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Life360 , the publisher behind many iOS app (Life360 Family Tracker ,Sex Offender Search ,Sex Offender Search HD), brings Life360 Family Tracker with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Life360 Family Tracker app has been update to version 5.1.1 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Brings peace of mind knowing family members arrived at their destinations..
  • Positives: sense of security having an idea where loved ones are..
  • Busy mom loves this app..
  • Listing medical conditions & allergies for first responders is a plus..
  • The emergency alert feature could save their life..

Overall Satisfactionc86
Anyone with loved ones should have this app - everyone.
This is currently the best family locator app on the market today.
Great app to keep track of loved ones and friends.
I found this app to be more accurate than Sprint family locater.
It's an ok app but needs to be improved to be more accurate.
Love being able to keep track of my truck driver husband.
Better than google latitude and find my friends app.
I love the check in feature and group text.
The history feature with list details is awesome.
Fun & Engagingc83
This app is very accurate me and my family uses it all the time.
I use it all the time to keep up with the family.
Awesome for keeping up with family and friends' location and goings on.
Life360 is an AWESOME Family App.
Great app very useful with teenagers.
Keeps me informed about my neighborhood in addition to emergency features.
So helpful for keeping up with our busy family's whereabouts.
This app saves time and unnecessary phone calls while driving.
very very useful and reliable especially with my teenager now driving.
Great app use it every day to keep up with the kids.
It's pretty accurate and helpful with our family and kids.
Family Friendlyc89
What a great way to keep track of family and close friends while traveling.
Constantly lags & loses track of family members.
I use this app to keep track of family members when they are traveling.
I know where my kids and my husband are at all times.
Doesnt help to know where my kids are an hour later.
I can locate my kids and confirm almost exactly where they are.
what's the point in having it if I can't locate my kids.
Social Aspectsc91
It's just another way to stay connected to your loved ones.
Great way to stay in touch with the family without outsiders following our tracks.
This is a great way to keep in touch with your whole family.
Google latitude is another app to keep up with friends /family.
Production Valuesc100
I love the new interface.
Love the new interface.
Ease of Usec63
It's easy to set up and the locator works very quickly.
simple to set up and good for parents and kids alike.
This is like impossible to set up wouldn't work after multiple attempts.
Ads not Intrusivec90
Just finally reviewing hoping the app stops asking me to review it.
I just want them to stop asking me to review this app.
followed the screen to re -register my 2 known email addresses.
Security & Privacyc83
Positives: sense of security having an idea where loved ones are.
False sense of security.
Makes me and my family feel more secure.
Updates & Supportc51
And so far customer service gets 5tars as well.
Very happy with customer service as well.
Listing medical conditions & allergies for first responders is a plus.
but I've not noticed any significant increase in battery usage.
One star off for high battery usage.

The history feature with list details is awesome. found in 36 reviews
Great for teens that are active in after school activities. found in 15 reviews
Great alert app for staying in touch with family during Tornado Season. found in 53 reviews
Wonderful idea with a 13 year old daughter going to a new school. found in 15 reviews
And the location of nearby hospitals and police stations. found in 31 reviews
These things have to be accurate cause it's a tracker app. found in 21 reviews
Great way to stay in touch with the family without outsiders following our tracks. found in 132 reviews
I love the check in feature and group text. found in 44 reviews
It makes me feel safer and more comfortable with running at odds hours. found in 83 reviews
Better than google latitude and find my friends app. found in 47 reviews
Very useful and practical family tool. found in 16 reviews
All in all it is the best Family Tracker out there. found in 37 reviews
You can know who lives around you and your kids friends houses. found in 17 reviews
What a great way to keep track of family and close friends while traveling. found in 1301 reviews
Best app for family safety assurance and secuity. found in 107 reviews
My daughter started driving and college in the same month. found in 15 reviews
Such a great app for keeping in touch of the whereabouts of family members. found in 35 reviews
Life 360 changed and saved my daughter's life. found in 800 reviews
Gives me peace of mind knowing I see that my daughter makes it safely home. found in 226 reviews
Google latitude is another app to keep up with friends /family. found in 18 reviews
the location accuracy needs a little work. found in 8 reviews
Love the app but not always accurate with location. found in 4 reviews
Sometimes it can't locate people that are in group. found in 27 reviews
Doesn't always give the correct address but works well enough. found in 12 reviews
It will never updates and gives false information. found in 8 reviews
Freezes when trying to update locations all the time. found in 83 reviews
But please stop asking me to write a review every day. found in 13 reviews
Sometimes the "locate" button doesn't always update where the other person is. found in 10 reviews
Def don't depend on it in case of emergency. found in 7 reviews
Also cannot delete messages after responding. found in 9 reviews
Good idea but needs improvements. found in 4 reviews
The satelite of the persons location needs to be more accurate. found in 64 reviews
ALWAYS shows my son is at home or can't be located. found in 16 reviews
Wish the location part was a little closer in feet. found in 7 reviews
I like this app but sometimes doesn't give a correct location. found in 36 reviews
Anytime you request update it is " unable to locate ". found in 33 reviews
Addresses are not accurate Your gps needs to be updated. found in 8 reviews
Gr8 but needs GPS turn off FIX. found in 4 reviews
This app is nothing but a sick invasion of privacy. found in 24 reviews
followed the screen to re -register my 2 known email addresses. found in 27 reviews
it would be awesome to get the current location. found in 34 reviews
Now I am constantly harassed to upgrade to premium for $50. found in 24 reviews
Does not show the correct location of the family member. found in 36 reviews
The customer service though is terrible. found in 15 reviews
Not much use because of the numerous unable to locate messages. found in 33 reviews
I am being continuously asked to purchase my premium subscription again. found in 13 reviews
Poor gps tracking. found in 19 reviews
Unable to update family member's location after initial find. found in 15 reviews
Now gives false information on location and notifications. found in 14 reviews
Accuracy issues found inaccurate locations n history given. found in 62 reviews
Always gives me error messages and can never locate anyone. found in 17 reviews
What's the point if it doesn't locate people. found in 27 reviews
Does not update location within several hours sometimes. found in 83 reviews
If I turn location services off to preserve battery life. found in 54 reviews
No one want their parents to stalk them. found in 17 reviews

