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Applibot Inc. , the publisher behind many iOS games (NFL ALL-STARS COLLECTION ,chaos drive ,Monster Maestro ,Galaxy Saga ,不良道~ギャングロード~ ,Legend of the Cryptids), brings Legend of the Cryptids with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Legend of the Cryptids games has been update to version 1.41 with several major changes and improvements. Games release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Absolutely one of the better fantasy card battle games out there..
  • It is awesome for people who play card games..
  • Good game~.
  • enter Jaysc00ter as a referral for a special rare card and 10K coins..
  • join a guild and make friends that can help guide you..
Overall Satisfactionclick me98
Amazing game I'm always playing it totally worth playing.
One of the best trading/battle card games out there.
but to be one of the best requires a lot of money.
My ID: saltermatt Thanks and enjoy this incredible game:.
I'd definitely recommend this game to anyone who enjoys card games.
This game is awesome an i love the amazing artwork.
By far one of the best games I've played on my iPhone.
Way better than rage thought atleast I can place.
Fun & Engagingclick me94
Awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome game I ever played.
Awesome game but it won't load at all.
This TCG game is fun and the interface is intuitive.
Game is fun and addictive but crashes daily.
An awesome card game and monster collecting combined.
Very addictive game invite ID theballtickler for Scorch Dragon.
The game is lots of fun alone.
The real fun of course.
Value for Moneyclick me56
The game can be fun even without spending real money.
other then paying real money to get the ultra rare.
Coins are useless and you use real money to buy gems.
You can accomplish a lot even without spending a single dime.
Don't expect to have anything good without spending lots of money.
Replay Valueclick me97
Just need another card to get started otherwise a good game.
enter jhiin1 and get a rare care and money to get started.
to the extremely long load time to get started.
Social Aspectsclick me77
This is the best aspect of the game - meeting new people.
Thats the best part of the game - meeting new people.
Production Valuesclick me93
Beautiful graphics with interesting descriptions for each individual card as well.
This game has amazing graphics with every card having vivid details.
This game provide amazing graphics and frequent events.
Ease of Useclick me71
Reliabilityclick me26
Security & Privacyclick me93
Updates & Supportclick me10
Now that's Customer Service.


■■Dive into the most anticipated game of the year and complete an unforgettable journey in this Epic Fantasy Card Battle Game! Legend of the Cryptids is Now Free!! ■■


Embark on an incredible adventure - travelling together with your friends, and Cryptids

Legend of the CryptidsLegend of the Cryptids
Tags :   cryptids ,   shadow ,   together ,   cards


Game details


■ Become a hero of the world of Neotellus - team up with Cryptids and face against the fearsome "Shadow King"!
Ally with famed creatures of lore, bring down the Shadow King and return peace to the world.
Legend of the Cryptids


■ Collect creature cards and create the most powerful team!
Venture into unexplored regions and enter battle with new creatures - be victorious and collect new cards! Assemble together your favorite cards and become a force to be reckoned with.


■Everyone is your rival!
Prove your worth in battle! Train up the creatures you`ve collected from quests or from card packs, and challenge other players to card battles!


■Work together, and create the world`s top guild! Take part in events that occur when you battle as a member of your guild! The world`s top guilds can win limited edition cards and other special prizes!


■Collect treasure, and rare cards!
You can obtain rare cards using treasure you`ve collected on quests.You can also steal treasure from other players!


Neotellus, a world adrift in a distant galaxy. Flora, fauna, mythical beasts and fairies coexist together on this peaceful planet.


Once upon a time, a fearsome being known as the Shadow King appeared without warning.
Feeding on the life force of Neotellus’s inhabitants, the Shadow King began to destroy the animals and the forests, annihilating the land and laying waste to all he saw.


The Cyptids felt threatened with extinction, and courageously confronted the Shadow King.
But… Even the famed Cryptids began to be defeated, one by one.


His power was too great. However, the human inhabitants of Neotellus at that time were leading peaceful, ordinary lives.


With a few exceptions…


People’s lives began to be disrupted by harsh and violent storms and other strange occurrences, then a rumor started to spread:
He who was first aware of the unusual event banded together with Cryptid allies from across the land to defend Neotellus from the Shadow King’s onslaught.


Those who caught wind of the rumor started to call the one who was first aware of the strange occurrences the 『Hero』 of Neotellus.


