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MTA Long Island Rail Road , brings LIRR TrainTime with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. LIRR TrainTime app has been update to version 1.0 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.

Overall Satisfactionc31
Thanks for a good and free app.
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the app didn't reflect the schedule change. found in 1 reviews
Of the people who's been complaining about the future schedules. found in 1 reviews
Thanks for a good and free app. found in 1 reviews
Quickest way to look up train times. found in 1 reviews
social media links to lirr facebook twitter and instagram accounts. found in 1 reviews
It currently requires internet access to tell you what's up. found in 1 reviews
No individual train delay updates. found in 1 reviews
Frequently wipes out my favorite stations. found in 1 reviews
Problem is that this app is so unreliable that you can't count on it. found in 1 reviews
Unfortunately it doesn't always connect to the server at LIRR. found in 1 reviews
but lacking functionality. found in 1 reviews
if you use the zoom feature in iOS. found in 1 reviews
Nice app - one killer let down. found in 1 reviews
but no more than a paper schedule. found in 2 reviews
Pre- planning my route would be helpful. found in 1 reviews
App needs option for push notifications for specific lines the user designates. found in 2 reviews
Maybe they should offer a paid version without the ads. found in 1 reviews
reducing the number of schedules the MTA needs to print. found in 1 reviews
but not for regular train schedules that have been published. found in 3 reviews
Can't change the departure time for future scheduling. found in 6 reviews
Needs fine tuning. found in 1 reviews
It doesn't take too long but what a constant nuisance. found in 1 reviews
Now if only we could pay with this app that's be great. found in 2 reviews
Cannot view future date /time departures. found in 2 reviews
Can't change Departure Time. found in 6 reviews
Cannot view future date/time departures. found in 3 reviews
Now locks up with ios 7. found in 2 reviews
Obtrusive Ads in new version. found in 2 reviews
1 and unable to select depart tine. found in 5 reviews

If you are iOS owner,you now can download LIRR TrainTime for free from Apple Store. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 6.5 MB to download. The new LIRR TrainTime app version 1.0 has been updated on 2014-11-23.
More Info: Find more info about LIRR TrainTime in MTA Long Island Rail Road`s Official Website :

