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The LEGO Group , the publisher behind many iOS app (LEGO Ninjago Spinjitzu Scavenger Hunt ,LEGO® Galaxy Squad Bug Battle ,LEGO® MINDSTORMS® Robot Commander ,LEGO® MINDSTORMS® 3D Builder ,LEGO® DUPLO® ZOO ,LEGO® Super Hero Movie Maker), brings LEGO® DUPLO® Train with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. LEGO® DUPLO® Train app has been update to version 1.0 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.


If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download LEGO® DUPLO® Train for free from Apple Store. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 40.5 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 1.0 has been released on 2014-11-22. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation), iPod touch (5th generation) and iPad. Requires iOS 5.0 or later. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.
More Info: Find more info about LEGO® DUPLO® Train in The LEGO Group`s Official Website :

Driving the colourful LEGO DUPLO Train from station to station is a toddler s dream. Your child will play the role of the train driver - choosing and loading wagons, building bridges, stopping at crossings, ...
I love this game I love every thing about it As a child games like this are addicting to children like about ages 3 5 Goobee                     I love this Jude😎
There s no sound in this version     No audio SueVenir
You guys published an update to the app and killed the audio It s my kids favorite part of the game Way to QA guys Bad form     Audio does not work in new update GusterUnited
My 2 year old loves this game but it is so glitchy We can only do one train then have to kill the app and start again to play again The menu screens are shaky and no buttons or options show The loading screen lasts a minute before loading the game and would be longer if my son didn t tap the screen incessantly Probably a button we can t see It s frustrating to only be able to play once then restart         So glitchy Bthann715
This charming app is loved by my 2 year old grandson He can do almost all of it on his own He needs a little help moving the throttle                     Perfect BondGirl!
Our 2yo likes this game but keeps being thwarted on the pages with selection options near the top of the screen where the iOS pull down menu is He regularly accidentally chooses the pull down instead of train cars which is frustrating Would also love the option to choose difficulty levels             We like it with some reservations JulieNattis
Amazing                     My favorite game for any occasion Epic person yeah
My son would love the game if the sound worked         No sound Clcjpc22
Love this app immensely Really cute features selecting the Train cars blowing the horn taking the tickets building a bridge loading the cars a horse runs with the train if you click it We have not had any bugs or issues and it s forgiving if my son clicks to drag something and it doesn t make it it seems like it auto selects that item after a certain number of attempts Helps with potential frustration when tiny fingers don t work reliably on the screen Just love this Wish they d do more Duplo themed ones please                     Awesome easy to use playful app Italia119
My 2 year old son enjoys it                     Very nice Mzcroes
My grandson loved this app but suddenly stopped making any sound     No Sound N111112222333
This app has no sound and I couldn t find anyway to change that Otherwise a good app for my 2yo             No sound CJTmama
Used to be a great game but with the update the audio disappeared Plz fix         No Sound Msa
My son loves this game but the updates have made it too simple The maze is gone and the bridge construction is no longer a puzzle The game would be 5 star if there were settings to control the difficulty level             Good game updates not great cocodnap
My 2 year old recently developed an interest in trains and now this is her favorite app She quickly learned how to do each task herself choose cars punch passenger tickets load cargo build a bridge add on fuel She loves clicking on things along the way to see them move or make animal noises especially the horse that runs alongside the train I think the reviewers with no sound just need to take their iDevices off silent learned that the hard way myself She struggles a bit to get the throttle adjusted the tap and drag area is very precise I love that there are no ads or in app purchases to take away screen area The back button is way up in the top left corner and she doesn t ever click it                     Fun for tiny train lovers Joonbug47
How do we get the sound to work     Sound Katiebelle714
My son loves this game but is currently complaining about some changes in the recent version he says the maze is gone and please put it back                 Missing Maze Kim140645677
Initially in my opinion this game was interesting and I download it but when I try to play I was completely disappointed I don t understand the point of the game I hope at least children will appreciate In my opinion it is just a waste of time             Waste of time Bivol-wow
The back button takes you alllllllll the way back to the beginning of the game My son doesn t understand this and ALWAYS hits it so unfortunately doesn t get very far in the game and gets frustrated at always starting over It looks way to much like a game button not the end of the game this really needs to be corrected         Back Button Dream1431
What fun is a train that doesn t make noise     No SOUND Sbtoloc
The app has no sound or way to adjust the volume             No sound LegoLOTRDad4
My kiddo enjoys the app but the sound doesn t work on iPhone or I pad I tried uninstalling reinstalling etc but didn t help Other apps work with sound just fine frustrating     No sound Smithlm3
The newest update adds on videos which also eats up our bandwidth and never tells anybody The whole point of the app is to play the game not watch more videos     New video addition eats bandwidth Chadhum
Bridge change means you can deconstruct the bridge while the train is approaching and crossing it Game is still fun with just a small relearning curve Also in general picking a pre existing nickname makes you have to rewrite your review Copy your text before attempting to send             Bridge change Usa200005
I get apps like these for the interactivity so prevent my kid from becoming a video zombie This latest update added videos now all my boy only interested in the app videos Bad idea Time to delete     They added videos DnB Fanatic
Have not been able to get the sound to work     No Sound BJ Tom T
This game is great for little ones My 4 year old son played it over and over again while on a road trip He never got bored because each time you play you can configure the train differently Really helped us pass the time on a boring car ride                     Great game for little ones Mrs. Robinson11
My 4 year old son absolutely loves this game It is truly free no pop ups that stall the game or render it unplayable until you pay money I think it an awesome game myself Perfect for kiddos who love trains and vehicles and it has puzzles in it and other great cognitive exercises for little ones in the preschool age range I can t say enough positive stuff about this game and all of the Lego Duplo games My little dude always looks forward to playing it as a reward                     AWESOME ChicknMommy