And the Cryptids also began to realize:


We cannot defeat the king alone. We need someone who will unite the Cryptids with their common goal. This person is Neotellus’s 『Hero』.
In the hour of darkness
The hero calls for the beasts, and the beasts call for the hero.


Combining their might, They fight together to confront the Shadow King!


The Legend of the Cryptids is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 14.9 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 1.41 has been released on 2014-11-21. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.Requires iOS 4.3 or later.
More Info: Find more info about Legend of the Cryptids in Applibot Inc.`s Official Website :


New players use Miggido in user ID and get awesome stuff. found in 347 reviews
beautiful artwork and a really fun game remember my name Jennnnni. found in 47 reviews
000 gold and a rare Dragon card that can be evolved 11 times. found in 297 reviews
Antbuster12 use it get battle dragon and 10000 gold. found in 301 reviews
Get a rare hydro dragon and 10000 coins. found in 404 reviews
move move ~ very interesting game. found in 53 reviews
Use my code for free coin and a special rare card. found in 1091 reviews
Salemxiong. found in 118 reviews
An awesome card game and monster collecting combined. found in 209 reviews
Very addictive game invite ID theballtickler for Scorch Dragon. found in 309 reviews
That's capital S lower case rest
Awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome game I ever played. found in 710 reviews
win win-
Very entertaining time waster for this mother of 3. found in 21 reviews
000 coins and a pretty cool rare card. found in 30 reviews
First of all this game might be addicting and time killer. found in 22 reviews
Add invitation MrEpik and we both get very RARE Monster Card - MrEpik. found in 146 reviews
Legend of cryptids acc for RAGE OF BAHAMUT device registered acc :DD. found in 63 reviews
as invitation ID to get Scorched Dragon. found in 29 reviews
and 10 thousand coins when you complete the tutorial. found in 36 reviews
atomes atomes atomes atomes atomes. found in 1083 reviews
My star rating keeps dropping because of the constant server errors. found in 18 reviews
there are frequent server issues especially during events. found in 35 reviews
My issue here is that the customer service is very poor. found in 18 reviews
can't buy gems from card pack page. found in 30 reviews
Good game but game crashes in middle of fought. found in 27 reviews
It's a pretty decent game the loading screens are annoying. found in 17 reviews
Don't fall for it. found in 50 reviews
I hoped this would be something like Magic the Gathering or Ascension. found in 29 reviews
not a bad game but do have some glichs 3 stars. found in 18 reviews
Don't use all you power potions and energy drinks at once. found in 65 reviews
but if you don't spend any money to buy card packs. found in 98 reviews
I really like this game but i can no longer load the game. found in 41 reviews
not a pay to win but it almost provokes money being spent. found in 87 reviews
just need a update to fix the freezing and network errors. found in 46 reviews
Coins are useless and you use real money to buy gems. found in 76 reviews
This game is ok but not as good as monster maestro. found in 65 reviews
No apparent testing of code before new event. found in 32 reviews
don't get me wrong the card art is amazing. found in 36 reviews
This is the worst pay to win game ever. found in 87 reviews
It has been plagued with constant application errors and network errors. found in 46 reviews
Great game BUT constant server errors. found in 18 reviews
Horrible server issues and a almost non existent customer support. found in 35 reviews
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Read the other reviews on why its an invasion of privacy theyve explained it well Ive been playing this game for 3 years and only stay for the beautiful artwork The game crashes a ton glitches are nonstop theres many scammersrude people on the message boards and the support is horrible The only thing that works properly is the premium card packs And even then the drop rates are so incredibly low even with the multipliers its not worth it    Invasion of PrivacyBuggyCrashes lots
If you want lots of lag Sucky events that crash Crappy compensation then this is the game for you    Horrible game
I used to play this game long ago but deleted it because I got tired of all the money I HAD to spend if I wanted to get any further in the game I was considering playing the game again but the game developers gave me no help at all in figuring out what my old account was On top that I just finished reading a lot of the current reviews and basically what the game is all about is collecting cards of a big breasted women there is no more actual Cryptids and taking as much money as they can from you without giving you any customer support at all Unless of course you like being teased with rare cards that you cant get unless you spend money Then by all means waste you time and money on this game    Dont waste your time or money
I have played this game from the beginning 3 years now It used to be a great free game now nothing but greedy people run the game If you do spend money you get noting you can use or that will help further yourself uses you spend hundreds of dollars in the game This game has players quitting so fast now because its disgusting how bad the customer service is Its so bad apple is issuing refunds because of the amount of complaints    Dont waste your time or money
