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Aaron Satterfield , the publisher behind many iOS app (Slo-Gram - Slow Motion For Instagram ,The Amendments Quiz ,Live Studio: Print ,Ham Radio Exam Prep - Tech ,Evasion Saga ,TideLoc), brings Live Studio - Video and GIF Converter for Live Photos with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Live Studio - Video and GIF Converter for Live Photos app has been update to version 1.4 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.


The Live Studio - Video and GIF Converter for Live Photos is now available for 0.990 for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is supporting English language. It is a whopper, weighing in at 15574016, so make sure you have plenty of free space on your iOS device. The new Live Studio - Video and GIF Converter for Live Photos app version 1.4 has been updated on 2015-11-03.
Bottom Line: For more information about Live Studio - Video and GIF Converter for Live Photos check developer Aaron Satterfield`s website :

"Talk about magic, the Live Studio app has somehow tapped into Apple s Live Photo-making technology... This is great for converting a video clip or GIF that you would like to set as an animated ...
Great but No sound                 No sound Kid Martian
Exporting a 4 second clip of fluid animation produces a low resolution choppy live photo There also seems to be an issue when changing the live effect to bounce as it only repeats the same 1 second of animation instead of the full 4 seconds Looking elsewhere for a video to live photo wallpaper tool     Poor frame rate poor resolution crzisme
this is one of my favorite apps it works for just what i need making videos live photos for my lock screen thanks                     love it WhovianEmmy
Definitely the best app purchase I ve made best converter there is on the App Store If you re worried about wasting your money don t be                     Worth the 99 traceman$$
Simple down to business app that turned my videos into Live Photos for awesome backgrounds                     Great App BigBoy42069
Besides that this app can do what no other app really offers other than GIPHY converting videos and GIF s to Live Photo s which is very useful However I m not sure if this is a glitch due to the app or on Apple s side but once I export GIF s as Live Photo s I cannot edit them at all without crashing the photos app                     Congratulations on not doing a subscription model ParkInReverseWhileMovinForward
Been searching high and low for a Live photo converter app and this is by far the best one Thank you guys for being a one time purchase app and not doing the subscription like all these other apps are doing                     Love Nickiminaj12
No funciona     No funciona malbuzee
I got this to convert gifs into live wallpapers and the function does not work It takes the first frame and copies it over every other frame so it just looks like a still image It keeps coming up with half a dozen frames of the same image after conversion Whether I get the gif from my library or a browser link the result is always the same     Gifs don t work Gr1mwolf
They removed in app purchases This is a wonderful thing Thank you for not continuing down the road so many are going down of getting as much money out of people as possible You guys rock                     Did the right thing Fonzdrew
While Live Studio has a nice simple design the app tries to get you to sign up for a subscription right upon startup even if one has in app purchases disabled I like the import options the app offers and that the user chooses the cover for their created Live Photo but in the end the quality of the Live Photos produced by Live Studio isn t great and its competitor intoLive has more features I don t recommend the current version of Live Studio and suggest intoLive instead         Greedy Competition is Better AnnaDango
Great app does exactly what I wanted You have to export it to your e mail in order for you to get the gif affect Then you save the gif from your e mail to your phone and it works perfectly                     Awesome bbgxo7
Easy to use with a sleek design             Good Kmi R2D2
The company advertise this as for a limited time a free app on a website But it s actually not free you need to buy an in app purchase to use its features     Don t be sneaky Blackbery-12
I like this app It does what it advertises very nicely and with ease Stable clean design excellent functionality Easy to use to convert Live Photos to movies and vice versa                     Impressed timrand
I m on iOS 10 with iCloud photos and I can t find any picture taken in the last year or so Any other app can access them but not this one     Unusable LucianNitu
