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Bravolol Limited , the publisher behind many iOS app (Learn Thai Free - Phrases & Vocabulary for Travel, Study & Live in Thailand ,Italian English Dictionary / Dizionario Inglese Italiano ,Learn Hindi Free - Phrases & Vocabulary Words for Travel, Study & Live in India ,Turkish English Dictionary Free ,Learn Japanese Free - Phrases & Vocabulary for Travel, Study & Live in Japan ,Learn Spanish Pro - Phrases & Vocabulary for Travel, Study & Live in Spain), brings Learn Spanish - Phrasebook for Travel, Study & Work with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Learn Spanish - Phrasebook for Travel, Study & Work app has been update to version 1.3 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • A helpful tool to help you navigate thru a new language..
  • It is a good starter program..
  • Great study guide..
  • Awesome for teaching kids..
  • Will be useful for my Spanish students..
Overall Satisfactionclick me71
Best free Spanish app available.
For a cheap app it's wonderful.
I recommend this for anyone who is trying to learn Spanish.
Fun & Engagingclick me78
This app makes learning Spanish fun & easy.
Awesome app very helpful.
I think it's awesome.
Fun and informative.
Lot's of fun.
Usefulnessclick me81
lots of useful phrases grouped by situation plus voice pronunciation.
It's so useful for beginners.
Very Very helpful for studying Spanish.
I'm a beginner and this app helps me a lot.
It is very helpful for learning a lot of the basics.
This app is great it really helps me with my Spanish.
One of the best apps for learning everyday spanish.
Has everything you need to know about Spanish.
Family Friendlyclick me92
App is great learning tool and very interactive.
very easy to operate app for kids and beginning Spanish speakers.
Easy for the whole family to use.
Ease of Useclick me80
It's easy to navigate and has pretty good pronunciation.
Very informative excellent an easy to follow.
This is a really easy to use simple Spanish app.
Useful and easy to pickup and quickly apply.
very easy to operate app for kids and beginning Spanish speakers.
just easy and practical things to learn.
It is really very simple and helpful app.
Very easy interface to understand.


Best content | Brilliantly categorized daily life Spanish sentences | Authentic pronunciation | Hear, read & learn with Spanish + English | Many more features...!


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Learn Spanish - Phrasebook for Travel, Study & WorkLearn Spanish - Phrasebook for Travel, Study & Work
Tags :   spanish ,   learn ,   scenario ,   based


- vocabularies/scenario-based sentences.


- NOT merely an average language study pack that DIVORCED FROM REAL LIFE.
Learn Spanish - Phrasebook for Travel, Study & Work


- cover ALL daily communication needs in Spanish.


- for each vocab/scenario-based sentence that helps expressing your needs and views.


- ALL Spanish vocab/scenario-based sentences come with: Spanish & English that MAXIMIZES UNDERSTANDING and LEARNING OUTCOMES.


- vocab/scenario-based sentences that WELL PREPARE you to communicate with Spanish under any circumstances.


- easy to keep and organize favored vocab/scenario-based sentences.


- while you are playing music, on a telephone call or any occasion you having other uses of the speakerphone/earphone.


☆☆★★★ PERFECT for EVERYONE ★★★☆☆
Opportunists; Job seekers; Business people; Graduate school students; Travelers, etc...
or anyone who is desperate to learn to speak, read and write DAILY LIFE Spanish.


★ Spanish IMPORTANT to you > Learn it ASAP!! ★


Think for yourself & your children > Be more versatile in career prospects & enjoy a fruitful life by learning Spanish !!


WHY you should learn Spanish ?
1. Spanish ranks TOP on the list of the World’s MOST SPOKEN language.
2. Every year the no. of people studying Spanish GROWS SIGNIFICANTLY.
3. Globalization has made connecting to the large population of Spanish speakers in areas such as culture, business and socialization, etc... MORE IMPORTANT THAN EVER.