This game had its potential as far as art and game play but as soon as you need assistance the true nature of their business rears it head I have sent 7 emails via their support email website contact us in total over the past 13 days now without any response Being that I am a paying player spent over 130 in a month you would think there would be some kind of expeditious response at minimal Their horrible customer servicesupport being provided by a simple request is atrocious I have followed to a T the directions provided in game and cannot get anyone to respond at this company They need to reimburse everyone that has ever paid a dime and shut their servergame down until they can provide the amount of support needed to provide a semi pleasant experience This should be a stress reliever and a hobby no one should have to deal with type of service period    Disaster of so called support provided
I started playing since they first came out and its still fun to play I m yet to spend any real money So that part is great My only complaint is the events we want more                One of the best
Played for 3 years smh Had to hustle real hard for the cards I had since I refuse to pay 50 for a chance at getting a card I want Still played even though the prices were outrageous but now they have a new terms and policy agreement that is just ridiculous No reason for a game to need your private information and be able to sell it too 3rd parties    Stay away
I want that game back you guys never told why you shut it down    Monster Maestro
I have been playing this game over a year and I ended up getting a new phone and did not know I needed a special ID to transfer to my new phone Needles to say after spending gems and given customer service all my information they refused to transfer my account Not a happy customer and will refuse to play or pay money to this company again What a waste of my time and money    Very disappointed and not impressed
I have had nothing but grate results from it right now Im looking for members for My Guild Knights of HELL so if you are reading this and dont have a guild then join me in this amazing game and never lose it is the only game that I have been playing for I think about 1 year then stopped for a little bit then I started to play it agin and now I havent stopped for 2 years and now Im lev64 and it one of this games that after one event is over it starts the entry to the next one and that event will start at the most a week after the event tease is released so agin it is one of the beast games on the AppStore so you should get it                Beast game ever
This game is on a serious downhill spiral The developers dont care what the players want and only care about selling card packs The constant Gem sales attest to that After 3 years of playing ill be quitting soon    Downhill
I used to love this game Spent a lot of my hard earned money on it Then I read the new Terms of Use It is an absolute violation of my Right to privacy and every other player of this game They not only collect information on your device but your personal information as well But wait Theres more They will be STORING all that data as long as they feel necessary and selling it to third parties God knows how secure that server isand should it get hacked and your information stolen Well they made sure to include a provision giving them ZERO accountability I dont care how much a like a game I will NOT give up ANY of my Rights to play it Please PLEASE beware of their Terms I recommend avoiding this game all together    New Terms Invade Privacy
Yes This game is not for free players To play this game u need spend a lot your money    Game for money
The games ok but its veryyyyyyy slow and for my understanding it only loads half the time which is annoying Good art but horrible time loads       Its ok
Am i the only one that cant login It still says network errors at the start of the appPlease fix this i had so many good cards on my account                Log in
Ive been playing this game for two years in those two Ive spent maybe 20 total on this game The game is in fact a FREEMIUM game So its your choice to spend the money or not Its a good game there are some super talented artists and its just over all fun But dont spend money and if you do dont spend hundreds a month on it             Addictive
I play this app Its fun Haha                Kcir13
The game is super funI really enjoy it                Great game
WAY too confusing I dont understand anything Im doing Chaos Drive was far easier to understand and much more fun than this crap I think Applibot made a HUGE mistake investing in this mess instead of fun simple Chaos Drive but whatever If they want to go bankrupt because they chose to continue supporting the wrong game then thats their decision    Bring back Chaos Drive support LotC is terrible
I played this game since it first came out In the beginning it was extremely fun and fair Now every month they release new cards that you basically have to spend money to even have a chance of getting these top cards Also with these new terms its going against our rights selling our personal information to other parties I still play but it isnt as much fun anymore The only fun thing still left is talking to new people       Very sketchy game
I used to like this game a lot but the new terms and conditions infringe on the privacy of the users too much imo The terms allow them to know about your internet connection email address phone number language settings country youre accessing the app from cell carrier and some other things all of this is written under Section 41 Furthermore under Section 42 they claim that once you agree to the terms they can sell your private information to third parties Personally I wont agree to those kind of conditions no matter how much I like the app Im still giving it two stars for the quality of the artwork and entertainment it has provided me but until they change their terms to something agreeable Im done with this app       New terms violate privacy
