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Zynga , the publisher behind many iOS games (Hanging With Friends HD Free ,Zombie Swipeout Free ,Horn™ ,Twist Pilot ,Zynga Slots HD ,Zombie Swipeout HD Free), brings Matching With Friends Free with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Matching With Friends Free games has been update to version 4.13 with several major changes and improvements. Games release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • fun without a lot of brain power required..
  • Love it's fast pace and simple yet clever design..
  • The sound effects are great along with the animated effects..
  • My entire family loves this game..
  • Very addicting and it's a great way to kill time..

Overall Satisfactionc85
Keep giving us wonderful games to play with every platform.
Sorry to give up one of my favorite games.
This game is better than words with friends and hanging with friends.
but this game and words with friends takes forever to load.
Great puzzle game with play with your friends.
Tis was thee most amazing game ever.
I'm sure it would be an amazing game if I wasn't.
This game is the most amazingly wonderful game to play.
Still highly recommend this game to all ages for hours of fun.
I don't recommend this game.
This is awesome and very addicting thanks zynga.
No thanks Zynga.
Fun & Engagingc88
Awesome game and graphics since word with friends.
Awesome game but keeps freezing when the ads pop up.
Very addictive game enjoying it very easy to understand.
If these 2 issues are fixed its a very addictive game.
Great app that super fun to play with friends.
This game is super fun but it crashes constantly.
Very fun game and interactivity with friends is great.
It's a really great game that is fun and challenging.
I am playing with strangers and still having tons of fun.
Loads of fun and great cognitive therapy for brain injury individuals.
A great new addiction that gets is out of word mode.
I like to play everyday and wanna play more game.
I play everyday and look forward to playing.
Not a game i play everyday due to technical issues.
Family Friendlyc85
Great game to play with friends and family to make your day go by faster.
quick game that I'm able to play with my kids while at work=.
My entire family loves this game.
Good to play with kids and adults.
Value for Moneyc39
real money.
Replay Valuec91
It's a really great game that is fun and challenging.
and every board is a new challenge to master.
Great mindless or strategic game.
A fun brain teaser game that keeps u going.
quick and easy game to play and yet still challenging.
This is one of the few that never gets old.
Very addicting game and mind boggling I love it.
Social Aspectsc84
Fun and addicting matching with friends is an excellent concept.
This so called game " Matching with Friends " is fun but boring.
Great game to play with friends and figure out strategy while racking up coins.
Cant play with friends because of the constant facebook error.
Wish more people played and we had more turns and bombs.
Great challenging game - just need more people to discover it.
Zynga has done it again with another great social game.
I think this is the best multiplayer game ever.
Production Valuesc84
The sound effects are great along with the animated effects.
I love this game and also the great sound effects.
Other new graphics are appreciated.
The new graphics are great too.
New graphics are horrible.
Ease of Usec87
Love this game- simple and fun to play :.
Refreshing new game that's easy to catch on to.
Another fun thinking game for me to get addicted to.
It's easy to learn and a cure of the boredom blues.
Like most great games it's simple to play yet eventually challenging.
Love this game keeps me entertained for hours.
This game keeps crashing on my iPhone works fine on my iPad.
However there are a few bugs that need to be worked out.
Just had to redownload due to some technical problems.
Ads not Intrusivec35
Security & Privacyc16
Updates & Supportc67
Customer Service is responsive to requests to rectify situation.
Need an HD version for iPad.
Need a no ad version for iPad.

