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NIKITA BAKSHEEV , the publisher behind many iOS app (Personal Finance - household accounting, family budget and expense manager ,Personal Finances BNI ,Personal Finance Free), brings Personal Finances BNI with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Personal Finances BNI app has been update to version 1.0.1 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.

    Overall Satisfactionc89
    It contains so many useful functions for managing your personal finance.
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    This is the best I've ever used a financial application.
    Your best assistant.
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    It contains so many useful functions for managing your personal finance.
    I gotta say this accounting app is truly helpful.
    Life essential software.
    Ease of Usec96
    Everything is easy and clear.
    Useful program with convenient tracking of income and expenses.
    It's easy for beginners like me to get started with.
    The app has simple and easy to use interface.
    Perfect design and simple interface.

    daily and monthly reports without any difficulties. found in 4 reviews
    Reasonable arrangements for the family budget. found in 3 reviews
    Easily create a variety of charts. found in 2 reviews
    I've been searching for such an app for a long time. found in 2 reviews
    tracking and planning your personal budget. found in 3 reviews
    It helped me to see where money is being spent. found in 1 reviews
    Thanks to the author. found in 1 reviews
    It contains so many useful functions for managing your personal finance. found in 17 reviews
    This is a very professional financial management software. found in 2 reviews
    Compared to similar financial software. found in 3 reviews
    You can create various income and expenses charts with detailed statistic. found in 13 reviews
    deleting and reinstalling the app. found in 1 reviews
    It's not worth the frustration. found in 1 reviews
    Have no idea how to use. found in 1 reviews
    This is one of the most difficult financial application that I have ever used. found in 1 reviews
    They have hundreds guys there to create the fake reviews. found in 1 reviews
    A poor choice. found in 1 reviews
    Expect to spend hours loading everything in for zero benefit. found in 1 reviews
    Almost impossible to figure out how to use. found in 1 reviews
    The app is poor designed and very difficult to use. found in 1 reviews

    If you are iOS owner,you now can download Personal Finances BNI for $3.99 from Apple Store. The application is designed for use in Russian language. It weighs in at only 63.6 MB to download. The new Personal Finances BNI app version 1.0.1 has been updated on 2014-11-22.
    More Info: Find more info about Personal Finances BNI in NIKITA BAKSHEEV`s Official Website :

    Personal Finances software. The Personal Finances software is an efficient tool for accounting, analysis, control and planning of personal finances. The software includes four subsystems: accounting for income and expenses, mutual settlement of loans issued and ...
    This App will do everything you need it to as long as you buy each section for 1 99 I would rather that they just sold it as a whole for 9 than made it look like a 0 99 App Otherwise it s fantastic                     Great Product Misleading Price Mtn_L
    I like it And hope it will prove my expectations Lot of features that can be purchased for enchanted budgeting                     Good job Denis Cooper
    I bought this app with the understanding that I am buying the features lists in the description and the screenshot To my dismay some of the features like budget which is must for budgeting app loan savings requires payment I haven t tried the features and this review is not for the features functionalities     Misleading price required payment for each options yarayiz
    First you purchase the APP then you have to purchase the rest of it It only comes with three categories for the 99 Then each subcategory is 1 99     Garbage mikey13b
    Simple but with a lot of features great planning tool I ve been using this app for a while and I think this one is much better than other and I have an answer because there are so many different app which make a budgeting or another one for planning there one for tracking and so one but with this app I don t need so many apps in my phone just this one So I recommend it                     Nice JohnLLLoyd
    I think this is really good app Very useful But I m a little confuse with a planning category how it s works At the same time I got this app to control my finance and it s helping me to control all my expenses and I can see in which way I should be more careful land spent less money                     Good one Jessychamp77
    When I downloaded it there were a lot of faults Now they are corrected with improved quality And a new version is great You made it simple and synchronization woks good Thanks a lot 5                     This is a great app VicWild37
    I ve been using this app for a long time and this one is the best I hope you guys in the future will be even better                     Simple the best Bredly87
    Many great features like it                     Useful Dukeemmat10
    I think this is really good app and very useful I got this a while ago to control my budget and I can see now in which way I should be more careful if I want to save some money It s exactly what I need                     Good Tom Swackkord
    This app has so many features At the beginning I was confused how to manage all of it but new this is the app I ve ever had Thank you for making such great app                     Like it ErickcMiller
    I ve tried several financial apps and no one can be compared with it The best one                     Happy COXJoshua
    Nice app it s like a 2 or ever 3 financial apps so you can track your bills budget or whatever in one app I like this one for me it s just perfect                     Functionality is great GrageDayvid