If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download Life360 Family Tracker for free from Apple Store. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 10.0 MB to download. The new Life360 Family Tracker app version 5.1.1 has been updated on 2014-11-23. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later
More Info: Find more info about Life360 Family Tracker in Life360`s Official Website :

As featured on Fox News Channel, and other media as the top family tracking app Watch our family tracking segment that ran nationally at Protect your family by taking advantage of our Facebook award-winning technology ...
What would I do without you I cant deny how extremely helpful you are to me in times when I am in Pennsylvania or sometimes in the Philippines cant reach my baby girl 23 yrsold who lives in California You Life 360 gives me so much security in knowing where my loved ones are Thank you              Happy to have you
Doubles the value of my Smartphone                 Life 360 Review
I already rated it                 Stop the rate me question
Its an amazing app that alerts me when my roommates come back so I can get my pants back on                 The dopest
Doesnt drain your battery and very informative                 Awesome app
This app is really greatamazing for you to use with kids and old grandmas Lol but really its good                 Awesome
I love this app It lets me keep track of my kids and lets me see where my husband is who is a truck driver It is much more accurate than atts family map                 Best family app
Becoming more accurate I use it often Lately it has been very slow to update Maybe it is because of my phone The app still works and I appreciate having it                 Works well Dependable
Its an awesome app when it works however many times I try to locate my child and it states cant be located This makes the app useless if its not going to locate my children as needed This is at least daily that it doesnt locate them Please fix this big error           Life 360 needs work
On my teenagers phoneworks great Gives historyhas a few blocks off at times but provides general idea                 Great app
Love this app It helps me know where the kids are at all times The recent updates have made the app speedier and more stable Great to have around and I find it better than find my iPhone app                 Great app get to know where the family is
Like it a lot                 Great app
Works great for aging people with Mental issues Also lets you know that they left a certain area              Great App
I love the concept and the times that this does work Notifications are usually delayed but I do hope to upgrade to add another location for my sons school              Safety mostly
Could be a lil faster but Im sure thats a battery life compromise                 Best for doing what it does
Nice and safe                 Life 360
Very easy to use and control the notifications The user interface and layout is intuitive and designed well                 Great App
Love this app I always know where my family is located                 Awesome app
Knowing where your love ones are really helps Thank you                 Peace of mind
This app works most of the time and is very useful Occasionally it wont find people who have the cell phones turned on for some reason I would say it works 95 percent of the time              Good app
Muy buena aplicación y útil para nuestra familia en especial en estos momento que tenemos tanta inseguridad en nuestro hermoso venezuela                 Sra
Awesome                 Awesome
Great app              Life 360
We use it to keep in touch with loved ones              Love it
love it              love it
Gets the job done Minimal problems Good app              Great app gets the job done
My husband and I use it all time if one of us is late getting home Its nice to check to see if my husband is close to the grocery store before texting him a request to stop and pick something up                 Nice to have
Its a great app but on my iPod I have all of the map options on I cant see anything tho Like it is supposed to shows me crimes sex offenders fire stations hospitals and police station but Im not seeing any of the dots to show me where they are I dont get it Help              No dots
Works great does what it says it will              Awesome app
It is a peace of mind knowing that our love ones are fine and safe when when we share locations              Peace on Mind
Great to use for various reasons ETA for family is great When to have supper plates on table etc When teenagers are on the road you can keep an eye on them especially in bad weather Our oldest wants own itunes user name so we use this to know location while away at college Our senior parents when traveling              Great App
This app is great if you have children It allows you to track them                 Life 360 app
The best app ever for my family and friends I love how I can make sure everyone is safe and etc I recommend it for anyone especially those with kids             
Improved look improved speed all without reducing the already existing awesomeness                 New version is better than ever
I love to be able to track my teenage kids and verify their stories                 Love this App
In a busy world this app helps me keep up with my family It lets me know when they are coming and going from work and school gives me time to clean the house and cook dinner before they get home My dog is even Pavlov trained to know when family members arrive home by the notification sounds when family member arrive home It also gives me peace of mind to see where my kids are and that they have arrived at their destinations safely                 Great App
Im always able to get up to date reports on my loved ones Great app Its forward thinking                 Awesome App
I love this app It gives me piece of mind                 Love it
Fantastic coverage Love the close proximity to my friends that this app shows                 Life 360
Great                 Awasome
Helps my husband and I keep in touch Since a friend died unexpectedly and all the school shootings checking location gives us peace of mind                 Helps
I started using this app after a child abduction in our state It is so reassuring to know I can always check on my kids and if any of us have an emergency we can contact each other                 Life 360
Works great Finally dont need app running on the phone your locating                 Great app
Totally cool app                 Good job
I like the alerts when my son get to school in the morning and arrives to our house after school                 Most have app
I enjoy it very much and strongly recommend it It is very useful                 Best gps tracker app
Love this app I will surely recommend it Very accurate locations and very safe                 Great App
love this app                
Luv it                 Great app

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