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Balloon Island , the publisher behind many iOS games (Lollipops 3 ,Lollipops ,Flappy Fall ,Diamond Gems ,Star Gems 2 ,Lucy`s Closet), brings Lollipops with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Lollipops games has been update to version 1.10 with several major changes and improvements. Games release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Kiddos love to play..
  • This game is super fun and addictive..
  • I've wasted the good portion of my Friday evening playing this game..
  • Good mindless entertainment..
  • Awesome way to kill time whilst your mother is in in labor..

Overall Satisfactionc92
Cool game love it so addictive :.
I LOVE this game best puzzle game ever so far~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~^^.
Amazing game to play wen bored.
My 5yr old loves playing this game.
Our whole family loves this game.
This game is awsome it's the best.
Movements are better than Bejeweled --more ways to scheme for max points.
Wonderful game much fun.
Fun & Engagingc91
A very fun and addicting game to play.
Awesome game you should try it.
Very addictive great way to pass time.
Awesome way to kill time whilst your mother is in in labor.
This game is super fun and addictive.
This is a really fun and relaxing game.
This is a very addicting and fun FREE game.
Very fun and very hard to put down.
Family Friendlyc62
Our whole family loves this game.
Fun game for kids and adults.
Replay Valuec80
This game is so fun and challenging.
Awesome and challenging.
Hours upon hours of entertainment.
Production Valuesc79
Sound effects could be be a little more mature.
Amazingly cute graphics.
simple game play.
Makes me hungry for candy beautiful graphics.
Ease of Usec91
Great game easy to play fun to go when bored.
Simple game for passing the time.
Colorful & easy to catch on.
Just a simple mindless fun game.
Looks Easy.
Deceptively easy and loads of fun.
Ads not Intrusivec12

Omg this game is so awsome. found in 3 reviews
Lots of fun good time filler. found in 2 reviews
Awesome game you should try it. found in 61 reviews
This is a really fun and relaxing game. found in 15 reviews
Great game to play when just wasting time. found in 3 reviews
It makes me hungry for more and more caaaandyyyy. found in 3 reviews
This game is so addicitve and relaxing Great way to unwind. found in 4 reviews
easy way to occupy your mind and keep yourself entertained. found in 5 reviews
The colors are bright and juicy and visually appealing. found in 2 reviews
Movements are better than Bejeweled --more ways to scheme for max points. found in 3 reviews
Amazing game to play wen bored. found in 1 reviews
Great colors and sound effects. found in 2 reviews
BEST GAME IN THE WHOLE WORLD. found in 1 reviews
A win in my book. found in 1 reviews
it's entertaining and better than a regular matching game. found in 6 reviews
Very cute game and my kids love it -. found in 18 reviews
More fantastic than jelly donuts. found in 1 reviews
I LOVE this game best puzzle game ever so far~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~^^. found in 5 reviews
Addictive and makes my mouth water. found in 1 reviews
A very fun and addicting game to play. found in 67 reviews
The game is fun but gets boring after awhile. found in 3 reviews
Revised 4-26-12: game crashes all the time now. found in 1 reviews
No one can just tap Once. found in 1 reviews
forcing a rate to change options. found in 1 reviews
but first you have to rate the game 5 stars. found in 4 reviews
Maybe I am missing something but this game is ok. found in 4 reviews
I like that you don't have to worry about running out of lives. found in 1 reviews
Great game but too many bugs. found in 1 reviews
Fun but got a little boring after a while. found in 2 reviews
And the ads at the bottom are annoying. found in 1 reviews
but it's frustrating that I have never gotten past level 8. found in 2 reviews
Kinda dumb. found in 1 reviews
but it's okay I guess. found in 2 reviews
What happened to the grading system at the end. found in 1 reviews
Please fix and update this app. found in 1 reviews
No fun any more. found in 1 reviews
If you don't have rules to improve game play. found in 1 reviews
Horrible inappropriate ads. found in 1 reviews

