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Microsoft Corporation , the publisher behind many iOS app (Wordament ,Kinect Star Wars ,SkyDrive ,Microsoft Lync 2013 for iPad ,Bing Get MeThere ,MSN Onit iPad), brings Microsoft Lync 2013 for iPad with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Microsoft Lync 2013 for iPad app has been update to version 5.0 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
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Video and audio working over my iPad. found in 1 reviews
Finally Lync for modern world. found in 1 reviews
Group video call is awesome. found in 1 reviews
view shared meeting content during a conference. found in 1 reviews
some functionality may not be available in all countries. found in 1 reviews
open app to respond. found in 1 reviews
Still missing key features. found in 1 reviews
the status still does not change automatically. found in 1 reviews
Poor support for split keyboard with text entry. found in 1 reviews
- load a presentation for sharing via iPad. found in 1 reviews
Two great enhancements would be to one. found in 1 reviews
probably due to intermittent connection errors. found in 1 reviews
It also crashes when I receive chats. found in 1 reviews
The duplicate message is sent without warning. found in 1 reviews
Login Error -Version 5. found in 1 reviews
So there should be no reason to block AirPlay. found in 1 reviews
Hope future update will fix this problem. found in 1 reviews
but I have an easy workaround. found in 1 reviews
This needs to be fixed in the next update. found in 1 reviews
Otherwise would be five stars. found in 1 reviews
Issue with video and audio conferencing. found in 2 reviews
Audio video broken. found in 3 reviews
Lync DOES NOT allow offline messages. found in 1 reviews
You cannot join a meeting or make audio/video calls. found in 2 reviews

If you are iPad owner,you now can download Microsoft Lync 2013 for iPad for free from Apple Store. The application is available in multiple languages: English, Catalan, Chinese, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, Ukrainian. It weighs in at only 26.5 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 5.0 has been released on 2014-11-06. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 6.0 or later.
More Info: Find more info about Microsoft Lync 2013 for iPad in Microsoft Corporation`s Official Website :

You need to have a Lync account already to use this app. Also, some functionality might require an update to Lync Server or might not be available to all users. If you re not sure ...
Every time my iPad is unlocked and Lync is the last used app when the device unlocks Lync immediately crashes It also crashes when I receive chats and of course the chats disappear when I relaunch the app 2 stars instead of 1 because when it works the audio quality is pretty good        Constant crashes
Muting the iPad speaker isnt allowed while Lync is running and this is bad Because this means that I can not log into a meeting with Lync in order to view the slides up close on my mobile device and take screenshots while I am in the meeting room with the presenter or else a feedback loop is created Someone speaks remotely the voice sound exits my iPad this app prevents me from muting my iPad with Lync running then this voice signal enters the conference room mic which we cant mute or else the remote listeners cant hear us and voilà a feedback loop is created as the voice reexits the iPad enters the conference phone etc Also and this is huge you cant zoom in on the slidescontent of a remote presenter on the ipad Please app developers try to build additional functionality to this app so that it can actually be useful There are many better app solutions that work better at the moment Microsoft needs to move quickly or new businesses are going to get tired of this foot dragging as we transition to the postPC future     Sound
Ive been using this with Office 365 subscription it works great                 Works great
Lync 2010 was much more stableof course that was before iOS8 The combo of iOS 81 and Lync 2013 is unusable Pathetic     Crashes all the time
During or after an audiovideo conference you cant get back to the main screen It just gives you a blank screen You have to kill the app and then relaunch it     Issue with video and audio conferencing
Constantly removesdrops conversations If the apps in the background and you get a notification switch to the app all your previous conversations are removed as is the current one     Broken
Amazing that MS will put out an app that cannot be made to work Login fail is as far as you can get Google it and you will see it is a well known fail     It simply does not work
This will get you by in a pinch If you are fully mobile if apparently doesnt do Bluetooth audio at least not on my iPad 2 It would be vastly improved with that one change           Partial functionality
Needs the following features 1 Run in background via Push See Convoi The app doesnt need to run in order to receive data 2 Single stream See iMessage Each instance running on my devices phonetabletcomputer are all separate disparate instances with all three running an instant message randomly goes to just one A reply only shows up on the device it is sent from Pathetic Send a message from the iPad leave it at your desk someone replies do you see it on your iPhone NOPE Thanks Microsoft 3 Battery hog This thing could use refinement in how much energy it drains while running 4 Needs the ability to pay for VoIP see Skype some strange company you should familiarize yourself with     Same old CRAP How about a REAL update
