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Appstafarian , the publisher behind many iOS app (Gerty - eBook reader for epub, journal, notes, photos and maps ,Marvin Free for iPhone and iPod touch ,Sift Lite - Gesture based email for all your mailboxes ,Marvin for iPhone and iPod touch ,Marvin = eBooks + Intelligence ,Sift - Gesture based email for all your mailboxes), brings Marvin for iPhone and iPod touch with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Marvin for iPhone and iPod touch app has been update to version 2.0 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Switch your font size..
  • Great for seniors..
  • I switched to Marvin from iBooks for Dropbox support..
  • Just buy it and enjoy reading your books..
  • Marvin is the book reader for geeks..

Overall Satisfactionc91
This is an excellent e- book reader app.
This is the best ePub reader out there by a wide margin.
Ruined my favorite ePub reader.
So much better than iBooks and other ebook apps.
Second is that I must have PDF support.
Great app but needs PDF support.
Marvin is the best IOS reading app there is.
It's a great e-book reader and even better than stanza.
Fun & Engagingc88
There are frequent updates and new features all the time.
new readmill integration is awesome.
Calibre integration is awesome.
You can configure everything it's possible to configure.
Production Valuesc61
Only thing I miss from iBooks is the page turning animation.
really really fast page turning.
and really polished.
Plus all the interface options.
The app has an extremely clean reading interface.
great reading interface.
Ease of Usec93
Just 2 things: option to organize library side by side.
So easy to integrate with Calibre and easy to organize.
Updates & Supportc99
Dropbox support is great.
universal version of Marvin.
I want the time and battery percentages.

Just 2 things:
I occasionally try the "captive" ereader apps -- kobo. found in 38 reviews
option to organize library side by side. found in 6 reviews
So much better than iBooks and other ebook apps. found in 11 reviews
I discovered Marvin while searching for a Stanza replacement. found in 5 reviews
Love the Dropbox and Calibre integration. found in 14 reviews
Intuitive and highly customizable to suit your reading needs. found in 10 reviews
In addition to a pretty much flawless reading experience. found in 18 reviews
This is an excellent e- book reader app. found in 117 reviews
It has so many customization options and gets updated regularly. found in 7 reviews
The backup feature won't solve the issue. found in 2 reviews
Keyboard broken on iPad 2. found in 1 reviews
The Kindle app actually has terrible support for PDFs. found in 5 reviews
Warning before you purchase / IOS 8 Calibre sync broken. found in 1 reviews
but in keeping track of books & book organization. found in 2 reviews
please add the ability to sync via iCloud. found in 7 reviews
With true library syncing and PDF support Marvin would be indispensable. found in 11 reviews
Even if they're grouped together under a series name. found in 2 reviews
Two small features missing: The position syncing over Dropbox is great. found in 1 reviews
cannot combat eye strain and eye fatigue. found in 1 reviews
It kills me that this fantastic book reader will only open. found in 1 reviews
Just needs better sync and continuous scroll. found in 1 reviews
that's where it lacks & having a manual sort is the solution. found in 3 reviews
Please fix the rotation issue. found in 1 reviews
completely dependent on an open source hobby project is at best. found in 2 reviews
Please integrate the scroll view mode. found in 1 reviews
And second Please add more colours for highlights especially the grey one. found in 3 reviews
Disappointed new update didn't fix bugs. found in 1 reviews
Great app but needs PDF support. found in 11 reviews
And basically can't be used except for public domain works. found in 2 reviews
Unfortunately the lack of PDF support has me turning back to iBooks. found in 2 reviews

The Marvin for iPhone and iPod touch is now available as a free download on Apple Store for iOS owners. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 15.3 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 2.0 has been released on 2014-11-23.
Bottom Line: For more information about Marvin for iPhone and iPod touch check developer Appstafarian`s website :

Marvin is an eBook reader for people who are passionate about their books. Get Marvin and find out why readers are calling it "the most brilliant eReader to come out in a long time" ENJOY YOUR ...
