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Smule, the publisher behind many iOS app (Singing Carl ,Sonic Lighter ,Sing! Join the global karaoke party! ,I Am T-Pain ,Magic Piano HD ,Magic Guitar), brings Magic Piano with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Magic Piano app has been update to version 4.0.6 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • EXCELLENT for teaching hand eye coordination that sharpens your mind..
  • Great music choices to buy and to get for free..
  • My whole family loves this game great times..
  • It incorporates classical music and other forms of music..
  • Size aside it is addicting and an awesome time killer..

Overall Satisfactionc81
Been playing this for the longest and the best piano app out there.
Love getting a free song almost every day.
It's fun but there needs to be more free song.
This is the best musical app that I have ever played.
It incorporates classical music and other forms of music.
If you like Classical Music.
This a cool way to play my favorite songs I love smule.
It's so stupid because now I can play my favorite app.
Smule is awesome it's one of my favorite games I love it :.
So now I can't play my favorite game.
I highly recommend this game to everyone around the world.
Thanks Smule for giving me hours of entertainment.
Ruined the game thanks smule for ruining my favorite app.
Fun & Engagingc81
Love getting a free song almost every day.
It's fun but there needs to be more free song.
Such a fun and addicting game I play it all the time now.
Fun and addicting but it freezes A LOT.
It's really fun and I enjoy all the song options.
because playing the same songs over and over again just to get XP gets extremely boring.
The only annoying thing is playing songs over and over again.
It is awesome I play it all the time you really should download it.
This is a fun and challenging game that is incredibly addicting.
This app is loads of fun totally worth getting^^.
Really an awesome game super addicting and super fun for all ages.
I love love love LOVE this game I play it everyday.
I play it everyday and I luv it so much fun.
This game is cool I love and play it every day.
it is an awsome app i play it every day.
At least there's a free song everyday and a free mode.
You get a free song everyday so that's a plus.
Family Friendlyc79
This app can bring hours of fun and enjoyment for the whole family.
This is a great App for kids and adults alike.
My whole family loves this game great times.
It is so much fun watching the kids play it.
Value for Moneyc42
Definitely going to spend money to get my favorite songs :D.
Actually willing to spend money on this game.
we have enough games that make you pay real money to play.
Not encouraging to have to pay real money to play songs.
And some songs you can't play until you pay real money.
just wish it were easier to unlock songs without spending money.
Wish it was easier to earn more songs without spending money.
Repeat Valuec62
This is a fun and challenging game that is incredibly addicting.
Occasionally when using four fingers on the hard levels.
It's impossible to complete hard levels in result to this.
Very addictive great balance of songs through genres and difficulty levels.
I really hate how the difficulty levels have changed.
it never gets old playin ur favorite songs on a piano.
it's so fun and yet still challenging as all hell.
Ease of Usec47
And it has levels like easy medium and hard.
easy medium or hard.
I like it because it's simple and fun.
Amazingly simple and fun to use.
It's just not as simple and fun anymore.
or it freezes in the middle of a song and crashes.
Great app but crashes everytime.
Ads not Intrusivec52
Makes u watch ads promising to award u but doesnt.
Security & Privacyc33
When I go into my smule account.
because I generally never have money on iTunes account.
Updates & Supportc34
99 rather than the piano version that costs more money.
Customer service is professional and timely.

