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Electronic Arts , the publisher behind many iOS games (Trivial Pursuit ,Need for Speed Shift FREE ,SimSampler ,TETRIS® ,FIFA 10 by EA SPORTS™ ,CLUE), brings Madden NFL Mobile with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Madden NFL Mobile games has been update to version 1.0.1 with several major changes and improvements. Games release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • you guys should add trading between players or wager matches..
  • Awesome game totally addicting when playing with friends..
  • I think this would greatly improve the game interaction with my friends..
  • Awesome Game super fun always fun to play and addicting..
  • You should make one with college football teams..
Overall Satisfactionclick me61
I love playing this game more than any game on my phone.
I'll start playing this game again once these issues are fixed.
Amazing game very addictive and extremely exciting.
This was the most amazing game ever until the update came.
shame i really think it would've been one of my favorite games.
But it is my favorite game to play on my phone.
Love this game need more like it.
I recommend this game to anyone that enjoys good games and football.
Until these things are fixed I cannot fully recommend this game.
Hands down the best mobile game of all time.
stay clear of this sad excuse for a mobile game.
Other than that this game is probably the best game on the App Store.
It was the best game on the App Store until the fourth season.
Fun & Engagingclick me73
Awesome game totally addicting when playing with friends.
Realistic fun and addicting I love this game.
This is a really fun and addicting game but the servers are terrible.
Really fun game that is good for everyone that enjoys sports.
It's actually a really fun game until you win the first season.
Awesome Game super fun always fun to play and addicting.
Love this play it all the time would recommend it to everyone.
This is not just some cheap game where it's fun at first.
This is a very fun and entertaining way of playing football.
which gets boring quick.
Usefulnessclick me87
Had it for about 4 months now and I play it everyday.
I play it everyday and love it even after 8 seasons.
I play it every day for at least an hour and a half.
This game is the best I play it every day in class.
Value for Moneyclick me37
but I understand they do that to tempt people to spend money.
Takes a long time to get better players without spending money.
It's nearly impossible to get a quality team without spending cash.
Replay Valueclick me58
which gets boring quick.
Social Aspectsclick me52
Just wish a head to head game was actually live.
Leagues are so good and head to head is awesome.
Also unable to play head to head games outside of the league.
It's also a great game to play with friends or family members.
But all in all its a great game to play with friends.
I CAN NOT play with friends on facebook.
Production Valuesclick me67
The graphics are great for a phone with realistic tackling.
Amazing graphics nice new leagues it is just amazing.
Reliabilityclick me37
On a serious note EA please fix the madden experienceThanks.
Just a few network problems.
I really like this game keep up the good work.
000 and didnt get anything and the game keeps freezing.
Security & Privacyclick me38
or create a guest account and thought.
Guest account lost.
Updates & Supportclick me36
please add audibles and the other things from the console version.
You can try and make it just like the console version.


BOOM! Dominate your friends in intense head-to-head shootouts. This is MADDEN NFL like you’ve never seen it on mobile. Collect current and legendary NFL stars, then put them in action on your favorite NFL team. Play all season long – we’ve got live events and fresh challenges to connect you to the action anytime, anywhere.


This app offer in-app purchases. You may disable in-app purchasing using your device settings. See for more info.

Madden NFL MobileMadden NFL Mobile
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If you’re a MADDEN NFL fan, try this fast-paced and original MADDEN game – built exclusively for mobile!


Choose your favorite NFL franchise and make it your ultimate MADDEN NFL team. Customize your roster with real NFL players you collect, manage, and upgrade. Make savvy selections and play out your football fantasy.
Madden NFL Mobile


MADDEN NFL knows you’re a player first, so test your team on the field. Tap rivals all over the map, and challenge friends, too. Go head-to-head in quick offensive shootouts – or go big in a full 16-game season and take your team to the Super Bowl. Run your offense and defense with an improved analog stick control system and gameplay smooth as a perfect spiral.


Live updates from real events and players put all the intensity of the NFL season right in your hands. Rush into daily challenges and earn awesome rewards – all season long.


This is the next generation of football games. This is MADDEN NFL Mobile.


