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Tribune Interactive , the publisher behind many iOS app (CW33 DFW ,PHL17 The Best TV in Philly ,Orlando Hoops ,Miami Hoops ,Blueprint for iPad ,Sun Sentinel), brings LA Times with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. LA Times app has been update to version 2.3.8 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • I've tried at least thirty other news app on the store..
  • This is quickly replacing all my other news apps..

Overall Satisfactionc36
This is quickly replacing all my other news apps.
I'm giving this five stars because it's my current favorite news app.
Social Aspectsc33
Ads not Intrusivec12
I'm not going to update.
Updates & Supportc12

NICE upgrade. found in 1 reviews
quality of news is very good. found in 3 reviews
Noticeable improvement. found in 1 reviews
Love the redesign. found in 1 reviews
Cheap nytimes app alternative. found in 3 reviews
Good source for quick updates on current events. found in 1 reviews
easy to save articles I want to reread. found in 1 reviews
I keep getting a session expired message within the app. found in 1 reviews
Reliable news. found in 2 reviews
It is much easier to navigate than the website or paper. found in 1 reviews
Update works with iOS6. found in 1 reviews
Been waiting on this price to drop. found in 1 reviews
Great News Notifications. found in 1 reviews
Better than the full website. found in 1 reviews
Please restore the swipe left or right to change categories. found in 3 reviews
please restore the ability to swipe left or right to change categories. found in 5 reviews
Please bring back the old app or drastically fix usability of the new one. found in 2 reviews
crashes upon opening every single time. found in 3 reviews
I have been a LA Times subscriber for years. found in 3 reviews
Search function doesn't work at all. found in 3 reviews
Irritating pop ups. found in 2 reviews
Needs one aspect fixed. found in 1 reviews
When I tried to sign -in using my Google account. found in 3 reviews
Liked the app but twitter no longer works. found in 1 reviews
local news broken load more. found in 1 reviews
but constantly crashes when you post to Facebook. found in 9 reviews
It crashes every time I attempt to share a story. found in 9 reviews
Annoying ads / glitches. found in 2 reviews
Worse than last version. found in 1 reviews
Wish I hadn't updated the app. found in 2 reviews
Every time I open this app to read the news. found in 46 reviews
And it also crashes every time when posting to Facebook. found in 7 reviews
I'll be forced to delete the app. found in 11 reviews
but this app just made me subscribe to the NY Times. found in 21 reviews
If you like reading a story. found in 6 reviews
it'll suddenly take you to the App Store as part of some ad. found in 16 reviews
I find it incredibly annoying that after I read an article and go back. found in 6 reviews
although it's irritating that I originally had to pay for it. found in 8 reviews
on an iPhone 6 Plus it looks dreadful. found in 6 reviews
and it tells me to update each time I open it. found in 25 reviews
Now the app crashes EVERY time I try to post to Facebook. found in 9 reviews
This version won't open on my 4S running iOS 7. found in 7 reviews
I love the LA Times but this is extremely frustrating. found in 118 reviews
This app crashes consistently when trying to share an article to Facebook. found in 9 reviews
but they managed to make a really bad app even worse. found in 10 reviews
Unable to add more stories. found in 6 reviews
Blinking ads have destroyed this otherwise OK news app. found in 33 reviews

The LA Times is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 2.3.8 has been released on 2014-11-07. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later.
Bottom Line: For more information about LA Times check developer Tribune Interactive`s website :

