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KORG INC. , the publisher behind many iOS app (KORG iDS-10 ,KORG iELECTRIBE for iPhone ,KORG Module ,KORG Gadget Le ,KORG iMono/Poly ,Lyrics for MIKU STOMP), brings KORG iWAVESTATION with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. KORG iWAVESTATION app has been update to version 1.0.3 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.


The KORG iWAVESTATION is now available for $29.99 for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 78.0 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 1.0.3 has been released on 2017-10-19. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Requires iOS 9.3 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
More Info: Find more info about KORG iWAVESTATION in KORG INC.`s Official Website : http://www.korg.com/us/products/software/korg_iwavestation/

Creating sounds with time-varying timbre, on your mobile device. KORG iWAVESTATION - A wave sequence synthesizer for iOS. The WAVESTATION synthesizer went on sale in 1990. This instrument featured an advanced vector synthesis system which created new ...
I don t know why I ve been overlooking this synth Korg did good I really enjoy using the Kaoss pad and all the other parameters             Worth every penny andy_marks
It was kinda useless for me until they recently added midi channel selection instead of Omni only Glad you addressed an important issue                 Midi update reflectiz
Sounds fun Yeah This is really a very complex app The sounds are stunning Just amazing stuff But I ve tried just putting things together to create my own blend of sounds and beats etc but I feel like I m getting nowhere I downloaded and attempted to read through the PDF manual but unfortunately the only time I have to do that is after work and it puts me right to sleep The next day I don t remember what I read and have to start from the beginning Not a complaint with Korg just an explanation So when I say it sounds fun that s because that s all I have to go on As other reviewer s have pointed out there s a bit of a learning curve Maybe one of these online education sites will do a class on how to use it That would help a lot Once you purchase this app it then becomes available to you in Korg Gadget and the Gadget version is actually easier to use You can t do any building in Gadget You simply open the presets and play You can do that in the app as well but you ll want to create once you get in there The layout is very intriguing It works amazing in Gadget If you don t have Gadget I highly recommend that as well Much less learning curve and just amazing sounds                     Sounds Amazing And Fun Gitarzz
This is a very interesting synth has more expandability than iProphet but similar results The thing I wish the most is that preset were easily searchable like the preset in iM1 That would make searching for the best sound easy                 Needs the search capabilities of iM1 C3l3$t1n0
I m getting the following error message Restoration was successful but not found the card bundle info I checked before I updated and had the additional sound cards Please fix the bug Thanks update My restore started working about 24 hours later                     Updated to the latest version can t restore my purchase gmeauclaire
Sounds lovely rich sounds that korg sound never disappoint me                     Just got it Shabbakyat
Love the sound of this thing can t wait for them to fix the midi issue so you can assign a midi channel I ve been waiting since November still no update Can t assign a midi channel         Sounds like the original but not functional Jhilboldt
Need to have a global midi function and more support to use with other apps that are not just for Korg             Need Global midi control and inter app support LQ31
I never actually owned a Korg Wavestation but I sold them and demo d them everyday back in the 90 s as a Keyboard salesman at Jim s Music in So Cal I know the original like the back of my hand It comes down to the DA converter of the original vs the one in my iPad Pro The Korg keyboards of that era always sounded nasal to me not only the Wavestation but the M1 T3 O1W etc as well I still have a O3Wr in my synth rack and its the same nasal quality to the sounds This app to me running on my iPad Pro through an Apogee Duet into my old 90 s Mackie CR1604 and out through my Yamaha and 90 s Tannoy monitors has a cleaner more transparent quality to it than my hardware Korg and the Wavestations I demo d everyday on our stores sound system which was the same as I still use here at home What a treat to have my own Wavestation now that only cost me twenty bucks on sale Good job Korg                     Better than the real thing cloud700
There s no selectable global midi channel for the iWAVESTATION so if you re like me and spent a hundred bucks for a plug korg plug key to use it in a setup with other synths like a module as it was advertised it will be useless to you How in this day and age do you leave out a selectable midi channel on a synth It s a shame because it sounds great and the interface Is good minus a few quirks and bugs it s very pretty In app purchase is awesome sound great I actually have the real cards but no midi channel is bad form from Korg who is my fav synth company I consider the iWAVESTATION and plugkey wasted money spent until they sort out the midi Bummed                 No midi channel Purpleibby