    This app is a great way to start saving and controls all expenses there are many systems you can manage your budget planning all expenses and control income as well as i do i have two part time job and I have a lot of cash so I need to control it                     Nice TBCOstinPower@
    I m impressed It s amazing how easy you can track your expenses Really helps to save money                     Helpful AmandaMoore10@
    Downloading this app has to be one of the best financial decisions I ve ever made I ve never felt so in control of every dollar I spend without feeling at all overwhelmed by tracking it I feel such a sense of relief knowing I don t have to do so much math anymore constantly calculating what in my account do I really have to spend when bills have been paid                     Outstanding app mizambiest4
    I think this app can help lots of people with their spending habits What really useful is the way to compare what you spend to how much you have with income                     Great mokenaeloxe
    I was recommended this by a friend after I could no longer use other software and I haven t been disappointed This one is really great and powerful And the developer support is also excellent it has helped me save a lot of overdraft fees                     Powerful app aynasarahemz8
    I have tried several other budgeting apps but none are as easy to use or have as many great addons as this does I use this app any time I go out and to input anything from online banking and loans                     Great Budgeting App WahckysriCracky
    Does everything I wanted it to and haven t found anything better than this for keeping track of finances Very customizable A perfect fit                     Really useful app southompton9801
    I tried four different budgeting or expense tracking apps before this one but this one is the keeper Logical easy to use practical categories and a simple way to keep track of your spending Check out the charts and extras as well Recommended for people who want a simple way to track expenses to stay under budget                     Good work syclemorphyn4009
    Just downloaded the app so that I can start tracking my expenses and budget on my phone So fat it s very suitable for my needs                     I really love it jotaxmieero67
    A great financial tool that covers most of what I need to manage my money clearly You will save time and money from the moment you start using this app                     This is a good choice IloveVu5000
    A new application and easy to use Nice and friendly interface I enjoyed and would recommend to many people know and use this app                     Perfect app Easy to use Cuongcag123
    I didn t even know how much I needed this app I use it to manage and track paycheck spending It s so simple and worth trying The interface is simple and uncluttered If you re new to budgeting this is a great starter app to get you more expense conscious                     Fantastic saobopopto
    As for the application that includes so many features it si working correctly and doesn t require too much battery level I really like it It gives a good overview of my account Great for tracking your finance                     Exactly what i need anthony-martinez90
    Amazing finance app Using it for more then 5 months Great insight and analytics on my finance It shows me how can I spend today After using this I started saving and no more overspending at all Really love the App                     Super helpful lenusfancon9/
    After trying tons of budgeting apps I finally found this one I was just looking for a simple app that would let me schedule any monthly income and bills to easily keep track of how much I had remaining each month after all bills are paid Most of the apps were very complex and difficult if not impossible to see this basic info in This app allows me to make sure my monthly spending is less than my monthly income at a quick glance                     Powerful rindametro00
    If you need to keep Track of your daily expenses this is the ultimate tool for that The UI is simple and intuitive adding or editing just takes a few seconds and you will always know how much money you have left and easily to plan for your spending                     So helpful chris azog78
    By far my favorite spending tracker It s simple and quick enough to input expenses or income without any hassle easy to organize and gives a good amount of data to analyze spending Such a great app                     My favorite tool konsoxin78
    I have been using this app religiously and on a daily basis for almost 4 months s now Never faced any issues as such I tried a few others but found them very complicated This provides all features that I need                     Love it ihaveanapple234
    This app helped me come up with charts tables evaluate the individual income and expenditure Thus I was controlled the finance of individual better from there I was able to use my money more appropriate and possibly save a little each month Thanks to the effectiveness of this application that I decided to give it 5 stars                     Wonderful bostamonika001
    Compared to all the other finance tracking apps this is a nice app for this cost I was amazed with the features it offered Extremely convenient on the go and works for really any age group                     Easy to use ihavepineapplewee
    Found this today and I was so happy I ve tried a ton of different budgeting apps and have never been fully satisfied At first glance this seems to be a winner Clean UI syncs perfectly across devices and doesn t over complicate things by adding too many features Easy to keep track of you money What a tool                     Super handy lacote8jion
    At last a simple tool to enable you to track your spending You can add edit categories produce reports export your categorized expenses It s elegant and I am very pleased Only wish I had had it 5 10 years ago                     Effective tool sansaid88
