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Aycka Soft , brings Laudate with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Laudate app has been update to version 2.01 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • but also a place I can view and access daily devotionals..
  • I like the rosary app..
  • I love listening to the podcasts when I exercise..
  • This is a very good collection of prayers..
  • Best support for Christians..

Overall Satisfactionc93
Seriously the best Catholic app I've seen.
A Catholic NEED.
Thank you and God bless you.
To the developers of this app- Thank you a million times.
It really helps me to grow in my spirituality.
Thank you so very much for this wonderful app.
Wonderful resource for all things Catholic.
What an amazing resource of prayers and information.
Fun & Engagingc97
Awesome Catholic App.
Thank you for this awesome app.
Awesome and awe inspiring.
This app places everything a Catholic person would need at their fingertips.
It has everything in one app that you could want.
It has a wide variety of useful items.
Brilliant and Indispensable App.
Helpful with keeping my faith everyday.
Wonderful and helpful.
Read your Bible every day in 5 min.
Ease of Usec81
Thanks for putting all of these materials in one easy to access location.
You cannot even download them to access them later.
well organized and easy to read.
Everything is well categorized and easy to find.
All the resources you need in one convenient app.
Thank you for making all of this information easily accessible and easy to use.
Convenient bible readings.

Everything you need to practice our catholic faith in one place. found in 11 reviews
This is by far the best prayer App I have found. found in 5 reviews
and the stations of the cross are also there. found in 9 reviews
The examination of conscience enables a thorough housekeeping and gratifying Reconciliation. found in 7 reviews
This app places everything a Catholic person would need at their fingertips. found in 11 reviews
understand and embrace the Catholic Church and truly know Jesus Christ. found in 8 reviews
I have used this app for about a year now. found in 2 reviews
Thank you and God bless you. found in 10 reviews
two Bible versions - unbelievable amount of information all in one place. found in 3 reviews
prayers including the rosary and divine mercy chaplet in English and Latin. found in 8 reviews
Excellent one stop shop for practicing Catholics at the right price. found in 9 reviews
Please remove the music from the background of the daily meditations. found in 6 reviews
Also a great resource for Catholic research / reading. found in 48 reviews
Regular updates and a wealth of information on just traditional Catholic faith. found in 4 reviews
meditate and help us give glory to God. found in 10 reviews
Seriously the best Catholic app I've seen. found in 113 reviews
Complete Catholic resource : all you want & need in one app. found in 10 reviews
This app is full of many great resources plus the important basics. found in 4 reviews
Just a marvelous tool for enhancing one's prayer life. found in 25 reviews
Disappointed in new release. found in 1 reviews
It doesn't even compare it is so limited. found in 2 reviews
Now Morning Prayer won't load. found in 8 reviews
I'm 70 and my eyes can't handle the small print. found in 2 reviews
Would give 5 stars if the navigation buttons stood out. found in 2 reviews
Some key passages as Gen 1 :26 are a sign. found in 2 reviews
App stalls. found in 1 reviews
Hope you can fix this ASAP. found in 2 reviews
it's difficult for older eyes. found in 2 reviews
That so called revise edition is step from bad to worst. found in 2 reviews
Only issue I've encountered is trying to share to Facebook. found in 4 reviews
The only way to fix this is to restart my phone. found in 6 reviews
Needs changes. found in 4 reviews
needs profile support. found in 1 reviews
Daily readings no longer visible when playing podcast. found in 1 reviews
Pray-as-you-go link does not work. found in 1 reviews
Nice app but doesn't feel the same. found in 1 reviews
Needs constant internet connection. found in 1 reviews
I can't make the font bigger so I can't read it. found in 2 reviews
Hope you can fix. found in 2 reviews
Please re -update and change it back. found in 2 reviews
It is very unfortunate. found in 2 reviews
Also it no longer has the verse before the Gospel. found in 2 reviews
Since latest update will not open on my original iPad. found in 2 reviews
Please fix latest update. found in 1 reviews
Opened Daily Office. found in 2 reviews