If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download Madden NFL Mobile for free from Apple Store. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 90.9 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 1.0.1 has been released on 2014-08-26. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Requires iOS 7.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.
More Info: Find more info about Madden NFL Mobile in Electronic Arts`s Official Website :


Great game for all ages of NFL football fans. found in 10 reviews
Best game in the world I play it so much because I love it. found in 27 reviews
Like the packers my favorite team you should have Bart Starr. found in 28 reviews
Definitely recommend this to anyone who wants a good time waster. found in 17 reviews
This game is the best 3x as good as clash of clans. found in 19 reviews
Wish it could sync with ps3 or xbox 360 madden 15. found in 10 reviews
I like this game because it's like building your dream team. found in 11 reviews
Had it for about 4 months now and I play it everyday. found in 27 reviews
It is awesome game with legends and up to date players. found in 26 reviews
This "Experiencing High Volume " crap is getting old. found in 611 reviews
Sometimes the game won't even let me play it. found in 72 reviews
It's not fun anymore and I can't play anymore. found in 49 reviews
EA please fix this it's ruling the game for people. found in 81 reviews
But the auction house feature is absolutely retarded. found in 926 reviews
it is extremely frustrating when the game can't connect to the servers. found in 91 reviews
and then always tells me that an unexpected error occurred. found in 48 reviews
Ea needs to fix this game before people get frustrated and delete it. found in 82 reviews
The game crashes update it for bug fixes please. found in 231 reviews
First you need to fix the glitches and high volumes. found in 22 reviews
Now my game keeps crashing so I can't even play it anymore. found in 133 reviews
5mill please fix the game and give me Bo Jackson back. found in 67 reviews
Worst connection issues of any game I play on my phone. found in 67 reviews
I cant play with friends but other than that great game. found in 42 reviews
The game is going under maintenance now to fix the problem. found in 120 reviews
5 please fix the servers lord my servers keep crashing. found in 53 reviews
the game isn't doing anything when I click Log into Facebook. found in 125 reviews
It says unknown error and it won't let me in. found in 257 reviews
Postscript addition: Many server issues are getting highly annoying. found in 99 reviews
Live events will force close and lose rewards and stamina. found in 656 reviews
Constantly get the " high volume - please try again later" message. found in 611 reviews
tricks to spend money don't it's a rip of i hate it. found in 174 reviews
EA Sports doesn't reply back or reimburse customers. found in 177 reviews
The game crashes so much it's impossible to play. found in 231 reviews
Also the auction house steals your money randomly. found in 926 reviews
I refuse to put real money into a broken game. found in 131 reviews
Servers crash a lot and thus make the game "unplayable". found in 126 reviews
Fun but it keeps saying network timeout and my wifi is working. found in 242 reviews
Also unable to play head to head games outside of the league. found in 326 reviews
This game is glitchin out I can't continue my season games. found in 169 reviews
Playing the computer in the season mode is a joke. found in 210 reviews
the season games instantly become near impossible to win. found in 181 reviews
Network timeout errors when my "network"works perfectly fine. found in 242 reviews
Great game- but game keeps crashing /network time out. found in 133 reviews
This game needs to be updated on crashing. found in 170 reviews
Whenever I try to login it says there is a network error. found in 134 reviews
The special events for players don't even give you good players. found in 145 reviews
But when you win the Super Bowl it is impossible. found in 262 reviews
: Unknown Error : We are unable to connect to our servers. found in 257 reviews
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One of the best games I ever played I play it everyday I just think we should get some more elite players                Best game ever
best game                madden
Please fix the auction house but good game overall       FIX THE AUCTION HOUSE
Gonna uninstall this game because it wont even let me get to the main screen as soon as I touch the app it force closes I think Im the only one also       Very good update but
Fun game With daily challenges head to head seasons etc there is always something to doTook off a star due to sets It is confusing and cluttered Would be a lot better if they lightened it up a bit or organized it better Overall I enjoy the game would recommend             Fun game
Fix crashing             Great game
I love this game just wish you could make more money faster                This game is awesome
I love this game                Absolutely Love it
Its the only game I play everyday and never get tired of them                Love it
this review goes up to a 5 star once it lets me play but every time i try to log in it says unknown error occur it has happened the past week so please fix it soon thx    This update wont let me play
I cant open a pack without the app shutting down and I cant see my cards    Updates Needed Quick
Best game Ive played it a while                Love it
The game is awesome but the graphics not so well             One little problem
I really like this game but it crashes sooooooo much Please fix this creators          CRASHES
