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doapp, inc , the publisher behind many iOS app (3TV Phoenix Mobile News ,KGW News ,KY3 Mobile Local News ,Punch-O-Meter ,WFAA ,SBT Mobile Local News), brings KTVB with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. KTVB app has been update to version 4.1.6 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Great app and I love the breaking news updates..
  • Good for a " quick news check"..

Overall Satisfactionc90
Overall one of the best news apps on the market.
Don't bother with this poor attempt at making a news app.
Content quality has improved.
Great app to stay informed on local topics and breaking news.
Thank u for keeping me up to date on the news.
KTVB keeps me informed every day with the latest weather and news.
the app is so handy to keep up to date on what's going on.
Very useful when you want news or weather immediately.
Ease of Usec92
This app is very user friendly and easy to navigate.
Very easy to get up to date news.
Organized well and easy to navigate.
Reliable and easy to navigate rely on it daily.
Look like the Microsoft phone screen platform - efficient and easy to use.
Haven't encountered any bugs yet.
Updates & Supportc30

We are from Boise and we like to keep up on the news. found in 3 reviews
Great app to stay informed on local topics and breaking news. found in 8 reviews
I grew up watching only channel 7 news. found in 8 reviews
Overall one of the best news apps on the market. found in 9 reviews
Great source for local news and weather. found in 5 reviews
I love having the local news and weather at my fingertips. found in 30 reviews
App works well up to the minute news thanks. found in 3 reviews
I wish the traffic information was a little better. found in 2 reviews
Needs a redesign. found in 2 reviews
Doesn't load new news stories. found in 5 reviews
Good app but hasnt worked lately. found in 1 reviews
Would be better if there were real time updates. found in 1 reviews
Good app poor management. found in 1 reviews
Never had a single problem with it. found in 1 reviews
Needs some bugs fixed. found in 1 reviews
Needs multitasking support. found in 1 reviews
pretty meh. found in 1 reviews
I've never followed news much until I got this app. found in 1 reviews
Except the Videos. found in 1 reviews
See pic and titles but the second page never loads. found in 1 reviews
Still no iPad version. found in 1 reviews
Needs adjusting. found in 1 reviews
Countless spelling errors. found in 2 reviews
every day I take a screenshot of the embarrassing grammatical and spelling errors. found in 1 reviews
Traffic cameras don't load right. found in 1 reviews
Crashes and slow to load. found in 3 reviews
New opening mobile logo - awful. found in 1 reviews
Get " Error Loading Content " message every time I try to open app. found in 3 reviews
Crashed on iPhone 4s and iPad. found in 1 reviews
Get "Error Loading Content" message every time I try to open app. found in 3 reviews
News needs to be news. found in 1 reviews

If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download KTVB for free from Apple Store. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. The new KTVB app version 4.1.6 has been updated on 2014-11-05. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.1.3 or later
More Info: Find more info about KTVB in doapp, inc`s Official Website : http://www.mobilelocalnews.com/