See what you want, when you want When you open up the Los Angeles Times for iPhone app, content is made available to you by section. But what if you're not interested in Sports or World ...
Really love the way you can swipe from section to section as well as add my own sections                 Love the new navigation
No more bugs And its super snappy now Loving the new ability to add things to my section front by topic super cool feature                 Love the update
It looks like all of the bugs are gone Creating my own sections and changing the order is really cool Not sure if you could swipe between the articles before but that is a nice feature                 Great Update
Ive been reading the LA Times since 1976 and this app is poorly designed and makes navigation difficult There is nothing I like about it        Limited experience poor execution
Really needs to get up to speed technically compared to other apps on iPhone 4s        Sadly loads slower than NYT or Wapo
Without even touching anything random Ads like videos open up This happens A LOT     Random ads open up
They must have fixed the bugs I love it                 Works Great
The newest update allows ads currently most often the Honda ad to suddenly launch without warning in a video player which is so annoying I might stop using the app        Disruptive and annoying
Excellent job Very easy to use Thanks                 Really great update
Soooo slow        LA Times
Font too small        Font too small
Love the minimal design and new features                 So Fresh So Clean
Loads right away now Now I can use this app again              MAJOR improvement
The bugs are gone Improved overall Deducting one star for editorial policies that favor Westside communities              Improved
Great                 LA Times
Freezes with login doesnt support adding comments No point Just use mobile site     Rubbish
App has definitely improved However when reading a story on an iPhone you want to zoom in on pictures especially info graphics Please fix this just copy the New York Times           Want to zoom pics
I subscribed And I dont see the difference I think I just wasted my money I dont see the upgrade and I dont see the benefit in upgrading     Dont subscribe
The way the app flows displays articles and the related to is really nice Good job guys                 Its Improved Way More
The LA Times app is s great app that allows me to read the LA Times on a daily basis              i like this app
Just do what NYTs does Almost like reading a newspaper Second place is WSJ Close second is Washington Post How tough can this be           LA Times Mobile app
Will not open on iPad 2 was it tested Frame shows up and disappears Havent been able to use since Aug 5th considering canceling my subscription Fix it     Doesnt work on iPad2
This app is ok Not great but I can quickly scan the titles My biggest problem is the font color Its too light Would it be too much for it to be black           Not the best
Love the ability to swipe side to side to change the section or article Love seeing the latest articles right away Ability to customize sections is useful                 Great update
Easy to use read A good mix of local CA national International news And interesting off beat stories                 My go to for news
but now its uselessly slow Start over or better yet bring back the older retired version     Even this improved version was ok for a while
This app is by far the best news app for Los Angeles not because its the LA Times but because it runs smoothly and is very intuitive The ads are minimal and I love that you can save stories to read later                 Best LA news app
Review 4 Hitting the search icon on top right minimizes the app The app hijacks the phone and periodically opens AppStore without clicking on any ads It tries to download sketchy scammy apps from the AppStore Such a crappy app for a relatively reputable news site I used this LATimes app for years and deleting now Will not tolerate hijacking my phone Review 3 Blinking mortgage ad on top of every page makes it impossible to read the news Blinking ads have destroyed this otherwise OK news app Now deleting LATimes Review 2 In 24 upgrade LA times header takes big chunk of the screen and cannot be hidden Together BIG AD BANNER the LA Times header and footer take up about 40 of the screen You read the news in the small area in the middle This was my favorite news app before 24 upgrade now Im deleting it I dont download news apps to look at ads and headerfooter I download them to READ THE NEWS Besides why do you need a big LA Times header The reader already knows what newspaperapp this is Review 1 Best news app The UI is especially intuitive visuals are clean and not cluttered quality of news is very good I find this app better than NYT CNN NBC or USA today     Opens AppStore spontaneously
The app is easy to use Finding content is straightforward The app should have the option to open the epaper version of the daily LA Times           Easy to use
Awful App constantly closes when I scroll an article or when I touch the back button or sometimes for no reason at all it shuts down Have to reopen and find where I left off The white print is hard to read I hate the pictorial layout I loved the old version newspaper layout and function Not sure who thought this up Im looking for a new news source     Hate it too
The navigation is very smooth but I miss the sidebar I could switch sections with the thumb on one hand              Miss the sidebar
Update again The new version works great Thanks UPDATE The app loads the first five or six stories for each page But if I scroll down to the the bottom of the list it tries to add more stories but crashes EVERY time Ive deleted and reinstalled a dozen times and tried it on wifi and LTE connections Doesnt matter Still doesnt work right Drag I updated last night Now the app crashes every time I launch it Im still using iOS 7 Other then that its great                 New version crashes
Really love the paper and the earlier versions of the app Unfortunately the new one crashes on the welcome screen introducing new features Not good Will look forward to the fix Until then avoid 34     Version 34 fail
I like the latest version of the LA Times app and the new navigation works fine for me My biggest problem with this app is that it takes up over 1gig on my device according to Apples Storage screen There should be some way to clear temp files every time the app closes           Good App Temp Files Huge
Im a paid subscriber to the LA Times but after the most recent update the app will switch over to the App Store while Im in the middle of reading an article This is annoying enough that Ive deleted the app and plan to cancel my subscription Unrelated to the App Store Im also having major delivery issues with my paper that after numerous attempts over a period of a couple of months have yet to be resolved The Times needs to find a new owner     Opens App Store Ads
Just have a mobile site that loads and responds well Your app download banner is annoying     I dont want an app to read your website
Crashes on my 6 90 of time New format appalling They actually paid someone to do this Used for years without difficulty before this version     Sackings in Order
I have deleted the app because it launches full page ads It also often launches the App Store trying to download sponsored apps WITHOUT MY PERMISSION This is classic malware behavior Be safe and delete immediately     Unsafe App
This news app needs to be objective in its reports Specially in the constant smashing of our local Los Angeles based law enforcement departments Reports join in on the antipolice bandwagon The last article I read has statements from activists wanting 0 police shootings How about you interview said activists and ask how they expect zero police shootings when armed suspects are running around our streets Also there are almost no reports on the constant gang shootings in south Los Angeles Last week on central and 91 St two gangs swans vs beehad a shoot out and a family man driving his family gets caught in fire and shot in head Of course no report there because officers didnt make it in time to shoot the bad guys     Anti police and not objective reporting
Fix your app Right in the middle of the story crash All the time           Crash crash crash
Its super fast and easy to swipe through sections and stories Great update                 New update is awesome
I do not like the format at all It is nearly impossible to get an overview of the day regardless of the section Another grip is theres not a way to edit sections For example Im more euro based and do not care about typical American sports baseball football basketball etc I would like to be able to edit this content out and include Formula 1 or pro cycling for example     LA Times ap
App is solid now Previous versions randomly took you to some advertising spam Well laid out              Stable now
I love how I can hide sections and rearrange them to my liking Makes it easy for me to get the news I want quickly                 Super easy to use
A year ago I gave this app five stars Then problems began to creep in for months the app would crash every time I tried to open it They seem to have fixed this bug only for me to find that they have now installed these pop up ads that come up every time you scroll down the articles and theres no way of stopping it Waiting for it to load is not a compromise either because they simply wont load either This app has become absolute garbage I am deleting it     Goodbye
When you launch the LA Times app to start reading something it launches the App Store for some random game Really annoying     Keeps launching App Store
This is much quicker than the previous app Smoother navigation and faster loading of content                 Much Improved
Love its format Quite enjoy the save feature for articles Id like to read later Very user friendly indeed                 Awesome App
I used to read it everyday The new version is too light and hard to read Please change font color to black           Font too light
I have tried using this app for a long time this version rocks Its stablefast and logical wish I had a bigger screen but it is very usable in my iPhone 4s                 Never better

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