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Chetan Agarwal
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Requires iOS 8.0 or la

Description - MangaKey

Chetan Agarwal , brings MangaKey with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. MangaKey games has been update to version 1.0 with several major changes and improvements. Games release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Especially for teens who are anime lovers..
  • manga fans around the world are already using this app..

Overall Satisfactionc94
This brings in a whole new world for manga lovers.
Especially for teens who are anime lovers.
Amazing manga.
Amazing graphics.
Recommended for kids as really fun.
Fun & Engagingc91
Awesome keyboard.
I can now look at my keyboard not feel bored.
Fun emojis as well.
Very addictive app for me.
fun stickers.
I love it so much it's so useful.
Production Valuesc82
the graphics are superb on this app.
Stunning app.

This app blew my mind. found in 1 reviews
This brings in a whole new world for manga lovers. found in 9 reviews
Nice work of art. found in 1 reviews
Thank to developer. found in 1 reviews
Full of manga and anime awesomeness. found in 3 reviews
Game changer app for manga lovers. found in 1 reviews
This is cool for people who like me who loves anime. found in 1 reviews
at our super cute emojis. found in 4 reviews
it can only read this information once you allow full access. found in 2 reviews
For those who seek a more happy iPhone. found in 1 reviews
Adore anime and updated version is very cool. found in 1 reviews
I love it so much it's so useful. found in 1 reviews
It provides so many ways to express myself. found in 1 reviews
yeah well mangakey puts the two together like peanut butter and jelly. found in 1 reviews
but a security risk. found in 1 reviews
This app is great but it needs to be amazing. found in 1 reviews
The downside is that the keyboard constantly asks for for access. found in 1 reviews
I usually don't rate apps but I'll make this one an exception. found in 1 reviews
but this one is amazing. found in 1 reviews
It make ios boring kayboard look nice. found in 1 reviews
won't let me choose any theme option except the first one. found in 1 reviews

If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download MangaKey for $0.99 from Apple Store. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 33.3 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 1.0 has been released on 2014-11-12. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Requires iOS 8.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5, iPhone 6, and iPhone 6 Plus.
More Info: Find more info about MangaKey in Chetan Agarwal`s Official Website :

