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Deseret Digital Media , the publisher behind many iOS app (103.5 The Arrow ,Deseret News ,KSL Classifieds ,Family News ,OKEspanol ,, brings with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. app has been update to version 4.1.0 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Works great for quick news updates..
  • I typically use ksl and the WSJ as my news sources..
  • please improve this app and make it more user friendly thanks..
  • This is my favorite news app and it just got better..
Overall Satisfactionclick me46
This is my favorite news app and it just got better.
Reliabilityclick me22
Ads not Intrusiveclick me25
post a classified ad from iphone.
Updates & Supportclick me25
We need an iPad version.


Get all the latest news, sports, and weather from KSL 5 and KSL Newsradio. Listen to KSL Newsradio while you read news, browse the classifieds (iOS 3.2+), or run other apps (iOS 4.0+).


**** NEW VERSION 3.0 ****


Version 3.0 is a complete re-write that addresses the following.


- Fix the keyboard issues from version 1.0 running on
iOSApple iOS is a proprietary mobile operating system for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.
- Fix partial screen loads from version 2.0 running on older iOS versions.
- Fix odd scroll locations from version 2.0.
- Add new background audio streaming for iOS 4.0+.
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Known issues:


- Listen link opens a player in iOS 3.x


If you discover any other issues, please
emailE-mail (electronic mail) is the exchange of computer-stored messages by telecommunication
us at [email protected]


If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download for free from Apple Store. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 0.1 MB to download. The new app version 4.1.0 has been updated on 2014-11-17. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later
More Info: Find more info about in Deseret Digital Media`s Official Website :