Dominos bejeweled and scrabble fun for all ages. found in 30 reviews
Good to play with kids and adults. found in 5 reviews
Love the games still learning how to play it. found in 15 reviews
I really enjoy playing this game with my friends and also random players. found in 429 reviews
Really fun game for passing time. found in 11 reviews
A great new addiction that gets is out of word mode. found in 66 reviews
So far I've only heard The Entertainer and Fur Elise. found in 7 reviews
It's a pretty cool game gets ya thinking. found in 26 reviews
I think this is the best multiplayer game ever. found in 6 reviews
Fun and addicting matching with friends is an excellent concept. found in 1279 reviews
now both me and my husband are totally hooked. found in 13 reviews
I play random people to keep the games coming. found in 7 reviews
I have been obsessed with this game for months. found in 7 reviews
I'm trying to get more of my FB friends to join in. found in 8 reviews
Awesome game and graphics since word with friends. found in 743 reviews
Great way to pass the time with friends or random players. found in 243 reviews
The game is one of my favorite games to date. found in 13 reviews
This game is fun and a great time killer. found in 61 reviews
It's a quick game and not too involved. found in 54 reviews
Very addicting game & a great stress reliever. found in 12 reviews
But wish it had the pass and play feature. found in 121 reviews
Fun game but frustrated bc of way too many ads between games. found in 10 reviews
Great game except if someone starts a game and doesn't come back. found in 21 reviews
I love playing it but for some reason it takes forever to update. found in 71 reviews
Great game only one thing they didn't fix coins yet. found in 11 reviews
really good game but it keeps on crashing randomly. found in 26 reviews
I would have given 5 stars if there were more ways to get coins. found in 47 reviews
Most recent bug has been missing coins. found in 36 reviews
I like the game hate all the ads. found in 23 reviews
Wish you could earn coins easier and faster like scramble with friends. found in 28 reviews
And that is the video ads with sound that automatically blares. found in 17 reviews
Very very difficult to earn coins unless you spend real money. found in 193 reviews
I like the game but recently all my coins disappeared. found in 26 reviews
This game is super fun but it crashes way too much. found in 15 reviews
Glad the coin issue was fixed so quickly. found in 46 reviews
Entertaining but need to fix the coin problem …. found in 36 reviews
Game crashes a lot and you can't delete inactive games. found in 36 reviews
Wish you could play against computer so you don't have to wait for opponent. found in 30 reviews
Total addict wish I could play more games quicker pace. found in 120 reviews
I'd like to see a pass and play option or even single player. found in 144 reviews
I've asked repeatedly for help with missing coins. found in 36 reviews
I refuse to pay that much for coins to supplement. found in 35 reviews
Addicting but new ads make me not want to play. found in 30 reviews
This game keeps crashing on my iPhone works fine on my iPad. found in 76 reviews
I sure hope you plan to update and fix this. found in 71 reviews
I also think the cost to swap tiles is ridiculous. found in 54 reviews
Suddenly the ads don't have an option to skip. found in 34 reviews
However when the coin problem started there was a bigger problem. found in 36 reviews
the concept and the game but it CRASHES EVERY TIME I PLAY. found in 30 reviews
This game crashes constantly making it impossible to enjoy. found in 36 reviews
It's a fun game but you can't delete games you start. found in 208 reviews
Several times I've been in the lead and forced to resign. found in 104 reviews
Um - you still haven't fixed your coin issue. found in 46 reviews
Would be great if it would let me make a move. found in 53 reviews
Fun game but costs too many coins to swap out blocks. found in 68 reviews
Fun game but we really should get more coins for winning. found in 76 reviews
It is really annoying having to restart it for every move. found in 38 reviews

If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download Matching With Friends Free for free from Apple Store. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 16.7 MB to download. The new Matching With Friends Free app version 4.13 has been updated on 2014-11-05. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.Requires iOS 4.3 or later.
More Info: Find more info about Matching With Friends Free in Zynga`s Official Website :