The Lollipops is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 6.6 MB to download. The new Lollipops app version 1.10 has been updated on 2014-11-05. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.Requires iOS 3.0 or later
Bottom Line: For more information about Lollipops check developer Balloon Island`s website :

It`s FREE in a promotional period Top 3 new Board game in United States, Canada, Australia, Sweden, Mexico, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand. Slide and nudge lollipops to match three or ...
I like the games it s relax mind without time also my score higher point in 1 thousand the more you match the color of the candy no matter what there is no rule                     Lollipops Sil3v54+
Thank you for updating it for ios11 I struggle with anxiety insomnia etc and this game is the one reliable thing to ground me As well as being fun I really appreciate that there aren t huge color bursts or wildly colored erratic graphics as with other apps Really one of a kind                     Love this app KingdomKate
I love this game I play it constantly Will there be an update for it to work with IOS 11 I really hope so Thanks for a great game                     IOS 11 MandyTrix
Relaxing fun                 Lollipops Dayseez
This game is awesome sauce                     Fantastic mind boggling gane ayem_pau
Like the game however it keeps kicking me out                 Fun oatsie2
I really enjoy this game Mindless entertainment No complicated strategies not feeling like you re playing beat the clock I have it on all my devices                     Terry A Terrylyn56
Fun game                     Fun Zapp747
Very addictive and fun Hate those mud puddles                     Love it level 93 LauJane1975
Giving this a 5 review because well read the title                     Just wanted the fancy ImaginaryMonster_
Fun and addicting                     Great game ddrbulldog
great game becoming addictive                     lollipops dossier@canada
When I first got this I wasn t sure I liked but after a while and a few trial and error I got the hang of it It gets tough early so everyday is a new challenge I highly recommend it                     Good game to pass time The EMOJI Queen!
Perfect in every way                     Love this game KimikoWolf
Warning appears that this app may slow down device Please upgrade     Not updated Speech Spencer
Very addictive extremely entertaining and fun to play                     Great Game WLupo
Games pretty cool I enjoy it                     Ok Clover2480
Fun game                     Fun Not Yahtzee!
I think it s alright                     Review Sinistro255
Love it                     Love Runehaven
I like it a lot Very amusing and mindless but sometimes that is all I want Nice color                     Very Enjoyable Teddylady24
I enjoy this game It s quite relaxing                     Lollipops Des TX
Love it                     Addicting Fun Akinjha
                    Great Pinkglen13
love this game and have for years no in app purchases no lives levels etc to worry about just pick up and play very relaxing                     cute gottdam
Very interesting even my grand kids love playing this game                 Miggie1959
Fun and mindless really enjoy how simple but addicting this is                     Fun Juju12756
I need to rate ur to get a lollipop looks like fun                     Haven t played yet MitsyMissystarz
This game is pleasant relaxing and mindless Sometimes that s just what s needed                     Great Just Me Writing
simple mindless time waster nothing fancy just casual oblivion             relaxing and easy going Fireenjen
I love that it s not timed and that it s free                     Great Debbyjjjlee
Lots of fun                     Terri JnTLnB
It s fun and relaxing Thanks                     Fun Katthecamogirl
It s fun and relaxing Thanks                     Fun Katthecamogirl
Easy mindless time waster relaxing                     What could be bad about this game Nytvwatcher
The game is a mindless matching game It takes no thought or skill to play It is exactly what I need after my lobotomy Good work by the developers                     What a Game Vicvinvervon
What the heck I don t get it but as other say mindless fun Game restarts constantly                     Fun The First Ultimate consumer
Relaxing game I like the sounds it makes                     Relaxing djaquay
Its mindless snd relaxing i wouldn t even rate it but you have to in order to get a different style of lollipop                 Lovely waste of time Vonaroo13
Fun game almost anyone can play                 Fun Jobaby53
I know it s bad to use electronics before bed but when I can t sleep this game in zen mode helps                     Helps me sleep Steph1234567890
Pretty good so far             Interesting Gracemh22511
Hard to stop playing                 Good game drz52
I like it                     NA Weathers_1208
Great fun hard to put down                     Fun Opuljayeelle
