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KORG INC. , the publisher behind many iOS app (AudioPocket for volca sample ,Lyrics for MIKU STOMP ,Bluetooth MIDI Connect ,Step Master ,KORG KONNECT Upgrade Tool ,KORG iDS-10), brings KORG Module with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. KORG Module app has been update to version 1.0.1 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.

    Overall Satisfactionc79
    this is definitely the best sounding app.
    High quality sound module.
    high quality piano and string samples.

    Everything that I said in my first review still applies. found in 1 reviews
    announcing a new high quality mobile sound module app for ipad. found in 2 reviews
    in the top paid music app category. found in 1 reviews
    rich and instantly useful bread and butter sounds. found in 1 reviews
    power up even more with expansion sound libraries. found in 1 reviews
    MIDI over Bluetooth is a boon. found in 1 reviews
    I own several ios music apps including synths. found in 3 reviews
    I only record my piano playing with this app now. found in 1 reviews
    eliminating the need to carry along a printed music score. found in 1 reviews
    I only wish for more controls. found in 1 reviews
    great professional quality with Korg uniqueness. found in 1 reviews
    High quality sound module. found in 2 reviews
    This is a great addition to the iPad for musicians. found in 1 reviews
    Thank-You KORG Module for the MIDI Channel Update. found in 1 reviews
    They load and play will ease in Gadget. found in 1 reviews
    Wish I could specify a MIDI receive channel. found in 1 reviews
    Such a shame for such good sounds to go unused. found in 1 reviews
    Don't hold your breath. found in 1 reviews
    A little incomplete. found in 1 reviews
    until I can set it to one particular MIDI channel. found in 1 reviews
    Please add split functionality. found in 1 reviews
    But that's just my 2 cents. found in 1 reviews
    Piano's Polyphony Needs Attention. found in 1 reviews
    The latest update did NOT fix the the problems. found in 1 reviews
    Please add a metronome. found in 1 reviews

    The KORG Module is now available for $29.99 for iPad owners. The application is supporting different languages: English, French, German, Japanese, Spanish. It weighs in at only 1.28 GB to download. The new KORG Module app version 1.0.1 has been updated on 2014-11-28. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Requires iOS 8.0 or later. Compatible with iPad.
    More Info: Find more info about KORG Module in KORG INC.`s Official Website : http://www.korg.com/us/products/software/korg_module_for_ipad/

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    I was so happy with is app when I played it It sounded awesome and then to my big surprise I was a bit disappointed Here is why Korg on their website states Korg Module for iPad Ideal for performance I cannot believe that Korg did not include the ability to layer and split the sounds and also the midi implementation is non existent OMG Not being able to control the volume and other parameters with a midi keyboard controller renders the module app unusable on a live gig specially at the price point that is not ideal for performance Sampletank and iLectric and Galileo organ have a very good midi implementation I cannot believe Korg fell short on these features It does sound good but I was expecting more from a company like korg Also no metronome Please please please korg add the ability to control All midi parameters volume cut off etc add Audiobus and the ability to layer the sounds and split them For now 3 stars when they add all these features we should already have this app would be worth 7 stars as for now they should not claim their in the forefront of mobile music           Good sounds but app needs work
    Please add a metronome Igrand has it and that app dont allow ipad to go to sleep while in use Kong module keep falling asleep and interrupt the play Miss all the basic requirement for a piano app Disappointed        No metronome on a piano app
    I was initially hesitant to purchasing this app because of the price however after I found myself thinking how much underpriced it is I bought it for only the grand piano sounds so to me the rest is just a bonus The sound is unparalleled in quality Very satisfied                 Absolutely perfect
    Korg continues to get IOS right Wonderful rich and instantly useful bread and butter sounds and an excellent interface Under the hood MIDI over Bluetooth is a boon will Korg follow with a Bluetooth controller and the Gadget integration is icing on the cake The Wurlitzer sounds killer and shows up in the Montreal Gadget Yes it is big but samples do that                 Great Sounds
    It would be great if the velocity curves could be saved with presets              Almost there
    I am very pleased with this app I bought the Ivory expansion and the sound quality is amazing My only issue is that if you use this app with another app like Loopy the sound crackles and falls apart if you use the sustain pedal Hopefully this will be fixed in an update and I can adjust my rating to five stars           Very nice sounding piano but