Does not connects to a meeting on ios 8 Works fine on ios 7x     Not ios 8 compatible
Crashes daily     Crashes
Id love to see what this looks like but it times out during sign in every time     Cant sign in
We are all tied into 365 at work Its great for Skype for business Hasnt crashed on me at all Running on iPad 3 mini For 365 user need to follow instructions 5 stars                 Works Fine
If you are connected to an Apple TV with AirPlay before you join a meeting then AirPlay will be disabled after joining the meeting This does not make sense because when using Lync on a laptop you can still connect the laptop to a TV or Projector without Lync disabling the link to the Projector So there should be no reason to block AirPlay This needs to be fixed in the next update           Disables AirPlay During Meetings
The major downside I found in current version 53 is when using iPads splitkeyboard mode to type in IMchat windows the input box wont ascend automatically Instead it still sits behind the keyboard and is totally blocked by the rightside keyboard make it very hard to view the content you put in Hope future update will fix this problem           IMing window needs to add splitkeyboard support
This app has great potential if it could crash less in the middle of IM sessions or not crash at all it would be rated a lot higher           Useful but unstable
Crashes or wont open terrible waste of an app     Terrible
For some reason the app now drops my conversations so I dont really trust it anymore It doesnt seem that it drops conversations that Im currently in but ones that I have not participated in for a few minutes go away At first I thought maybe they were being archived somewhere but I dont see where However it does have my office calendar so thats pretty convenient        Dropping Conversations
The app worked great until this weekend now the app keeps shutting down so now it is useless     Work great until this weekend
Lync meetings no longer work after updating to iOS 9 Microsoft it is great to see you updated Word Excel PowerPoint OneNote and Skype with new iOS 9 features but it is really not acceptable that a critical business application like Lync is not even compatible at launch     Lync does not work with iOS 9
Like most companies every so often you have to change your password When you do Lync doesnt realize it and hits your server enough times to lock you out of your network account You didnt know it but its already to late the first attempt locks your account and you uselessly keep putting in your new password to no avail Apparently the workaround is to uncheck the remember me box But there goes ease of use In reality it should not try so many times so you get the chance to change your password        When your password changes this app will lock you out
When outside of corporate WiFi the meetings tab does not update consistently Using LYNC for mobile meetings is great but only if you can access them           Fix meetings tab
I have been using lync with no issues but now all of a sudden Im getting the error Unhandled alert type 300 is raised with error code please fix           Login Error Version 54
I like the new functionality and the design is slick if not quite as friendly as 2010 The main problem is that it randomly resends messages that Ive already sent probably due to intermittent connection errors I can deal with an app that errors out a message once in a while but automatic resending it Nope The receiving party has usually already received the original message that gets resent The duplicate message is sent without warning usually interjecting itself into the middle of another Lync conversation with the same person thankfully Recently someone texted me that they had finished a project and Lync volunteered No you didnt from an earlier point in the conversation Unacceptable Otherwise this app is quite usable but until this resending behavior is fixed only three stars Im afraid           Randomly Resends Messages
Crashes frequently doesnt sync up well with desktop application messages dont show up all the time its just inconsistent and buggy But it does work sometimes        Not good
The latest release is broken and just crashes     Latest release is broken
This app would be great if it didnt constantly lose my conversations If you leave the app and get a notification of a new message the app loses the message when you click on the notification Sort of defeats the purpose of a notification huh        I want to love this app
Lipstick on a pig     Just like Lync it doesnt work
Trouble signing in Screen is dumb with cursor showing some process Had to forcefully close after 5 to 10 min many times without luck     Signin issue
The 2013 iPhone and iPad versions have many flaws but the worst of them is that the app will say that you have a missed chat if you attended the discussion in the desktop instance before logging into the mobile or tablet version To make matters worse the app will time stamp the missed chat as the second you logged in so it appears that the person just attempted to contact you which they didnt When it does correctly identify a missed chat only the first line of that chat appears when you see it on the list of missed chats and then its completely invisible when you try to reply at which point the first line disappears from the missed chats list as well I can only assume they did not bother with UAT when they released this version     Zero consistency with desktop instance
I found the app to be very disappointing There isnt a way to adddelete favorites or other contacts that I can see        Dont use Lync