    This is dandy for recording my credit and debit expenditures for checking against my monthly bills I m glad to no longer have to hold onto the paper receipts                     Cool mokilasax66
    Most budget apps are too complicated to use especially since I m 20 and it s my first time making a budget but this one has made my life much easier                     Very helpful raidencole78
    This app takes a hands on approach to budgeting which I find works for me It helps me keep track of whether I am behind or ahead of my spending Never had any problems with the app itself                     The best lokithir99
    The app does not take so much time to get used to and it s very well thought through As a finance guy I can say that it has all the critical elements and forces you into good behavior very easily Next stage evolution should be direct links with bank accounts making double entry checks easy                     Well made laurenhaneyui
    Brilliant service and a useful app to go along with it I can manage everything regarding my retirement accounts and see changes projections etc Love it                     Can t say enough good things marcusfenix099
    I ve been Using this great app daily for a couple months now It s perfect for keeping track of daily expenditures both debit and cash Never overdraw your account again Excellent for budgeting very user friendly                     So helpful loxoreos99
    For years I have always written down everything I spend now I can do it on my iPhone This app is very basic exactly what I needed and SIMPLE to use                     Love it komeris8992
    This app is super convenient and has an intuitive interface that makes recording expenses fast and easy You can customize it to almost anything since you can add whatever categories you want Totally awesome                     Outstanding taylormaorse67
    I m on a tight budget and am a very unorganized person With this app I m able to track my spending to the penny and know exactly where every penny goes I m able to know how much I have left in my budget and where I ve spend my money Knowing this I see where I can improve and save money as well what I spend the most money on and why It s a very resourceful app that has helped me establish a much better spending plan                     Great way to track your spending tysykoko
    Just downloaded and started entering info and I can already see how much help its going to be at helping me control my money Very useful                     Super michaelpearce68
    It is one of the best personal finance apps I have used It is so powerful that it just tracks my expenses and quickly generate a report for me so I will know clearly about my financial situation                 Professional
    This is the best Ive ever used a personal budget software Rich functionality Record every day expenses Reasonable arrangements monthly budget The family must have a good software                 Amazing
    This app is definitely recommended Keeps track of your finances and assets and displays them in clean easytoread charts and tables Just what I needed for my online business and home financing                 Very useful
    Great financial tool Help me to control the family monthly budget I will use it every day bookkeeping Fully functional Easily manage your personal finances                 Helpful
    A collection of personal finance application of a variety of functions It helps me statistics analysis and control of personal belongings use very convenient                 Useful
    I gotta say this accounting app is truly helpful Very easy to use And I hope with the help of this finance app I can save more and more money Plus I like the UI design of this app                 Useful
    Create a variety of expenses and income charts detailed data analysis You can control the loans and savings accounts Easily manage your personal finances                 Useful for financial applications
    The app features everything you might expect to see in a bestofbreed finance manager app                 Wonderful
    The app is obviously very powerful but its really hard to get started with it                 Nice
    Ive been using it for 5 months Its great that I can create income and expenses with further dividing them into groups daily and monthly reports without any difficulties                 Excellent
    This great app to help me manage the family budget in the best way the most effective beautiful interface and easy to use very detailed and easy to understand                 household budget management very or
    I love this app and I use this app all the time It works very well and I always know how much I have spent and how much I have left It has really helped me stay within budget and save more                 Enjoy it
    Compared to similar financial software this one is several levels higher Must have                 Best of the best
    Very good financial management software convenient fast no advertising finance is clear the price is cheap recommend thank you                 Nice app
    Now I know exactly what I spend my money for Handy planning of purchases                 Excellent application
    This app so coolIts a real intelligence app It is very powerful with a lot of functions The most useful one is I can edit most of categories meanwhile this takes some time to get used to The Personal Finance app is an efficient tool for accounting analyzing tracking and planning your personal budget It helps me to manage my income and also expenses for more savings and having information about my depts and loans                 cool app
    Must have an accounting degree to understand how to use this app Not user friendly for the average person     User
    The app is great convenient and informative Ive been searching for such an app for a long time The UI is very good and involving Nice reports I can recommend it for all users Worth downloading                 Convenient