Does not work with Dropbox Won t import anything I m guessing it s not updated past IOS 9 Waste of money     Worthless AP Mei and bubba
It s a good reader But Dropbox support doesn t work Kinda important that             Dropbox support What s that Tcn27263829
Was a great application though they seem to be pushing Marvin 3 which is not nearly as user friendly I paid for this application and having been using it for many years I find it hard to believe a simple link to Dropbox can not be fixed Attempting to steer customers to your new app by not fixing the other they have paid for does not inspire trust in the developer             Dropbox link broken Art Noir
I used Marvin flawlessly for a couple of years I was able to import hundreds of books from my Dropbox account easily and efficiently But that s all gone now I am heartbroken to report that Marvin no longer works with Dropbox When I attempt to connect to Dropbox I get a very long error message I am unable to copy paste the error and it would take me hours to transcribe the cryptic message accurately Only now do I discover that there is no obvious way to report the error to Marvin support and even if there were I could not possibly provide the long error message to them Simply put Marvin is no longer useful to me I purchased it because of their Dropbox support and that no longer works I don t know if it was broken due to recent updates to iOS but no matter what caused the failure it simply doesn t work anymore and there seems to be no way to report the error My Marvin rating has gone from 5 stars to 1 star I would make it 0 stars now if that were an option     Used to be very good wowfee
Please don t stop improving this app Prefer this over Marvin 3 Thanks again for your excellent app Developer did a great job 2 Bugs 1 1 Global font size line spacing paragraph space etc This is currently not consistent between books I am not in publisher mode I set all settings they way I want but when I open different books I have to increase decrease font size etc I should open any book and all settings font size etc should be same 2 I am locked in landscape mode When I use the dictionary it gives the definition in portrait mode When the dictionary closes the screen is cut in half and locked Must remove Marvin from memory and restart and all is back to normal 3 Shuffle mode doesn t work Books are not shuffled Thanks again for great app                 Excellent App 3 Bugs Don t stop support t1763575
I m very suspicious that now all of a sudden the original Marvin doesn t sync to Dropbox I can see by the reviews that users have asked for the sync to be fixed several times as I have and it has not even with a recent update Is Appstafarian trying to force users into a paid upgrade to Marvin 3 Very suspect that this doesn t work now Try tiReader folks That s a great app with a creator who is responsive to his customers Marvin 3 is an over developed money grab with its own issues     Used to be great WookieeNerd
This app was the best book reader Then the Dropbox Sync was broken a few weeks ago An App update was provided yesterday but not fixing this feature I can t use iCloud sync as is implemented in Marvin 3 This app is being sold Without the features advertised without the features I ve paid for As such it is a 2 at best         Need to fix Dropbox Sync JayZoop
I love it This has been my favorite app for years                     Meowsywowsy
The sort by author option the real kind where you see the author names tap to see that author s works was a little hard for me to find once but it s awesome This is the best ePub reader It is worth the In fact I should see about supporting them by buying another color option                     Excellent app Archangel Beth
Don t work books from Dropbox latest time Please fix it PS But Marvin 3 syncing books from Dropbox without any problem     Dropbox Shestopal
What they re now calling Classic Marvin which evokes images of an old useless cow being put out to pasture is the app I ve stood by and loved I d used it for years Now when I try to download a book I get an error message that takes up half of the screen It s all gibberish and there s no error number to reference For a long time there s also been an annoying flaw that I just lived with When I d try to download multiple books it would crash Every time I ve emailed numerous times the only address I could find on the developer s website They have just ignored me I have 2 500 books and since the app has continued to turn against me it isn t out of the realm of possibility that it will somehow eat my books So I would recommend a different e reader with developers that understand what bedside manner means     Customer service is an unfunny joke Paul Boring
The only e book app I use I can t access my dropbox anymore to grab my books since dropbox deprecated their API v1 and is now on API v2 shouldn t the app be updated to reflect this It would be awesome if we could cloud sync the books we have and the last page read through all devices that have Marvin installed also That would be wonderful             Developer needs to update sjoo
If I can t get books downloaded from my Dropbox because of an error then what s the point of this app     No Books Srkniery
Unable to add any books with Dropbox since I purchased it so I can t even use it to give a proper review When that gets fixed I will update my review     Can t add any books right now Maavn
Used to be great because it USED to work Now all of a sudden it cannot find the custom books folder I had set up for a year on Dropbox D E L E T E D     A shame mahjr
