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NAVER Japan Corporation , the publisher behind many iOS games (NAVER Image Search App ,NAVER cafe ,LINE Birzzle ,NAVER Korean Dictionary App ,LINE Tools  ,NAVER Search App), brings LINE Play with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. LINE Play games has been update to version 1.1.4 with several major changes and improvements. Games release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • It's cute and simple and quite a good time killer..
  • It's also a great opportunity to talk to people from all over the world..
  • A diverse background and a great way to make new friends on a global scale..
  • Met so many friendly people with the same interests as me..
  • UX-0984-6103 Awesome cute game..

Overall Satisfactionc81
Though I wished there was another way to earn gem.
WG-9746-4902 amazing game very awsaem and addictive.
honestly this has been one of my favorite games.
Cute And Lovely Game Plz Enter My Code RS-9756-2005 ^^.
I would highly recommend this game - you can meet new people.
I do not recommend this game.
An amazingly cute game that is super fun and social.
This is a wonderful game that is easy and user friendly.
I love the outfits and it's really cute and entertaining to play.
Fun & Engagingc87
I absolutely love this game it's cute and fun to play.
Though I wished there was another way to earn gem.
Awesome game ~ Try fishing it's addicting~ ZM-7361-0405.
Cute avatars and fun way to pass the time in between doing this or that.
It's a fun little game with lots of customizable options.
Cute little game but very buggy.
Its really fun to decorate the room & everything is super cute.
Pretty fun social game with great design.
Line should make more like because it's fun to play with friends.
everything is so cute and it's incredibly addicting like whoah.
It's such a cute game and I play it everyday.
Awesome NC-0034-8500 will play every day.
Value for Moneyc76
Probably so you spend real money for the games currency- gems.
but earning gems without spending real money is extremely tedious.
Certain currencies seem really hard to earn without spending actual money.
Social Aspectsc86
It's always a really great way to meet new people from anywhere in the world.
This app is adorable and is a great way to chat with friends.
Everything is so cute and it's a great way to interact with friends.
Pretty fun social game with great design.
Such a good way to keep in touch with friends and make new ones.
you can meet new people from all over and have a cute avatar.
I hope this is the next big social media site.
Production Valuesc90
Whoever likes cute graphics should really try this out.
add the super cute graphics and you're hooked.
Adorable graphics - really cute social game for your phone.
It's a really cute game with super adorable graphics.
Ease of Usec83
LD-2330-2700 It's very cute and simple so it's easily addicting.
It's cute and simple and quite a good time killer.
In-app games eat your gems when the game crashes.
and the game freezes.
Security & Privacyc48
is that you HAVE to have a LINE account already made.
You need to have a LINE account in order to play.
Nuked my LINE account and deleted LINE Play from my phone.
Updates & Supportc98
It's like a cuter version of Animal Crossing.
It's like the cuter version of The Sims.

very cute app and great way to connect with friends. found in 73 reviews
Loving the game with my friends but needs more ways to get gems. found in 51 reviews
I wish they could make it easier to earn gems but overall it's p good. found in 87 reviews
Not that great anymore :P still cute though. found in 20 reviews
I really wish we can sell items we don't want anymore. found in 104 reviews
It is very cool but u need to make more ways to get money. found in 26 reviews
Really fun and cute but hard to earn money. found in 13 reviews
Though I wish you could sell unused/unwanted items for gems. found in 45 reviews
i wish the items weren't so expensive but oh well. found in 29 reviews
Though I do wish it was easier to get gems. found in 82 reviews
I wish you could get gems more ways though. found in 10 reviews
i do wish that there were more ways to earn coins and gems. found in 93 reviews
but they should have more ways to earn money /gems #. found in 150 reviews
I wish you could sell the products you don't want anymore. found in 37 reviews
It gets a little boring and repetitive after a while. found in 15 reviews
Cute but needs more ways to earn gems. found in 14 reviews
I'd give it 5 stars if they fix the lag issue. found in 9 reviews
this app is really neat and a fun way to waste time. found in 51 reviews
And needs more ways to earn gems or lower store prices. found in 1240 reviews
In-app games eat your gems when the game crashes. found in 17 reviews
I couldn't even log in my ORIGINAL account. found in 3 reviews
why it keep saying cannot use the service. found in 9 reviews
Now I cannot look at the home screen in landscape view. found in 22 reviews
I can't play catch of the day. found in 11 reviews
The new update keeps closing when I try to play. found in 22 reviews
and the game freezes. found in 10 reviews
cant play the gamee. found in 12 reviews
Nuked my LINE account and deleted LINE Play from my phone. found in 45 reviews
" Heavy traffic " and "network error" is always kicking me off. found in 25 reviews
Need to fix the lag. found in 9 reviews

