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Zax , the publisher behind many iOS app (Private Pal ,Private Pal (Free) - Versatile Safe and Document Organizer ,Map Plus), brings Map Plus with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Map Plus app has been update to version 1.2.2 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.


optimized for large screen devices and one hand operation. found in 1 reviews
besides common map features map plus has more specials. found in 2 reviews
dozens of online and offline maps could be customized viewed and downloaded. found in 2 reviews
But it worth the price. found in 1 reviews
99 for ad removal
gps track recording xff1a. found in 1 reviews
lower price bring more customs. found in 1 reviews
' etc. found in 1 reviews
99 for basic usage And 3. found in 1 reviews
displaying photos and videos in ios albums directly on the map. found in 1 reviews
rte files and its own csv files. found in 1 reviews
It is a very functional gps app. found in 1 reviews
Seriously cool and versatile GPS app. found in 2 reviews
If you can get it to stop freezing. found in 1 reviews

If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download Map Plus for free from Apple Store. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 12.2 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 1.2.2 has been released on 2014-11-31. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.
More Info: Find more info about Map Plus in Zax`s Official Website :

With this app you can view the worldwide road and satellite maps, can do cross-border search and navigation; With this app, you can do bicycle navigation in US and track your ridings or walking or ...
Love the ability to load shape files kmzs and edit labels You can even load aviation maps as a background                     Great For Aviation Antroot
I just tried out this app with a overlay of a excavation site I m impressed how well this app works I m a GPS supervisor for a excavation company that uses gps dozers for location and grade control and this app should allow project managers and owner to come on site and know exactly where the machines are working as they drive through site The thing I would like to see with app is that the screen moves in same direction is you travel Maybe it already has this feature but I could not find in settings As I said I m new to this app still learning what it can and cannot do                 Site work GPS dirt grading
I have been my geological activities whit this app you can take any usual format and convert your data this app is very good for produce geological maps Thank you                     Ecxellent App pooyageo
I helicopter hunt various properties that I must stay within the boundaries of the Ranch I m able to import google earth files and see where I am and track where I ve been plus more This app works better than the Avation navigation systems in the helicopter They nailed it                     Perfect It's the best yet
Ability to measure draw lines areas and follow position and create trails almost perfect Now if it could better utilize external gps like Bad Elf it would be perfect                 Multiple use Cribmastet
I ve been using this on my farm to design manage a grazing paddock system I like that I can import drawings from Google Earth then with this app I can see where I am as I physically walk my design on the land with my phone It took a bit of experimenting to figure out the functions but I chalk that up more to my own GIS newbie status Glad to have found this thanks                 useful reliable Greenvioletamy
This is exactly what I needed please don t ever delete this app                     Perfect Creamteamsquadfriendspants
It would be nice if the map would be updated soon Maybe if you could take each years satellite image and allow you to look at what ever years aerial view that you would want I know the map I look at is at least 9 or 10 yrs old It would be useful in my line of to be able to look at multiple different years of satellite images Just a suggestion Love the App though                     Map Updates Dj728372
Good app so far Interface takes a little bit getting used to Does everything I need it to do                     Like it a lot so far Aaaaaa5
I m a rural postal carrier Use this app to record new routes I learn so it s easier for me to do them on my own Some are over 100 miles weaving around gravel country roads and this app works great                     Great a-man84
Love this app I use it for hunting and scouting My only issue is I can not get the satellite map overlay to work It would be huge if that feature worked properly It pops on then goes back to a blank background Any help would be appreciated Other than that I d give it 5 stars                 Great app dandy bucks
I use this app a lot to create kml overlays for another app called ForeFlight It work very well and is easy to use                     Great app for creating kml files Hunt123hunt
all of the apps that are out there are too hard to operate and cost a lot this app is simple and very straight forward                 Awesome for GIS Ian.Moone
