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A&E Television Networks Mobile , the publisher behind many iOS app (Dance Moms™ Rising Star ,The Civil War Today ,Duck Dynasty®: Battle of the Beards HD ,Truck Night in America: AR ,Frontier Heroes – A Planet H game from HISTORY ,Age of Explorers - A Planet H game from HISTORY), brings Lifetime Movie Club with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Lifetime Movie Club app has been update to version 1.1 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.


If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download Lifetime Movie Club for free from Apple Store. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 15.5 MB to download. The new Lifetime Movie Club app version 1.1 has been updated on 2015-08-07. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Requires iOS 7.1 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.
Bottom Line: For more information about Lifetime Movie Club check developer A&E Television Networks Mobile`s website :

If you love Lifetime movies, then you need Lifetime Movie Club For only 3.99/month, less than the price of one movie rental, get access to a great selection of Lifetime movies on your iPad, iPhone ...
They have great movies and shows              LMN
Im a big fan of lifetime movies I love it the movies are great Thanks lifetime                 Love Lifetime Movies
Just started using this week and I love it Wish they have more movie selections though                 Love it
I really like this app Never crashes and new movies every week                 Great buy for 399
Love this app Wish there were more movie choices or an archive of movies to chose from              Lifetime Movie Club
I love it                 Really cool
Gimme a excuse to pay for this app monthly Love lifetime movies just want some more movies to make it worth the monthly subscription Would love at least 75100 movies plus Although Ill be giving the app the benefit of the doubt though since they obviously just starting it           Lifetime gimme an excuse
I love that lifetime made a movie app I enjoyed lifetime on TV for years And now I have it at my fingertips The price is right the movies are crystal clear with no issues All I ask for is more Movies Keep on adding and never stop                 Lifetime Lover
Will be canceling after my week trial Movie selection is seriously lacking and playback isnt available when you leave the app Good idea but lots of work to do     Less than 40 titles subpar movies
I purchased this app recently and half of the time when I want to see a movie I open app up and it does not do anything but show a black blank page This is upsetting as Lifetime was one of my favorite movie channels If this keeps up I will cancel application for faulty service Very disappointed              Bad service
This is pretty good app I have been watching Lifetime for years and was surprised not to see all of the movies from The Perfect Sunday listed Would like to see all of them              Not bad
I love this app I love Lifetime so I believe this was made especially for me A lot of reviews say that there isnt a lot of movies to choose from which is true however EVERY week they switch them out and add different ones Trust me you cant get through all 30 movies in a week Great app Love it                 Great app
You Should just get cable rather than pay for this I liked the old lifetime App to where I can log in with my cable account and get access that way Now I have lifetime on my cable company and this app charges you even more to watch movies on the app I do not think so Just another scam to earn more money for the network     Not worth paying for each month
So it says its free and it had good reviews so I downloaded it to my phone went to watch it I dont want to me to pay 399 a month to watch TV there are so many free TV apps out there I am not paying 399 A month for something that is advertised as free     Miya sure not FREE
Just love this app and the price is awesome                 Lifetime
This club is a good idea However it doesnt have a large selection Even though the membership is not expensive Id rather keep my few dollars You can actually watch all of the movies in one day        Lacking
I like it but there is a limit on what we watch and how long we could watch them I think we should be able to search for an movie in case we missed it More options please              Lifetime review
I like all the movies but the AirPlay is buggy keeps getting errors and then movie tries to reset to beginning of movie It would be great if there was a lifetime movie club app on the Apple TV like theres the lifetime app Then I wouldnt have to try and AirPlay It would then be a perfect club              Needs Apple TV app access
awesome                 Great
True story movies are inspiring me You will love this Trust me                 Amazing
Love no commercials                 Movies
I love the movies on there but honestly there needs to be more movies on there Other than that it would be awesome              It s pretty good
I love lifetime movies but Ive seen almost every movie Would be great if there were newer movies but I love how its only 399 a month Thats a great deal I can say Im happy with the app and plan on keeping it              I love lifetime but need new movies
Lifetime movie app is good but needs more movies It should include a bigger library of movie titles to choose from Thats the only bummer                 Lifetime needs more
I love this app Just wish there was an option to search for a movie and an option to manage the movies you already watched And need more movies and availability to all lifetime movies              Lifetime Movie Lover