This is by far my favorite app for reading epub format books I use it every day It is what made me realize how superior the epub format is over pdf That said there is room for improvement 1 The developer has apparently written several epub reader apps each of which must be purchased separately It is not at all clear what the differences are nor if they are significant The developer should post a simple comparison of the various epub reader apps he she has 2 As far as I can tell ALL of the developer s apps provide a way of extending the commands However NOWHERE is there a description of how to do this Apparently the programmer thinks everyone knows how to do this so there is no need for any information Not so E g I would like to underline words phrases sentences How to do this Your guess is as good as mine or perhaps better since I have not been able to do this 3 The developer has provided many cute alternative views color schemes etc MUCH more useful to me would be a wider selection of colors to use for highlighting UNDERLINING etc I really do not need mauve letters on a peach background A much more useful set of features is available in iAnnotate which is one of the best pdf readers E g you can choose from an infinite color palette for highlighing and underlining Unfortunately pdf files to not provide the simple functionality of easily changing text size and reformating the page So you are either stuck with the limited feature set of Marvin which I do love despite my critical comments here or a fuller feature set that only works for pdf files 4 It would be good to have a simple converter from pdf to epub and back but that is apparaently not so easy to write                 Great App But Exasperatd
I could not get this app to read anything Natural Read is a good app if you want to listen to books while you drive     Not a reader Nickname0005
Have to knock down to a low rating Instead of continued support it the author just makes newer versions Fragmentation is a plague on software and the features being implemented in new premium versions should have made their way to this version Make it the best 5 dollar ebook app and people will keep buying it Very disappointed     Almost perfect Sojumonkey
Just purchased Marvin then discovered Marvin 3 I d love a refund so I could purchase the 3                 Great app JenniferDRolph💟
No page curl no PDF import have to buy themes if you want more options iBooks is better if you want fifty different font colors this is for you That s about all it s good for     Crap Marvins crap
Mini great features and customization Love the scrolling on iPhone and love the feature to put more text on a page                     Best reader app yet mhk1999
Best ePub reader out there Awesome features highlighting bookmarking searching dictionary in app browser library features organizing purchasing syncing to cloud and almost seamless switching between iPhone and iPad So many other features I can t even list them Can customize so that when you highlight a word or phrase you can tap one button and it looks it up on google translate Pretty amazing Marvin 3 is OK but adds features I don t need opens other file types etc Might buy to support developer though However Marvin Classic does it all for me Love it                     Best ePub reader out there Gamera!
Paid for it no longer works well Avoid until updated 4 15 Edit issues are not addressed Rendering a math text takes FORRRREEEEEVVVVVVVEEEEEERRRRRRR     Needs fix Whatttttttttttttttttt?...
Well after iBooks ruined my meticulously organized library of over 3k epubs in last year ios9 and still haven t done any improvement in iOS10 I am still looking for a perfect e reader Marvin is better than others but in need of some perfection definitely First why don t you guys add that magic effect of real turning with your finger page It will make reading so much fun for sure Also all that editing organizing deleting and moving books to and between collections is way to complicated IMHO and requires too many actions I couldn t find an option to move books up and down in the library in order to switch places between volumes Would be lively to see shelves too Am I asking too much lol                 Could be better Friodur
As soon as it began trying to fetch book covers it crashed Now it crashes upon startup There s no actionable dialog that tells me what went wrong so I have no idea to fix it     This app crashes every time I open it Calfilmmaker
Easy to use and the parchment paper colored background makes reading a pleasure It is much easier to use than its successor Marvin 3 My only complaint is that on the iPad Pro I can t view the book in a two page format in landscape mode But still far better than Marvin 3                 Far better than it s successor ben-marko
Because many former Stanza users recommended Marvin s iPad version I decided to risk the 5 when the iPod Phone version became available And after less than a day of use I m sold I was able to load my 800ish books easily via the Marvin plugin for Calibre and I m finding it overall usable Why four stars and not five Two reasons First there s a bug that quits the program every time the Pod goes to sleep the developer says it s been confirmed and fixed though so I m looking forward to the update Second the one thing I miss from Stanza is being able to look at my library and see which books are partially read without having to open them to check again though this seems to be on the developer s radar Overall I do think it s 4 99 well spent and I expect to spend many hours using it 27 Aug 2016 update Upgrading my rating to 5 stars I use this app every day and have hundred of books in my library which it manages happily All the things I missed from Stanza have long since been added And they re still maintaining a version that runs on my old iPod Touch that can t be upgraded above iOS 6 As long as I m using an iOS device this will be my epub reader                     The app that convinced me to replace Stanza Castironowl
