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AticoD , brings Logos Quiz Game with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Logos Quiz Game games has been update to version 1.3.0 with several major changes and improvements. Games release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • it's thought provoking and fun we love it..
  • This is great thinking skills game and sometimes challenging..
  • Great app to kill some time and test your knowledge..
  • Fun to play and also a learning experience..
  • Fun with knowledge and mind blowing..
Overall Satisfactionclick me79
Logos quiz is an amazing game By chewy bubble gum.
This amazing game is now ruined because of the update.
Overall I really like this game one of my favorite games now.
so i'm very disappointed that I can't play my favorite game.
Really loved this game wish it beyond the 9 levels though.
I recommend this game to anyone with memory and a knack for logos.
I do not recommend this game to anyone.
It's amazing how many logos fill our lives that we can recognize.
the best free game for those that love trivia.
I can't go a day with out playin this wonderful game.
3 generations in our family love this game.
Fun & Engagingclick me89
Awesome game love it u should make more levels.
You can't unzoom and plays this awesome game plz fix.
This is the most amazingly fun and addicting game I've ever played.
Very fun and challenging some of them I've never even herd before.
This game is super fun and globally challenging.
I got so many people addicted to this game and distracted too.
This game is super addicting and tons of hours of fun.
Fun to try and remember names of things you see every day.
I would love to try out the app.
This is so addictive and fun for the whole family.
Usefulnessclick me88
This keeps you really thinking about what you see everyday.
Fun to try and remember names of things you see every day.
This game is the best game ever play it everyday.
The hints aren't helpful either.
Family Friendlyclick me92
This is so addictive and fun for the whole family.
3 generations in our family love this game.
Replay Valueclick me88
I just need more levels now because I'm almost finished.
It zoomed in and I can't change levels now.
Hope you can add more levels & more logos in future updates.
Very fun and challenging some of them I've never even herd before.
Need more hints not everyone knows the foreign brands.
99 for full logos and can't get more hints.
It's a great brain exercise for all trivia players.
This game is super addicting and tons of hours of fun.
Logo Quiz is a great mind challenging game.
but I think it should have some better hints.
Social Aspectsclick me89
Great game to play with friends or to test ur knowledge.
It is a funny way to play with friends and family.
What a great game to play with friends and family.
Production Valuesclick me41
Ease of Useclick me68
This is a simple game that is worth downloading.
A lot of bang for the buck for a simple game.
it's a very simple game that was barely developed.
Reliabilityclick me20
Ads not Intrusiveclick me57
Hate the annoying ads.
I watch commercials and billboards just to solve the logos.
I now watch commercials again instead of fast forwarding.
Updates & Supportclick me59
Can an all american version be done.
Need to create an American Version.


This is quiz game full of fun that consists on guessing the names of hundreds of logos from different companies. To achieve this you have a lot of clues which you can use to help you complete the game. You can also ask your friends if you don`t know the answer! Challenge them to see who know more logos!


We are continiously surrounded by company logos, we can see them on TV, walking on the street, at important events... everywhere! But, how many of them can you recognize?

Logos Quiz GameLogos Quiz Game
Tags :   logos ,   friends ,   quiz game ,   logos quiz game


If you are blocked and you don`t know the answer for a logo, don`t give up! Use one of the hints that each logo has!


If after using all the hints, you still don`t know the answer, don`t worry! You can always ask your friends through twitter or facebook, and complete the missing ones with them!
Logos Quiz Game


See how many hits, how many misses and how many close ups questions. Check your total score and share it on facebook or twitter. Compete with your friends!


If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download Logos Quiz Game for free from Apple Store. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 19.3 MB to download. The new Logos Quiz Game app version 1.3.0 has been updated on 2014-11-25. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.Requires iOS 3.2 or later
More Info: Find more info about Logos Quiz Game in AticoD`s Official Website :