Idaho News & Weather from KTVB & KTVB.COM. Find updated local information, sports, video, traffic and weather from Idaho`s NewsChannel 7.
This site used to be helpful but now you are held hostage by all the ads you MUST watch if you want to check on news It isnt your typical ads that bombard you its full blown hostage situation You cant choose to stop the ad and go back to select a different news item You will have to watch a commercial in full screen mode for 25 seconds before you can choose to back out or stop You can close the app and go to another news station app and check the news there I am deleting this app and going to keep using the other stations news app     Too many ads
Covers the region well Even national news Updated news at hand cant complain                 Great App for Idahoans
This is the best app for local news in the Treasure Valley The issue I have is that there seems to be very little updating of news stories after 5pm mon thru fri and very little updating on the weekends I dont waste my time looking at this from 5pm Friday to 8am Monday there is very little being updated              Best local news app
If I want to know the major news going on in Treasure Valley I go to this ap It is my source for local news                 My source
Love love love this app Everything I need Updated all day long Its my link back to Boise Keep it Rollin                 Great
Great              Great
Stories are limited especially regional              Good
Download now                 Great source of news
Ads automatically open in a new app when I try to use this app     Intrusive ads
Error message every time I try to open it Use to work but now it doesnt     Doesnt work
App works with data off and just wifi                 News on the go
For myself own the app works fine But from my laptop thats a whole other story Ill spend more time trying to maneuver around ads than I do reading the news Its just easier to read another local news channels news updates versus trying to get around all the popups For this I will only give KTVB one star     Enough ads alreadu
Sometime over the past year KTVB must have recognized that the writing quality of their news stories was severely lacking They appeared as though they were written by a 7th grader with poor writing skills and bad spelling The stories werent worth the effort to try to read Upon purchasing a new smart phone I decided to give the KTVB app another try and was pleasantly surprised by the improvement The stories now actually make sense and spelling is good It DOES make a difference                 Content quality has improved
Love this app quick easy and updated frequently No better app for local news                 Best local news site
Really good              KTVB
Other than weather slow to update once in awhile this app works fine for me              Pretty Good
Lousy app        Meh
I use the app daily to get current on local news and weather I have no complaints                 Useful
I keep getting a cocoa error cant even open the app When it did open the articles had lots of errors and usually I had to go to main website to read something I think the app is a waste but it IS free        Poor App
Up to date very easy to use              Great App Easy to navigate
I always check KTVB for my daily news and the app makes it easy to get current news information Major events also get texted to me so I immediately hear when something significant happens I really like this especially for my job where we may need to take immediate action Overall a great app                 Best news source and easy app
Articles seem written in haste and no doubt from cell phones Its kind of embarrassing really Video links now seem to have a 30 second ad required Good for breaking news but expect tons of errors     Hmmm
This app was very good After the last update the app has pop up that open to often Give a option for ad free     To many pop up adds
Continually have to uninstall and reinstall due to app not loading because of a cocoa error whatever that is     Broken
They are awesome                 KTVB app
I have to turn off my wifi connection to get this to work Additionally if cellular is turned off it does not work on wifi alone This will eat up my data plan using only cellular        Doesnt work if is wifi on
However the latest version crashes when I open it Hopefully it gets resolved soon              Easy to use and read the top stories
Dont bother with this poor attempt at making a news app My last two reviews were rejected because of only two stars The app appears to be written by a ten year old Do not expect much        Lousy App
App doesnt opensimple as that     Never opens
This app never seems to work correctly It fails to load almost every time I go to use it They need to fix all the glitches Ive deleted it twice for this same reason this time I think it will be for good     KTVB
No problems and updated often              My go to for news source
Easy to use I like the alerts for news and weather                 Great app
7 day forecast wont update Other than that we love it and use it all the time especially for a quick glance at the weather7 day forecast but it hasnt been updated for the past week              7 day forecast
Would be better if there were real time updates Some sort of weather alert or current breaking news would be nice              Good app
Pleasantly surprised                 Really great app
This app was acting up but its working well now Its a great app to keep up to date on what going on                 Seems to be fixed
Organized well and easy to navigate Regional news brings this app down Maybe one new article per day the rest is up to two months old With the number of sister stations there is no reason that the regional news can not be more plentiful and uptodate Updates on news during the weekend is also very very slow Fix timely updates and regional news and this could be my go to news app              News Nut
This is a great app i use it regularly However every day I take a screenshot of the embarrassing grammatical and spelling errors Loss of tense pluralization constant repetition and a serious lack of editorial corrections I am appalled by the fact that this seems to go completely unnoticed nor corrected Outside of this the app is very helpful and useful Just be prepared to skip over all the headlines with no articles and horrendous grammar mistakes that go completely uncorrected        Great app Embarrassing grammar
They update this app all the timeit just gets better                 A must have app
I use the app everyday to keep current on my local news and events                 Great
Get Error Loading Content message every time I try to open app Retry is the only option to press and it goes no where     Doesnt open
Great service sent to iPhones                 News flash information is great especially weather related
Great viewing thanks              KTVB
Works for me                 Great App use it all the time
Love it                 Great app
I like the app as a truck driver it helps me to stay in touch with whats happening at home The ads are annoying The grammar could be better I do get the information I need           Stay in touch
Easy to navigate through                 Really useful
My go to for local news                 Perfect
What is it taking so long for an iPad version I use my iPad to get the news including the paper When I bring up 7s app I have to look sideways My iPad is in a holder that doesnt easily swivel Other than that more frequent updates would be nice and live 247 web broadcast You are lagging behind Ch 6s web site is better        Still no iPad version

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