I love Lifetime and I love this app Very well organized              Excellent
It has some major issues When you close out of the app completely it doesnt allow playback from where you stopped I had an issue where I paid three times for one month when I first joined as well That issue took two weeks to resolve It could use more movies as well           Its ok
Not to happy with the shows these are old reruns not worth the 4 dollars canceling membership today     Review on old shows
I gave it 2 because I thought it would be a bigger selection and all the movies on there I already seen on TV Really got my hopes up not worth paying for DISAPPOINTED        Need More Movie Selection
Each time I sit down to watch a movie it has a technical error Or it freezes or something else weird happens I would love to be able to download the movies and watch them without using my Internet That would be a great way to solve some of the problems           Movies are good However the app freezes too much
Thought I give it a try for 399 a month not bad since you dont need a service provider Just dont get to behind on the movies And this will be one awesome app So far happy                 Little bit
Since I cancelled my 200 a month cable the one thing Ive been missing are my lifetime movies At last I can finally watch again Great movies The only reason for 4 stars is because I wish the movie selection was a little better Some of the movies are terrible I wish there was more selections from the early 2000s or even the 90s Ie Tori Spelling type movies I also wish they would add the Marilyn Monroe biopic and films like that Otherwise its great              Not bad
I thought this would be a full collection of Lifetime movies but its just a handful At first I kept looking for a search field and how to get past the main page and get to the rest of the movies I then realized that the main page was it There are no other movie Promptly deleted app     Not enough movies
I love this app just wish we had more movies to watch                 Excellent Application
I love the app with all the moves I dont have TV I only have Netflix and Hulu But now I have the lifetime move club And ever since I got this app all it ever dose is freeze or show me a black screen I make sure Im out of all my apps But nope I still have problems with that app Now if I have this more problems I will stop paying the 399 a moth This is disappointing because I love lifetime           Love the app but hate the freezing
I love it so far I have no problems with it on my iPhone 6 plus I see others complaining on here but for it just coming out and testing the grounds Its good Since im not a tv buff like most of you guys there is enough movies for me                 Excellent
If we have to pay we need more newer movies not ones weve seen over over again Shame on u for charging anyway Im trying it out for a month and that will be it for now           Not enough newer movies
Not bad but it never worked on my iPad           Not bad but
I love lifetime movies and now I can watch a movie anytime I want to The app Is very reasonable for only 399 a month u can watch movies 247 Well worth the price                 Lifetime movies
Im loving it                 A girl like me
When the app is working it is good but it only works 10 of the time Usually I get a black screen They really need to fix this issue soon or I am going to cancel     When it works it is good
just watched girl positive and was impressed with the portrayal of true reality and facts relating to HIVAIDS in our young population good work lifetime movies              good channel for movies
Why cant we have access to old classic 80s lifetime movies like the moment of truth stuff Honestly I pay for TV service so I dont need this app unless you provide something that I cant find anywhere else And Im guessing the old lifetime app is useless now What a ripoff 4 bucks for a handful of crap movies Its not just old people who dont know any better that watch lifetime I am an old person who does know better Shame on you     Where are the old classics
Great movie                 Fighting the odds
Movies are not free come on        Hello
I love me some good lifetime movies at my fingertips My suggestions though are that there arent really enough movies when you have obsessive lifetime movie fans like me who watch all the new ones in a weekend and then have nothing left to watch Also the ability to play back from where you left off if you leave the app for too long it just starts you from the beginning so I just make note of how many minutes are left and scroll to there BUT for 4mo that shouldnt be necessary maybe if it was free Overall though I love the movies and hopefully lifetime will see all these reviews asking for more movies and add more              A few suggestions but overall LOVE
Glad closed captioning work and able to view thru my Apple TV is a plus for me That what encourage me to purchase it And I would love to see old films among the new ones They did better than the other app that came out for Hallmark that has no captioning which was a huge disappointment So I have to applaud them and say big appreciate for it              Not bad would like more movies
The only thing I dont like is that I cant search for the one I want to watch on the app Other then that I like that I can watch lifetime anywhere I go at anytime of day              Good
I was so excited about this app I just wish I could stream these movies to my TV           Love Lifetime
I love life time movies but I cant see the hole movie having a problem watching the movies        Life time

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