This is a great user friendly app with the best customizations I ve seen It is much better than the new Marvin 3 version so if you have to choose one I d definitely choose this one This is probably the most user friendly reading app that I ve tried and I ve tried a lot of them and Marvin 3 is one of the least user friendly reading apps I ve tried                     Great Reading App Far Superior to Marvin 3 Hrcy1
On the iOS platform this is the app to go to for reading epub publications It is intuitive to use and has great features                     Yes this is a great app yupikwolf87
I was pretty skeptical of reading long form things on my phone but Marvin has made it so much better The reader s interface fades into the background while reading and everything from screen brightness to page flips can be adjusted with swipes on the screen And if needed the reader has a full set of useful features from Dropbox integration to a wide variety of compatible formats It s a really useful app for reading ebooks and it has become the way I read books when I m not reading them on paper                     Marvin is awesome and solid djcapelis
I ve used Marvin for iPhone reading for a couple of years It provides a great experience free from pressure to purchase books from a specific source Importing from the Mac via Dropbox is easy I love Marvin                     Great reader jeffreydixon
I love this app It s easy to use and renders books beautifully                     Great ereader Maillemom
I don t have a huge book library that I want to read on my phone mainly novels to pass the time on the bus and the plane I have them all on my Dropbox but no matter what I do I can t download more than a book at a time It s a little tedious to download a dozen books one at a time but that s what I have to do since this app is still the least worst out there to read EPUBS from my Dropbox             It s ok but could be better fatdaninhawaii
I d been very happy with the app until I stopped using it becsuse I bought a Kobo a year ago Now I needed it again and was a little sad that many reviews stated problems with Calibre access I reinstalled anyway and good that I did I clicked get books chose OPDS and I got directly the choice to link to my Calibre server on my home network Marvin saw my server without problems immidiately No problems at all as stated by other reviews Notice I do not use iCloud or Dropbox btw so don t know how if they work                     Great reader with Calibre access SørenGH
Great app best one out there All it needs now is voice reading like the voice dream app and it would have everything Hope that is in the plans                     Great App The best music girl 41
This doesn t work with Calibre and the latest iOS A upgrade and added fee is in the works But that upgrade is lagging Don t get a crippled app that doesn t do what it says Wait for the upgrade         Wait for upgrade w Calibre xyzzy40
I pay for the app and can t do something as simple as change the background color without paying more for a theme What a greedy ripoff This is something you offer for a free version not a paid app Also false advertising Does not work with Calibre which is the only reason I bought it Deleted the app I would not recommend this app or any other app from this company     In App Ripoff Does not work with Calibre as advertised Daniel C.R.
This app is so good it actually sold an iPad I was looking at tablets and considering non Apple models as well until I realized that Marvin was iOS only Okay Getting an iPad then I was a huge fan of Stanza until Amazon killed it off Marvin is a more than suitable replacement Really excellent interface and powerful features make this an excellent program overall From note taking to navigation I love the swipes for changing brightness and warmth Lots of thought went into the design Suggestions On leaving the app it should auto send my position in the book for syncing on other devices Seems lazy that I have to do it myself and then the app tells me that the device I m on now is at an earlier position and asks if I want to go back They do need a whole app night mode Reading at night the bright white menus are blinding They should also clean up the hinky extra dimming interface and simply allow the standard dimming swipe to go further EPub 3 support Including video ePub PDF support would be nice                     Excellent e reader Stee-rider
I use the new slide over multitasking feature a lot on my iPad for notes language dictionaries etc but because the swipe turns the page every time I try to slide over the page turns Very annoying         No vertical scrolling meathpj
Great app Needs iPad Pro 12 9 support Does not look as nice as it did on smaller tablets             Love it needs iPad Pro support Flyinjack
For the most part the app does its job I can t take an app seriously that only supports Dropbox for cloud sync Next     Meh old_skool