This is the best gis capable mapping app for at least a couple years running                 Great tool for navigation and mapping baidarkabob
With this app all we needed for adventure riding                     Killed it justmemark
Great app used the free for 3 years before buying 2 of the enhancements thank you                     used the free for 3 years Ncpage2007
It has every thing that i want Grat                     Very good hassanmohamadian
This app is excellent and fully featured                     Incredible App joyacv2
There isn t a way to search for a location Also anything useful has to be paid for with a full package costing 18             Missing vitals AdamBurke
I wanted to display GIS shapefiles on aerial imagery on my phone This app is the best I ve found for its price Perfect for my needs                     Recommended lindseyso
Well I like trying and deleting lots of gps apps This one remained and I paid for full version also It means I was convinced that has real value One small observation I think it is a bit difficult to find and start the recording Maybe developer could introduce taking photos videos along the route recording Anyway thanks and good luck                     Really good gps app nuad-user
It provides a lot of functionality for a low price                     Use this app all the time FLConservationBiologist
It is a professional app so I cannot recommend it for ordinary users The satellite image is better that google map in my area I have to retrieve the satellite map each time and it is a bit annoying since internet is poor in remote areas that we basically gonna do a geo related work I am a user of QGIS so I used to exchange files between my iPhone and MacBook In this case I have to email my surveys to myself because if I share directly it sends as an image not a vector At least I could not find a way                 I love it مازیار
Very usefuly great                 Harika
The app has great features like photo geo location and route planning on top of saving bandwidth to display a map HOWEVER one of the reasons I wanted it was to route between two points in Hong Kong where the cabs can be quite shifty the app locks up and crashes every single time you try to use location with routes It also locks up fairly often with location alone making a map application without the ability to do simple location pretty much makes the app useless If they could fix these bugs I would change my review to be very good For now dont waste your money     Would be a good app if it didnt constant lockup
To hard to edit the maps and change the area I want to enlarge the circles with out entering the size It would be nice if you can just drawl your own shape name and color Thats what I thought you would be able to do Not worth the cost        Complicated
Tried several map apps My need is to be able to open a Google Earth satellite map with my icons and names visible when I dont have a wifi or cellular connection Fishing in remote area This is the only app Ive found that does this and does it well Edit function needs some improvement but overall this is the nr 1 app for this use                 The Best
Its great                 Its awesome app
Very good app exactly what i want The only problem is you dont have exporting option to other app inside iOS Please add that future because in the middle of desert we dont have wifi to share with email                 Offroader and camper
Gives me the bike routing option I need Dont know if theyre the most ideal yet plus I have only tried routing to one address So far so good              So far so good
It was amazing when i found it as good as google map even better in ios 5 unfortunately when i updated my iphone to ios 6 i found a non applicable map on it i was disappointed from apple for this terrible map but a friend suggested me that use this good app instead apple map i would like to appreciate for this free and useful app many thanks                 Better than apple map
this is Number one app best ratig gps I was looking for such a app Thanks to the developers                 Best Rating top app
It cost 099 for basic usage And 399 for ad removal But it worth the price I think                 Function Very Good But it isnot Free
Thiss the best app I ever used but if it has the option to show point name that will be great                 Good App
太棒了有gps记录功能希望可以加入骑行数据的记录比如最快速度之类的 能看到这么一款软件真不容易                 非常棒带有地图矫正用的是google的地图
Very good                 nice app
The app that really works offline                 Ten star map
This is a great app for geological forestry or any kind of field work This new update allows me to make easy waypoints with a press and swipe I can very easily upload my work KMLs and reference them in the field Everyone wants to know what program Im using to get from site to site I can quickly measure areas and distances Its just really exactly what I need that Google Earth simply does not provide as of yet Thanks for making this app I paid to remove ads and it is definitely worth it                 Unbelievably awesome