This is a great mind game -Get it for sure. found in 41 reviews
It's fun intriguing and mind boggling. found in 15 reviews
Awesome game love it u should make more levels. found in 544 reviews
Lots of fun trying to remember the names great time passer. found in 22 reviews
Logo Quiz is a great mind challenging game. found in 37 reviews
This game is super addicting and tons of hours of fun. found in 58 reviews
Loved the logo quiz and became completely addicted. found in 796 reviews
3 generations in our family love this game. found in 20 reviews
Challenging and keeps me on my toes. found in 6 reviews
It's a great brain exercise for all trivia players. found in 67 reviews
Just amazing very addicting and great brain exercise. found in 38 reviews
It's fun & great time killer while waiting in doctor office. found in 71 reviews
The most enjoyable game on my iPhone. found in 12 reviews
keeps you occupied for a while and gets your mind really thinking. found in 10 reviews
Interesting game that is just a little different that other games. found in 30 reviews
Great memory game too - nice GUI too. found in 43 reviews
Most addicting awesome game in the world have to play. found in 10 reviews
I've thoroughly enjoyed the logos quiz game. found in 631 reviews
Best trivia game I've played in a while. found in 19 reviews
It's an awesome game but every time i hit play it crashes. found in 124 reviews
My app crashes every time I try to play it so I can't. found in 38 reviews
The ingame keyboard needs to be more user friendly. found in 10 reviews
Still though some of the foreign logos are impossible to guess. found in 10 reviews
Fun game but too many foreign logos that aren't popular in the US. found in 11 reviews
Good game but the keyboard is its own and not iOS's. found in 16 reviews
So when I got it every time i press play it crashes. found in 79 reviews
But it recently has been crashing every single time I press play. found in 54 reviews
I love this game but it keeps freezing and won't stop. found in 26 reviews
I love this game except for all of the foreign logos. found in 14 reviews
The keyboard is terrible and the sounds it makes are annoying. found in 13 reviews
the keyboard is horrible and should add a zoom for the logos. found in 9 reviews
They LEAST they could do is allow for slight spelling errors. found in 10 reviews
Yeah now it crashes everytime i click play :. found in 49 reviews
When i presa play it crashes and i can't play it :/. found in 79 reviews
Charge for the app but don't charge people to remove ads. found in 45 reviews
I loved this game until recently when every single time i pressed play. found in 70 reviews
You will easily get hooked but it becomes really frustrating at times. found in 13 reviews
I downloaded it and every time I click play it crashes. found in 49 reviews
downloaded it twice but it keeps crashing everytime I press play. found in 60 reviews
Every time I try to open the app it shuts itself off. found in 127 reviews
99 to remove them and the app keeps crashing. found in 45 reviews
Game keeps crashing before I can even play it. found in 55 reviews
It crashes every time i press play i shoud have never updated it. found in 54 reviews
Locked level 12 says "88 hits needed to unlock ". found in 53 reviews
Didn't even get past the first level before it froze. found in 27 reviews
This app is horrible everytime I hit play it crashes. found in 124 reviews
I can't get past the home screen it keeps crashing. found in 75 reviews
So I tried to play it crashes right away. found in 79 reviews
Now it crashes every time I try to play and there are ads. found in 28 reviews
Everytime I try to play the game it crashes please fix asap. found in 38 reviews
Ever since the update whenever I press play it crashes. found in 79 reviews
And now it crashes after every correct answer. found in 41 reviews
Updated it and now it crashes every time I hit play. found in 124 reviews
Game crashes every time I press play or options. found in 51 reviews
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iPhone 320x480 4
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Icon 175x175 1
You accumulate coins as you play so that you can buy hints The recent update removed your ability to look at the hints youve purchased The game is ruined Dont waste your time with logosquiz    Can no longer see purchased hints
When I am playing with someone they do that yellow thing so I wont type and that is annoying can u tell me how I cheat too if not I am going to tell everyone that your game stinks    I HATE THIS GAME PEOPLE CHEAT HOW DO I CHEAT
Logo Quiz is a fabulous game spoiled by the ability to cheatThis is ridiculous since this game tests your knowledge and your ability to quickly recall logos By using lightning and scrambling a player s keyboard a less competent player defeats a BETTER player because of the ability to CHEAT             Mr
add more levels                game
I like this app a lot It is a good way to test your memory skills Though when I got to about level 6 It was VERY challenging I almost didnt know any It is a fun game to play with family and friends             Fun challenge
The hints used to be accessible whenever you wanted to access them however now after the updates I am no longer able to access the hints that I had purchased with the coins that you receive from guessing the logo correctly I would greatly appreciate it if these hints were made available again even after you had left that logo and gone to see if you were able to guess another logo       Hints
This is a fun game but there is WAY to many ads          Pretty good
This game kept freezing bugging out and crashing One time it froze up and never unfroze I got so frustrated after 2 days of unfreezing that I threw it and it and cracked my phone into 3 pieces This game not only is awful but it costed me a brand new iPhone too AticoD studios you owe me an iPhone    Broke My Phone
HiI love this app but I changed my iPad and I couldnt get it Theres some problem when the download is almost ending give us a message asking for a click DONE or RETRY Thanks             Please fix it
This game is so fun I got 2 of my polish friends to get this game they absolutely love it But sometimes the game is somewhat difficult because most of the logos that are shown are ones that my polish friends know or I dont remember or no one knows at all But I love this game                Logos Quiz Level Rating Difficulty