It crashes when I try to open a pack and wont show me who my players are GREAT GAME to have in my opinion             Madden mobile
Why not prostrate awareness month a majority of the nfl fans are male and breast cancer research already receives more funding than any other cancer          Feminist
The game crashes constantly when you try to open card packs or look at your team This needs to be updated          Game crash
great app super fun all the time                Madden Mobile
Its a good game its fun but it crashes a lot          Good
Great GameBut auctions lately doesnt work             Need Update
Id give 5 but everytime I open a pack or card it force quits me out the app          Hmmm
I have been playing this game for a long while now and it really annoys me that when I get on it always freezes up or I cant see what players are on my team Seems like something is always shut down             Fun but in DIRE NEED OF A UPDATE
I love madden mobile Its very fun to build your team and get lots of money However the newest auction house update basically stole 13 million of my coins I had 15 mil and now I have 2 mil While thats still a good amount I didnt do anything wrong          Good game but
Really good game                Madden
This is the best game I own                The best
I woke up this morning to find my coins were cut by 80Other players lost items in the auctionFun game to play but EA wants you to make purchases then deletes your itemsPlaying is fun purchases are at your own risk however I dont trust this game even if they dont loose your coins or items it would appear we only lease these players for a season then they become part of an inactive roster Apparently there is no way for me to contact EA about my missing items so purchases wont be made in the future on my behalf Three stars is all they get          Missing items
Good                Great
I still have not received my players or coins back that I lost after the coins glitch I had sold 90ovr free agent Charles Tillman for 160k coins and 85ovr football outsiders Stephen Gilmore for 50k coins I have tried to contact EA help through both methods phone and useless chat and they call you late at night and the chat has never given me a person to talk to even when I wait an hour for what says under 5 mins    Lost 200k coins because of glitch
Like it fun and not hArd to play                Best game ever
If you love playing madden this is a must have                Madden nation
Amazing game                Great game
Fctvth                Dcdcrc ft
Great game                Gg
after the maintenance on the auction house for 4 days madden and EA took away all of my coins that I rightfully earned and I swear Id better get them back       WTH Madden
When I play this game for about 4 minutes it always kicks me off an says communications with the servers have been interrupted its so annoying please fix          NEEDS AN UPDATE
Great game                Madden
Hey I love madden it is my favorite game but its not letting me get on the app so I cant play                Need help
There are still some glitches in the game I still cannot believe I lost all my progress when I swapped phones and had to start from scratch Would like to see a way to message or trash talk when playing head to head and also would like to find more ways to filter leagues so I can find leagues at my level             Alright alright alright
The games running is kinda glitchy but overall great game             Great But
As fun as madden football on the Xbox                Fun
I had several bids in the auction house when it suddenly went offline And so I waited patiently for it to come online several days later only to find that all my coins that I had in for bids have just disappeared Not fair I spend so much time into this game and then to have all my hard earned coins taken away Please just return my coins or something    EA come on
I dont like how I cant access the auction house or that yall are always undergoing maintenance and like like the auction house has been down for like two weeks this is ridiculous yall should just go back to the old update       Bad updates
I love this app but recently after the auction glitch my game will load and I will start to play a game and it will crash I didnt even do the glitch          Fun to play but
Lots of problems here folks Where to start The fastest players on your team by far are the WRs ok and the defensive linemen huh oh but only when they are chasing down your running back Rushing the passer they are just as slow as they should be It doesnt seem to matter how much money you spend collecting players and upping your team rating if the game decides that you are supposed to lose you lose Even if you team is rated 83 and you are playing a team rated 69 you will lose I am so bored with my highly rated defense allowing running back to break free after dodging or rather my defensive players not actually tackling 5 or 6 tackles and run for a touchdown What in the world happened with the Auction House People made millions Even with the fix dont expect to actually be able to afford anybody worth affording unless you shell out real money The cheapskates at EA dont allow you to earn enough money to even think about buying one 8890 rated player Waste of time    Just Stay Away Waste of time
It took time for it to grow on me but I love this game                If you love football youll love this
Starts out a little too easy but get more and more difficult as you get through the seasons                Great game
Wonderful                Great


Electronic Arts
90.9 MB
Requires iOS 7.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.
Last Updated:
OS / Version:
iOS / 1.0.1
iPhone iPad

iOS Madden NFL Mobile 1.0.1 Mobile

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