Marvin is far and away the best looking ePub reader available It beats iBooks hands down I have a great many noniBooks ePubs that I was keeping organized in iBooks iTunes but recent attempts to move them to a new iPad have resulted in nothing but frustration Since Im living in a postiTunes world now Spotify Netflix Hulu etc eBooks have become the last bastion and only reason to continue enduring increasingly sketchy iTunes syncing It has finally become time to move my library over to Dropbox and read with Marvin Other reviews have gone over the positives so I wont rehash them here Suffice it to say this is an excellent eReader app However I have observed these drawbacks Marvin crashes when importing multiple books from Dropbox forcing the user to painstakingly tap three times for each book Marvin crashes when sending books to the iOS device using AirPlay The Dropbox integration doesnt show subfolders but instead lumps all books in every subfolder together making it hard to find what you want to import You have to import every book manually on each device there should really be Dropbox iCloud integration to have books automatically appear on all devices when added to one Reading position sync is unreliable except at the beginning of a chapter Deep Look data a lesssophisticated version of Amazons XRay doesnt seem to sync I spent time combining duplicate characters and otherwise preening this data in one book only to find it not even enabled on the same book on another device Overall Id still recommend this app especially if sync isnt an issue for you However for a 4 app it seems a little rough around the edges in reliability UI design and especially multidevice use           Nice Reader Could Use Some UI Improvement
People have been complaining for months that it no longer works with Calibre The blog site AKA Help is useless and a confusing jumble of tech jargon that is anything but helpful Worked fine until iOS and Calibre 218 DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY UNTIL THE DEVELOPER PROVIDES A SIMPLE INSTRUCTION WITH A WORKING PLUGIN FOR CALIBRE     DOES NOT WORK WITH CALIBRE
I searched for a betterdesigned minimal experience than the one offered by Apple I really like Marvin Pros metadata presentation and edit Dropbox integration some options for color customization Cons cant elect to show top bar none of themes is a night mode theme which makes it difficult to go to the library in the dark without burning retinas no advanced sorting priority ranking eg author sort then series and number Please especially consider offering a dark library option for us night readers Im very happy to find a more pleasant home for my ebooks Solid featurefilled app              What a minimal iOS reader should be
I jumped on the ebook train once I first learned of the Kindle Today I carry my phone everywhere rather than an ereader and I find the epub book format much more convenient This app fills that need and it does it splendidly You can format the text however you desire as you read It has a night time mode that I now use all the time It has a multitude of convenient methods to help download books on to your device and ready to read Its friendly to my battery The screen brightness can auto adjust based upon your surrounding environment It has everything one expects from an ereader app and it does it all well This is my favorite ereader app And you can try it yourself with the free version Its the same as the pro but youre limited to storing one book in your Marvin library at a time So give it a shot and maybe youll fall in love with Marvin like me I upgraded to pro and am glad I did                 The Best Ive Seen
Have tried pretty much every reading app since the loss of our dearly departed Stanza and Marvin is the best theres been                 Best By Far
I love this app and have been using it to read free ebooks for a few weeks now on my iPhone as well as iPad I really like the connectivity options Calibre Dropbox etc and I never knew I wanted features such as vocabulary and reading list until I started using them There is one thing I really wish it had You can sync your reading progress across multiple devices using Dropbox but this feature is incomplete It only syncs reading progress and does not sync any bookmarks highlights or notes you may have created This is something I really miss when compared to Kindle app which I use for books I purchase              Amazing App with a few shortcomings
I occasionally try the captive ereader apps kobo kindle but I keep coming back to Marvin Its ability to collect books from many sources is the best I dont even bother with iBooks With Calibre on my Mac to curate my collection and Marvins customizable interface why would I want anything else                 Still The Best
After using iBooks and getting dissatisfied with its performance I looked at almost every EPUB reader available I have not found any that come close to Marvin As someone who has vision problems Marvin has the flexibility and the features that are perfect for me I especially love having the ability to choose from a multitude of page colors and text colors in order to customize a comfortable reading page that suits my needs The other very important feature that Is especially helpful is the references feature When you tap on a reference or footnote the screen comes up in the same font that you set the reading page to In most other EPUB readers all you get is a little box with very small writing If you need a larger font what good is that little box Marvin got this one right I recommend Marvin to everyone I talk to DJN                 Marvin epub reader
Such a long wait for this update and the devs other reader app Gerty has it Seems odd not to include it                 Great app still no EPub v3 support