This looks promissing at first but then stopped working Seems to be a common issue with certificates and certificate chain even though Entrust public CA is being used     Works at first and then stops
Unreliable See a notification on lock screen open app to respond thread is not there Type in a message hit send Crash        Buggy
Useless Wont stay connected Does not properly run in the background like other apps No support for Lync meetings     Wont stay connected
App works well for sending instant messages but when it comes to meetings its lacking a whole lot It doesnt allow me to view a meeting on 4GLTE not sure why Microsoft cares if I use data on a meeting and then on WiFi it tells me people cant do screen shares if they message me instead it wants people to send a meeting notice so that I can see their screen The app should work more like the desktop version being on iOS shouldnt matter A technology so I can share out my screen should also be added currently only the camera can be shared and at times Id like to share out the browser this may be an Apple limitation though        Its Limited
This is anything but working its always glitching and always closes out on me after typing one or two paragraphs I would use something else that actually works however I have to use this for work if I can get it to work     No lync
Needs server level sign in with push notifications not local sign in Conversations need to be synced between mobile tablet and desktop Where is skype for business instead of Lync     Needs server level sign in with push notifications not local sign in
Almost useless for meetings because the audio output cannot be muted it can only be turned down to a low but still audible setting There are workarounds like plugging in broken headphones but shouldnt this is such a basic missing feature     Cant mute audio
I installed this uninstalled reinstalled etc and never had it ask about push notifications There is no entry for notifications under settings notification center I put 2010 back on     No notification selection on ipad
Great app Keeps me connected Two great enhancements would be to one have the setting options to keep it from changing status to away longer than 5 minutes and two it drains my iPad and iPhone battery fastneeds to be fixed Otherwise I love it              Lovin it
Wont even open     Worthless
said org does not support this version but2010     not able to login
This program does not sign on to the server and seems to work part of the time     Terrible and not reliable
This app doesnt even open on my iPad I have no idea why Microsoft is confusingly rebranding this to skype either Its totally different from regular Skype as near as I can tell     Worthless Wont even open
Overall very useful but the status still does not change automatically based on events in my Exchange Calendar           Still has bugs
This app crashes all the time for no apparent reason Itll just be sitting there doing nothing and itll just crash It recognizes it and sends a report but its not getting any better with updates I find myself trying to be very gentle with it and not to ask it to do complicated stuff but it doesnt really help Its just very unstable Im also hopeful that the VOIP support will become better over time It constantly tells me that I have a poor connection when Im dialed into a meeting over VOIP and the outgoing audio tends to be inconsistent All in all this app has a lot of promise but I feel nervous relying on it because it just doesnt deliver I use my iPad almost exclusively in a business environment when attending meetings and the lack of stability in Lync is a big downside to that working model        Promising but very crashy
Like the other review were noted you need to be able to mute the speakers to avoid a feedback loop if youre using a conference phone An easy workaround is to take a cheap pair of earphones cut the 35 mm plug and plug it into your iPad that will effectively mute your speakers and allow you to view slides while using a conference phone or other audio video device I do that all the time and it works great Other suggestions for developers stability good crashing bad better bandwidth managementor compression for video load a presentation for sharing via iPad ppt keynote PDF This is a tough one limited by the API ability to see video and screen share at same time Other webcast apps do this this is for overall Lync allow host to increase or decrease participant volume to make softtalkers heard and normalize loud talkers           Need to add speaker mute but I have an easy workaround
Where is it        Uh this is not Skype for Business
I was obligated to install this as part of my work as a consultant When first launching the app it asks for access to your contacts That is a big nono Freely give Microsoft a list of all my contacts without getting permission from my contacts first not in my lifetime Lync allows the user to search for contacts within the Lync system But it DOES NOT let the user add any contacts to Lync once they are found I use Lync to communicate with two people Since Lync does not let me add them to my contacts within Lync I have to search for those two people first to initiate any communication Lync DOES NOT allow offline messages Skype and Yahoo Messenger both allow offline messages I cannot see any benefit to using Lync instead of Skype The only benefit is to Microsoft who seems to charge money for access to Lync and Lync licenses Unless you are a Microsoftaholic do yourself a favor and stay away from Lync     Junk
Cannot sign in     The worst app ever

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