Was able to convert a video you must trim the video down to size to work to a live photo with ease             Live photo to gif conversion crashes jennagennaleona
Everything works perfectly fine but I can t export the gifs to twitter and I just look dumb for putting a weird picture up that s doesn t do anything             Works but could be improved Asians shave aka Chris
This is exactly what I was looking for Thanks                     Great Hoekagay
Does not work for Instagram     Don t do it Ufb_Dham
I doesn t work cause I have an iPhone and I get that but in the next update I would like scream for joy if u could make it work for iPhone 5s                 terribly_shy
I ve been waiting for an app like this since live photos came out and I was very surprised it works exactly as advertised You can make live photos into gifs and you can make gifs into live photos I definitely recommend this app worth the dollar                 Finally Hannah Tessa May
And perfect for making live videos Needs to keep audio with video to live photo conversion                 Great app JohnyJaknove
Save your money     Save your money 0mgwtf
05 29 16 TRIED USING THIS TO MAKE A LIVE PHOTO FROM A GIF AND IT TOTALLY WORKS I ve already converted around 10 GIFs Have to try video next time But so far my 0 99 is not wasted                     IT REALLY WORKS Patricktrolls
Live Photos to gifs doesn t work as advertised         Boo Jelaniks
Exactly what I wanted and was looking for Converts fast and good quality                     Perfect BlackMamba82
Quality of live photo was choppy Do not recommend Save your dollar     Not worth the dollar spent Yeo_
The only criticism I could give this is the time the options on the main screen take to animate into the menu                     Does exactly what it says Purenick95($))))??
I absolutely love his app Last year I went to a One Direction concert and it let me transform videos into a live wallpaper and I love it The only thing is I wish it was hd like the video is but other than that I love it                     Love it Koalabird
This app is perfect for my 6s definitely worth the money Best GIF to Live Photo App                     PERFECT Landon McCarty
Personally I don t like the animated screen during launch it is slow Can user disable that Another one is from Live Photo to Video can we mute the sound Thanks                 Good and can be better GeorgeW7373
UI not pretty Burst doesn t work at all iPhone 6s No forward backward control             Meh JazzCritic
Says exactly what it does and gets the job done Best app for the job                     Live studio review Henrythe great babe
At first it was okay I thought the gifs looks a bit odd but I emailed the creator of the app and he responded quite quick and let me test the new update and all my complaints were fixed The Live Photos look great A video saving app and this app work fantastic together                     Great app MightyHuan
This app allows you to create and convert Live Photos to GIFs It also works with bursts and videos                     Great companion app for Live Photos Pocohantus
Worked perfectly Took a video of candles flickering and thought it would make for a nice wallpaper Googled a converter and this popped up Minutes later I had a flickering wallpaper Thanks                     Video to Live Photo grillcheesesandwich
Cannot detect gif in the first place when I try to convert gif to live photo     So bad Raphael For A Day
This app converts from video to live photo super well Even HD vids turn out really crisp                     Works super well WhiskeyGin
This is literally the only working app I can find for live photo I made a live photo animation and showed all my friends Thanks Worth 99                     Very handy and working LexiPandas
The app is amazing I use to make custom wallpapers out of my slow mo videos They come out great with no noticeable quality reduction I also make gifs and they turn out amazing Little quality reduction when importing the gifs but what can I say it does the job                     Hope This Goes Viral BrandonLee0808
Works without issues to convert live photo gif movie and back Now I can use a gif a my lock screen                     Great app mw123455
‚ÄčLive Studio - Video and GIF Converter for Live Photos Photo & VideoLive Studio - Video and GIF Converter for Live Photos Photo & VideoLive Studio - Video and GIF Converter for Live Photos Photo & VideoLive Studio - Video and GIF Converter for Live Photos Photo & VideoLive Studio - Video and GIF Converter for Live Photos Photo & VideoLive Studio - Video and GIF Converter for Live Photos Photo & VideoLive Studio - Video and GIF Converter for Live Photos Photo & VideoLive Studio - Video and GIF Converter for Live Photos Photo & Video

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