★★★ TIPS for YOU ★★★
✔ Learn ASAP to reach the DOOR TO SUCCESS !!


If you require any assistance, please contact us at [email protected]


The Learn Spanish - Phrasebook for Travel, Study & Work is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 14.5 MB to download. The new Learn Spanish - Phrasebook for Travel, Study & Work app version 1.3 has been updated on 2014-11-30. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.2 or later.
Bottom Line: For more information about Learn Spanish - Phrasebook for Travel, Study & Work check developer Bravolol Limited`s website :


This is a great app for learning the basics and is to navigate. found in 107 reviews
I would totally recommend this to my friends in Spanish class. found in 6 reviews
I'm a beginner and this app helps me a lot. found in 3 reviews
Should serve well as a refresher course from high school. found in 5 reviews
This is very user friendly and straight forward. found in 41 reviews
I would recommend this app for beginners and kids. found in 27 reviews
i would recommend this app as a starting point for all ages. found in 6 reviews
App is great learning tool and very interactive. found in 23 reviews
Terrific Great for review prior to Opening Mouth. found in 6 reviews
Having fun brushing up before heading to Mexico in 2 weeks. found in 8 reviews
We are learning new words and phrases each day as a family. found in 7 reviews
very easy to operate app for kids and beginning Spanish speakers. found in 6 reviews
Good for very basic but useful purpose. found in 3 reviews
Super basic and requires $$$ beyond first few words. found in 2 reviews
I like that its broken down into categories. found in 2 reviews
Can't find restaurant info. found in 1 reviews
I wouldn't know if grammatical errors exist. found in 2 reviews
App is good but don't teach daily question. found in 1 reviews
The app needs more words /phrases. found in 2 reviews
My only complaint is the constant reminders to rate the app. found in 24 reviews
I don't like that you have to pay to learn the other words though. found in 10 reviews
Needs more content. found in 1 reviews
Simple but useful. found in 1 reviews
her voice is annoying though. found in 2 reviews
The voice is very obnoxious. found in 1 reviews
Wish it wouldn't have prompted me to rate so quickly. found in 2 reviews
Do not know how accurate it is or not. found in 1 reviews
Just needs more stuffs. found in 1 reviews
Just opened App. found in 1 reviews
Just installing app and I have to write review to continue. found in 2 reviews
Annoying ads. found in 1 reviews
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Rate                Rate
If one more add pops up Ill scream I bought the upgraded hoping to avoid this and every time I turn around its on an add          So help me
Not only are some of the translations wrong but the entire program offers no way of actually LEARNING Spanish Not very easy to use The voice actor is kind of hard to understand Again I do not recommend    Do not recommend
Its an amazing app and Im glad its free             Great
I love it                Amazing
Can you pleeeeeease turn up the volume Even with the volume turned all the way up I have a hard time hearing it unless my house is empty Muchas gracias             I Love this app BUTTTTTTTT
its Great          Spanish
F this program for the animated ads and the annoying usted conjugations    Annoying ads
This app has many good phrases and saying people use often I also like that there is a list of emergency words and phrases I dont like that you have to pay to learn the other words though But overall its a good app and a good way to learn Spanish I like that you can make certain phrases and words your favorites So if I forget a word in trying to learn I can just find it in the favorites section rather than searching for it             Its great
Good                Good
I dont have this app yet its downloading and its taking forever most of my apps download in a minute or less its been downloading for about a half an hour I have really swell Internet so dont think I dont It looks like a good app so Im going to rate it a 4 that 1 star is lost because of how long its taking             
The fact that you make these people pay to learn simple colors animals fruits dates etc is stupid They could go to google translate to learn that stuff for FREE The only things I really like about this app is that it DOES teach you a lot of common phrases that one would NEED to know for free Also quick note Youre welcome Is de nada what you have for it is the way to welcome someone into a restaurant or your home or something like that          Eh
Love the app                Love it
As amazing as this app is I would like to suggest more words such as As it and and as I also suggest an INSULT section that might consist of stupid lame andor curse words that you might find appropriate enough to add These changes do not have added but if they are I will be pleased I love this app and will continue to use it                New sections