The MTA Long Island Rail Road TrainTime App is the official source of information for LIRR customers and provides LIRR Trip Search & Fares (Schedule and fare information from station-to-station), Station Information (connecting services, taxi ...
Updated app Now it crashes upon each launch Preferred the server unreachable messages from the previous version     Crash
App takes too long to update Frequently wipes out my favorite stations Seems as though this was developed and then forgotten about Typical MTA        So much promise too short on delivery
I love this app and I ignore the adds so it is extremely good                 Great App
Since the MTALIRR has a very good website for schedule fare information you would think the app would be at least as good if not better Youd be wrong The trip planner will only give you the next train or two given the time of day which is useless if you are checking the schedule in the morning for an afternoon departure While there is a button to select datetime of departure it doesnt work Unfortunately its actually LESS helpful than the website Stranger still the Metro North also part of the MTA app work better     Big Disappointment
Terrible app for a terrible service Just the worst Even if you want to know the status of lirr lines its not like it will download the latest status updates I hate it     Terrible
This app was great until they decided to incorporate ads in the latest version that obstruct the interface and makes it both an eyesore and difficult to not click for fat fingers     Obtrusive Ads in new version
The app wont let you view train schedule before the current time So when youre trying to figure out when someone will be at the station you cannot look it up past the depart time Terrible idea        Why cant I view trains prior to current time
It was the perfect Train time app for the LIRR until the recent update now the app is plagued by intrusive ads Either make the app paid or remove the ads     And now with ads
Does not show whether a train will be on time So dont bother     Useless
Not fantastic but good Its relatively fast And has all information you would need but needs internet to show you If it could allow you to select a train and receive an alert for delayedcancelled train I would give it 5 stars           Its ok
I tried using this app I downloaded it and opened it up It immediately asked to update the app I picked my favorite stations The app is ok but I will stick with the OnTime app instead It gives me track information and allows me to see previous trains        Meh
Whats with all the new ads they put in with this update Makes the app look unprofessional and obstructs the interface when trying to adjust the times Dont be fooled by the screenshots where they are magically left out Please remove If its money you need Id rather pay for a quality and professional app rather than have to work around the eyesores that flash on the screen in an attempt to give me an epileptic seizure Apple watch support wouldnt hurt either I was very happy with this app prior to this latest update     Dont update unless you want ads
While it shows the normal schedule it is also supposed to show the status on time vs delayed vs cancelled but does not This app is from LIRR and one would expect accurate status updates        Does not reflect actual train status
This app wouldcould be great Two problems Ive found and from reading the other reviews Im not alone 1 Add an option to store your Favorite lines schedule for times when internet is not available 2 Add the ability to change the date and departure time Preplanning my route would be helpful        UPGRADES and UPDATES
App works flawlessly Quickest way to look up train times Automatically remembers frequented stations                 Great App
The new update is really bad There are now ads covering most of the screen making it very difficult almost impossible to see more than one train time at a time Really really annoying Almost unusable     Ads block the schedules
Crashes frequently New version needs to be coded     Unreliable
The unofficial version of this app is 500 times better than this one that is directly affiliated with the LIRR Much easier to use and will let you scroll up to see previous trains before you which you sometimes need to reference Dont waste your time or space on your phone downloading this     Youre better off with the unofficial app called On Time
The app overall is helpful but when it comes to planning ahead its horrible as it will not let you do so     Issues
The app would be fine if ads were periodic or could be closed but they block parts of each page and hurt functionality Please reconsider and fix     Ads Too Intrusive
This app would have 5 stars from me if the developers added 2 things 1 The time the train gets to each stop even if its not your destination 2 Show schedule for trains that have already left When I go to look for what time the transfer train comes into Jamaica I cant because the time slot I need to choose is not clickable           MTA LIRR app
I cannot even open the app I crashes every single time when I try to use it     wow
The feature I need most to plan trips doesnt work on my iPhone 5 Same feature does work for others It amazes me they havent fixed this yet Tried uninstalling reinstalling the app no dice For this reason other apps that do the same thing are far more valuable to me A shame LIRRs official app is substandard     Cannot view future datetime departures
It gives you the scheduled times and occasional branch updates No individual train delay updates nothing working in real time On top of that I havent been able to change my departarrive time seems as though that feature has a bug Great design aesthetically but the function is subpar        Useful but no more than a paper schedule
Was a pretty useful app up until a couple of days ago I cant open the app without it closing on me No updates either open it then closes within 5 seconds     Was pretty good
You cannot change arrive or depart times to back if you are past the current time It reverts back to now time     Cant change arrive depart times
App listed next Long Beach train as 1011 but real time was 1009 I thought I was early so I got a cup of coffee I stood on the platform at 1010 watching my train roll away Thanks LIRR for not keeping your official app up to date I loved the Coo Coo text messaging service that you cancelled This new app is worthless if its not reliable     Not Reliable
Several times a week I have to update the app and then reset my stations It doesnt take too long but what a constant nuisance              Too Many Updates
As if the mta werent big enough moneyleeching scumbags Constantly raising the fares with no improvement in service They now have advertisements in this app just when you thought they couldnt get any lower     Has ads now
Works ok but needs to be tweaked For this to be the official MTA LIRR app doesnt mean JACK One suggestion I have is to show each station arrival times when youre taking a trip through many stops So you can tell if your train is ontime or not WHILE en route App currently only shows departure time arrival time PLEASE UPDATE MTA Thanks           Works ok but needs work
The app worked perfectly fine until I updated this morning It was a great app while it worked Ill go back to searching for train times by texting coocoo until it gets fixed Can you fix that app now thanks     Why did I update
Used to work very well After the last update we are bombarded with ads which block the information you need to see Garbage Do not install     Intrusive ads
This app needs to have the ability to select a future date and timenot just the present It would be much more useful this way           No select date and time function
I loved the app and used it everyday but the latest update adds very obtrusive ads that cover the screen and overlap the data There does not seem to be a way to disable them I want the developers to make money but these ads make the app unusable I would gladly pay for a version of the app that was optimized for iPhone 6 but now its the same app but worse because of the glaring ads I will have to look for a new app        Bad update
An app for mtalirr thats made by mta Now if only we could pay with this app thats be great                 Finally
For 30 min now Besides that poorly designed in that access to info about the train you are currently on is restricted once a train departs Push alerts for delays and cancellations customized to branch direction and window of time should have been built in I only want the alerts for trains i travel on In the direction I travel When Im traveling A full schedule with side by side station like the paper schedule is needed too I live in close proximity to several stations Which should I go to I have to do 3 searches Paper shouldnt be easier and better than an app     Could Not Reach Server
Literally found out while sitting on the idling train via Newsday that the train was going to be delayedcancelled Train ended up being cancelled Consulted apptrain running on time Awesome     Crap App
App only lets me see trains leaving in the next couple of hours no way to plan tomorrows train trip So Im still using onTime     Cant change Departure Time
The app doesnt crash for me I marked my favorite Jamaica and port Jeff stations so theyre at the top of the station list and easy pickings Works well Shows me the info I need I see the update frequency is high but thats the time tables It might be off if you dont update before using it the app Thats your own fault Thanks for a good and free app                 It works Iphone 6 plus
Its just like the LIRRuseless and unreliable     Crappy app
The DEPART BY button does not work this is ridiculous           Functioning but lacking functionality
I feel bad giving this app 2 stars because it had worked for me for a while Now since the latest update there are horrible ads for Google on the bottom of the screen Maybe they should offer a paid version without the ads Also if you use the zoom feature in iOS it is unstable while using this app        Do not update
This app is horrible compared to the mobileware version for the lirr Its ridiculous because this is made by the mta Most of the design needs to be revamped Like having to leave the app go to the net to see the train map why cant that just be incorporated into the application Its dumb little things like that that give this app a 1 from me     Horrible
The app has potential but falls short on 1 significant feature I can only see the next few trains and cant plan ahead There appears to be a drop down to choose the departure time but it doesnt work I rarely need to know the next departures if its that late in the game I dont have time to look at the app I need to rush to the station The purpose of the app is to plan ahead     Cant plan ahead
was hopeful this would work better or actually just work     app crashes on splash screen
Well done Without ads would be better but they dont bother me much                 Simple fast efficient and easy to use
I have tried using this app several times and quickly realized that it lists completely wrong times for trains Extremely inaccurate do not use     Wrong Timetables
Ive had no problems and I use it all the time                 Works great
Love this app Very Accurate                 Awesome

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