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Marvel Entertainment , the publisher behind many iOS app (Marvel Events ,THOR: Son of Asgard ,The Avengers Initiative: A Marvel Second Screen Experience ,Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty ,Avengers Alliance ,Guardians of the Galaxy: The Universal Weapon), brings Marvel Comics with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Marvel Comics app has been update to version 3.1.2 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Reading experience very good..
  • the app pushes me out into my iPads home screen..
  • This is how I always imagined reading comics should be..
  • Wish List..
  • This has a great selection of comics..
Overall Satisfactionclick me48
I'm back to reading Marvel comics again after 40 years.
This problem is not unique to the Marvel comics app.
Spider man 3.
so you will know when more comics are availible.
Marvelous app thanks Marvel.
Fun & Engagingclick me35
so you will know when more comics are availible.
More titles.
This app makes reading comics fun again.
Awesome Art.
Production Valuesclick me32
The reading interface on this app is perfect.
Reliabilityclick me26
and just keep picking up old back issues at reasonable prices.
The Internet provides me with the ability to find missing issues.
Security & Privacyclick me13
Make a marvel account so you can retrieve your comics.
Updates & Supportclick me35
Thanks - new update works and looks great.


Introducing the MARVEL COMICS app, a revolutionary new way to experience the Marvel Universe on your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, featuring the world’s most popular super heroes! Download hundreds of comic books featuring your favorite characters -— including Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, Spider-Man, Wolverine and more -- on your mobile device with the touch of a button. You’ll experience Marvel’s greatest series and stories like never before, with your choice of guided view (an animated, panel-by-panel path through the comic), or by using regular device controls to zoom and pan your way through pages of sizzling story and amazing artwork!


Each of your downloads can be protected and backed up when you use your Marvel.Com account, meaning the next time you lose or upgrade your device you’ll find your comics waiting to be read again!

Marvel ComicsMarvel Comics
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Not convinced? Check out our free downloads now and find out why everyone can’t stop talking about the MARVEL COMICS app! Take the Marvel Universe with you anytime & anywhere!


The Marvel Comics is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. The new Marvel Comics app version 3.1.2 has been updated on 2014-11-24. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later.
More Info: Find more info about Marvel Comics in Marvel Entertainment`s Official Website :
Marvel Comics