This game is the best I love it so much                 I 3 this game
Kid game with gambling ads over and over Something is trying to prevent me from providing a review I chose the game because it didnt say offers inapp purchases but the ads are worse Deleted     Gambling Ads
I like this gamefun if theres nothing else is going on                 Review
A new way to play I havent experienced before                 Interesting
I like this game so far Just started tho today                 Fun
Great app So addictive I love Zen                 Love Zen
Very fun Fun and addicting easy way to occupy your mind and keep yourself entertained                 Love This
Games tight as Fk                 Holla
Fun game Can be very addictive                 Lollipops
Words cant explain how much I love it                 GREAT GAME
Fun                 Fun
Lots of fun Helps me zone out                 Love it
Great game                 Fun
Good bypass for moments of intelectual emptyness                 efficient brainwash
Good game I like it                 Good game
Not impressed        Keeps crashing
I gotta say I really do like this game                 Best game
Entertainment 100 plus                 Lollipop play
I like the fact that it makes you think several moves a head Kind of like playing chess And I enjoy the different modes                 Ok
Its very calming                 V
Fun game                 Fun
This is a good game to play while youre waiting for an appointment or have a little time to kill Its colorful and you can play it and enjoy it just as much with the sound turned off if you are in a quiet environment                 Calming fun game
This is a good way to pass the time and not have to think too hard                 Game
Great fun Definitely different from the typical Match 3 The Insane level is realty he most challenging but have no fear Im sure you can lick that level too                 Sweet Fun
I really like this one                 Fun
I like the zen option that lets you keep playing for hours Simple game for passing the time I havent had any issues with this game either That always a plus in my book                 Endless game play
This game is sooo Sweet Try it for hours of fun                 Loving This
First off while this can be mindless fun it has gobs of room for improvement which is why I removed one star per item 1 On the Insane game the gum machine and the menu lollipop cover the candies in those top corners When a candy is locked in those corners its nearly impossible to see what colour it is and you have to drop it thru manipulation to find out Rather difficult when there are many locked areas 1 There is no information on scoring to unlock levels 1 Some of the adverts are hover sensitive which can take you completely out of the game        Frustrating no rhyme or reason
Love to use this game to relax                 Relaxing
Love this game One of my favorites Nothing frustrating about it which is what I love when I just want to play a game to relax 0                 Lollipops
Fun game I like the colors Very additive              Fun Game
Awsomeness                 The lillpop game
Great game keeps us busy during basketball and football seasons                 Cpostan92
Super fun                 Fun
Fun fun fun                 LOVE it
Excellent game Very addictive                 3match
OMG this game is so fun and addicting I have it on all of my devices And I play it for a hour a day if I can                 Awesomeness
Maybe this is my own user error but I removed the game due to frustration I would be in mid slide of Lolipop and it would open the App Store unsure why As I said could be a glitch           Glitch keeps returning to App Store mid game
I love this relaxing game Its a fun game to play when I need to chill out I dont have to think hard as to strategize or memorize moves Its easy to just keep making matches over and over again without getting a headache thinking about it Good activity to play while you listen to a speaker making a speech because while you listen and play you can still hear understand whats being said                 Its me
Just as good as candy crush soda but this game has colorful lollipops with swirls I have LOLloads of love for this supercalifr Oh never mind so cool I dont know how to describe it From person who LOVES this toats fun game this game toats rocksor lollipops Ha ha                 Awesome game
Sweet candy on a stick                 Roarsome
Good                 Good
Wastes time very colorfully                 Cool
Enjoyable addicting nice colors                 Cool game
I love the colors This is fun                 Lollipops
Yeah                 Its alright
I find this game to be very relaxing                 Relaxing
Very addicting                 Candy
I like games I dont have to think much I have to all day and like to unwind with brainless games This is perfect                 Pretty cool

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