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Live365 , the publisher behind many iOS app (Learn Spanish Fast ,Learn Arabic Quick ,TurnUp: Vivez maintenant ! ,Live365 Radio for iPad ,Live365 Radio ,Learn French Fast), brings Live365 Radio with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Live365 Radio app has been update to version 3.0.29 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • There's a "million" station selections to choose from..
  • I'm thankful internet radio is still alive and kicking..

Overall Satisfactionc79
I'm thankful internet radio is still alive and kicking.
Love being able to hear my favorite radio stations under the OTR.
lets me listen to my favorite radio station not available anywhere else.
This app lets me listen to my favorite station- Lifestyles Radio.
I love the music choices on Live 365.
Love the music hate the app.
Sound quality and programming is excellent.
The sound quality is terrible even on the higher settings.
I've been a Live 365 listener for years-WAYYYY better than Pandora.
Fun & Engagingc89
Awesome station for Western Sports.
Listen all the time It's great to have great stations everywhere I go.
The music choices are awesome.
Same songs over and over.
Everyday Listening Power.
Social Aspectsc92
Ease of Usec60
easy to switch from one preset to the next.
Easy to switch your connection quality.
So very cool and convenient to stream and enjoy my favorite station.
Has your same list of presets.
Ads not Intrusivec38
App offers lots of choices and commercials aren't grating.
Updates & Supportc29
The new version works great on my iPad 1.

I listen to Live 365 just about everyday. found in 7 reviews
I love old time radio and Live365 has the best. found in 27 reviews
Enjoying so far for me the best radio app I have tried. found in 19 reviews
Forget FM… Live 365 has got it going on. found in 115 reviews
All of my favorite music on more than 100 radio stations. found in 13 reviews
I've been a Live 365 listener for years-WAYYYY better than Pandora. found in 8 reviews
I started using Live365 for listening to Disney park audio. found in 6 reviews
it's a great way to listen to my favorite Disney music. found in 11 reviews
trying to find a truly free one -- to no avail. found in 4 reviews
but I was unable to change any settings. found in 5 reviews
but more prone to crashing. found in 2 reviews
Stations load fast and the menu configuration is simple. found in 2 reviews
KJAH. found in 5 reviews
No OS Lion App. found in 1 reviews
Like the app if it stayed connected. found in 1 reviews
No cover art. found in 1 reviews
Needs an iOS 4 upgrade now. found in 1 reviews
especially if you are used to the PC version. found in 3 reviews
Great app but sometimes freezes. found in 1 reviews
Good content - iPhone app has been crashing. found in 1 reviews
App needs better sharing and Social media integration. found in 3 reviews
They just need to fix having to sign in every time. found in 5 reviews
If it's too long. found in 2 reviews
It just needs to add multi tasking. found in 4 reviews
and two there are non-stop advertisements on the free stations. found in 11 reviews
Works great on WiFi but stalls on network
Needs bug fixing. found in 1 reviews
needs fine tuning. found in 1 reviews
No background music /multitasking. found in 3 reviews
Difficult to navigate due to annoying VIP membership promo. found in 46 reviews
the app will not continue to play after call is dropped. found in 7 reviews
I heared the words: "You need to sign -up at Live365. found in 5 reviews
Will cancel my VIP account because of this. found in 7 reviews
Terrible mobile operation. found in 3 reviews
The sound quality is terrible even on the higher settings. found in 10 reviews
Search function is terrible. found in 6 reviews
Needs to become more stable. found in 4 reviews
Almost impossible to listen to. found in 4 reviews

The Live365 Radio is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 3.0.29 has been released on 2014-11-01. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iPhone OS 2.1 or later.
Bottom Line: For more information about Live365 Radio check developer Live365`s website :