Very very awesome application The amount of features you get when unpaid is phenomenal I am a paid user and will continue to donate as I use Seriously cool and versatile GPS app Kml export rocks                 Awesome and epic
Oh yes                 Effective
Exactly what I was looking for with easy export to google earth to track trail runs and MTN bike rides Only problem now I know how really slow I am                 Awesome
I do photogrammetry with UAVs and having a good shape layer editor is crucial for postediting Ive tried 1015 mapping apps and this is the easiest mostfeaturepacked one by far The inapp upgrade is well worth the money wish I wouldve found this before wasting my money on other mapping apps                 Great UI for building shape layers
This app seem pretty good It looks like it has the features that Im looking for But unfortunately it keep freezing on me so I cannot fully try it out As soon as I start the gps and pinch the screen it locks up It also locks up on other occasions If you can get it to stop freezing I may give it 5 stars Im using the latest iOS on a 5S           This app seem pretty good but
This is a great app for what I do Tried to use google earth and it kept messing up on me I was able to import kml files easily into this turn on the satellite imagery and track where I was For my work this app has been the most reliable and easiest to use with lots of customizable features I have to wander out into the desert a lot to investigate sites as an engineer and have come to rely heavily on this Love it                 Perfect
Miocool the Map Plus app is really amazing I searched around for a map that could handle KMLs and also download map tiles for offline use and yours is the ONLY one that can do it Thank you so much That being said I have a couple suggestions 1 Move the favorites menu Map button For whatever reason whenever I am in the favorite menu and am in a subdirectory I am always inclined to hit the Maps button to go back up a directory level and end up mistakenly going back to the map on accident A lot I think it would be worth considering moving the button that would take you back to the maps and having the directory browser on the top and perhaps button that goes up a directory level where the existing Maps button is 2 Allow modification of the favorites menu default folders I dont find myself using the Draggable Pins Search Results and Tags folders But there is no option to hide them I would like the option to hide these folders as they clutter the favorites menu when I have several other folders present which I have created 3 Allow a long tap to bring up the menu options for a folder in the Favorites folder I end up turning onoff select mapping folders quite often It would be nice if a long click would allow me to access the menu to show on map or hide from map etc rather than tapping the selection menu then selecting the folders of interest then doing the action of interest Its a bit cumbersome Thanks again for the awesome and unique app                 AMAZING APP Suggestions for improvements
This is seriously one of the best apps that Ive ever downloaded Its of simple design easy to use and supports file exports that no one else comes close to offering Absolutely no regrets and seriously worth the in app purchases I had to figure out the best way to get the KML onto my computer If youve bought the capability go to the file tap share choose documents then plug in your phone to your computer open iTunes open up your the phones apps tab scroll down and you should see a little box of the files you want to take out                 Simply the Best
lower price bring more customs                 if lower cut ad price to 099 I will buy it
希望在功能方面继续改进           还行
Very powerful app however the interface is a bit clunky and there is NO WAY to open a location in either the Apple maps or Google maps app This is extremely necessary since it seems the public transit directions dont work in this app           Works but clunky Cannot open loc in AppleGoogle maps app
试用了一下感觉很不错但要有大用途能够DIY是关键                 很不错的软件
It is a very functional gps app and it is able to display offline maps So you can take any map with u Hope in the next version more online maps source will be added                 It works pretty well
While the UI may not be as intuitive as Id like the fact that you can use custom mapservers for base maps overlay kmlkmz files and save for offline use makes up for that Powerful app that requires a bit of GIS know how                 Custom map server

Map Plus Navigation Real Time Offset AdjustmentMap Plus Navigation Real Time Offset AdjustmentMap Plus Navigation Real Time Offset AdjustmentMap Plus Navigation Real Time Offset AdjustmentMap Plus Navigation Real Time Offset AdjustmentMap Plus Navigation Real Time Offset AdjustmentMap Plus Navigation Real Time Offset AdjustmentMap Plus Navigation Real Time Offset AdjustmentMap Plus Navigation Real Time Offset AdjustmentMap Plus Navigation Real Time Offset AdjustmentMap Plus Navigation Real Time Offset AdjustmentMap Plus Navigation Real Time Offset Adjustment

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