From the makers of Words With Friends and Hanging With Friends comes Matching With Friends, a colorful, bouncy, and explosively fun puzzle game that will keep you and your friends entertained for hours. The game ...
Lots of fun                 Fun
I used to play this a couple years ago now started again but now I know why I stopped Tho I love playing this game downside is it freezes while playing which is very frustrating Plz fix           Love to play but freezes
Really enjoy playing and made my best score of over 10000 once Definite when you have plane delays or need time to go by fast a great time consumer and fun game to play                 Great for passing time when you have time you need to go by fast
I love the game its so addictive Thats all I have to say Its great                 One of my FAVORITE games
Game is fun and easy but you dont get anything for winning They should give coins since it takes lots of coins to buy the power ups needed to win or either make spins come faster on slot machine           Why win
I love love love this game                 KingRN
Addictive but I wish there was a solo game mode              Love it
An ad after every single move is to much     Ruined by ads
Had this game since it first came out Played all the time NOW forget it Cant start ANY new games ALWAYS tells me its searching for random opponents for days Support is useless     What Happened
how people are getting such HIGH scores I am not jealous or anything Maybe I dont TRULY UNDERSTAND HOW to play this game I play mainly because other people want to play me           I like this Game But I cannot understand
Love the game Just wish I could play computer sometimes when I am board and waiting for an appointment or a flight ect                 Love
Used to love this game Game glitches all the time now Any time I place a tile on the board if I want to move it it freezes and prevents me from moving it        Used to love too many glitches
Very addictive game                 Good game
Too many ads Tiles get stuck and I have to recall all of them Wish that would get fixed           Matching with Friends
I really like this game but no one else plays              no one else plays
This game is the best ever play it all the time Thank you for this gamei been playing this game that I love playing my only complaint is that a tile sometime get frozen end remains why is can you fix it for every body Thank You why is the game getting taking off facebook can you tell me that                 Terryjones660
I have managed to play the game without purchasing coins as the game will let you win some coins even if you lose the game Best of all is that you can play against friends or other players Very enjoyable                 Hooked
I love this game                 LOVE IT
Used to play it all the time and now it just crashes Wont let me log in w email and when I try to log in w Facebook it just cycles through and crashes and you have to close the app on iPhone or it wont let you operate anything on your phone Please fix this issue so I can get back to my games Tried support but you cant send anything to anyone because it wants you to log in w Facebook I tried deleting and re downloading the app twice and it still does the same thing     Crashes
Awesome game                 Love this game
The game is very fun and in app purchases are not crazy expensive However the ads that pop up after you play your turn for a game freeze all the time and I constantly have to either wait it out or restart my phoneits really annoying and I really wish there was an update that solved it           Fun but a lot of bugs with ads
It is a great strategy game                 Great Game
Im addicted I love this game                 Great game
Crashes since update        Crashes
This is great fun to play and has no bugs at all Wish their game Word Streak worked this well                 Great game
Shoronica                 Great Game
LOVE the game Really need to make it for other operating systems besides iPhone You could have a bigger clientele base              Update
I go and purchase the game and now it want work on my iPhone     Awfully disappointed
Addictive                 Awesome game
Game frozen this is the 5th time this week I have deleted and reinstalled Game will not load so I can playI have not been able to play in almost a week     081215 unable to play
I enjoy playing              Good Game
I love this game                 Awesome game
I just downloaded and started playing this game and love it I dont have crashing issues at all like some I play this game a lot and have no issues and now that I have the hang of it I love it                 Fun
Works great most of the time fun to play with others                 Fun game
Quick and Fun game Currently trying to get more friends on board                 Great Fun
Very addicting This is my go to bedtime game Absolutely love it                 Fun
Title says it Sometimes the random pieces seem to favor one side You decide                 Easy fun and challenge
Game is great but the constant ads at the end of each round is frustrating No option to purchase and end the ads           Constant ads
Giving this game 2 stars because it is super fun BUT there are many glitches in the system The came freeze frequently and the only way to fix it is by turning off your device and restarting to reboot the game Very frustrating This game would definitely have gotten 5 stars if it were reliable Two weeks later and the issue of the game crashing or freezing has increased However I also have a paid acct not on the free ap The 199 is well worth not having to sit thru ads between game play and it has never crashed or froze my game like my free account does        Super fun when it works
So far so good              I like it
I love this game My son and I play all the time                 Matching with Friends
Im playing my 1st game now but its a with friends game so I know Im gonna enjoy it Will let you know later if my opinion changes I must not have sent this before so here is the update I promised Previously I rated it 3 stars It is an absolute 5 star game now I really enjoy the game now It is braintraining with entertainment and a nice dosethey were not pleased with the scoring of competition Its definitely a keeper Thank you Words with Friends people Another big hit in my book you know since my book is so important Been playing for years now I must admit Im still kinda lost when I test my pieces in different places to check on the value of the position It seems that the scoring is inaccurate That also changes potential players idea so as not to want to play There are plenty of great apps that are free and the scoring is easy to understand Ive done my fair share of inviting other players I know The majority of the comments indicated              So far so good
Love the game but tiles get stuck and the ads are annoying especially after EVERY game              Glitches and ads
Great game but need to provide a way to win more pointslike watching videos and winning games I cant get enough points to swap or use a bomb which makes it frustrating           Great Game But
This game is very addictive and fun                 JiyJi
Love it                
Fun game but has glitches Sometimes you lose when the score shows you won Other times there are completely different scores for the same game between my wife and me Annoying        Fun but glitches
Lots of fun Very addictive                 Very addictive

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