I play for well over two years I had a pretty good cards first year by the time the second year I went from a great player highlevel to a mediocre player all thanks to the cards its hard earning gems in this game like doing offers was the only way I can see how without buying them I had several cards that were three stars on evolved four stars I never had any five stars or six that were evolved all the five stars and six stars on my team where from promotions for the events to try to get you to finish it so you can evolve that card with another so Im getting two stars one for entertaining me tell started to give out their cards in their card packs for those that actually worked for their cards without buyingSecond star is just for the artwork and the reason whether not getting three stars is because several of my teams artwork on a new patch they had done right before I quit which was a year ago four stars would be if they actually lowered the energy cost to get to the last level floors in event giving out more potions that can be traded and finnaly the fifth would be better off out right improvement on the chances of getting anything above a four star in card packes better support not so many gem sells to get the people to buy it       gurr
Awful New terms of service sell all your information to third parties because developers not making enough money I dont understand why Apple doesnt take action on this game The developers are nothing but greedy crooks who take your money and run while the game crashes non stop Emails to applibot go unanswered for days and when they do they give the same generic apology for issues that have been going on for months Horrible servers terrible customer support and awful pack drop rate I deleted this game finally Not worth my time Avoid At all cost    Worst game everNEW TOSFAIL
Ah this game I came here to see how it was doing and I decided to write a review I had one before five stars I gave it Well its time to edit that I was one of the people who played Monster Maestro THE best game ever in my opinion I was crushed when it was deleted off the AppStore I was then recommended two other games that were just lie it One about space and this The space one seemed really weird So I chose this It had the dragons and creatures right Women Huh From bright happy creatures to this monstrosity Btw that space one isnt on the AppStore anymore so dont try to look for itAfter all these years I would love if you could reincarnate Monster Maestro Thanks for reading    What have you done
The only people who still play this game after years of being out are Asians who pay 1000s of dollars on a pack of cards thats pretty much the only way you can get a good card without having to spend 2 years of hustling in the market trying to sell a card for more than what you bought it for this game revolves so much around money that its not fair for those people who try to play for free They need to balance out the game more for those people who spend money Of course you obviously have to get a perk along with spending money but the way that that this game is set up makes it impossible for free players to be able to do something in the game and participate so Im not saying that people who spend money shouldnt get a benefit but they shouldnt get to become overpowered either Please fix this game after years of it going into chaos trying to allow free players to catch up    MONEY IS WHAT THEY WANT
Visually Stunning                Really good illustrations
Yes this game has its bugs and glitches but I am still coming back for more because of the gameplay and art combined Never been addicted to any other game as much as this one You can progress far as a free player it just takes longer than someone who pays to progress                Playing since the beginning
Dont download its a scam    Honest Review
Been playing since launch so I do really enjoy the game itself Crashes do make it difficult at times but its a FREE game that has a lot to offer with great art and new events every week The amount of effort put in this game is clear so dont be too upset when it crashes once in a while             Crashes but Good
The game often has errors or crashes They also nerf cards to the point where you need to spend money regularly to keep up Customer service is awful and I mean awful There are better games like this out there    Lousy developer
This app was fun to play at first but the new Terms and Conditions are ridiculous Usually we dont read them but we should The new Terms and Conditions says to main obtain personal information like sex date of birth and users real name I have played this game for a while but I couldnt really get into it The art for the cards are beautiful The most beautiful cards ever But the layout of the menu and such was really messy and cluttered to me This seems like a pay to win TCG in my opinion Consider reading the Terms and Conditions before playing this game       Uhh
Very cool pictures and animations Crpy interface and unclear gameplay and balance    Bad
Loc is infamous for making money out of thin air Most of the time u dont get what u paid for For a free player there is just not joy    Want to lose money or be miserable as free player
I gave it a one star because of the amazing art one of the bests    Yeah there Greedybut art is amazing
This game is fraud Errors all the time every time Nothing works Apple and this company should be sued for fraud Dont download    Fraud