My 2 5 year old will spend good chunks of time building his train and going along on the adventure He loves it I love all the Duplo details So cute                     Love this game Lisanti99
My son likes this app but we have had it for a year or so and now the sound doesn t work I have tried adjusting the volume reloading the app and nothing works I am having the same issue with another Lego app Not sure how to solve it             Sound issues Tikikt20
Love the app keeps my 2 12 son busy for lengthy periods of time However I continually have an issue with the sound on all the Lego apps on my ipad Any suggestions           Sounds
How do I escape from the train maze Toddler gets frustrated with this How do we exit and go to the trains        Maze makes it impossible
As seen in a couple of other reviews there is definitely a bug in the bridge scene There are 4 pieces in a tray on the top of the screen to be selected then dragged into place The problem is that if you accidentally touch the piece that is supposed to fit at the last position and then let go of it before taking it that location it will drop off of the screen entirely and not reset to the tray abovethe oter 3 pieces do not have this problem How infuriating for a 3yr to continue to fail at this simple task because of this If hes playing this while Im not near by to try and do this part for him them he gets upset and the game must be reset because there is no way to continue I would rate this 5stars if this bug was not here        My 3yr old loves game but is also extremely by it
اللعبة جميلة جدا                 حلوه
My 4 yr old and 2 yr old like the game It has frozen up on Us a couple times One spot where u build the bridge 4pieces need to be placed but only 3pieces were delivered and train cant continue Not able to get past this part because app doesnt restart upon closeopen           Freezes
Sound problems Try the little switch at the top of your iPad next to the volume Drove me nuts until I found that My 3 year old now loves it                 Sound Solved
Ive seen other reviews say the same thing the game stalls out at the gas pump For some reason it just doesnt work at that part A real disappointment because the rest of the game is fun           Gas pump not working
This is a very useful app for toddlers                 Great app for toddlers
My 4 year old loves playing this game              Great game for the young ones
My son loves this game he is 3 years old he can play this game a million times a day if possible                 Love
He always asks for my phone to play this                 My toddler loves it
What a great app                 Great
I love the beautiful illustrations and colors the gameplay is simple yet engaging and interactive My only reason for not giving it five stars is because the audio and animations are very glitchy they will skip frequently And this is not a negative criticism but I would love to see the content expanded even more They have a good thing going here I hope they keep adding to it              This game has my twoyearold captivated
The sound doesnt work on my iPhone Cant figure out how to fix it           No Sound
Its no fun without sound     So sad
My boys play this app almost every time they use my phone                 3 and 6 year old love it
When we get to the gas part we cant seem to fill up           How do you pump gas
Like many other reviews the bridge scene freezes I thought when uploading it this would have been fixed by now But apparently not Too bad Cute game otherwise     Freezes on the bridge
My 3 year old son loves this game                 Excellent
Very fun and engaging app The only downside witch is a major one because i wish it could just be turned off is the train maze Im 36 years old and I cant do it           Train mapmaze ruins it
This is good but zoo is better              Zoo is better than this
So far my son loves it but there is no sound Can someone help           No sound
Awesome game              Lago
I have an iPad mini with iOS 82 and have no sound for the Lego trains app Any one know of an update or fix for this           Sound problems
This is a great app for the most part Lots of fun for my transportationloving 3yo I love that there are puzzles to solve in addition to playing train but the maze puzzle is quite difficult to operate It takes several attempts to actually get the tracks to go where you want them to and if Im not around this usually discourages my son from completing the route and he just quits the app              Great for the most part
This app is so fun My 2 12 yr old son stays occupied just playing with all the different characters Even the flowers trees clouds and sun react when he touches them on the screen We also have the Lego ice cream and Lego zoo apps but this one is a definite must                 Love this app and so does my 2 yr old
My two year old loves this app Always wants to play with it and its very cause and effect which he loves                 Wonderful
My 18 month old enjoys this a lot I have to help him on two parts but he does all the rest and plays it often                 Very fun
I love the game                 Avynn
I downloaded this a couple years ago on an older iPad went to update some time later but was notified with app alert that the OS Im using isnt compatible but there is a download available for the older OS downloaded it and now the audio doesnt work The original was better at least the glitchy audio bug let you hear sounds with the app My son isnt even intrigued by this app anymore so long as the audio doesnt function Would have given it a better rating if the download worked        Audio Problems
My toddler loves the duplo apps This one is his favorite Very easy to use                 We heart duplo
If you dont put one of the bridge pieces into its location correctly the first time it disappears off the screen and you must start over to try again              Flaw is frustrating
Yes zoo is better but this is very engaging still for a two year old However after a month of playing today she suddenly found a new page that included a railroad crossing this page has never came up before It was not possible to close the crossing gate by the indicated swiping action or any other means so we had to reset the app Please fix and keep up the series of duplo apps Good work and very gentile parentfriendly tie in to the toys              Good app bug report
My 3 year old son loves this game Unfortunately there is a problem with the bridge scene He accidentally moves a piece of the bridge off the screen and then we cannot get it back on the screen to finish bridge construction and the game is stuck Please fix and then the game will be a 5 There is no question that the Lego apps are making Lego builders out of my boys           Missing bridge piece
When my child gets to the part where you pump gas it wont let you lift the handle My other child is on an older iPad and does not have this issue Please fix        Cant Pump Gas

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