If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download LINE Play for free from Apple Store. The application is supporting Japanese language. It weighs in at only 36.5 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 1.1.4 has been released on 2014-11-07. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation), iPod touch (5th generation) and iPad. Requires iOS 4.3 or later. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.
More Info: Find more info about LINE Play in NAVER Japan Corporation`s Official Website :

4400 LINE LINE Play LINE ...
So I love playing this I give five star it awesome all jerks who glitch it probably have a crappy old electronic or just bad quality No flaws but an update would be coolI also like you guys added a new place to visit when you click on the gemOkaythe update should be a new gatcha and new hair to buy I love this game so buy it And rate it five good job Peace out                 Amazing
Its so fun and adorable I recommend everyone to play it                 LOVE THIS GAME
Im totally in love with this game and its so very amazing but I have a serious issue here I cant log onto my Facebook account I tried everyday for about 2weeks now and its still not working           Problem report
Line play has so much to do and so many friends I would recommend playing if you like Anime Kpop or drawing Its mainly what people talk about 1010 recommended Usually young kids play but its still fun                 I love this game
I play every day super fun and they are still updating which is great Gems are easier to get compared to other games and its not required to pay Over all I love line play 3                 LINE
Im lucky that my account is still okay but Im not able to travel to other players rooms I cant even do two of the main quests for gems        Please fix the update
Needs to be updated again because its messing up and lagging so fix the bugs and stuff plz and soon              Another update
Cant log jn    
The game is super fun and addicting and it is really fun to play                 Great Game
Best game ever I can play it for the rest of ma life best game I ever seen I could play all day all night I just love it                 Boss
My character got deleted after some unknown incident I never deleted my avatar My name is Zeifos and everything Ive worked for is now gone I had it yesterday and now its all gone Please help me     HELP HELP HELP HELP
This game is soooo addicting There is only one problem though I can whisper or socialize with any avatar on line play Why can other people do that I want to be able to have a name on lineplay and not just numbers and letters I think everyone in line play should be able to do what everyone else is able to do Thats all I have to say              Only one flaw
Overall LinePlay is great But you need to make a feature where you can send gems to your friends Dont just read this review and ignore it Add this feature AND ALSO I am really mad about this I bought a 50 worth of cash And you know what Your glitchy game didnt give me any of the cash I purchased I WANT A REFUND GIVE ME MY CASH MY LINEPLAY AVATAR NAME IS HAILEYBRIELLE IT HAS A FONT ON IT SO                 LET US SEND GEMS TO OUR FRIENDS
Yesterday you banned my account for thirty days and apparently it said obscenity Let me tell you LINE PLAY that for three years I have never posted anything crude I have never said anything to hurt others and I cannot think of any way that you can have the audacity to ban me I payed a lot of money to get items I made so many friends I had so much fun and OUT OF THE BLUE I see banned Well Naver you just banned one of your best customers so I dont understand why you would do such I feel like someone kept reporting me and finally yall just decided to ban me Thanks thanks a lot And Ive seen horrible people on Line Play telling people to die posting their own shirtless bodies sexting WHYYY do you ignore these people yet target innocent people like me Hm And when I emailed yall you just sent me a canned email with a list of possibilities as to why I am banned Literally you all need to focus on those who are actually hurting the LP community and okay if you did see something I should have removed in my diary no clue at least send a WARNING Warn and if done again ban Okay Dont just go straight to banning Thats ridiculous I loved this game but they way you just ban people for the smallest reasons is truly unflattering Especially considering how much bullies get away with actual banworthy acts     Why
Hey guys thx for the awesome app keep the updates coming and you will be getting reviews from me like crazyxoxo                 Perfect
I love this game the only problem about it is people are saying thing they are not okey                 Love it
Well played                 GG
Im obsessed with this game sooooo much Its my favorite app right now but I have a few requests you should add to the game Update 1 We should be able to have pets and have them in our room and walk them and feed them and have a pet shop that does NOT cost cash 2 Add in more clothes and interior please and when I mean more I mean MORE 3 Please add in for us to post AT LEAST 5 minute videos in our diarys Thank you for reading                 OBBSESSED
I have some suggestions for the game you should let people give gemscash to eachother But if that sounds crazy it would be fair If like for example someone gives 5000 gems to someone then that amount of gems given away gets taken away from the person giving the gems same with cashto me that sounds so much better And also you should let players be able to give what they dont want away to other people or I dont know but my first suggestion is better                 GEMS AND CASHApp suggestions
Very addictive game                 Awesome
I cant find the Twitter button plz help                