    Great application Very useful                 Great
    Description was what I was looking for but I have tried for an hour and cannot enter any accounts or transactions Developer has good English but it does not translate well enough to use the program     Wasted money
    Simple and practical Very often the activities of expenses tracking not sustainable is due to too much work of recording and data entry This app keeps everything simple It helped me to see where money is being spent I can manage finances on the go apply own budgets names and even input different currencies Perfect design and simple interface It is well worth the price                 Exactly what Im looking for
    Everything is easy and clear I have been using it already for 8 months In general I recommend it                 Perfect app
    Very good personal finance software Collection of a variety of functions Easy to use Create a variety of charts detailed data analysis Borrowing and savings accounts control                 Good job
    This is a family must have personal budgeting application Help me to control household monthly budget Function is very powerful Easy to use                 Useful app
    I just use some of 5 its main features It helps me control my finances easily understand where my money is going excessive expenditures and cut down unnecessary expenses Its easy for beginners like me to get started with requires no efforts to track finances and also offers a wide range of functionality and settings for professional users Nice app              Manage income and expenses with ease
    The most powerful tool for personal finance application Clear interface Function is very useful Easily manage and monitor personal finances              Useful app
    This app is counter productive You spend so much time setting up this program to even work The app is much more complicated then they review leads you to believe It would help if this app had some preprogrammed accounts Save your money     Move on to a better personal finance app
    Have no idea how to use Very confusing and would not recommend     Horrible
    A practical personal finance software to the most comprehensive manage my personal finances Track all accounts arrange budget                 Useful
    It is easy to use this app to monitor and manage my finance There are lots of useful functions in this app I can view the different useful charts The app analyses my data I can find what I bought The workflow tracks the days left before repayment and notify me before they are overdue This app is great It is useful                 Useful app
    This is a very professional financial management software if you intend to finance your money you can use it it will not let you disappointed It can record various revenue and expenditure it will give you report of your everyday consumption It help us know our moneyIf you plan to travel abroad it can help us to calculate the world currency Your best assistant                 Financial expert
    Great application I mentioned some bugs in previous versions but theyre fixed now and this version looks much better Thanks                 Nice idea
    Could not figure out how to use It was not easy and simple Complete waste of 500     Terrible
    Download try its very userfriendly                 Fine
    I believe its one of the best personal finance apps on the iOS devices Powerful and easy to use                 Useful
    Spent a lot of time trying to set the app up only to figure out I could not enter anything into the blank fields Waste of Money     Horrable
    A very useful app                 I like it
    This is one of the most difficult financial application that I have ever used It not very user friendly It took me almost 20 minutes to set up my checking account Its not worth the frustration I wasted my money     A poor choice
    Its very userfriendly everything is clear This app suits by any definition exemplary analysis and userfriendly planning                 Super app
    It has everything you need to manage personal finance but getting started is a pain In order to do x you must first set the default y Give me a step by step setup process to get started setting up all the defaults              Needs Introductory Wizard
    Almost impossible to figure out how to use Im a corp finance major and gave up It seems to give you cool graphs but is really useless for planning and budgeting Expect to spend hours loading everything in for zero benefit     Not what you expect
    The app looks really great but it lacks collaboration functionality and some web access capabilities                 Nice software
    Most professional personal finance software featurerich easy to operate You can clearly record the details of income and expenditure Reasonable and effective family planning accounts                 Great financial software
    Purchased this to save me time in building my own spreadsheet I relied on the reviews but it is all misleading Stay away look for other app     Not user Friendly Bogus positive reviews
    Im VERY happy with Personal Finances and highly recommend it Well worth the money                 Highly recommended
    Really good software Ive chosen this one from lots of others Benefits convenient reports insightful income and expenses items can be analyzed by groups Weaknesses not found                 Awesome
    I use only some features of the app but I am fully satisfied with those I use                 Excellent
    Super application When I downloaded it there werу many faults Now they are corrected with improved quality Thanks a lot                 Good idea
    This is a life and work necessary financial instruments Design is very unique Interface is clear and easy to use I can easily manage all household income and expenses                 Good app
    Useful program with convenient tracking of income and expenses I recommend this app to everyone who worries about their expenses                 The budget is under control

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