Move on nothing to buy here 1 Marvin used to be a solid reader for iPad with a promising history of responsive updates No longer Marvin hasnt been updated for over six months The developer has gone radio silent It has the feeling of abandonware and still has major deficits NO support for EPUB 3 PDF page numbering 2 Marvins integration with Calibre used to be a selling point that overcame for many the deficits above Well thats gone too Apples IOS 83 upgrade permanently changed the file access permissions on iPads in such a way that Calibre can no longer sync The developer who was maintaining the plugin enabling this sync has pronounced it Game Over without a rewrite of the plugin AND Marvin In sort this is no longer a best option Look elsewhere Long story short Marvin depends on a third party open source product call IOS Reader Applications plugin IOS RA to connect and sync to Calibre under IOS 8 That plugin does not function under IOS 8 despite a few attempts at rewrite     No Longer Worth The Purchase
Bar none                 Best Ebook reader out there
This app does everything I ask for in an eReader controllable display in terms of font size margins justification page turn effect etc Easytosearch library of whats on the device Wireless download from Calibre The above list is what I use this marvelous app for day in and day out As long as the author never sells out to some evil ePubhostile force which I will not name Im good with it It leaves all other currentlyavailable epub readers I know of in the dust Update this app is STILL the indespensible ebook reader The author keeps updating it and caring for it If I could give it ten stars I would Update2 The new ability to reach your library on more than one cloud service is wonderful As Ive already said this app deserves 10 stars                 Replaces Stanza For Me
Thanks again for your excellent app I have been using it for a few months now You did a great job Bug 1 The selected font size linespacing paragraph space etc is not consistent I am not in publisher mode I set all settings they way I want but each book is not the same I should open any book and all settings fontsize etc should be same Here are two suggestions 1 When setting themes save the Dimming onoff with the theme I use the white background with no dimming during day And I use black background with Extra dimming at night Since I can cycle through the themes by one tap I always have to to do additional taps to turn on or off the Extra dimming If this was saved with the them it would make things a lot easier 2 When book is complete automatically tag it as Read the blue icon Now you have to find the book in the list and then tag it read Thanks again for great app                 Excellent App 1 Bug 2 Suggestions
I really like Marvin It plus a jailbroken iPad to accommodate flux makes for pretty much the perfect all purpose device for someone who loves reading Being able to change justification of text on the fly is especially great                 Marvin does everything I could wish
Please let us use custom fonts or at least let us drop them into a folder to be read        Custom fonts please
Simply amazing Fast fluid easy to use Im loving this app If youre into eBooks you need this app                 The BEST eBook app out there
and Ive looked at lots                 Best ebook reader Ive found
That perfect epub reader youve been looking for This is it Think of the features you love best about your current ebook app Marvin does it better Now think of the features you wish your current app had Marvin likely has them Marvins elegance manifests in its usercentric versatility if you want a simple nofrills reading experience this is it If you want to customize to your hearts content this is also it                 Astonishing
this app has great accessibility features the highly configurable themes fonts and formatting accommodate my vision problems perfectly Configurable gestures allow me to hold and operate the book wholly lefthanded but still flip pages forward with a tap on that side Multiple dictionaries at once helps when i read books containing two or more languages Love it                 configurable accessible
This app is so good it actually sold an iPad I was looking at tablets and considering nonApple models as well until I realized that Marvin was iOSonly Okay Getting an iPad then I was a huge fan of Stanza until Amazon killed it off Marvin is a morethansuitable replacement Definitely a five star app Really excellent interface and powerful features make this an excellent program overall From note taking to navigation I love the swipes for changing brightness and warmth Lots of thought went into the design Suggestions On leaving the app it should auto send my position in the book for syncing on other devices Seems lazy that I have to do it myself and then the app tells me that the device Im on now is at an earlier position and asks if I want to go back They do need a wholeapp night mode Reading at night the bright white menus are blinding They should also clean up the hinky extra dimming interface and simply allow the standard dimming swipe to go further EPub 3 support Including video ePub PDF support would be nice                 Excellent ereader
Ive been reading on my iPod Touch for four years update plus 2 even better years on my iPad miniMarvin provides a lovely onecoldn landscape display This is it the ereader Ive been longing for Its got almost everything youve ever wanted fine display and brightness controls extensive tagging system to create folders and keywords lovely fonts which work well for lowvision readers design elegant enough to withstand hours of staring at it                 Put in your dock today
I know it isnt Appstafarians fault but as much as I like Marvin I can no longer recommend it Until iOS 83 Marvin Calibre was wonderful but since Apples fix synching between Calibre and Marvin is no longer possible and trying to get books back and forth is now a nuisance and covers and additional metadata no longer sync reliably If they can fix Calibre sync Ill find a way to raise this to 6 stars Until then use IBooks              I hate to say this