    Sounds are fine worth the for me to have such useable acoustic piano Rhodes Organ sounds Thought Id be able to do splits by assigning zones in keyboard to different midi channels but Module cannot load 2 instruments at same time Can accomplish splits by using Module Sampletank on different channels but I much prefer Module sounds functionality Please add split functionality Ill pay extra              Would be 5 stars if splittable
    A worthwhile purchasegreat professional quality with Korg uniqueness                 Excellent App
    This is a great addition to the iPad for musicians Now I can use Module for the quality basic sounds I need and the JordanTron app for the huge layered sounds                 Beautifully done
    I picked up the Wurly module for free but Gadget will not import as a Gadget Significant bug Listen up Korg The beauty of moduless patches are unsurpassed in the Ipad They load and play will ease in Gadget You need a midi keyboard They also claim mucho real estate Way too much real estate Wait for a heavier Ipad with a Terabyte of storage Dont hold your breath           Heavy Duty
    I have a ton of music apps and this is one of my top 3 faves The electric piano upgrade is worthwhile Amazing how true to life it sounds              Amazing sounds
    The IK pianos seem much much fatter and real in comparison To much after after the okay sounding ivory piano But still not as earl as the IK a company I generally dont like Not enough of anyone thing Synth sounds weak editing next to none Weak impersonations of much better synths        Over priced
    Imho the Ivory Piano in module is by far the best sounding piano available for IPad and it rivals desktop versions of course the IPad is not as powerful as a MacBook Pro yet but this is really cool and yes I am using a brand new IPad Air 2 I notice that the Ivory pianos are more CPU friendly than the Korg Pianos              Really like Module with Ivory Piano
    Ive used this app at shows with my Stevie Wonder Tribute band in front of thousands of people its sounds great and is super easy to use                 AMAZING
    I really enjoy the sounds available through this app running my old Technics digital piano through it has breathed new life into an old instrument whose sounds I never really liked On the downside when used in Gadget the sounds still crackle and sputter The latest update did NOT fix the the problems as indicated in the patch notes           Great Sounds crackles in Gadget
    Fantastic                 Excellent
    I have a Yamaha Motif XS8 running as a midi controller into Module The Ivory piano sounds amazing but polyphony is only 20 notes on my new iPad Air 2 If I play a low note and then play fast notes in higher registers while holding the sustain pedal the low note stops abruptly after 20 notes If this was fixed Id give 5 stars I cannot use this live until then        Polyphony Bug
    Great applove the ivory pianos              Korg module
    The sound is fantastic best in class hands down                 High quality sound module
    I dont always have my iPad hooked up to an external MIDI controller In fact I almost never do I use my iPad when Im out away from my home studio and want to record or noodle an idea The on screen versions of the keyboard are beautifully reminiscent of the instruments they were sampled from if a bit cartoony in proportion but I dont really care as much about the pictures I care that the keyboards get more cramped towards the top while trying to play softly I care that to my fingers the artificial 3D look makes it less intuitive to experiment with Other than that I wish it had Audiobus and IAA integration on par with the iM1 Its still quite solid Really enjoy it Just that short wishlist              Wonderfully done sound Needs a better on screen keyboard
    And YES Im using an iPad Air So dont try to justify the poor polyphony by stating my iPad may be old The Polyphony has been an OBVIOUS issue since day one Stick to Hardware people Motif unless you want a Kronos that will probably only offer Pt 2 of this madness     Great app but please add More features
    I enjoy Module and think the EP sounds are quite good Wish I could specify a MIDI receive channel not just Omni by default send program change messages to it via Virtual MIDI and renameedit my user presets All seemingly easy fixes I would imagine              Sounds good More flexibility please
    Me gustaría que korg agregaramas sonidos sinfónicos                 El pianista
    Korg is known for its awesome sounds and synths and this ios app is one of the best instruments I have purchased and used I own several ios music apps including synths pianos and keyboards and daws and I would actually use this app in my tecodings in and of my daws such as pro tools or cubase If you want a realistic sounding instrument then this is a must                 One of the best sound modules available
    Love it Gadget integration as well Very nice Korg Worth the wait and then some                 Great Sounds
    The Wurlitzer EP and clavinets are really really good I cant use it live however until I can set it to one particular MIDI channel It appears be be fixed in omni mode It also needs MIDI CC settings so parameters like tremolo speed and depth can be fixed to a knob on a controller Such a shame for such good sounds to go unused but I just cant get any use out of it live with its current MIDI limitations           Sounds good in dire need of more MIDI settings