Live365, the world s largest internet radio network, is celebrating 10 years as an Internet radio service. Listen to thousands of commercial-free Internet radio stations Live365 has broadcasts from Radio Disney, Santana, David Byrne, ...
Does what it should doesnt often drop the signal Only complaint is apparently random need to resign in on startup Irritating when it happens but by no means a dealbreaker              Very good only one complaint
Great FREE app                 Couldnt be better
I truly enjoy the array of music options 365 makes available to its listeners Stable dependable app also                 365
I like it I will buy it                 I like it I will buy it
Great selection and its wonderful that I can listen to this while traveling internationally Cant do that with apps like Pandora                 Love it
Love listening to all the different stations Such a nice break from the crap they kill on the radio stations from over playing the songs Ive been listening to the Live365 stations for years now and while all of them give you a new look at music some of the stations do repeat song nowhere near like the regular radio stations do though Love it                 Awesome
Fantastic app Been a paid subscriber for several years and well worth it I stream the music through my Apple TV and surround sound speakers and it works great Awesome selection of about any imaginable genres you could want                 Love Live365
Best internet station for true country 80s 90s and todays best Love that jalapeño joe he is on from 7 to mid night mountain time Two thumbs up                 Big chile country
Easy to use tons of stations to listen to                 Live365
Absolutely this once was an appealing and promising 5 star app Unfortunately it appears the app is progressively declining over time as the party loses sight over what and who made it that way Typical and not surprising Aside from the apps problems as noted by many comes the force feeding of membership Be forewarned as it appears if the host goes VIP then you lose unless youre so inclined to shell out for a overly expensive radio station The logic being get you hooked on stations that work for you and then revoke listening privileges unless you pay membership should the host go VIP And many have now gone that route Something that never existed until greed became evident Why not leave the option of having to deal with adds if you dont want or cant afford membership Its obvious Surely there may be a few exceptions but it appears most product and services are about average Nothing so special that there is reasonable justification for a rather expensive membership for services rendered Save yourself the frustration of setup and registration hassles only to be strong armed later to disappointment through deception We know of other excellent alternatives where the product design services delivery and if theres a cost involved are more reasonable Maybe this will change if enough people voice themselves Who knows If not it will be interesting to see where they will be in the future Its all about what the audience perceives as value Good luck 365        Director
Every station is a surprise I love this app I just purchased a year subscription its well worth it I listen to it all the time                 Amazing
I love old time radio and Live365 has the best This IS my most favorite place to be                 I cant do without it
Love having the stations I want at my fingertip whenever I want Especially great during long trips                 One of my top 5 apps
Been locked on Disarranged Arrangement for weeks Best new rock station out there Thank you thank you                 Awesome stations
I enjoy using this app                 Pleased
Great selection of stations genresetc I dont understand why you dont hear more about Live365 I guess theres not enough money to be made off of it Anyway Live365 meets my needs and I havent nor do I plan to buy Spotify or Apples new streaming service etc A great appservice The stations are kinda amateurish but thats part of the appeal anyone can make their station reflecting their own interests Its not controlled by some algorithm or marketing service              Live365 Rules the Wasteland
I love listening to the Disney park music Especially the ambient background music that you really never pay attention to but you know it anyway If Im having a rough day I just put it on and it makes everything seem better                 Love that Disney
Love it                 Awesome variety available
Love this station So many options Right now I really enjoy hearing music from Magic Kingdom and Epcot All the music played in Disney parks                 So awesome
App crashes at startup please fix     Crasing
I love Disco and they play the best I also love DJ VJC and his jams every Sunday from 13pm                 Live 365 radio
They play all the great Southern Gospel quartets from Alpha to Present and I pray they continue to Omega Paul                 Love AllQuartets Radio
Love the range of stations and all the good music                 Live 365 is Groovy
Great listening best connections fantastic app                 Bbatbeach
My old radio station was taken off the air and tuned into some mariachi crap Found it here god I love it              Music Ya cant find anywhere else
Live 365 is an important part of my day especially listening to Chill Having commercial free music at a reasonable price is awesome The variety of genres is extensive Everyone will find something to suit their palette                 Part of my day
Love this app My favorite radio station WLIR 927 left the airwaves on my birthday Jan 9 2004 and became a Spanish station Its great to finally have it back Brings back great memories of driving to the Island from Wetchester to the so many clubs and concerts that LIR used to advertise and sponsor Long live WLIR in ANY format                 Live365
This app is great use it on my phone and PC Love Celtic rock pop and soundtrack stations                 Love live365
I especially love being able to listen to Lots of Charlynes teachings wherever I am                 Love the Teachings
I have been listening to live 365 for years on my home computer Found several stations I love and listen to almost everyday Now that theres an app for that I can take it wherever I go                 Live 365 is the way to go
This is the only place I can find true World Music Every song from a different part of the world And the classical is great too This is the best                 Terrific
Great selection of whatever youre in the mood for                 Great radio app
Several 80s channels My favorite Worth the monthly fee                 Love it
Has many free radio stations all based on different genre No commercials and access to all radio stations with a yearly subscription High quality sound Ive found many stations Ive stuck with for years My 1 go to music when Im in the mood for music I love that its nonrepetitive like Pandora always a different song Though I hate the commercials theyre not long nor annoyingly frequent After years of listening I just got used to them Never had problems with app unless it was poor wifi or data reception Great product              Great set up
I have Bluetooth in my car I listening when Im traveling to and from work and on the road                 Great APP
Love it                 Great
Awesome app great for discovering new kinds of music As a suggestion it would be really cool if we can get a iOS 8 widget for the app that displays the track in the notification center without opening the app itsf                 Fantastic
Great free music when you have an iPhone              iPhone 6 user
This was my first and favorite radio app with the largest selection of radio stations I have ever seen and i am a free user Found some awesome radio stations which I listen to almost everyday A lot more stations are open to VIP users Recommend mos def                 Easy awesome music at your fingertips
I have been a live 365 customer for about a year It is wonderful when I am working at home and can listen to all sorts of music in the background I have yet to seek a type of music or a particular artist that is not a part of someones channel on Live365 The diversity is wonderful Flamenco guitar 80s rock new age chill Hawaiian Jamaican jam patriotic you name it Its all here I am about to drive crosscountry on vacation Hopefully the Internet access is suitable on the interstates so I can take live 365 with me                 Great music to work and live with
I really enjoy listening to 365 I like that I can listen to what I want according to my mood any time of the day Thanks                 DT
Love the music gallery and all of the options available to choose at a touch of a button Awesome app                 Awesome app
Main stream radio gets boring This app is great to listen to a better variety of music There are many stations to choose from                 Music Variety
Live365 works outside US I like that Nice variety of genres and stations Although some stations repeat their playlist after a short time App needs redesign              Great stream app needs upgrade
The app often logs me out which is frustrating and every time I change the station I have to hear another add I understand I must listen to adds for a free membership but if I pick a station and immediately change it I am forced to listen to another add Its just too much But at the very least please fix the log in issue           Pretty good but can be better
Can you please please get rid of ads it will be better off and it makes your customers really happy                 AD Removal
Loving this app with its 247 access to the internet station I love Elijah Streams                 Love this App
I listen to the music on this app daily I especially like the Christian Comedy program Hope you continue to offer this program                 Great music app
Love this app I can choose any type of music I wish to hear in a split second Awesome                 365 Live App
Absolutely Live 365 its a Revival of Sounds and Memories                 Splendidsmarvelous

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