If you remember 1993 with any sort of fondness you ll like this synth I m not even going to call it an app It s an instrument It s complex and a bit confusing at first but what you can get out of it is spectacular It s also expensive I doubt anybody would buy a 30 app just for fun but just in case you re thinking about it I would recommend thinking twice It s not really a musical toy Those looking for instant gratification will be disappointed most likely I ll admit I haven t even used midi on it yet I ve only used touch controls and recorded it in Gadget iWAVESTATION and Gadget are an incredible pairing I also have the ARP Oddesei Using all 3 together is out of control fun Over the past 5 years I ve become something of a Korg fanboy Apps like this one are the reason why Buying this kind of quality sound in hardware form would cost you 300 I can carry it in my pocket for 30 That s the bottom line                     Deep 90 s nostalgia synth Solomon of Kleptolia
This would so rock as an audio unit Thanks                 Please make this AU3 compatible Mic Gee$
I don t see it             WIST Support EarthVsJazz
As an original Wavestation owner it is pretty amazing to have one in my phone with all the cards and an improved interface Would love to be able to create sounds here and then send them to the hardware version and legacy version I hope Korg continues to invest in this                     Wavestation in an iPhone A.behr
As an owner of a Wavestation EX I can say this app like the Wavestation V LC is true to the original sonically I played through my amp speaker system along with the EX and couldn t detect any real differences in sound quality Editing and programming is a breeze compared to the hardware versions Unlike the iM1 I was immediately able to access the in app store and download the EXB sound sets without a problem There are some midi issues that need to be addressed hopefully those will be fixed in a future update I know though that I don t need to lug around a bunch of rack gear to get those pads and sequences I need and love My iPad has become a huge sound module             Excellent app but needs kinks worked out JibrilAb
When Korg came out with keyboards that had menus you had to navigate thru it was a little off putting compared to their analog synths that had all the knobs and sliders at your fingertips The wavestation while rich sounding and sonically opening new doors it had menus to dig thru and wasn t the most intuitive for a lot of people This offering is so much easier to tinkle with and tweak and get some cool results Although it does have a bit of a learning curve should you decide to delve deeper once you conquer some of its deeper features you can really see how this can take you really far and take you places a lot of iOS synths just can t go I hope they add more user sound cards because I see myself building up a nice preset library And speaking of libraries Korg could stand to make improvements to all their iOS synths in terms of giving us a more organized browser making it easier to find the sounds we re looking for faster                     A bit of a learning curve but worth it Strizbiz
I love the new wave sequence that breathes fresh air into this classic synth My only complaint is the lack of robust midi control I would love to assign CCs to so many parameters instead of the handful that are currently available                 Could be bananas Booksofbokonon
Hi this is a nice app if you just use the factory performances It is easier to program than my SR and my Ex but only a little easier Please fix the performance save bug that writes random characters in the slot after the one I saved my performance in on my iPad Please add a tap tempo button and default MIDI support for filter cutoff res attack release and effects             Add Tap Tempo Midi Control FC ADSR Better Piano Waste my time
After buying a PlugKey I figured I might as well buy this synth rather than wait it out for an iPhone port of iM1 All I can say is that I haven t put it down since The PlugKey finally came today and this is definitely one of my favorite experiences with a synth As others have stated the filters are still lacking They re okay for low passing but the resonant filter has a pretty weak character The things that would make this synth complete would be sample import and a better filter Other than that KORG really nailed it with this port                     Almost held out for iM1 Aarakelian
Phenomenal app however this initial release does not include the ability to set the global midi channel which is a must have for anyone using multiple apps controlled by midi Hopeful this is just an oversight that can be corrected soon                     Musician Mrbiggr