    A fine app but when I try to use any of the 5 new machines in Gadget the app crashes I have plenty of memory and have an up to date IOS Please please fix this issue     Wont Work In Gadget
    As an app in and of itself quality Korg are the IOS kings hands down Seriously great products coming out of that company hardware and software and Module is no different Great UX and quality sounds Lose a star because how this got past QA for gadget is beyond me all 5 gadgets load but the second I hit a key it crashes the app without flaw Have seen some others report this bit frustrating Im sure an update will resolve Keep doing what you are doing Korg you are the Apple of audio manufacturers while Roland seem to have become the Microsoft              Almost 5
    It doesnt matter if Korg has better sounds than others apps if we cannot really play these sounds in a variety of every day playing situations I think Korg has purposely limited the polyphony of the piano sounds because even when the polyphony is a real issue on any hardware there are better ways of dictating which notes are dropped but Korg decided to drop all the notes Is that musical Really Korg When it comes to APiano Korg Module is only wasting space and limiting the potential of my IPad Air        Worse polyphony I have ever played on APiano
    The quality of sounds in this app is reaching desktop levels especially the Ivory and Wurly IAPs Also the ability to use this within Gadget is really a plus to give it polish to all the synth sounds Now there is something that is really hurting the capability of the app The piano sections polyphony is greatly reduced compared to the other sections like the electric pianos and also similar apps like ThumbJam and SampleTank The last notes are muted too quickly for example when using the sustain pedal and playing sustained notes with left hand and quarters or eight note chords with the right hand I think it has to do with the fact that I have an iPad 2 which is the minimum requirement to run the app All in all a great buy                 A strong high quality sound set
    Its about time someone put out a high quality sample based app that utilizes the processing power of ios to its fullest The market is oversaturated with analog synth models and dubstep plugins but has fallen short when it comes to sample based sounds Module makes a big step forward adding professional sounds that can be used in any recording or live gig Thank you Korg                 Finally high quality piano and string samples
    The polyphony on the iPad Air2 is not 70 notes as advertised I am disappointed because I pay too much for this ad on not to have enough polyphony        POLYPHONY
    This is one excellent app with great quality and authentic sounds HOWEVER it would be so much more powerful AND versatileuseful to be able to layer multiple timbressounds AND be able to split the keyboard If this app had these capabilities I would have given it 5 stars Still a very good app but with these additional features it would be great Please take heed Korg              Have to agree with EDGABA
    So Im gonna level with you I dont use module at all but I do use its sounds The main problem here is that this is a glorified gadget pack I own a korg kross and the only sound here thats not available on my kross is the ivory grand and its not even included you have to pay 20 extra So why not 1 star Because gadget exist and because it still has potential If you link atleast the synth gadgets to module and make midi layering available this would make the gadgetmodule combo unbeatable Module as a standalone sound player with live midi mapping capabilities and gadget as an epic sequencer both sharing sounds with eachother Hell all the korg apps should be linkable But thats just my 2 cents           So much lost potential
    I only wish that they would add a transposing function                 Great App
    A huge ThankYou goes out to KORG for todays Update to Module which allows the selection of a Receive MIDI Channel It took me a while to figure out that I had to slide my finger up or down after touching the word Omni in Settings but once I did I was able to set the Receive MIDI channel It works great too Im jumping for joy This is my go to app for layering sounds with my Yamaha P255 or even to save some polyphony on my S90ES It took a while but KORG came through with what many of us users were asking for Thanks again                 ThankYou KORG Module for the MIDI Channel Update
    I love the sound of the piano in this app I am hoping to buy the additional piano for Christmas Great quality great sound                 Awesome
    Short of having a grand piano in my living room best I can do                 Absolutley phenomenal
    I wanted to have a lightweight alternative to play at church and this app has made it possible It has many high quality sounds including pianos EPs organs class brass and some synth sounds I also purchased the Ivory In app purchase and it has become my most used piano on my iPad Very nice and expressive It obviously will work better if you have a fully weighted digital piano or midi controller but a semi weighted or synth keyboard will also work fine I would recommend it for anyone who wants to play live and just wants to take their iPad and a small 49 or 61 midi controller You wont be disappointed                 Great app for live playing