I cant find anywhere on the website to report issues so it looks like they go into my review The multiple download feature at least from Dropbox seems to always crash when I use itsometimes it downloads everything I selected and sometimes it doesnt The new picker feature does not seem to have a way to filter choices or to change the sorting to anything but by name It is much less useful than using the normal Dropbox choice of adding books so I do not see what its purpose is As has always been the case Marvin will frequently crash upon opening a new book for the first time Another frequent occurrence is that it will not crash on opening a new book but the page turn animation does not work and the pages will just appear which is pretty jarring to me as a reader Upon killing and reloading the app everything works as it should though Other than these minor issues it is still my favorite reader I much prefer the ability of multiple columns on my iPad and static pages to having to constantly scroll and I also like the easy ability to search for something or a character and easily jump back to where I just was Previous experience This was a great ebook reader when I first started using it although it still lacked some of the great features I loved from the now deceased Stanza Over the past several updates though Marvin has been continually and actively updated enhanced and improved It is definitely far beyond any other reader I have tried Also and probably far more importantly the developer listens to feedback and is willing to make changes based on that              Still best reader update does little for me
Love love love Marvin Its the best for those looking to take complete control of their ebooks Best reading out there Easily sort categorize add covers and back up                 Best Ebook Reader by far
This app is beautiful and insanely fullfeatured It is the best ePub reader on any platform                 Best ebook app period
On the day when Marvin has PDF support there will be peace in the Middle East Bunnies will roam free on the deep green rolling hills Rivers will flow clear and divorce rates will plummet                 Hope for Additional file support
I dont use Dropbox but I want to sync my reading position across devices Add total progress by total page numbers not just chapters its confusing     Google Docs integration total progress
I bought this app because I read about all of its nice features that allow you to fully customize it and I made the assumption that something so well designed must also highlight and annotate well also at least as well as iBooks Not so Unfortunately the designers did not make it easy to highlight using this app and as a result it is not useful to me at all If you are looking for something to read with this app may be fine but if you are using it to study with forget it        If you need to highlight dont buy this app
The app was great when Calibre syncing worked Sadly it no longer does This is a major problem for those of us who manage our ebook in Calibre and it needs to be fixed     Calibre syncing does not work
I used to LOVE Marvin I have thousands of ebooks and used it on a daily basis The only real complaint I had for years was the lack of a page turning feature like ibooks However I can no longer update Marvin through calibre where I have all my books on my computer It appears this feature is being abandoned Marvin still works so as long as you already have all your books loaded everything is fine If you wanted to load any new books dont bother           Doesnt sync anymore
Like other recent reviews have stated Marvin USED to be great But it has not been updated in a while and you can no longer sync books directly from Calibre to your iOS device The latter was the ONLY reason I purchased this app in the first place     Too Late
Most complete features                 Great
I cant believe the years I lost with ibooks Marvin is simply the best ebook reader You can edit metadata has specific touch controls manage all my library without issues the interface is clean and clear you can use it with calibre I buy it in the moment I try for a day its a must buy and with Comic Zeal and thinkbook my essential apps                 Best epub reader
Ever since the update to iOS 8 this app has failed me Almost all the novels Ive put in and read using Marvin have either images that bleed to the next page or cut in the middle If only reading novels with just text it is still great but otherwise Id look for a better alternative     Was good till iOS 8
This is by far one of the nicest apps Ive spent money on Visually appealing and superb functionality Thats what Ill call a winner in my book Great app                 Underrated
Highly recommended                 An essential app for ebook lovers
Its the only ereader I use I have multiple devices and often read multiple books at the same time Marvin now allows me to keep up in any of my devices With the added support of cloud sync to Box and Google cloud just makes life easier The Picker for grabbing media from cloud storage is a bit buggy however                 Best Reader
I purchased Marvin as a replacement for Stanza since it can connect to Calibre and read from Dropbox Neither of these features worked The connection to Calibre is broken for anyone running iOS 83 or later The Dropbox connection could only find two readable files none of which were the djvu files I wanted A open with Marvin could fix the Dropbox issue but sadly that is not available either     False advertising