Got Manga in your head? Feel like some more Manga in your life? Wanna liven-up the same old messages you re sending? Admit it you like Manga and you re hooked to instant messaging Yeah, well, MangaKey puts the ...
Took a while to work and no autocorrect but totally worth it for mai waifus                 Mai waifus Otaku Child
So nice Manga keyboard highly recommend                     Nice Sergey Levchuk
The game keeps crashing for me         Sorry butt Barton861
It s great Really But it crashes sooooo much it makes me suicidal Don t be offended it s a joke as in it s a great app it just agitated me when it kept on crashing while I was trying to customize my key board Nonetheless it s amazeballz D                 DDDD BXJEJHDKENFKSLALAAA
as i type this i am admiring my keyboard h o w e v e r i will tell you i type quick and hardly check what im writing so i rely heavily on spellcheck and keyboard swyping rather than average button clicking id appreciate if it let you hsve a dictionary or at least a spell check as well as additional things like sliding across letters also a lot of these wallpapers i adore and i was wondering if there was any way for you to add an external link o rimage to manually download the images onto your device if its already there apologies i didnt see it other than those parts though i would have most certainly given this a five star rating and was jsut about to until i saw its drawbacks im afraid i ll be removing this app till then because as much as i adore it and i really do you have no idea how much ive searched for this it will cause more problems than id like for daily use and i dont really use emojis often so thats a factor not to mention there are ton of gifs in other custom keyboard apps like the one i had been using beforehand i hope these will be improved thanks for this wonderful app once again i love seeing my childrens faces 3             Pretty awesome DD LacytheHappyMallmanager
This doesn t work for me and I don t know why I really like these kind of apps         Help bhghekdoskdvkdlcdhnef
Great app the keyboard background are amazing and the gif and pictures But needs updating to fix crashing Overall great app                 App Cybrarygrl
Mine keeps on crashing after a few seconds     Idk JACKELWACKO
I really love this app but it has no autocorrect I think its really annyoing See now i spelled that wrong but i would use the apple keyboard Again please fix it             Its fine but only if Thatgirlgucci🔪
I love the broad spectrum of choices and variety but the app keeps crashing and the keyboards could use an autocorrect feature                 Great but AnimeFanfic
I would love to actually rate it a better rating but whenever I open the app it keeps shutting down The ads postpone the inevitable but it always shuts down at some point I was fast enough to change the font colors text but when I tested it out the keyboard that I customized wasn t there This may be happening because of the fact I use an IPhone 5 though             Keeps shutting down Fluffamae
just what i was looking for my only problem is there is no predictive for the keyboard                     great app CaptinVenom5
this is a good keyboard gif app but theres one problem constantly crashes and it s annoying hope yeh fix it             good but Ndjsjjdjcjd
Looks great but i don t know to set up it doesn t work         Set up problem Smily2011...... Lol
best app i ever saw                     Love it Pinkkbunnie112
I don t know if it is just my phone but the app isn t working for me A few seconds after I open the app it crashes                 Seems great but Kristine1229
This app is pretty good I can say but not everything can be perfect The only problem that I have that it keeps constantly crashing on me whenever I look for themes and change the font and color of the keyboard I appreciate that this gets fixed soon             Crashes Nero_Natumae
Can the creator please fix this bug every time i try too choose a keyboard it glitches me out of i course i rate this a 5                     Well it glitches out everytime Mystic_Chan
I m a 13 year old female and I saw this in my recommended apps and I M DYING Black butler Hetalia Another AOT all me stuff is here I love this The one thing is that it loads a little slow but it s awesome                 I LOVE THIS SO MUCH AloisTrancy195
It s a pretty good app but there are many complications The app tends to be really laggy and restarts a few seconds after you open the app Personally I haven t done enough digging into the app because Though I wish there was a section where you could save each keyboard theme you created along with each of their own details color font noise etc Not just the ones from your own camera roll SEARCH BAR WOULD BE NICE AS WELL I m lazy and tired of endless scrolling             Ehhh could be better vicdafangirlll
Every time I try to open the app it crashes please fix     Ehhhhh Dale_
Back then it was such a great app now it lags and whenever I try to get on and pick a theme for the keyboard it automatically quits the app Whenever you try to go back it will quit again tried multiple times it didn t work so I decided to delete it     Hopeisallyouneed101
Love this app Absolutley do not regret downloading it but just a little suggestion Was looking for a Rage of Bahamut keyboard background skin but could not find it D Ahhh                     Suggestion Shrek Swag
the best but i want to change the wallpaper on my keyboard                     But i still give it five stars Moolvie
This is the best and free app Ive ever used The only thing I want is more gifs                 Love it
I really like this app I can customize the keyboard alot and its very fun And it comes with GIFs how awesome Only a few little glitches that make it a 4 app instead of 5 The custom keyboard option dosnt work for me thats a real bummer Its slow Maybe this is the case with all thirdpartey keyboards i dont know Id like it to be faster but its not too bad As someone else mentioned in another review the autocorect feature does not work with this keyboard i dont really use it tho so it doesnt matter much to me              Very fun Only little problems
finally An App for otakus i love this app and the fact that you can request keyboards the only slight problem is the lag but i guess it cant really be fixed                 yay
Add more fairy tail plz and maybe update to some gifs of different animes plz plz plz plz                 Plz add
Thank you for making ma dream come true                
THIS IS AMAZING I have a iphone 6s so thats prob why it works so well for me but yea i loveee it everyone asks me about my keybourd all the time                 AWESOME OMG
i fkn love this app                 Senpais
But I would like it much more if the sounds were anime effect or the characters voices AWESOME              Awesome
love my keyboard now the keyboard going full screen is annoying and hopefully it will pass              I like my keyboard now
Can You PLEASE PLEASE MAKE a Kancolle KeyBoard please                 Love it
This is the coolest app ever i really recomend it alot                 This is so awesome
Its a great app they are trying to improve it everyday                 Manga key
I love this app its easy and fun to use                 Best app ever
its a good app just needs less lag and needs more keyboard designs but all in all it good              good
Aun tiene problemas como se cierra la aplicación y aveces tiene lags el teclado y falta que este en español y que vibre seria mejor              El mejor teclado pero