making it truly the one stop shop for Utah news. found in 3 reviews
Good app for locals. found in 1 reviews
listening to the BYU Football games wherever I might be. found in 1 reviews
App works fairly well. found in 1 reviews
But it needs the " apartments for rent " and "houses for rent" sections. found in 5 reviews
Please fix the live stream. found in 1 reviews
Good until No Internet Connection. found in 5 reviews
New version even worse. found in 1 reviews
Doesn't work half the time. found in 1 reviews
What happened to the old app. found in 7 reviews
Car search needs help. found in 1 reviews
Fix the streaming please. found in 1 reviews
but needs to be updated to the Retina Display. found in 2 reviews
I hate the new update. found in 3 reviews
Crashes half the time I open it. found in 2 reviews
Has potential but falls short. found in 1 reviews
Needs and iOS4 update for background streaming. found in 2 reviews
I Cant stand where the radio button is. found in 1 reviews
wish you could write and post adds on the app as well. found in 1 reviews
I hope this weak effort doesn't represent all of KSL. found in 1 reviews
Tired of ads. found in 1 reviews
The marketplace back arrow is terrible. found in 2 reviews
If you want to read the news. found in 3 reviews
It won't let you post ads. found in 7 reviews
There are fewer news stories and a poor user interface. found in 5 reviews
No Internet connection Piece of junk. found in 5 reviews
I absolutely loved this app until the update. found in 2 reviews
Annoying flashing ads. found in 2 reviews
May6th update killed this app. found in 2 reviews
Miniature screen size due to ads. found in 3 reviews
Unable to search classified ads now. found in 11 reviews
If it ain't broke don't fix it. found in 3 reviews
New update is terrible. found in 2 reviews
You should fix things like videos that won't play in landscape mode. found in 2 reviews
Go back to the old app or fix this one. found in 2 reviews
Go back to the old one or expect more hate. found in 7 reviews
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Any time Im listening to pandora and I open the KSL app the music pauses This only happens with the KSL app       Some bugs
The app launches only to crash immediately after opening This occurred shortly after the iOS 81 update I would not advise in downloading if you have this current operating system until they have fixed the issue This should be clearly listed in the next update if they proceed with maintaining the app    Does not work with iOS 81
Why must you end my music when I read the news Fail Leave the music alone    Your songs will stop playing
Crash crash crash Also its crashes One thing about it though is it crashes Last thing is crash crash crash Ok so the pictures for stories are teeny tiny and you cant zoom in on them so they have that going for themYours trulyCrash    Crash crash crash
Often I cant scroll down past the headline I dont know if its a problem with the ad box or what but the stories themselves become inaccessible when you cant scroll to see them          Scrolling problems
Even with new update it still crashes Please fix          Greatbut
It would be nice to use this app to see the news too bad it STILL doesnt work    Doesnt work
I love this app When it works Unfortunately it only works about half the time The other half it freezes and is completely unusable Need to fix the bugs and it would be a 5 star Love getting news updates on here when I can get it to work       Doesnt work half the time
All the other reviews listed lots of errors but I have had zero problems                Works great for me
Says it makes a more breathable interface for reading stories What it doesnt tell you is that it puts a crappy cheap ad bar at the bottom of the app for Makes it look like a crappy web site Totally unprofessional and not what I would expect from KSL I never write reviews but thought this warranted it because Im not pleased with the change       Dont Uograde
After upgrading to iOS 84 this app completely crashes my phone It just about restarts my phone Never had an app do that before    Unusable
Stream stop constantly VERY buggy will not refresh properly Closes randomly    Still not working with the iOS upgrade
Even after recent bug fixes still crashes or live radio does not play    Please address problem with iphone6IOS8
The app isnt awful but the horizontal scrolling is too sensitive and gets in the way of scrolling through articles which is more important than menu access Havent seen the freezes or crashes others speak of I have an iPhone 5 on iOS 81 and the app launches and runs smoothly          OK Needs Work
Ksl just like to stir things up and their reports are not great Fox 12 much better    Too negative
Does this app do anything besides freeze up Come on KSL take some pride in your app We choose to use you as our news source at least make it a good experience or Ill be going elsewhere    Worthless
Videos do not play without buffering every 2 seconds This is the only app that gives me problems with videos    Terrible videos
Surely there is a better way to organize the comments section Its a mess in there Secondly the videos never work Not for a while too Not just this version I have tried a few different things and I think it is the 15 second ad that never loads so the video never loads either My quick time player opens and loads the entire video not the ad the 230 video or however long it is but wont play Please fix those things          Comments and videos
Every time I try to open the app it freezes and closes the app or it opens and doesnt load the stories and then glitches out back to the home screen       Doesnt work on my iPod 5
Just downloaded this so I could read the news on my phone since we dont have tv and I can not always get on the computer It doesnt even open I get a blue screen with the name on it and it stays that way for about 15 to 20 seconds before just closing I am on an iphone 4 with ios 71    Doesnt open
Thanks KSL The latest update makes the app even easier to use making it truly the one stop shop for Utah news weather and sports                Love the update
There are great stories by KSL news however a large portion of them are written with the beliefs and values of the writer showing through I myself belong to this majority but appreciate an unbiased and more objective source for news Comments are regulated so you only see comments KSL agrees with People in Utah who conform to the majority wonder why people on the outside feel marginalized and less than worthy The bias of a station like this is just one small example of why So so disappointing The app itself works great and again some of the stories are good so it gets a couple of stars       Highly Biased
I really like the app except for the fact that I listen to my music all the time and when you open the app it stops my music I dont stream anything from within the app and never will so stop pausing my music Make it like any other app out there that when you click on the streaming option it pauses the music          Stop pausing my music
I cant open it anymore    Wont open
Crashes frequently video buggy and comments regularly post only part of typed content Barely worthy of beta status       Glitchy as can be
Crash crash crashIt was working but not now    Go back or fix this one
Since the new iOS update this once often used and favorite site for weather crashes EVERY TIME I keep deleting it and then try adding it since September but still NOT fixed Come on people FIX IT or Im gone forever    PLEASE FIX
App works fairly well but seems to have some stability issues with iOS 8 andor the iPhone 66 Crashes half the time I open it             iOS 8 instability
Im trying to create an account but whenever Ive finished putting in my info and everything it wont provide a way for me to move forward the keyboard wont go away and therefore wont let me press create an account which is what you press after youre done putting the info in but it wont let me do that In order for this to be used by anyone that is the first thing that needs fixing or else no one will be able to use it There needs to be a way to make it so the keyboard will go away when finished putting in all of the info    Not able to create account
The app freezes constantly Its pretty much unusable    Useless
The app isnt optimized for the new iPhones which isnt a big deal but u havent been able to play video in the app since iOS 7       Dont remember the last time video worked
Your pics are still messed up fix it or I will get rid of your app and I like KSL news better than the others    Pictures not lining up
Freezes up tighter than a PC with spyware Nearly worthless especially since the update Cannot use and listen to music either Very disappointed    Terrible
When it works its great The problem is it crashes a lot and the app sometimes wont even open Each time there is an update Im hopeful it will work better but it never does       It has issues
Minus one star because leaving a comment on an article through the app doesnt work submission never gets to KSL and minus another because videos rarely work Get to work          Needs improvement
Normally this app works well but after a recent update to this new version it just hangs on the open screen on my iPhone 5    Current version broken
Maybe put some money into it so that it actually works It freezes and closes out randomly while being used    Horrible App
If I am listening to music through pandora and open the ksl news app the app shuts my music off every time          Stops music
barely updated and the app still crashes sometimes on start up and takes a long time for the stories to load still crap like it was before the update    still not good
All this app does now is crash and wont open Please fix    Keeps Crashing
This app was good when I was able to live stream news now not so much Please fix the live stream          Ok but
I havent been able to open the app in 3 days I even deleted the app then reinstalled it Still wont open Crashes immediately When it works its great       App Wont open
Wont open on 4S Crashes on logo screen when opening    Broken
App freezes and shuts down almost every time I use it or try to comment on articles but when that doesnt stop me from using it the horrible swipe feature kicks in and prevents me from scrolling down and only lets me swipe Great job Didnt think this app could be any worse    Still broken
Take out the ads Its a nuisance And the app crashes frequently       Needs work
Ive had 23 versions of this app on my iPhone 5 and it has never worked well It freezes wont scroll and rarely works as expected Guess its time to get my news elsewhere    Terrible
This app will no longer work on iPhone 5s Disappointing for those who do not wish to upgrade to ios8    Doesnt work on iPhone 5s
The app doesnt want to scroll down into the actual story I can only watch the video or read the first 5 lines Please fix          Scrolling
Almost every time I open a news story I cant scroll until the entire story loads very frustrating Many times I have to close and reopen the app    Cant scroll
Takes too long for stories to load mainly because the ads load first and take up the bulk of the bandwidth    Slow load times


Deseret Digital Media
0.1 MB
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later
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iOS / 4.1.0
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iOS 4.1.0 Mobile

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