I became a comic fan because of this. found in 6 reviews
This is a MARVELous app believe me. found in 2 reviews
An awesome way to catch up on unread stuff. found in 5 reviews
As a longtime comic collector this is awesome. found in 2 reviews
Exceeds expectations. found in 1 reviews
I wish have more black panther comics. found in 2 reviews
Thanks - new update works and looks great. found in 3 reviews
got a lot during the free comic giveaway. found in 2 reviews
Hint hint nudge nudge. found in 2 reviews
This app makes reading comics fun again. found in 3 reviews
you'll like this game. found in 1 reviews
This is the best comic book reader best interface. found in 15 reviews
Almost considering getting an ipad for this app alone. found in 2 reviews
and pick up where I left off as a kid. found in 3 reviews
A " true believer " would and should be patient with this. found in 2 reviews
The iPad can be a great comic book reader. found in 12 reviews
Willing to buy them just to finally read them. found in 2 reviews
The panel-by- panel viewing is just plain cool. found in 3 reviews
App should allow subscription-based access for Marvel Digital Comics subscribers. found in 118 reviews
There's only one problem - the comics are too expensive. found in 4 reviews
Latest update causes app to crash when trying to open. found in 12 reviews
and a subscription fee would be a lot better. found in 4 reviews
Can't download any free comics since the big 700 issue sale. found in 3 reviews
Would be 5 with Digital Subscription Access. found in 2 reviews
Frustrating to purchase issues I wasn't interested in reading. found in 31 reviews
App totally broken. found in 3 reviews
Must fix AS. found in 7 reviews
A subscription model would make this 5 star. found in 7 reviews
but per issue pricing here. found in 11 reviews
It recognizes your Marvel membership but not your digital subscriptions. found in 58 reviews
Marvel needs to really fix the crashing issue. found in 10 reviews
Good app but not digital subscription support. found in 9 reviews
then shows the message "Can't connect to store "
I hope they include their subscription service on here too. found in 12 reviews
I refuse to sign into anything when I shouldn't have to. found in 13 reviews
Digital subscribers get ripped off. found in 10 reviews
Everytime I try to download it and error occurs. found in 99 reviews
Decided to purchase Ultimates 3 issue 1. found in 31 reviews
Buying comics for $2 a piece is a hassle. found in 17 reviews
I sadly just signed up for a digital comics subscription at Marvel. found in 29 reviews
If this is the same Comixology app platform that DC uses. found in 16 reviews
Not only can I no longer download new comics. found in 46 reviews
99 per ish is unacceptable for a digital copy. found in 18 reviews
I guess there is no such thing as a free comic. found in 25 reviews
but it still crashes when I read a comic. found in 37 reviews
I can't figure out how to read any of my comics. found in 18 reviews
but I have paid for comics and cannot download. found in 37 reviews
Too bad it crashes about 6 times per comic book. found in 28 reviews
But unfortunately there's no support for my Marvel Digital Comics subscription -- you know. found in 118 reviews
I've been a subscriber to Marvel Digital sine it went live. found in 22 reviews
Does not work with my marvel digital subscription and it crashes constantly. found in 29 reviews
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This is a great app I love the great access to all my favorite comics                I love this app
The newest update just killed the app on my iPads I can still read in my 6 but that is of little consequence       Great Until Update
When on the form to create an account the keyboard wont hide so you cant click the submit button I can only assume the rest of the app has gone through the same rigorous testing but Ill never know    Cant create an account
App crashed while I was trying to pay for a comic Now it wont start at all and exits as soon as you try to launch it Please fix this ASAP The fix on Jul 2 did not work cant access any of my comics now       App wont start
It crashes because of the new update       I cant open the app
I just download the latest update and I still cannot open the app DC does not have this issue it opens fine so I guess that is where I will shop    I still cannot open this app
I dont know why there are so many negative reviews if an app ever crashes on you just delete it and reinstall itthat is a general rule with all apps I have never had a problem with this one I plug in my comic codes online and they download onto my app so I can read I have bought a few digital comics and those came out just fine as well Great app                Great
This app use to be awesome but the latest update killed in a literal sense Now it doesnt work at all    This app use to be great
Only problem wit it is that when you try to create an account the button to submit your info becomes inaccessible So other than not being able to get a account its a great app          Great but flawed
The new Smart List feature is really annoying The layout was perfect the way it was             Great app But I miss the old version
Please fix the app    Crashes
My app is still crashing       Still crashing
Its pretty much useless because I cant create an account As soon as you start filling in your information the keyboard blocks the button that allows you to create the account and you cant move it    Cant create an account
Your fix has solved nothing    Still Crashes
This app is still crashing even with their new fix Running on iPad 3 32GB    Still Crashing
This is a must have app for anyone that is interested in comics or are a veteran reader Works perfectly for me and this is an amazing app I never usually write reviews but I just have to because of how much value this app holds Its pure awesomesauce                Awesome APP
Since latest update app crashes when trying to open it    Crash
Since the update I havent been able to read my purchased books in app theyre not even listed Theyre listed online Does Marvel not QA their apps before shipping What gives    Purchases not available
I can not believe that I have purchased 100s of dollars of marvel comics instead of reading for free on internet and now I cant read anything because the app crashes before it can even load What a pile of crap    New Update Wont Open
Like many update the latest update is crashing the app whenever I try to open it Do the Marvel developers even bother to test their updates before dumping them onto the App Store When I worked IT if I had delivered such a buggy POS I wouldve been looking for a job at Starbucks Come on Marvel use some of the billions from the MCU and fix thisJuly 4 update applied the latest patch that was supposed to fix the crashes The crashing continues Since Marvel is not interested in providing a stable app for their customers I am no longer interested in giving them my moneyJuly 5 update this keeps getting better I decided to uninstallreinstall I can now successfully launch the app Of course none of my purchases are there Ive gone through this process before However I still cant get the app to recognize everything Ive bought So now I have about a hundred comics that are missing Marvel comics are not getting another dime of mine I dont have the money to waste on a company that has such a low regard for customers that they cant even deliver a functional product    Latest update killed app