This is awesome I love this app                Sophie
Now I can trick my friends on what Im trying to say and it is funny                SPANISH
Super app                Super
This app is a good program to use for learning spanish                Pretty Good
Super helpful glad to have found this outstanding app                Knowledgeable app
Yes I didGracias                I learned something
The app seems to be a nice way to learn some common key phrases It might have been very useful for a quick pocket reference However the frequent and irritating advertisement popups not only slowed down maneuvering in the app but also made it either freeze up or crash completely After 15 min of trying to use it it had crashed after all but two attempts to hear a phrase Im deleting it right after I end this review Too bad Even free its not worth it       Wouldve been nice
I love this program I can speak with my childrens parents and my students Keep it coming The best program I have found Thank you                Teacher
Very helpful I only wish the travel words were part of the free package but understand Great set up and easy to use app             Love it
It really helps you learn Spanish                Awesome
Nice Little app very helpful             Comments
Run for your life Just another bate and switch to get you to buy their real app    Its a scam
This one is crappy and all they want is money Youll learn more and have more fun with Duolingo memrise buusuu mindSnacks    Better apps out there
Im vietnamese This ap helped me learn Spanish fast Love it                Great ap
this is a good app but too expensive          too expensive
This is a great app I wish this was around when I took Spanish in high school My 5th grade daughter is taking Spanish this term Weve only been using this for a day but love it already                Great app
This is a really easy to use simple Spanish app The audio is great and easy to understand Linking phrases together and true conversational skills arent covered but for basic learning its great                Great Basic Spanish App
Pretty good                I like this
I hope this app works because Im going to 6th grade now and take Spanish so I hope this works             I hope its a good app
This app is amazing for you andor your children or child it is a great learning app its easy to learn Spanish and its fun I would totally recommend this app its just AMAZING                I LUV THIS APP
Im already pretty proficient in the language Im brushing up because I take my bilingual test in a week and the app has been really helpful It lets you favorite wordsquotes and you can just constantly go over those                Helps
This app recently begun to have ads I would look else where for a Spanish App    The ads run a good app
Nice and easy way to learn the basics Sneaky that you have to pay to get numbers and more LOTS of distracting ads             Nice for Quickly Learning the Basics
This app make it so easy to learn another language I love it                Awesome
I am in 7th grade and this helped me a lot Please download this app Even though you have to pay for the full version it has alot of common words I recomend this highly                The best
I am going on a trip and I need to learn Spanish this app is GREAT You can control the speed control so if you need the extra help you get it you also get to watch ads so you dont have to buy the full version Its a great app                Amazing Amazing Amazing
I like the fact that I can record my own voice and play it back and also that I can slow down the computer voice to capture the translation easier                Great one
I love Love LOVE this app u guys should try it sometime because it is helpful and fun at the same time                BEST APP EVER
Whoever wrote these reviews must work for the companyThe app plays phrases thats all it is not a free app has no directions and it is a waste of everyones time including mine right nowOther than that not a bad product    What the hell
Im the kind of lazy person to read on the books but this app helps me not to get bored of learning and its so fun when you try to pronouce in every word love it                Best way to learn Spanish
This is a perfect app to learn a language                Spanish
It is really helping me learn Spanish It is really fun too                Awesome app
This is a great for beginners who want to learn a new language if you get this app you wont regret getting it                great app
Nice app till now Good pronunciation and easy layout Waiting till my son 6 years starts to use it and see if he likes it             Nice app
Terrific Great for review prior to Opening Mouth                Mr


Bravolol Limited
14.5 MB
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.2 or later.
Last Updated:
OS / Version:
iOS / 1.3
iPhone iPad

iOS Learn Spanish - Phrasebook for Travel, Study & Work 1.3 Mobile

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