I love playing magic piano and it keeps me occupied. found in 16 reviews
My son loves tapping on the phone and making beautiful music. found in 17 reviews
My kids ask me to "play" for them before bed. found in 11 reviews
Smile piano offers you a wide variety of both Artists. found in 27 reviews
This is the best musical app that I have ever played. found in 172 reviews
Smule's Magic Piano is fun and easy to use. found in 8 reviews
Cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool. found in 2 reviews
This is a great App for kids and adults alike. found in 26 reviews
This app is totally wicked its a great time passer. found in 21 reviews
Beautiful sons such as the phantom of the opera on here. found in 13 reviews
I'm addicted to earnings and getting new stuff awsome game. found in 20 reviews
Perhaps the most enjoyable app I've ever downloaded. found in 27 reviews
This app has exposed our kids to different genres of music. found in 13 reviews
Very relaxing to listen and a way to play favorites. found in 79 reviews
Smule magic piano is the best music app I've ever played. found in 147 reviews
very realistic piano gameplay and great entertainment value. found in 22 reviews
I love this app and keep those awesome songs coming. found in 15 reviews
real music try this app it's music to my ears. found in 9 reviews
My grandchildren enjoy the challenge and spend hours playing songs. found in 26 reviews
Awesome it's super fun and it's good for passing time. found in 21 reviews
I really enjoy this game except for when it GLITCHES. found in 19 reviews
Sometimes - actually oftentimes - the game doesn't register my touches. found in 26 reviews
Great app but crashes while opening. found in 10 reviews
Its a great little way to waste away boring minutes. found in 48 reviews
It's near impossible to play the tree and four not chords. found in 39 reviews
Unless of course you want to spend money for more songs. found in 149 reviews
It's not fun anymore to the point I'm considering deleting it. found in 20 reviews
This app needs more songs that people actually listen to. found in 80 reviews
I'm so unhappy with that I don't even play anymore. found in 48 reviews
1 and the new update requires at least iOS 6. found in 114 reviews
there needs to be a way to earn "smoola" without having to pay money. found in 26 reviews
WONDERFUL GAME but i cant play anything other than easy. found in 55 reviews
And i cant even watch ads now for free points either. found in 26 reviews
It's fun but there should be a way to earn smoola. found in 1004 reviews
I wish you could earn Smoola and not have to just buy it. found in 39 reviews
I love this game but I wish I could play it anywhere. found in 33 reviews
I don't like the new update all the song the I bought are gone. found in 18 reviews
Also I don't like how there's this VIP thing. found in 33 reviews
The app is great except that you have to pay for smoola. found in 61 reviews
Sometimes when I try to play a song it will download and cancel out. found in 254 reviews
I can't download certain songs. found in 62 reviews
And it will not let me play without updating the app. found in 58 reviews
crashes to much and takes forever to load. found in 84 reviews
Please remove that force push and let me play the songs PLEASE. found in 242 reviews
Now I can't even play one my favorites with a subscription. found in 58 reviews
but it doesn't let me play 4 notes at a time. found in 79 reviews
and the new "too many fingers " is a problem for me. found in 91 reviews
New update forces you to pay for songs that you already purchased. found in 156 reviews
It's impossible to complete hard levels in result to this. found in 97 reviews
For iPods it doesn't register 3 or 4 finger notes. found in 94 reviews
Now the sound isn't working at all when I try to play a song. found in 254 reviews
This update is terrible with removing the one finger touch level. found in 200 reviews
Be VERY careful if you buy an "All Access Pass ". found in 98 reviews
Was great - but new version needs iOS 6. found in 114 reviews
This app will automatically set auto renew and charge you $2. found in 61 reviews
The daily challenge and scoring system is still buggy. found in 169 reviews
The only annoying thing is playing songs over and over again. found in 131 reviews

If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download Magic Piano for free from Apple Store. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 20.0 MB to download. The new Magic Piano app version 4.0.6 has been updated on 2014-11-18. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation), and iPad. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.
More Info: Find more info about Magic Piano in Smule`s Official Website :

