes creating music on synths                     Fantastic Synth Wild Type
With the 2 0 update making this a universal app I think iDS 10 is a 5 star app Really everything from Korg on iOS is terrific That being said Korg Gadget recently made universal also kind of supersedes the functionality and sound quality of iDS 10 in every meaningful way Still iDS 10 has some great sounds cool sequencing functionality and arguably the best vocoder on iOS                     Great re port of a DS Classic HouseOfHomuth
Being a big fan of the DS 10 since back when it first came out I was very excited to see it come to the ios especially since I don t really lug around my old DS these days For the most part it works great and even has a really cool Voice Synthesizer Vocoder feature My only complaint and it s actually a pretty big complaint is the drums Instead of like the old DS 10 were you would use the actual MS 10 synthesizer to create each drum sound here it gives you an 808 style drum synthesizer which is much less versatile and inspiring Korg if your reading this please please please give me the option to use the old DS 10 style drums and I will give this a full 5 star rating                 Bring back the old drums please dyyrek
iPad 4 not compatible Why not     iPad 4 brokenhead73
But I wish it had MIDI out                     Best Sequencer Ever perplexagon
This would be awesome if you could use an external keyboard             Keyboard BuckeyeMixmaster
No need for me to rave about this app I love it and it s predecessor DS 10 However Korg needs to add WiST support so I can jam along with my Volcas Also there needs to be an export option so I can dump tracks to GarageBand and Moog Filtatron With these improvements I d be 100 happy right now I feel it s a great app but lost alone on a desert island                 Needs WiST and export option Ishkaboo
It sounds pretty good you can program pretty much as much as you can but there s no MIDI and to me that s s major drawback I wish Korg would have a midi option even if it s an app purchase but that s my only complain about this app             No MIDI agustinh
I own the ins 20 and I wish the ims 20 had the song and pattern organization this app has It is crazy how much you can do with this A couple things I would like to see if being able to move the patterns in a song because once you have everything down your locked in powerful and original very nice Korg                     very cool Inventanew
Could use better sharing options but the inter app audio Bluetooth headphone and audio bus support are very very welcome The 4 stars is driven by the audio quality and having more than 1 synth unlike the iMS 20 on ipad that has only 1 synth that is more powerful flexible                 Really good and getting better Nikster_K
Korg Gadget has a usable UI base it on that but this is just a mess         The UI needs a complete overhaul Quuaaack
Overall this is a very cool mobile groovebox the sounds are great and very flexible and the voice synth is a lot of fun But without any way to export audio it s just a toy for now Hopefully Korg will add the export to Ableton Live project feature from iKaossilator and Gadget             Needs export functionality Peter Lorre
Enjoyable Reserving two stars until MIDI IAA Audiobus are implemented             Fun but limited V-lander
It s been difficult to find a good groovebox style app for iOS Not that they don t exist but rare to find one that feels as comfortable to work with as the iDS 10 Great dual osc subtractive synth with signal routing filter envelope effects section per device Drum synthesis voice synthesis step automation fantastic One of the few all in one composition tools that comes close to nanoloop s usability If there s anything I d like to see besides core audio and midi as other reviewers have mentioned it would be something like the active step option that makes the Korg Volcas built in sequencers so much fun to work with I feel that could make the iDS 10 patterns much much deeper To be clear I don t mean overall pattern length rather arbitrary pattern lengths per instruments i e Drum 16 steps synth2 15 steps synth1 12 steps etc If I could have another wish it would be for more options in the routing section Such as sending a single source to multiple destinations And or maybe a multiplier option at each destination input to halve or double the frequency received Overall I love this app                 Excellent Groovebox for iOS BikeAllMolten
Even getting this app at half the cost At the moment It is useless without midi inter app and audio bus Hoping for an update with at least the inter app feature soon If not I will be deleting the app and calling it a waste if money even at half the cost No way I would pay the full amount for this app that does not support inter app or midi Please update soon     No inter app or audiobus or midi SonnyBever
Was fun on Nintendo Still fun toy but was hoping it would play well with other music apps There is no midi or audio copy making it a completely stand alone app Even though it sounds good as a fun analog toy you can t use it to with other music apps to make music The first Korg app I m disappointed in I love the fun factor but Wished I could use it beyond the app itself I wanted to be able to use the sounds and patterns in my music workflow Glad I only paid half price Would NEVER pay more In reality it s worth about 1 5 not really a bargain at 10 Again still fun just not really useable beyond a toy even though it s sounds good         No midi or audio copy paste sgranlund
Except for its very cool voice synth the iDS 10 feels mostly like a DS 10 Plus downgrade 2 mono synth parts plus its voice synth compared to 4 on the DS 10 Plus 6 very dumbed down drum synths with no effects compared to 8 much more versatile drum synths with effects Smaller gripes Fewer scale modes And while it does let you sequence more synth parameters at once the DS 10 Plus is limited to 2 it doesn t offer the hold mode parameters are always animated in smooth mode with no way to change it Its delay effect has fewer parameters making it somewhat less versatile The big letdown though and the reason I give this 3 stars instead of 4 or 5 is its puny limited drum section It does have its upside The voice synth is awesome Really awesome And the iDS 10 offers reverb something the DS 10 Plus doesn t And mystery bingo whatever that is Maybe it eventually opens up more functionality when you get a bingo And if it does maybe I ll bump my rating up to 4 stars And despite the limitations overall the iDS 10 does sound great it s on my phone so it s with me everywhere I go and it seems to go pretty easy on my phone s battery Oh and undocumented feature a hard press on a synth s knob with the iPhone 6s s 3D screen opens up the sequencer for editing sequencing that knob Nice Get it while it s on sale but if you re a fan of the DS 10 Plus prepare to be underwhelmed             A step down from DS 10 Plus wavetracer
I am sure Happy and I only paid half price for this Um where is the midi support Please integrate such feature         Meh Tonestones
KORG iDS-10 Music Analog Synthesizer Analog DrumKORG iDS-10 Music Analog Synthesizer Analog DrumKORG iDS-10 Music Analog Synthesizer Analog DrumKORG iDS-10 Music Analog Synthesizer Analog DrumKORG iDS-10 Music Analog Synthesizer Analog DrumKORG iDS-10 Music Analog Synthesizer Analog DrumKORG iDS-10 Music Analog Synthesizer Analog DrumKORG iDS-10 Music Analog Synthesizer Analog DrumKORG iDS-10 Music Analog Synthesizer Analog Drum

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