Ive reported bugs but the developer neither replies nor fixes No replies to repeated inquiries Ah well This was a great app while it lasted but no longer appears be actively developed My 3 star rating calculates like this 5 stars for the app 1 star for supportcommunicationscontinued development           Seems to have been abandoned
Marvin is a great ereader and the best of the six or so Ive trialed If you are a Calibre user and you should be the epub only and noDRM requirements are no problem Marvin offers the most customizatio for your reading experience as well as a great UI Love love Marvin                 Very excellent ereader
It has its glitches but the versatility and customization just cant be compared The only thing that still really bothers me is that you cant set it to show descriptions YOU write in the main book listings which is a problem when dealing with a large number of books that have no covers and are therefore just a long list of unidentifiable text The easiest way for me to figure out what any given book in my library actually is is to just open it and quickly go to the preface where a summary usually sits for me This is inconvenient and aggravatingly slow This is a problem in every ereader Ive ever used though and not particular to Marvin Please add as much customization to the book listings as you have to the actual reading experience I love you                 Best iOS ebook reader bar none
Love Marvin It is my ePub reader There is no place to give comments but here so I will have to leave my request here I need a goto feature like the kindle app The sync feature only works if I remember to sync before I load the book onto my second device which is 0 of the time A goto page feature would help me jump to specific pages Much lower priority if the first request is possible but I would like the expanding progress bar that emphasizes chapters if I read more textbooks For fiction I would honestly prefer the kind of straight percentage as the kindle app Any chance of a toggle option                 Thanks Marvin
Let me say this first if you use Marvin on only one device then this is by far the best ebook app out there and I highly recommend it If you plan on using it on more than one device Id think twice before purchasing I still have problems syncing between devices Its not good at all Its anywhere from 16 pages off unless youre on the start of a chapter Sync works fine then My other issue is that its becoming a real pain to add a book to both my iPhone and iPad I have to do everything twice Why not keep everything in iCloud or Dropbox so when we add a book on one device it automatically shows up on another device with everything including notes highlights and bookmarks syncing The way its set up now is that the only thing that syncs is your reading position which is usually wrong There is still no PDF support either There are so many great features to this app and I want to keep using it Im going back to Kindle though until Marvin gets true sync Im hoping the next major version does this           Want To Love It
1 Percent completed doesnt work on desktop icon It remains static no matter how much of the book you read 2 No option for page XXX of XXX for total book only shows page XXX of XXX in each chapter I would prefer total pages remaining vice percentage completed              Love It Except For Two Things
This is it The update we waited almost nine months for Still needs a scroll option and support for PDFs This developer has obviously abounded this app     This is the Update
I went with Marvin due to good OPDS support as well as shared bookmarking A bit slower than some other readers at loading and page turns Miss being able to adjust brightness via vertical swipes              Possibly best ePub reader
The dev doesnt seem interested in adding ePub 30 support when there are free alternatives that handle it just fine Sure the UI is nice but who really cares when 95 of your time in this app is spent actually reading a book There was no reason for the dev to waste time on yet another ePub reader Gerty when he already had the superior app in Marvin other than just to doubledip his customer base His time would have been better spent on improving Marvin but instead we ended up with 2 subpar apps that rarely get updated neither of which truly support ePub 30     Outdated
Perfect for me I love this app                 Best Stanza replacement
The only real reason I bought the app was because iBooks wastes so much space on the margins on my iPad Its also a pain to import books without having to sync inside iTunes using another Mac However this app crashes every time you try to import multiple books from Dropbox and Ive had a few crashes just from reading Not a good first impression for this app so far and the extras which you have to pay for seem superfluous        Kinda wish I didnt buy it
hands down                 Best EReader

Marvin for iPhone and iPod touch Books Location SyncMarvin for iPhone and iPod touch Books Location SyncMarvin for iPhone and iPod touch Books Location SyncMarvin for iPhone and iPod touch Books Location SyncMarvin for iPhone and iPod touch Books Location SyncMarvin for iPhone and iPod touch Books Location SyncMarvin for iPhone and iPod touch Books Location SyncMarvin for iPhone and iPod touch Books Location SyncMarvin for iPhone and iPod touch Books Location SyncMarvin for iPhone and iPod touch Books Location SyncMarvin for iPhone and iPod touch Books Location SyncMarvin for iPhone and iPod touch Books Location Sync

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