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Wim de Nood , the publisher behind many iOS app (Dutch Tile ,Mail A Map ,Cleanup: remove multiple contacts fast ,Photo Card Studio LITE ,My Videos ,Fit It : make your pictures fit any size), brings Mail Many with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Mail Many app has been update to version 2.6 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.


Do you often send e-mails to multiple addresses? Then you know that you need to type and tap a lot to get this done. This application makes e-mailing to a large group of people easier and faster.


Mail Many shows you a list of all your contact persons. Persons with more than one e-mail address are shown once for each address. You can simply select the people you want to mail by tapping on their names. When you have finalized your selection, press the send button. You can now choose if you want to send your e-mail to them as `to`, `copy (CC)`, or `blind copy (BCC)`. The next screen shows you the e-mail composer as you are used to.

Mail ManyMail Many
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This app makes mailing multiple contacts a piece of cake!


- Fast overview of all contacts in alphabetical order
- Scroll index for fast scrolling
- Instant search function to quickly find the contacts you want to mail
- More than one e-mail address for a contact person? Each address is shown in a separate line including the type-label (work / private / ...)
- Contacts without an e-mail address are not shown


- Select all button to select all contacts
- Select none button to deselect all contacts
- Show selection button to get a quick look at the contacts you selected
Mail Many


- Rotate screen for more space for names
- Free to choose how to mail your selection: to, cc or bcc
- E-mail composer is the same as the one in the default mail application


If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download Mail Many for free from Apple Store. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 2.6 has been released on 2014-11-21. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later
Bottom Line: For more information about Mail Many check developer Wim de Nood`s website :


Why in the world would you design this app so that if your contacts have more than one email address ALL of their email addresses get added to the list and theres no way to edit them outMaybe its just me but anybody who would actually need this app would have a contact list filled with people with multiple addressesTo make matters worse the developer doesnt even bother to respond to support requestsGlad I only wasted a buck Hope this saves anybody else looking at this half baked solution the time and money    Practically Worthless With Zero Support
Good idea if it would work Sorry excuse for an app    Difficult at best
So far it is not good it is not working at all    No good
Kinda lameno wonder it only has like 10 reviews       Eh its pretty boring
This app is confusing Either its confusing or just a really poor app Ive worked on it for a few hours and am going to delete it after updating it for 99Yes you need to Update it in order to name and save groups But even when you do its a useless and inefficient app There is no way to find one common thread and bring up only those contacts with that thread so you can put them into a groupYou must search one by one through all your contacts Dumb app    Poor appdont waste your money
Nice and useful             Nice app
I was annoyed by being continually nagged to write a review Here it is Maybe now theyll leave me alone    My review
It does not work dont download    Bad app
Ive been waiting for a email app like this one No more searching through my contacts for email addresses one by one Hope theres more to come with the updates Thanks for the recommandation Len                Cool email app
By far a simple but truly efficient app Sending multiple emails quicker and more efficient then this has got to be impossible And this app makes iPhone one step closer to competing with my Blackberry email system One added idea perhaps integrating a distribution list                How did I email on iPhone before this
AWFUL appt Not user friendly at all Hard to travel between group and list Wont allow use of forwarding to groups No directions Dont waste your time    Mail Many
It works for me Easy to use             Like it
Cant make it work Would be nice if you would refund the 199          Sad Sad Sad
Ok this app is better than the one I just purchased which was the same price but very bare bones This one does what I want not that eloquently but nonetheless functional and the MOST important part and the reason I bought it it allows you to blind copy Bcc people on your list This is SO important bc I do not want to share all that data email addresses with just anyone Plus it looks really clunky to send out an email that you have to scroll down 200 names to get to the email message Pretty good app             Works
I am wellpleased with the Many Mail app It does what I wanted to do s d it is so convenient                Many mail
I cant seem to get it to set up mailing groups Very unhappy with it so far    Not working
For group emails this works great                Mail many works for group emails
excellent app                excellent
Somos una gran familia muy grande y muy feliz       Familia
Ok ok                Ok
Paid for the ability but it wont save a group    Cannot save groups
Like it pretty easy to use          Helpful
Easy and great                Great
Happy with the way it extracts all the contacts Why do u have to keep getting another app Im not sure how to use this one yet Not real user friendly          I dont like having to get another app Every time I want to do something I am
Current version works well Could use a helphow to use section easier to find Have not had any issues as described in other reviews but have not used extensively Would be nice if updates to groups transferred through iCloud to other devices using same software             Mail Many
WARNING If you setup a group and pull contacts from your contact list they disappear from any other list They will no longer be on your phone in the normal contact list they will disappear from Outlook and you will not find them on your text menu I have wasted hours of my time reentering those contacts Download this app at your own risk Highly recommend that you do not    Mail Many
Could be user error but not sure how to transfer email addresses some have transferred but not sure how that happened Cant find a help button to explain how to do things If I ever figure it out I might like it          Review
Does not perform at all    Needs total makeover
Terrific app          Great
Great app                Efficient
App seeks cash for full functionality Stay away from these ripoffs How about a lil truth in advertising buddy It is either free or not In this case the answer is NOT    Do not download
It seems pretty straight forward in use for even someone like me I always rate with room to improve             Great
I used the app with over 25 email addresses and it worked like a charm The only thing I do not like is that if a contact has more than one email I could not choose the email I wanted to send it to Please change this Other than that this is a great app             Enhancement Request GOOD APP
When you first use Mail Many it asks for permission to use your Contacts information Grant this permissionMail Many will then show you a list of all possible Recipients and their email addesses Some Recipients may show duplicative email address because Mail Many seems to use addresses from Contacts and from Linked Contacts eg from gmail from yahoo mail etc This is not a problemSelect the Recipients for the email you wish to send by touching the Recipients name Selection is confirmed by appearance of a red check mark in front of each selected Recipient name You will also see a small email envelope icon at the upper right corner of your Mail Many screen with a number in parenthesis showing how many Recipient names you have selected so farWhen your selection is complete touch the small email envelope icon at the upper right corner in the Mail Many Mail Many will now ask you to select whether the selected Recipients should receive your email as a TO or a CC or as a BCC recipient Make your selection by touching TO CC or BCCYour default email program will now appear with the selected Recipients shown as TO CC or BCC email addressees Just type in the body of your email and send in the normal manner                Instructions for using Mail Many
Best app I have found to perform this function I bought it to create distribution lists and groups To do this you will have to purchase the power pack for 99 but in my opinion its well worth the cost Recommend this app highly             VERY Useful
All those negative reviews are wrong it works beautifully wonderfully perfectly the way it integrates with Contacts is seamless BUT it takes a LOT of experimenting because there are no instructions If you need to email to groups the time it takes to learn it will pay off Its easy once you take the time to master it by experimentation                Mail Many rocks needs instructions
Nice little program Not fancy but it does what its supposed to do             Good Program
For group its good to send to all and one by one                Good


Wim de Nood
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later
Last Updated:
OS / Version:
iOS / 2.6
iPhone iPad

iOS Mail Many 2.6 Mobile

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