I m glad Korg finally brought the Wavestation to ios The sound is superb My only gripe with the app is it s export feature It doesn t export to Korg Legacy fxb format I own both and find it easier to edit sounds in iWavestation Please Korg implement this feature in an update 5 stars when this happens                 Great App dharrell
Totally agree with the review written by Classic Arcade Maniac iWavestation is a great iOS synth in general but the fact that it works so well on iPhone makes it particularly valuable Korg s iM1 app is excellent it s a huge library of sounds that is super accessible even to people with little knowledge of synths and sound design but it is iPad only except for the Gadget add on Fortunately iWavestation can cover a lot of the same sounds with its massive library of patches Integrates nicely into the ever expanding Korg Gadget universe as well Korg synths aren t dirt cheap but they re well worth the price                     Super deep Korg synth great on iPhone HouseOfHomuth
App feels incomplete and the interface counterintuitive Please allow an option to upscale the keyboard Make tutorial videos of the manual and how to make basic beats also is there an option for Inter App Audio so I can link up with my favorite apps If my experience changes I ll update my review Overall this app has potential         I feel ripped off Manny said
Pluses This came out with Gadget support on day one This iOS version has a much more visual GUI compared to the desktop AU VST version It s vastly better to program than the original hardware Randomize feature is excellent and should be in EVERY synth EVERYWHERE Compatible with Legacy Collection and original hardware Classic sounds anyone complaining about the dated sounds should have known better and NOT bought the synth if they didn t want sounds from the late 80s from a classic digital synth Minuses No IAA transport controls This is a problem with ALL of Korg s apps Fiddly controls This is a problem with ALL of Korg s apps especially Gadget No data exchange via email Data exchange requires being tethered to a computer with iTunes Randomize feature does not use waveforms from the expansion cards Duplicate patches in cards I realize this might be because the real hardware cards had duplicates and shame on them but when you BUY IAPs of extra cards and find they include duplicates it tells me that Korg should ve made them free instead of repeating the mistake of selling duplicates on cards in today s era of IAP sales             Pluses and minuses but mostly good dysamoria
As an owner of 2 fully loaded Korg M1 keyboards I ve been very annoyed in the decision to make the iM1 iPad only when my iPhone 6s is way more powerful than some iPads it does run on This app proves they certainly could have made iM1 iPhone compatible On a positive note although many more useful M1 sounds exist than for Wavestation at least a handful of my beloved M1 patches do exist for Wavestation The technology between the two synths are very similar With luck I can reproduce some of the other M1 patches As for the wave sounds I m not too excited about them Better sound effects exist in virtual analog synths If your a fan of them by all means buy this app Overall can t go too wrong here Tons of sounds enough useful to warrant the price of the app similar M1 effects processor that is awesome and made those patches so great Some nice orchestral string patches especially But Korg PLEASE RELEASE iM1 for IPHONE USERS I want that power in my pocket not a tablet                     Better than no M1 for iPhone users Classic Arcade Maniac
If you re looking for the classic Wavestation sound this is it Very nice UI and complete ROM collection as well The only issue I have with the app so far is how to import Sysex files There needs to be more options besides Documents folder Korg please fix this Great app otherwise Thank you for porting it to iOS                     Classic sound again NexxuSix
Otherwise this is amazing 5 stars if KORG implements a Hold Function for the left hand Wave Sequence keys There should be an OBVIOUS button for it too This would be A MUCH FUNNER EXPERIENCE with a way to keep a sequence going without having to ALWAYS hold a key down Not having an EASY hold function is an UNBELIEVABLE oversight                 There Should Be A Hold Function For The Wave Sequences vurnt22
I remember buying the Wavestation SR rack mount back in 93 It was my most used synth and after I had to sell my studio to move it was the only piece I kept in storage Still have it Man listening to the sounds again sure brings back memories Now it s easier to edit stuff the rackmount only had a single LCD screen with two lines so I never really got into editing that much just basic stuff This app makes exploration really possible Like another user said get the expansion pack it has the ethnic card that I used a lot for Koto and Sitar sounds in some commercial work Cool                     Awesome Silversurfer1
Thank you for this Korg Simply amazing                     Amazing nunu.com