This game has truly stunning art It really does Except for those moving cards that look ridiculous in my opinion I can get past all the big breasted sexualized women the lagging the glitches and bugs and even the lack of customer service many seem to have But what I cant get past the reason this game only gets three stars from me is all the money one must spend on ingame currency and packs Dont listen to those who say free gaming is impossible Its very possible Ive been playing for a couple years now without spending a dime Note that Im level 70 and have quite a few good cards but DO NOT cheat During many events they give you free UR cards and the like But I still believe their purchases are a rip off Its also annoying that other PAYING players can find your account over the battle settings and decimate you if they have better cards I suppose thats part of what they pay for when spending a couple hundred on a few decent cards          More like Legend of Rip You Off As well as some amazing art
After a few minutes of tapping the screen summoning lightning bolts to one shot everything even the boss the game then brought me to a truly indescribable screen which consisted of 5 or more pictures most likely copypasted from the Internet saying You Win Theres no button on this screen to go back to the menu even I think I beat the game I win    Wat
Ive been playing LOC since the beginning It was fun at first but expensive Now this game is not only expensive but full of greedy people and a greedy Dev team To get anywhere in this game you HAVE TO spend money There is NO possibly way to avoid it and its NOT cheep The support you get from them is crap A child could give you better help than LOC support LOC only cares in sucking money out from you Truly read the negative reviews about this game because they are true The graphics in this game game are only of big breasted pictures of women What a shame that LOC has to use sex to lure people in playing This game is OLD and BORING THERE ARR BETTER GAMES OUT THERE    THIS GAME IS BORING
Very nice baiting technique but this game promotes LEGAL gambling to minors not to mention there is a HIDDEN CHARGE for any gems purchased Fun game but I want my REAL back       MisInformed
This game is amazing I started a while back and got hooked very quickly Only problem is crashes are EVERYWHERE I cant search one thing without it saying theres a connection error or go back to the top page Sometimes it doesnt even do that it just loads for 3 days straight I dont think you guys are fixing issues just stealing money          What is this
Has turned into a total cash grab I used to be high ranker but then realized all other players viewed rewards as worthless Plus the continuous card releases and monotonous has brought this fun game down to a 2 star rating I took the money I saved from not playing and bought a iphone 6 plus 64 gb Had more fun with this    Used to be fun
Devs are too busy making card packs for in game sales instead of working on glitches Have emailed them 3 times about an issue and dont even listen to what is actually wrong Horrible game Apple should remove from store    Glitches
This game is God and all but I would just like to ask you why would you want to spend do much money and an off topic thing why did you get rid of monster maestro it was way better than this it was one of my favorite games    Good
Ive played a lot of simalar games but while this one has by far the best artwork its also ridiculously unintuitive or just brokenCase in point You have to choose a front line to attack another player The game has the option to edit it but wont save any changes I make to it Its also difficult to bring up unless youre in the menu to attack another player and I have no idea how one would set a defensive line Since a large part of the game involves attacking other players this has made the game nearly impossible to play       Most confusing card game on the app store
Now Ive been playing this game since it came out and it started out amazing great art and story and they seemed to actually care about the players with bug fixes and comp for major problems now though it is little more then a money pit with still good art tho now it seems only female cards and no actual cryptids and no customer service for problems and bugs I say play it only for free not worth any money       Long time player
I just started playing this thanks to a promo from chaos drive and I spend 3000 gems for a 20 card pack and only got 10 cards thank god I didnt pay for anything cause I dont see myself playing this now    Ripoff
Its a joke I downloaded the game after looking at the reviews saying that all the game is would be breasts and spending money and I thought to myself no way Yes way It is literally collecting skimpy cards and thats it Its just a waste of time and its disgusting honestly If youre a 13 year old boy that has nothing better to do then go right ahead but it simply is just offensive boring and expensive Hint if people in reviews are saying they have spent 130 on a game that is on their phone then its expensive    This game is just ridiculous
this game is good but dont waste your money applibot has a really good rep of making games taking your money then ending the games as a die hard monster maestro player i was devastated when they ended it just a warning they will most likely end this game in the future          Mm
This game robbed me big time I played this game for a long time Payed for about 70000 in stuff Then one day they disabled my account for no reason    Do not pay for in game stuff
Its all about the money If you want to be competitive you will have to pay There are so many things wrong support takes days to get back to you if they do at all Stay away    Worst support ever


Applibot Inc.
14.9 MB
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.Requires iOS 4.3 or later.
Last Updated:
OS / Version:
iOS / 1.41
iPhone iPad

iOS Legend of the Cryptids 1.41 Mobile

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