The Laudate is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 3.2 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 2.01 has been released on 2014-11-30. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.Requires iOS 4.1 or later.
More Info: Find more info about Laudate in Aycka Soft`s Official Website :

The most popular and most comprehensive Catholic App also known as CatholicOne is here Daily Mass Readings, Liturgy of Hours, New American Bible, interactive Rosary and Chaplet of Divine Mercy, Stations of the Cross, prayers ...
The best Catholic app Ive encountered pay or free                 Simply Excellent
Many of the links are not working Please check and verify all links and update app accordingly Thank you              Winderful but
The only down side is that it requires the internet but I would rather that than have my iPod slow down for all of that data                 Most comprehensive Catholic app
Everything that is beautiful about our faith is inside this app The latest update for the higher resolution iPhones is wonderful This app is a MUST HAVE for all prayer warriors Thank you so much for this app God bless                 Everything Catholic
I use this app daily to preserve my faith each day with the daily mass readings It is so helpful to me Thank you for all your efforts                 A Daily User
This app has everything you need to be well practiced catholic and pray the original rosary to the fullest                 Amīzing
Speechless can not believe this app is free It is priceless Keep up the good work and God Bless You                 Better than Perfect
Ive been using this app for several months now especially the play all podcast its a great way to start each day thank you for all your good work                 One of lifes little blessings
Please go back to the old saint of the day format The new one is very confusing and not at all meditative        Please go back to the old saint of the day format
Didnt even imagine there was an app like this Absolutely GREAT                 Thee Very Best App
We are so fortunate to have such beautiful rich content for the spiritual pilgrim at our fingertips Thank you God bless the developers                 Wonderful
Listening to the daily podcasts on my way to work has completely renewed my catholic faith Great way to start the day                 Best catholic app
There are paid apps that offer less GREAT APP Highly recommended                 BEST in its class
Quite possibly the most comprehensive Catholic app on the market Plus its free                 Best Catholic App
Its a wonderful app It love how it gives me all the readings of the day and week The bonus of the saints of the day meditation and reflection for the reading of the day are essential to my bible study and Catholic faith tradition I would give it 6 stars if I could if they make it available for pcs and macbook too Love all the features this app offers I have shared your app info with all of my fellow bible study students                 Chaplain
Its so nice to take my iPad 2 into church and follow the math I was little worried at first people looked at me funny and they realized what I was doing we dont buy missiles anymore so Ive gone green                 Tech savy
What else is there to say I use different parts of the app every day                 Everything I need all in one place
I find that this app helps me spend more time in prayer because it is engaging and everything I need is in one convenient spot wherever I go                 A Blessing
Indispensable Cant start my morning without listening to the daily podcasts Only wish they would fix the bug that causes the prayasyougo podcast not to come on anymore              Wonderful App
I have recently returned to the Church after having left for a good number of years and have forgotten almost everything I ever knew about praying traditions let alone the changes in the holy Mass This app has most everything needed to relearn or learn and to adapt to Catholicism Anything and everything I needed to function again is in this easy to use app Thanks so much for such a comprehensive tool                 A real God send
I have this app on my two mobile phones my two tablets and my iPod touch It is an amazing app and will enhance your prayer practice each day Customer service is also wonderful and fast                 Enhanced Prayer Life
Best Catholic app I ever had Great help for my daily meditations Very moving Readings are so complete mindful of how Psalters are mixed in or added Glad this was created and thank you                 Laudate
I love this app I enjoy using it to pray the rosary The only issue is that when you change the language from English to Spanish it doesnt work well In Spanish you can not read the bible some of the other features dont work Also a lot of spelling errors in Spanish I wish theyd use the Spanish from Mexico instead of from Spain                 Best catholic app
Love this app                 Great App
Love it                 Best prayer app Period
I love this app                 Love it
This app has been a great help to me in getting closer to God at my age of 61 as I realized that I need a love relationship with the Lord I need to accept His love and mercy as well as try to follow the mother church teachings instead of making up my own rules forgetting the rest My favorite use is the confession section daily mass all readings Also exploring the prayers saints is great Thank you for continued improvement on this app                 Desiring Soul