I love it when Im bored because I get updates and u can meet friends from ALL over the world and get gems this blue and green thingy Anyways if your always bored and have nothing to do then get Line Play And add me my username is Amirah                 Amazing and FUN
BEST APP EVER I really like this app I hope u put an ugly date so we can make outer o n clothes THANKS                 Candy crush
Ive tried entering an invitation code on different devices with no success Please fix this or dont provide us with an invitation code Thanks     Missing Invitation Code
Good game              Fun
LINE PLAY U SHOULD ADD A TRADING SYSTEM HOW IT WORKS 1 You do the Gacha 2 Whatever item you got that you didnt want should go to any of your friends for a trade EXAMPLE going to get sugar bonbon gacha hoping for the hair that i want waiting to make the gacha spin to end gets an interior DAMMNIT sees a button that says trade presses OMAHGAWD I CAN TRADE IT WITH MY FRIENDS FOR COINS then everyone gets happy in the end 3 I HOPE YOU GET THIS AND ADD A TRADING SYSTEM           MORE WORK
I love this app I used it everyday and talked to o many people on here But for some reason it wont let me log back in I remember my account perfectly but it still wont budge and it says incorrect email This is a big disappointment        I love this app BUT it deleted my account
You are awesommmmeeeeeeeee                 Why you guys so awesome
I really wish they add more diary features like videos and stuff A private group chat would be nice too I also have some complaints about gems and currency but tbh its not really a big deal its mostly out of human greed ahaha                 I love lp but
I love this game                 Best Game Ever
I am unable to log into my account for a year now I dont have line app and will never use it I just want to be able to log into lineplay without the line app Whats the point of having the option of logging in with email and pw when it never works Fix it I spent real money on gems I should be able to log into my lp account without having to install an app that Ill never use line I paid for gems but are unable to play this is a scam app     horrible update
I havent been able to purchase anything gemscashhearts I have the money but i just get errors about purchase history     Bugs need to be fixed
I went to play lineplay and then I see banned forever because of an unconfirmed user WHAT DOES THAT MEANalso I am not an unconfirmed user Ive been playing fairly for a week already and I go by the rules I dont know what happened BUT UR THE MAKERS OF THIS GAME SO U HAVE TO FIX also u should let everyone chat cause then the games not fun this will lead to game up to game disasterand I really liked that game I was also going to get a gift BUT BECAUSE I WAS BANNED I CANT DO ANYTHING AND UNTIL U FIX THIS IM WONT PLAY LINEPLAY     HOW AM I BANNED
I would rate this 55 but we cant sell or gift our items This game would be 10x better if we could gift our personal items Also theres no Naruto gacha but theres 2 one piece ones PLEASE ADD A NARUTO GATCHA              Almost amazing
We need them           In app purchases
Im sorry this app rocks I have played this game all day long and Im still enjoying it Only two things soccer and fishing need to be easier Otherwise I love this app                 Game
I love this app I really really do But lately everything is going down hill Nearly everyones suffering from unstable connection or something similar that isnt from their own internet source Plus everything costs sooo much money The good things are almost not worth it anymore Room extensions gachas badges all cost loads of cash Not cool And my game always downloads broken files for some reason which keeps me from logging in and playing so thats annoying I wish I never updated I guess           It was fun but
Before you start the game I want you to use my invitation code so that both get so Gems So here is code GC77208403 Thank You                 Use My Invitation Code
This game is good but I got banned for posting a drawing that had a male body part I did this on the same account and didnt get banned so why did I get banned this time Is there a way you can revoke it so I can get back on delete it and not do it again Or is it final                
A fun little app but a little buggy              Fun
Sorry four stars bc line play was perf befor cash currency now cool gachas are just for rich ppl that spend all their money in games like this some ppl talk to me like i am not nothing bc i dont have cash Tell me if you agree We are people too and we should defend our selves Line play should give us beautiful gachas More gems 0 cash              Somethings wrong
Line play is amazing game I will tell everyone the game is amazing aaaaaaa Im so happy                 Saudi Arabia
It wont connec with line for ipad and if i download regular line it tells me it will delete my data and chat history on prEvious device fix please thank you     Wont connect with line for ipad
So awesome you have to get this game its the best game ever it is super cute you can whisper to friends from all over the world dont forget to add me Im Karen cutie                 Line play
I cant stop playing this game but theres just one thing missing Trading Trading will make this game 10 times better for everyone like there doubles of things that they got from Gacha And if you complete all your task you should get 5 cash for a award That would be awesome Because a lot of people cant buy cash you know              Please Make This Happen
CG08270003 you will get a great gift Thanks                 Use my invitation code please
Line Play is a fun game but it would be funner with a trading system We could be able to trade any item including gemscash with a friend              TRADE SYSTEM
Just reviewing Its a great app                 Ummmm

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