From Lady GaGa to Mozart, play the hottest songs effortlessly on the 1 piano app. Get new free songs everyday, and enjoy the largest catalog of songs in any piano app. Join 3.5 million Magic ...
This game needs iOS 7 when 3GS only get iOS 614 FIX IT NOW     Compatible with 3GS please U LIE
I got this app about a year ago and have found out I was getting charged 299 every week for the last year And I only had the app for couple days before I deleted it I cant imagine how many times this Happens to people and maybe young kids Still shocked I didnt catch it sooner And when I contacted smull they said it not there issue its i tunes     Renewals
The designers of this app lost a customer today Not only do you have to pay for a pass to play the good songs they also put ads in the app This is unacceptable and shows them to be greedy without any thought for their customers Dont download this app     Greedy
This game has amazing music                 Amazing
This game is fun but you are expected to play much too fast What really made me angry is that when you choose to learn this song the demonstration plays at the exact same speed as you if not slower This destroys the point of the game and makes it very difficult to level up because youre not receiving the correct amount of points Until this issue is fixed which I doubt it will be I am keeping my review at a one star rating This is a very annoying and frustrating issue     Speed is WAY off
This game is very fun to play especially as you gradually build up your songbook My one suggestion is that you show if your high score on each song is a perfect score or not I think the high score display could be vastly improved              Very nice but one suggestion
My favorite app                 Wonderful
This game is clearly time wasting not to mention stupid WOULD NOT RECOMMEND     WORST GAME EVER
This is so dope I actually like it                 Hhh
I love this game                 Love
This game is really good and they have a lot of different kinds of songs to play on the piano                 Awesome
Like songs that brentallfloss sings or mine craft parodies just more game songs not like songs I dont know also add an extra difficulty and change easy to 1 finger play medium to 2 hard 3 extreme 4 finger SO CHANGE THIS NOW     Needs more songs
I love this app so much Its fun and it even has my favorite bands songTwenty One Pilots Ahhh Its so fun I love it I really would like for there to be more songs by TOPTwenty One Pilots but other than that its freaking amazing I would recommend this app to you if you like guitar hero its kind of similar but at the same time its not                 amAzINg
I love it because you can play any music you want to with only 2 fingerslove it out of this world wow                 Best music app ever
I really enjoy this app but was disappointed that it required connection to the Internet to use it since most of my opportunities to play are at times when I have no access to the Internet Because of this I gave it one less star than perfect              Very enjoyable
Can you add songs from Memphis the musical              Works well
Nice              Nice
Titles says it all              Great app
I love it so much its beautiful I dont like VIP though And say something gets glitched on sing jams but overall this is an amazing game You should get it                 AMAZING
A wonderful tap game with a musical twist Can be addictive but fun The only minor gripe I have is when they changed the me or calc for Smoola inapp money Its now much harder to earn enough Smoola to buy songs Mostly youd have to spend real money to get enough fake money to get new songs BUT they do offer free songs on a fairly regular basis so it is a minor gripe Thank you              Addictive
okay let me just sayits cool but I haventPlayed it in a year              ermagical
Please add Invincible by Machine Gun Kelly its a really cool song from the game watch dogs and I think should be featured Another song would probably be dont worry by Madcon If you add I will give 5 stars and show this game to all of my friends Thank you              Dear smule
This game was so fun when it was I guess back then but now its getting worse and worsewhen the game downloaded and I logged in An ad pop out it said u have a 7 day free trial and after u have to PAY 2 like what the heck what happens if u dont pay the 2 well I dont know I did see a review about them taking your money on your account this is probably not the best recommended game I should play They should fix this dumb piano game And yes BYE        Eh
Smule Smule how I love thee my favorite app of yours is of course Magic Piano the one time I deleted it I regreted it deeply in some more recent updates my problem was solved I now recieve my smula from achievements Arigato My problem now which is one thing I always disliked other than this I thought this app has been awesome nearly perfectYou alas dont put the full songs I mean when they just repeat per verse that is just before sending this review I got a song I love a Cat Stevens song I was dissapointed to find it was only like one verse worth I cannot sing to it Please put full songs then i would be a 100 happy user I would even put real money into this app if i only had income you know a job but i am only 14 and it would be suuuper hard to find said jobok i see there are copyright issues but still arent some of those old songs like less copyrighty or whatevernesscat stevens songs are pretty old right              dear smule
It is a very fun great app love it want more great songs                 Amazing app
I love this app But could you please add more Jerry Goldsmith songs Like the theme to Star Trek Voyager Or the theme to The Mummy                 Can we get more Jerry Goldsmith songs please
I really love to play this game D Its really fun                 Awesome
Just awesome                 Best app ever
This app is no longer my favorite until you idiots put my over 300 plus songs back I had to sign back in and now everything is gone put them back or I will be asking for my money Bach as I bought the yearly subscription I reloaded the game but didnt get anything back would like to know why and how this happened I am now very angry and sadput my account back to wear I had it now     Hate it
I love piano           Love
I love this app but after the update when I opened it I was signed into a random account Unfortunately no one thought to put a log out button so Im stuck there with nothing I had before           Um
This game is way to fun                 10 outta 10
I seriously love playing this app but only one problem Wayyyy too many apps Basically after every song theres 1 minute of adds Please fix                 I play this at least once everyday but
Nice fun way to pass the time                 Its fun
I get so much joy from this app Im hookedhard to put it down Thanks I recommend it to friends and family Love it                 Awesome love it
Exelente app divertido e muito legal amantes da misica que ainda nao baixaram o que voces estao esperando Baixa logo                 Otimo
I had this game ever since it came out and its changes A LOT For the better AND worse Getting new songs is just too hard and there are barely any good songs that you dont need vip for The vid is stupid and there is no way Ill pay for it Ive contemplated deleting this so many times        Ok but
I would rate this 5 stars if you add songs from The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword At least add Ballad of he Goddess and the Faron Woods theme Please           I would rate 5 stars but
Im addicted to this app I love it so much                 Great app
I had thirty songs and the game told me to sign in to get free smoola so I did and my level reset and my songs are gone I emailed the help group but they never responded     Boo
I love this app it is fun and it teach you so like the app is teaching you the fun way                 Fun
This is a great game                 Magic piano
I like the app Can you add one of my favorite songs on piano Corazón de niño by Raul Di Blasio                 Great
The game is bug free fun to play and convenient as well However they expect you to pay 3 dollars a week to play any of the songs it showcases And on top of that fee youd have to pay even MORE to by Smules so you can unlock these songs And if you refuse to pay they have the audacity to put adds everywhere I get it The license cost you all money And if thats the case then make the app 10 or 20 dollars instead of tricking by calling this free Im 13 years old and I finished the unlockable songs easy normal and hard with five stars each in less then an hour Unacceptable        Improvements needed
Omygersh                 First one
I think itd be cool if you added sheet music with the notes and the letters to each song so we could play on a real piano too              A suggestion
I absolutely love this game because it gives me something to do on my free time but something that Id love for it to have is after you get a song that it should give you the sheet music so you can actually learn it on piano                 Amazing
ADD MORE SONGS LIKE Wrecking Ball Some more video games and some more from TV        More songs
Thats a great              Good apps
Great app Love playing There are still glitches that need fixed Game freezes for just a split second while playing messes you up              Glitch

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