    Its great to be able to carry a full practice rig in a bag over my shoulder The sounds are great and very usable Having ability to adjust key velocity is nice too I have a few additions for future releases will bump up to 5 stars with these additions a metronome This will complete the practice setup layer piano and strings keyboard split capability bass on left piano on right a key bass add on think Ray Manzarek or Boogie On Reggae Woman sounds              Great sounding app
    Great pianos and string sounds far better than others out there However it has next to nil MIDI learning capabilities or user customizations But if you want top rate sound quality that beats every equal Roland Sound Canvas patch this is definitely the best sounding app even better than SampleTank              A little incomplete
    The sounds within are so much better than the ones built into my Casio privia piano The ivory IAP has me so melted with love of sounds I only record my piano playing with this app now                 Sounds so good
    Ive been waiting for this especially the ivory part for a long time Im a nord electro kind of guy and this basically gives me that I only wish for more controls ESPECIALLY drawbars on the organ MIDI implementation and pages for the modules like gadgets have is mainly what I wish for Id also love to be able to choose songs on a play list with midi program changes or channel assignments This thing begs to be used live but its not quite there yet Something tells me these things were all known but features were cut to get out the door in time so I imagine theyre already on their way But even as is this app is really a massive achievement Bravo korg                 Finally
    Korg is a force to be reckoned with no doubt about itYamaha can do better in the iOS department and Roland is MIA big surprise there Anyway for my intents and purposes the Korg Module is excellent Im not the pianist like others are but I agree with their request as to having a metronomewhy wasnt one tacked on to begin with My big gripe thus far is to why my user patches dont show up within Gadgetfor instance I concocted some sweet sounds on the EP within Module itself but they are nowhere to be found when I open up Gadget and call up the EPwhy Keep it up Korgmy first was an 01Wfdyou never forget your first well why didnt it have resonant multimode filters within the signal path instead of as a multieffectLOVE YA KORG              Korg doesnt need an intro
    Dont bother calling Korg customer service for any help with this Appyoull just be shined on to their very inadequate support website pages Absolutely nothing exists in the modules manual FAQ or website to help guide you in using the Korg Modules IAA or AudioBus capabilities When I link MODULE to my MultiTractStudio recording App iPad Air via IAA the Korg Module no longer outputs any sound from the ipad either from the Korg Module App or the MTS app Using these beautiful sounds to digitally record music is as important to me as triggering them for live performance The latter is quite easy but getting the Korg Module to output andor record sound in response to internalvirtual MIDI triggers seems nearly impossible The final insult is that you cant control the volume of the sound module from an external controller keyboard Thus use of a volume pedal with your keyboard will not work Actually there is a simple way around this absurd limitation but the software developers havent figured it out yet Overall great soundsinadequate software engineering     Korg Sound Module Support NOT
    I love Korg Gadget and I thought this app was going to give me way more for the price considering I got Korg Gadget for 20 bucks Not as many sound banks as I was expecting and if you are an iOS musician who has a variety of other synthesizers and keyboard apps than you may find this app a little unnecessary All in all Module is a decent app just not worth the price which is expected to go even higher after the promotional period I would value this app addon at 10 but it seems like all apps are going up in price for some odd reason           Its not bad but not really worth 30
    This is the first Korg product Ive ever purchased and I am impressed A lot of tone banks are loaded with sounds but you only end up using two or three These sounds especially the electric pianos are insanely beautiful                 Dope Absolutely
    After you hold down too many keys the first keys you played stop being sustained This is unacceptable for an app with this price This happens to me and I have an iPad Air 2 The polyphony quits after pressing 18 notes even with the latency settings on 1024 72 notes is advertised Not even close I want to buy the ivory mobile grand extension but why should I when I can buy iGrand for a third of the price and get unlimited polyphony with a quality sound When Korg updates this and proves they can be trusted Ill probably get the ivory mobile grand     Keys cut out

    KORG Module Music Korg Module Korg GadgetKORG Module Music Korg Module Korg GadgetKORG Module Music Korg Module Korg GadgetKORG Module Music Korg Module Korg GadgetKORG Module Music Korg Module Korg GadgetKORG Module Music Korg Module Korg GadgetKORG Module Music Korg Module Korg GadgetKORG Module Music Korg Module Korg GadgetKORG Module Music Korg Module Korg Gadget

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