This is the third and the final revision of my review after trying to find a workaround for the problem below Loses two stars for the lack of an edit assist similar to what Bias and Retronyms offer so that when you lift your finger off control it doesn t jump Here it s really needed on the wave select bars This also plagues the other similarly rewarding but at times equally frustrating Arp app Kong makes To be fair it s still a phenomenal music making app and the addition of an edit assist which would come in particularly handy on smaller non 12 inch iPads would make it legendary A premium price iOS synth app should not have this problem             Rewarding but Rreenn2015
Good improvements in playability tweak ability in Gadget Korg is awesome                     One of Korg s Best Massif Dustbin
I have always been a huge Wavestation for years If you want a Wavestation this is what you should get and shell out the for the extra cards The main reason why you should get this version is that Korg finally designed a good UI for editing WaveSequences My biggest complaint with the desktop plug ins is they tried to keep the UI theme the same as the hardware It might have invoked a sense of nostalgia but it was a terrible design choice In some ways it made programming the Wavestation harder than the hardware version However Korg seemed to have learned their lesson and built a fresh new UI that really honors and compliments programming the synth Now if I am so happy why did I only give it four stars There is one area I am disappointed in the synth It still only has the one really weak low pass filter Those who know the Wavestation know that the filter is the weakest part of the synth I mean it is notoriously weak even compared to other synths from the era I was hoping that Korg would add high pass and band pass filters to introduce some new sonic possibilities or at least offer a beefier low pass one For all the power in the synth it really is a shame that it never had filters that matched the rest of the synth It ends up being like the perfect giant sundae but missing a cherry on top But aside from the filter issue this is a solid buy so go for it                 It is great but for filter FTGabumon
Want that 90s sound Go ahead and get an iM1 Want a 90s synthesizer Then this is for you I am a fan of wavetable synthesis and I liked Korg Gadget s Kiev so much that I decided to buy this OMG this sounds gorgeous I did not expect Korg to take advantage of the touch screen features in order to use a breathtaking and somewhat user friendly interface for a synthesizer that was originally a pain to program It not only has all the features that made the original versatile but it s got a few more things such as a resonant filter and even layering wavesequences Don t forget to buy the 7 additional sound cards for 4 99                     It s everything the Wavestation can do but for up to a 17th of the price of the original Korg Fan
This synth is incredible for creating powerful cinematic music The wavestation and the arp odyssey are two of the greatest synths ever created I use both of them together along with kamata in my music                     Amazing Caladium Fire
Couldn t believe it when I saw KORG had put this on the iPad apps available list I ve had a long history with this instrument in all its forms and it has alway s has been inspiring in creating complex unique interesting sounds This is just pure fun to play for hours Thank you again KORG Nice Holiday gift                     The real deal and FUN as it gets Film less Soundtracks
Historically Korg apps and I frequently didn t see things the same way iMS 20 Korg Module Le glowing exceptions but after finally finding the first YouTube video I had to actually force myself to keep watching listening because I wanted so bad to load my Apple app and buy it After almost 2 minutes I had to go buy it And for the next 18 20 minutes I did nothing more than play and play with the keyboards and nothing else The default Ski Jam and all default settings I don t think I ve ever done that before Then I discover that you can still play the keys at the extreme ends of the smaller keyboard right in between the controls to screen s edges To wild But well done IMPPRESSIVE The sound is absolutely incredible I quiver at the thought of what things I ll be able to do and that which I can t yet imagine The journey begins                     This is love at first sound Eriptron
KORG continues to push the limits on what is possible with our mobile devices They have faithfully recreated the beautiful sound of the Wavestation and have given us a more intuitive way to sculpt the sound I also love that this is a universal app so I can use it on my iPhone They also made it so that my in app purchases transfer to Gadget                     Awesome App BobSeverns
Just like I remembered and loved This is so cool I had been hoping for and now it s the cards too Thanks Korg                 iWAVESTATION bb1b1b1b1b1b1b1
They are all over the place with quality useful output of synths and tools Hardware Software Apps Way to go Korg nobody even comes close                     Once again KORG angelo grover
KORG iWAVESTATION Music Korg Iwavestation Wave SequenceKORG iWAVESTATION Music Korg Iwavestation Wave SequenceKORG iWAVESTATION Music Korg Iwavestation Wave SequenceKORG iWAVESTATION Music Korg Iwavestation Wave Sequence


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