The game itself is great I like testing my knowledge of logos However its quite frustrating when playing the multiplayer option and the game freezes Then it becomes a game of who will quit last to avoid losing their rating          Multiplayer needs to be fixed
When I first downloaded the app I noticed how nice it was set up After hitting play I guessed a few logos but pop up ads would get in my way I didnt get too upset over this because it is a free app After I guessed around ten of the logos a message popped up on the screen It notified me that unless I bought the full version I would not get to see the complete logo Really That is such a stupid ploy to get money Just show me the full logo Dont download unless you can deal with that    Waste of time and storage space
Used to be a fun game but now too loaded with advertgiven it is a marketing game anyway you would think they let you play unencumbered I couldnt figure out how to keep playing without being forced to download free apps pain in the bottom so I just deleted the app    Frustrating
I love this game except for Just kidding no cons about it I love it and only have pros                Couldnt get any better
AWESOMENESS Its fun Its AWSOME Its cool                I love dis game doe
I love this app Because it keeps me occupied I love how you have hint I hate when I get one wrong but thats okay because theirs more to guess                Loving it
This game is lots of fun especially with the premium version but I find it very difficult to unlock level 5 or later It would be awesome if it didnt take as much hits to unlock new levels Thanks          Fun but too hard
I used to play this app with my old coworkers a couple years ago and even though it had ads back then it wasnt anywhere near as bad as it is now Besides the irritating ads that force open the App Store it has ads that cover the bottom part of the keyboard and you cant submit your answer unless you either tap the ad and go back to the app or wait it out It also wouldnt sell you the logos youd see them when you got it right    Used to be better
Fun to taste your memory of everyday symbols                Fun game
This was a great game                Hugging hug
Best game ever                Vcfvfjggfgfx
All of a sudden I cant play multiplayer dont know what happened       My multiplayer doesnt work anymore
I like this game It is fun to play I am no the best at it though                I like it but Im not the best at it
Whats with the lightning bolts when you play multiplayer it does not let you type for at least 9 seconds I have not been able to reach uncommon because of that    Love the game hate the bugs
Whenever I play it glitches and freezes so I have to click the home button All in all good game             Glitches but good
Upgraded to the premium version and now it crashes before it finishes loading Hope they enjoy my money because I can no longer enjoy their game Lame    Nice scam
How can I choose my nation in multi                How can I choose my nation in multi
Every time I open the app the logos dont show up just the checks or Xs if I got the wrong or right So for the different levels lets take level 1 for an example I have to click in random places so the logos can show up and I have to do that for each level and the different pages on the different levels I suspect there is a bug Please fix soon or I will delete the app and Id hate to do that Thank you    I would definitely rate it 5 stars but
Its okayyits pretty fun and tricky which makes it fun          Kayyyyy
AWESOME NESS                Two words
I think that it was a really good app and I am looking forward to seeing your other apps                Epic
I cant wait to in lock theNext level                It couldnt get harder better than this
Super                Ok
I put the correct name for a logo and it told me it was incorrect so I hit choice and it gave me the same name but it doesnt say im right it just keeps taking my coins    It used to be good until
It looked free then five minutes later they force me to pay to go on       This deceived me
I have never seen a game with this many advertisements Its ridiculous          Ms mayhem
You can only play like 15 logos before you have to pay for the stupid app Plus it doesnt give you letters and spaces to create the word like other games do Although the that makes it more challenging it is kind of ridiculous If you want to do that give how many spaces it is I did the HP logo which is technically incorrect it should be Hewlett Packard    Lame
This is more of a PSA than an update To all the people that think you have to pay for it after 20 logos you dont You have the option of paying to see the full logo after you answer after 20 logos THIS IS COMPLETELY OPTIONAL I have unlocked level 15 WITHOUT this feature So stop complaining that you have to pay for it after 20 logos                There are more than 20 logos
It just needs help It says you get it wrong when you dont use the proper capitals and punctuation but it doesnt give you a choice to do one It makes me want to smash it It needs help       Needs help
Free trial Then have to pay No    No
This is the worst app Ive ever used    Worst app
Idk if u all did something or not but thanks either way                
I cant play multiplayer my mom cant play it either    Please help
Too many bugs from loading game with blank pictures of logos in the levels to hints and other glitches Please fix       This was awesome but now is bad
When I played it it backs me out of the game    Pixel gun 3d
This game used to be totally different I figured Id download it again play The whole set up has changed I absolutely hate it now Just like the other freemium games    Not the same
Fun If you dont mind clicking out of an advertisement almost EVERY TIME you click on a logo    TOO MANY ADVERTISEMENTS
Simple interface and fun to play Some levels were a little hard but thats the fun of the game I completed the game and Im waiting for new levels Im hoping that more levels will be added soon                Amazing


19.3 MB
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.Requires iOS 3.2 or later
Last Updated:
OS / Version:
iOS / 1.3.0
iPhone iPad

iOS Logos Quiz Game 1.3.0 Mobile

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Logos Quiz Game

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