this app is great it would get 5 stars if it had autocorrect              Awesome
I love how you can pick from their themes which are updated regularly and your own But there is a slight delay for the key board to show up and switch between Symbols There is also the fact that there is no auto correct which can make typing more difficult              Good but could be better
I like the app and all but when the keyboard pulls up it takes some time for it to load and it lags a full second before inputting the key I clicked Fix it and you get all 5 stars           Great but laggy
Love it                 Manga Key
i love this app                 Awesome
This is a pretty amazing and kawaii app But there are just two tiny little problems 1 Whenever I am in the middle of typing it automatically zooms in and doesnt let me zoom out 2 When I type really fast it takes a few time for every word to load I get impatient when I type slow              Its Pretty Good But
This app is awesome but if it didnt have the glitch where it went full screen then I would enjoy it more because its just pop us then I just switch to regular keyboard to finish what I was typing so 4 star but please fix that bug              Awesome
First of all this app is amazing There is only a couple of flaws though such as when I am typing the keyboard suddenly goes full screen and it gets really annoying Also there is no auto correct which is also annoying such as typing the wordIll but it turns out to beill And when I am typing it takes it a while for the words I type to show up but other than that this app is amazing I will rate this five stars if you fix at least the full screen bug              Very awsome app but
It keeps freezing     Bleh
How do I send emojis and gifs                 How to
I usually dont write reviews but this app has a great concept It has flaws though 1 Typing letters is very slow 2 No autocorrect 3 I personally like it when you click a letter the letter pops on like apples keyboard 4 Keyboard response is slow 5 Sometimes the GIFs dont copy 6 Quality of emojis are blurry Fix this and the other bugs people have and Ill rate it 5 stars Until then it will be deleted from my phone until further notice           Has Potential
I love this app and i think its fantastic Now i can customize my keyboard and make it whatever I want My friend and i constantly use this app and the only problem is that it can be a little slow sometimes but other than that its a great app                 Great app
This app is amazing and I truly never write reviews but I felt obliged to with this one I was a bit disappointed with the no auto correct and with the inclusion of it would make this app the best I would totally pay for it too                 I love it
I LOVE this app Mostly as an otaku i love anime in general I wish they added Mekakucity Actors i ADORE the animes they have added Especially Tokyo Ghoul Hetalia and Cowboy Bebop Though sometimes the keyboard is glitchy i still love it                 Awesome
I love how this app is where I can put my favorite anime pictures as my key board but like everyone says there is no autocorrect and thats a problem for me cause Im used to it auto correcting ill to ill Another problem I had is while Im texting fast periods pop up from out of no where with out me tapping space twice and it gets pretty annoying having to go back to correct all of this If u can please fix that then this app will be the perfect app you wanted it to be           AMAZING but
I like how the developer updates the app very often adding new themes pretty much everyday Only problem is that sometimes the keyboard doesnt show up immediately when I try to type something But it shows up in like 13 seconds not a big problem to bother anyone                 Great App
This app is AWSOME but theres a bug in the keyboard thats types slow and needs to be patient about it              THE BEST but
How do I browse themes and gifs        How
Amazing app Buut I would like an autocorrect function I write too much for me to have to go back and correct all my mistakes Also sometimes the screen goes fullscreen ad it confuses me                 Tecia24681012141618
The app has a great concept but it just wont settle for me The keyboard is incredibly slow ill press a letter and it will show on the screen 3 seconds later Because its slow I create more spelling mistakes that I have to go back and correct myself because there is no autocorrect I didnt even use the keyboard to type this review Gave it 2 stars for the concept        Extremely laggy
Its great                 Koop
It literally zoomed into the keyboard twice writing this review please fix this problem That is the only bad thing about this app              Greatbut
it is a little slow when you type but other than that it works wonderfully              Pretty okay
I like the app a lot It has many anime themes to choose from                 Its adorable
I think I love this game but if you could plz add a deadman wonderland keyboard theme that would be awesome thanks                 Great
Its excellent but it needs a work on the lag and emojins                 Excellent
I really like this app It makes my keyboard more interesting Now when I type I have more style I like the idea of being able to create my own themes This app just have one problem For some reason every time I want to create a theme of an specific picture the app would crash To fix this problem i had to redownload the picture              Awesome app
Trued it out and it has been awesome Filled with rich and varied customization on your keyboard Only slight problem i have is that ad pops up a lot lol                 Pretty great app
flawless and perfect for anine lovers aroound the world But it has lag Hate that auto correct Well with thus keyboard you worry no nore Buy now                 amazing
This keyboard app is absolutely ANAZING Its got the latest anime for you to choose what you want It even comes with the awesome GIFs as emojis However using this app completely disables autocorrect and autopredict two functions needed to make textingtyping easy The autocorrect function corrects youre to youre the autopredict function predicts the word you meant to use instead of the accidental mumbojumbo word you typed PLEASE fix Its such a pain to actually look for punctuation on a separate screen when youre textingtyping You guys know what Im talking about              Awesome But
I set up my keyboard and everything and turn it on in my settings and go to text and it didnt even type it was just there this makes me mad bc I love black butler but it wont work     DOES NOT WORK
great app love using it but theres a couole animes i would enjoy to be added Gargantia on the verdous planet the earl and the fairy and moonphase           Great app one thing tho
it is a really good keyboard The only problems that i have are that 1 The response on the keys tend to react a second late at times 2 the keyboard kinda craahes at times when changing to the number keys 3 The keys shapes tend to change from square to rectangles at random              great keyboard
Becuz i love anime i love this app                 Love it
Im very confused with the emojis how it says copy and pasted but I never understand whats its telling me to do Anyways I get annoyed when it suddenly goes full screen and all but this app is awesome to use                 Awesome but some problems

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