Its the best Catholic app ever A big thanks to the developer of this app                
Love Laudate however have not been happy with the last two or three updates Saint of the Day still opens up to be one thin column on left side of screen The current Reflections are not nearly as comprehensive as before        Latest updates
This ap will change your life Our whole faith at your finger tips with many podcast so you can spend time with the Lord on the go Its the best one stop shop I would give it a 10 if I could I use it daily                 Inspiring
Ive been using this for about a year and a half I loved it til this past couple of updates This last update really dont prefer I enjoyed the saint of the day before Now I skip it due to format Reflections on the days readings seems like half is now missing But I enjoy the prayers especially rosary podcasts           Not as good after update
I just re installed the app on my phone and its not letting me open it I love the app           Crash
I dont use it as much as I should but its a great app Has so much to offer Every Catholic should have it Just a recommendation though I do think an update to make it look a little bit more modern would be cool                 Love it
There may be some copyright violations but the aim of this app is to bring people closer to heaven and Jesus USCCB should be happy to have the readings and bible being read If anything should be open source sacred scripture Just my two cents and thanks for the app                 Copyright violations
I love this app I use it to get the daily readings and it couldnt be more helpful Thank you                 One of the best Catholic apps
With each of the last few updates this app has become worthless to me as a lector who wants to read ahead looking for difficult to pronounce items The link to them is too small to read Not worth the space on phone at this point Price is appropriate for what you get now     Worthless since last updates
I love this app I pray the interactive rosary every day I really love how you can access prayers podcasts verses and so much more just from using this one app Thank you for the great work                 An Amazing App For Christians
this is a wonderful app inspiring informative and educational Thank you for developing and providing this marvelous work in support of our Faith and Church                 Inspiring and informative
I am disappointed in the update of the daily readings I have used Laudate for years and do not like the idea of having to provide my email address to receive the readings It was much more convenient for me to pull them up as I needed to Now I must carry my Magnificat with me once again to have that convenience I would appreciate you reconsidering changing back to the old version of the daily readings I love everything else about he app        Daily readings update
There are so many prayers to choose from there is an interactive Rosary as well its just great Dont hesitate to download                 Great App For Prayer and Catholics
This app really helped me in my spiritual life and helped me grow deeper into my faith I just wish that the way the app looks could be changed I personally feel like it should be more unique and have a more contemporary design that fits in with other apps optimized for the simplicity of ios 8 Besides that I have no complaints              A Gift from Heaven
Great app Hopefully in the near future the menus will also be available in Latin                 Perfect for Traditional Catholics
The best and most used Catholic apps                 Thank you
Its the most completed book for the catholic people I like it and I will recommend to every one Amen              The Chatholic Directory
I am so thankful that you optimized the app for the larger iPhone resolutions It is so much faster easier to navigate and makes my prayer experience less about the app and more about the prayer                 Thank you tons
Good     Good
Its like having my first communion prayer book the whole mass book and a prayer coach in one And thats just a fraction of whats built into the app                 Really great comprehensive useful easy to use
Confusing seven beads should be Hail Mary Bead 17 should be all Hail Mary Hail Mary should not have to lite up on the Our Father bead The our father or cross bead should be strictly explaining the Sorrows of blessed mother and prayer Our Father Currently the first bead on every sorrow mystery is the the Explanation of seven sorrows followed by the Our Father              Seven Sorrows of the Blessed Mother
The app was a lot better before all these changes The app needs to go back to the way it was It was more helpful and uplifting before now The app is hard to read was much easier to read before now It makes no sense to take you out of this app and put you in another just to hear a reading Daily readings are the most horrible thing you couldve ever done to them now Go back to the way things were before this update Until things are better my rating will be one Its like you people dont listen to your customers before making changes     Mission man
This is a wonderful app for those of us who are just learning the catholic faith andor the Rosary It is perfect for learning or just renewing your faith How nice for it to be a free app God is good and so are the makers of this app Thankyou                 Absolutely wonderful

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