This app has been awesome on my iPad for the longest of time but wont open as of a week ago and now your new fix as of today did my help eitherstill holding out hope that I wont have to uninstallreinstall and have to redownload all of my comicsthat would be frakkin ridiculousFIX THISplease    Your fix to the fix still crashing
I cant speak for the app because its current sign up UI wont allow me to finish creating an account I hope this is remedied soon    Cant Creat an Account
This is great I can buy Namor comics my favorite mutant Namor is bossMarvel boss gets great comics for iOS on this app                Awesome
Thank you for fixing the app I can catch up with my books now                Broken
Tried creating account using iPhone 6 After filling out registration information cannot continue to complete the process Keyboard has next button Should have a go button probably Cant find a way to complete registration using iPhone    Could not create an account
The newest update ruined the organization and the app in general wish it would go back to the way it was       Update is awful
For what its worth though there is a fake app on the App Store calling itself Marvel Comics Global They dont actually sell anything but Hindi versions of your books and repeated requests to fix the app that supposedly supports other languages Spanish French etc get a hey well fix this right away response followed by no actionIf this were really DisneyMarvel it would have been fixed by now which is the tip off that its a fakeJust thought yall might want to know I think there really IS a market for your books in other languages if you would just tap into it             Like reading comics this way
Bought this just to purchase and read the new Star Wars series When I go to my library it just says loading library forever AFTER Ive already bought a book So they sold it to me but I cant access it FIX this app    Cant access library
The latest interface changes are a bit confusing and take some getting used to but I still appreciate the logical and seamless integration between the store my collection and the reading interface                A Solid App For Finding and Reading Great Comics
Very bugged Bought a book and it didnt even show up in purchases but still took my money Now app wont even open    Buggy
First off I am a huge fan of Marvel and comics in general I have purchases well over a thousand digital comics and I was LOVING this appThat all changed with the recent updates The new smart lists were unnecessary and just add another layer of complications Things were so much simpler before when you could just go into an ordered list of everything you owned to download whatever you wanted on your deviceNow with the new deviceall switch at the top of the screen I cant even see all of my purchases If its set on device I can see what has already been downloaded but all ironically brings up NOTHING If I want to download a comic I own I literally have to go into the online store and search for itI know this is just a Marvel problem as well since this apps DC and Comixology counterparts which are set up the same way and all run through Comixology work just fineFrom what I see in these other reviews I dont even have it bad compared to other people At least Im not crashing all the timeFix this app Marvel       Current version is so buggy
Yeah your update for stability crashes the app every time    Update crashes
Needs an update I cant redownload any of the previous bought comics Keeps giving me an error message Very frustrating    Update
This is good                Good
You can read a lot of marvel comics and also get collections and if u miss n issue u can get it on the app and also new marvel comics come with a code for the app its fricken awesomesCHIMICHANGAS                Awesome
Made my first purchase on this app and now it keeps crashing Needs to be fixed    Keeps crashing
Please fix I think this is comixologys fault bc it says it cannot connect    No workee
Your latest update has broken this app Fix it Its been like this for a couple of weeks now    Used to work
Latest update has rendered this app unusable It starts and then crashesI can not access my paid for comics    Keeps crashing
If you buy the physical comic book there is a code on the inside for the digital version for free which you can view on this app If the app gets buggy just delete it and reinstall it                2 for 1
Does not work at all after update    Bad update
Keyboard gets in the way of clicking create account button Good way to acquire new customers    Cant create account
I have purchased a good number of comics through the app and its awesome when it works The problem I keep getting a download error and cant seem to find any info on the net that will resolve the problem Ive tried closing and reopening tried shutting down the iPad and restarting tried ininstalling and reinstalling Nothing seems to work Cant purchase more until I figure out why its not working       Great when it works but it often doesnt
It wont let me sign in with either my iTunes or Marvel accounts which makes it pretty useless as a comics reader    Useless
I love the app I love Marvel The UI is intuitive making for easy reading There are dozens of way that allow you to discover content Also the app is the best way to read Marvels Infinite digital comics that take full advantage of your screen and factors in your devices and I hope will be augmented with perhaps sound and motionWith a catalogue that grows every week not only with that weeks release as it adds classic issues and around 10 collected editions each weekAs for the people who are complaining about the latest update Ive never had any problem with crashes And the Star Wars comics are released one the app which is why I dl it in the first placeSince then have read a bevy of new series that I now love and can thank this app for that My only quibble is that the app generates smartlists but doesnt allow you to create your own play list or arrange you library in a manner of your choosing Anyway there are free issues you can dl it and check it out             Just Shy of Perfect for the MARVEL Fan
I used to buy a ton of comics through this app Even with the latest update it crashes immediately when trying to open it Completely unusable Wish I could roll back to a previous version    Still crashing
After latest patch the app will not open closes as soon as it opens Was there no QA    Broken
Im not a heavy comic book fan but I refuse to pay 24 for a 20 page book Ill stick to getting them online    Nice app but expansive
I love using this app but it started crashing and I couldnt open it I then updated it but it still isnt fixed                The update didnt work
This app is wonderful I always have a digital copy in my library to read on the go and I can always downloadbuy more comics to add to my collection And since they add back issues of comics that I cant find I can catch up on classics that I missed I recommend this app to true Marvel comic fans                A must for marvel comic fans


Marvel Entertainment
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later.
Last Updated:
OS / Version:
iOS / 3.1.2
iPhone iPad

iOS Marvel Comics 3.1.2 Mobile

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